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Citrix finds Atlantis

By Chris Mellor, 31 May 2016

Citrix and Atlantis are partnering up for VDI and HCIAs.

The Atlantis-Citrix alliance combines Citrix’s Workspace Suite, which includes XenDesktop and XenApp, runs on XenServer with Atlantis HyperScale all-flash hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs)and Atlantis's USX software-defined storage products. Atlantis fast cloning works with Citrix Lifecycle manager to provision thousands of desktops in minutes. Atlantis says its HyperScale reduces the infrastructure cost per desktop to as low as $125 per desktop for a virtual desktop and $82 per user for a hosted shared desktop. Citrix-Nutanix VDI systems for the mid-market are priced at $415/desktop. Atlantis has also partnered with Fujitsu to produce the VCS HyperScale Appliance offering. ®

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