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Photoshop Madness

By Drew Cullen, 30 Jul 2002

Site of the Day The Net is awash with comedy-stroke-satire, some very good, but most resolutely text-based.

The outstanding exception is, the home of Photoshopper terrorism.

This very fine web site recently ambushed Monday:, the absurdly remonikered PwC Consulting, with Rightly, the 'we got your name' site viralled its way around the world.

But is a many-trick donkey - culture-jamming, lots of good jokes, and many pictures of cats. There's text links to funny-stroke-bizarre stories too; just like Fark and (warning! not for the squeamish). appears to be mostly a labour of love. We spotted an ad for mugs and an exhortation to readers to "give us your money is run from donations so click on the nice man to give us your cash."

By linking to, we may have just increased its bandwidth costs. Bloody hard running a comedy web site. ®

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