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Prison butt dialler finally off-hold after 12-day anal retention marathon

Bikie boss sent straight to isolation cell after phone emerges from deep down inside

By Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 2016

Australian prisoner Constantine “Kon” Gergiou's protestations that an object detected in his innards was a metal fragment left after surgery have been proven false, after he yesterday passed a mobile phone.

Georgiou is a convicted triple murderer, having been found guilty of doing away with three members of a rival motorcycle gang in 2003. He's since been resident in Australia's Goulburn Jail's notorious “Supermax” unit, a section of the jail that offers the most secure prison environment in the State of New South Wales (NSW).

The prisoner has a history of circumventing prison bans on telecommunications, at one point maintaining a Facebook page.

Last week we reported that prison authorities suspected he'd got his hands on a mobile phone and, in order to hide the contraband device, hidden it inside his rectum.

Georgiou denied that, but was strongly encouraged to express himself fully while seated, if you get our meaning, to test his theory. The convict went a dozen days without making a statement, but the NSW corrections department yesterday let it be known that Georgiou has succumbed and, in so doing, his self-diagnosis has been found incorrect.

Once Georgiou produced his phone, he was sent to an isolation cell. ®

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