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Euro-security group ENISA notices cars are insecure, plots fixfest

Stable door? Check. Padlock? Check. Horses? Oh …

By Richard Chirgwin, 2 Feb 2016

ENISA, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, has noticed that computers, cars, and communications can result in insecurity, and is calling for participants in a new CarSEC expert group.

With a focus on “Smart Cars and Intelligent Road Systems”, ENISA says it will keep the call for experts open for between one and three years.

In the CarSEC terms of reference, ENISA says participants will make cars and road systems more secure by “sharing their expertise on current threats, challenges and solutions.”

As long as you're coming to the group with expertise, World+Dog is invited: individuals as themselves, individuals representing stakeholders, or organisations.

The remit is suitably broad, but ENISA wants people who understand car manufacturing, the specifics of hardware in vehicles, as well as standardisation experts, policy-makers, academia, road authorities and others.

Vehicle security has been a simmering issue for years, but notable stunt-hacks of Jeeps and Teslas, an engine bug in Fords, and tales of hackable street lights made the industry finally notice the backsides of the departing horses. ®

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