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Nvidia's supercomputer-in-a-box needs 3.2kW of juice

By Chris Williams, 5 Apr 2016

Nvidia is going to sell a $129,000 3200W supercomputer-in-a-box called the DGX-1 from June. It has eight 16GB Pascal P100 GPUs, two Intel Xeons, 10GbE, and NVLink interconnects.

It can run at 170TFLOPS if you use 16-bit floating-point numbers, or 42TFLOPS if you use 64-bit floating point. It sits in a 3U box and is aimed at people training deep-learning artificial intelligence. It can process 1.33 billion images a day, we're told. It was revealed at the Nvidia GPU Tech Conference in San Jose, California, today. ®

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