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Camera-carrying DOLPHIN SPY caught off Gaza

Claims weaponised mammal deployed to spy on Palestinian navy

By Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2015

Palestinian news outlet Nadae Al Watan reports that a spy dolphin was captured in the Mediterranean Sea off Gaza.

The publication says the creature was carrying a cameras and other surveillance equipment.

It's alleged the Dolphin is a weaponised aquatic mammal used by Israel to observe Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas' naval commandos. The report mentions an attack by Hamas forces on Israeli territory at a spot called Zikim Beach, an event the Israel Defence Force says it thwarted. The tone of the Nadae Al Watan report, after some time in an online translate-o-tron, suggests that Hamas is undaunted and continues to develop its underwater military capabilities and that Israel's response is a dolphin corps.

Unpicking the truth of the matter is tricky as both parties are not averse to using propaganda. But, hey! Spy dolphins carrying cameras is a nice advance on sharks with lasers. ®

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