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Cisco's 'encrypted traffic fingerprinting' turned into a product

Borg's boxen can now figure out if there's malware lurking in encrypted traffic


Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states

Senate Intelligence Committee frustrated by lack of details

Netflix logo with Kevin Spacey, or is that other way around?

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix re-states 'No brilliant jerks' policy

Forget free sushi, gyms or Steve Jobs clones. Netflix values fearless sharing

his low-angle self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at the site from which it reached down to drill into a rock target called "Buckskin." The MAHLI camera on Curiosity's robotic arm took multiple images on Aug. 5, 2015, that were stitched together into this selfie. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Humanity uploaded an AI to Mars and lets it shoot rocks with lasers

Curiosity Rover's autonomous operation experiments have been a great success, say astro-boffins

Black hole - spaghetti visualisation. Artist's impression.  NASA/JPL-Caltech, CC BY-SA

Melbourne Uni hoping to hoist tiny telescope to look at BIG explosions

Dr Katie Mack explains the SkyHopper cubesat project to El Reg

Research suggests consumers find 'fibre' advertising misleading

Alt-net providers call for ads to be reviewed

Fujitsu loses Dimes amid plans to save dollars

UK and Ireland boss nowhere to be seen

'No decision' on Raytheon GPS landing system aboard Brit aircraft carriers

We've already got one tried and tested system, huffs MoD

Ailing Brit chip designer Imagination Technologies up for sale

Clash with tech titan continues

Flash array startup E8 whips out benchmarks, everyone will complain

NVMe over Fabrics box bashes Dell EMC, Pure and Infinidat

Numbers war: How Bayesian vs frequentist statistics influence AI

Not all figures are equal

Cheeky IT rival parks 'we're hiring' van outside 'vote Tory' firm Storm Technologies

Pic Strapline on van: 'Where your vote is your choice'. Meow!

Cluster kids: Meet the students giving all for science and HPC glory

HPC Blog If LINPACK would pack wood... and other computer sports posers

Humanity uploaded an AI to Mars and lets it shoot rocks with lasers

Curiosity Rover's autonomous operation experiments have been a great success, say astro-boffins

Yes, this is our third Cisco story of the day. It's about 23 bugs you need to fix, stat

Troll your WebEx-loving execs with a crafted recording file

PLATO mission to find alien life is given the thumbs up

ESA to start the construction of space telescope network

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix re-states 'No brilliant jerks' policy

Forget free sushi, gyms or Steve Jobs clones. Netflix values fearless sharing

Cisco's 'encrypted traffic fingerprinting' turned into a product

Borg's boxen can now figure out if there's malware lurking in encrypted traffic

ITU thinks Blockchain and pals need interoperability

Calls for standards-setting conference to consider security, privacy, whatever other regs distributed ledger types want

Cisco to reveal 'Starship' ride to cloudy server automation heaven

Borg plans 'AI-assisted operations in IT', but first we get new HCI boxen for ROBO

Researcher calls the fuzz on OpenVPN, uncovers crashy vulns

Patches for servers and clients already out there – get updating just in case

Arista-cats nearly out of the bag as redesigned products okayed

International Trade Commission says its kit should be fine to import again

Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states

Senate Intelligence Committee frustrated by lack of details

What hardware? Oracle is on cloud nine, er, twelve right now – $200,000,000,000

IT giant's market cap soars after (mostly) strong financials

Darkness to fall over North America from a total solar eclipse

Grab your camping gear and prepare for August 21

Walmart tells developers to stay away from AWS

Retail giant prefers partners not feed Amazon their cloud cash

OnePlus accused of installing cheat codes for benchmarks with new handset

Benchmarks aren't useful anyway, says cofounder

Etsy issues pink slips for almost quarter of staff in quest for profit

Did it decorate notices with glitter and sparkles?

Cybereason snags $100m from Softbank to mount distribution, tech offensive

'This deal is the coming of age of the offensive security model'

HPE teases HPC punters with scalable gear

No you can't have full specs or pricing until next month

US Air Force resumes F-35A flights despite not knowing why pilot oxygen systems failed

Take a deep breath. You might have to hold it for a while

Speaking in Tech: IT's a GaaS with Trump at top

Podcast Plus: Amazon's Whole Foods move, pizza on Mars, Uber chaos, and more

Avere: You're going to see tighter integration between us and Google

Analysis On-premises data centre not such a big deal any more, it seems

TalkTalk customers complain of being unable to load Amazon website

Issue ongoing since last week

Breach at's Cyber Essentials scheme exposes users to phishing attacks

How does that rank on the Morissette Scale?

It's fluffy bottom line time at Adobe. That's a good thing, if you were wondering

It's raining money from that sweet, sweet cloud

Honda plant in Japan briefly stops making cars after fresh WannaCrypt outbreak

No minivans or sedans rolled out of plant for 24 hours

WDC wants in on Japan-backed consortium to buy Toshiba's chip biz

Legal headache still hangs over foundry joint venture agreement

Want to learn machine learning in 15 minutes? Start here...

How to A guide to seeing the wood for the decision trees

Ad 'urgently' seeks company to build national e-ID system

People Per Hours alert does not specify which government

Queen's speech announces laws to protect personal data

Tories dump a number of manifesto pledges

Tesla's driverless car software chief steps down

Chris Lattner 'wasn't the right fit', says Elon Musk-led biz

Gov digitisation plans happening too slowly, say IfG policy wonks. Hear that, GDS?

Verify needs to be addressed, Pope is Catholic, etc

Reg Radicals lecture encompasses far right, libertarians, and mushrooms...

Reg Lectures Let’s leave the polyamorists out of this for now

F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen on IoT: If it uses electricity, it will go online

Want a more secure PC? Try Windows 10 S, says CRO

Conservative manifesto disappears offline – then mysteriously reappears

SNAFU or something more sinister going on?

Challenging dodgy generalisations on IT spending

Reg Reader Research I think you'll find it's not as simple as that

Toshiba chip biz auction: Picks Japan-Bain fund bid

WDC: Hang on ... WHAAAA....

Cloud may be the future, but it ain't all sunshine and rainbows

Learning lessons the hard way so you don't have to

Debian 9 feels like home with security upgrades and a flaming vulpine warming your toes

Review Strong and stable release from conservative distro

BT problems impact Department for Work and Pensions services

Users say they can't access Child Maintenance Service

Lenovo re-launches data centre range with two new ThinkThing lines

'ThinkSystem' spans servers, storage and switches. HCI and Azure Stack are 'ThinkAgile'

Researchers take the piss with pee-powered liquid energy project

Bill Gates' cistern system uses your personal recharger

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned, says report

Investors insisted, board concurred, curtain fell, but bro-in-chief will remain on the board

Anyone want a private YouTube collab-o-tron? Microsoft hopes you do

'Stream' video vault and share-o-matic debuts in Office 365, as does a dictation bot for Office

Google, Mozilla both say they sped up the web today. One by blocking ads. One with ads

Guess which was which. Hint: Firefox now crushes trackers on Android

BMC and CA in agreeable acquisition talks – report

The world may need only one company where old software goes to die

Apple ups the stakes in patent royalties battle with Qualcomm

Pushing to have 18 Qualcomm patents invalidated

No, really. You can see through walls using drones and Wi-Fi

Video Researchers explore 3D imaging using drones

Microsoft admits to disabling third-party antivirus code if Win 10 doesn't like it

Redmond readies the ground for Kaspersky's EU antitrust suit

Uber wants your top tips to mend its rotten image

Magnanimous gesture that won't cost the bros anything

Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck

Report shows driver took a hands-off approach to driving

Ego stroking, effusive praise and promise of billions: White House tech meeting in full

Somewhere in there is the germ of a good idea

US is Number One! In sales register hacking attacks, at least

Fraudsters love America's easy-to-hack card slurpers

Costa Rica complains of US govt harassment over Pirate Bay domain

Registry operator points finger at US embassy staffer

In the Epyc center: More Zen server CPU specs, prices sneak out of AMD

Updated And a quick look at the chips' encrypted RAM tech

Cisco hops on machine learning bandwagon with new switches

Switchzilla wants to make 'intuitive' switches that charge you by the month

Microsoft says Skype outages are over – a few hours too early

Global Skype outages spill over onto a second day

Hacker exposed bank loophole to buy luxury cars and a face tattoo

♪ I'm gonna wait... til the midnight hour, when there's no one else around

Microsoft throws its weight behind Parisian AI startup factory

Redmond to support fledgling firms at Station F initiative

MongoDB tries to entice time-poor devs with new Backend as a Service

Document database company has Google’s Firebase in its sights

A private equity titan has just forked out £700m for IT training biz QA

Education provider has 'ambitious growth plans'

Another FalconStor CEO out as storage software firm hunts for growth

Outgoing Garry Quinn hands reins to Intermap's Todd Oseth

Tesco Online IT meltdown: Fails to deliver THOUSANDS of grocery orders

Shoppers across UK forced to leave the house

Oxford profs tell Twitter, Facebook to take action against political bots

It's just the future of democracy at stake, no biggie

The Internet of Flying Thing: Reg man returns with explicit shots

Pics A flight to nowhere, complete with streaming Netflix

Guess who's just locked up £1.5bn Australian prison mega-contract? Our very own Serco

UK prisoner escort scandal? They paid that money back!

Google may follow Apple, design mobile chips in-house

Comment Has anyone told Qualcomm, Intel and the gang?

And now for a little context: Let's talk hyperconverged systems

Broadcast Designing for the future

'OK, everyone. Stop typing, this software is DONE,' said no one ever

Open Source Insider Some times it really is, though

Software 'submarine' surfaces data protection for the Nutanix hypervisor crowd

They kept that quiet: Software for AHV app data protection

Medicxi launches $300m European late-stage life sciences fund backed by Google company

Verily joins Novartis and the European Investment Fund

Swiss super pushes USA off podium in new Top500 Supers list

China packs a one-two punch at the top, UK Met office scores 11th place, Australia 70th

IBM's contractor crackdown continues: Survivors refusing pay cut have hours reduced

Managers told to hit budgets, even if customers bleed

Samsung's 'Magician' for SSDs can let crims run evil code

What is this: Storage insecurity day? Asking cos Acronis has the same problem

NSA had NFI about opsec: 2016 audit found laughably bad security

Unlocked racks. No 2FA. No access control lists. No wonder Snowden got away with it

IBM appears to have excess cloud servers to shift at low, low, prices

Fancy a cheap cloud Xeon, guv'nor? Bargain price, but just these few

South Korean hosting co. pays $1m ransom to end eight-day outage

Talked scum down from $4.4m after they waltzed through unpatched legacy mess

Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman both have new Linux in mind

4.12 might emerge next week, 4.14 dubbed next LTS release

Juniper puts an Enforcer on the door and adds Cisco to the guest list

The gin palace's security management code has gone cross-platform

Stack Clash flaws blow local root holes in loads of top Linux programs

We knew about this in 2005. And 2010. And people are still building without -fstack-check

NASA's Kepler space telescope finishes its original mission catalog

Fifty possible planets later, we're a step closer to a possible vacation Earth

Intel: Joule's burned, Edison switched off, and Galileo – Galileo is no more

Chipzilla takes axe to IoT and embedded compute lines

Mexican government accused of illegal phone hacking of citizens

Investigation reveals targeting of journalists and activists

WhatsApp app in flap over chap's snap of URL mishap

Secure messaging springs leak when looking up URLs

Uber's New York competitor sued over driver equity scheme

Juno's taxi drivers complain of bait-and-switch

Varjo promises Oculus-killing VR/AR, but is it the next Magic Leap?

Ex-Nokia team promises human-eye resolution mixed reality

You can't take the pervs off Facebook, says US Supreme Court

First Amendment rights and dancing babies

US voter info stored on wide-open cloud box, thanks to bungling Republican contractor


Datos IO gets nimbler vision at board level

Ex-Nimble CEO joins Datos IO board

Venture capital biz hires former EMC CEO

'Can we Tucci this startup? Well Big Joe, can we?'

2 kool 4 komputing: Teens' interest in GCSE course totally bombs

Concern teachers can't handle tougher syllabus

Pure suggests dishing out intelligence to dumb storage shelves

Update Toshiba thinking 200 layers of 3D NAND

Microsoft's new Surface laptop defeats teardown – with glue

Put down the screwdriver... we're going to need a knife

Fancy buying our aircraft carrier satnav, Raytheon asks UK

System might only be fitted to HMS Prince of Wales – reports

Putting (machine) learning and (artificial) intelligence to work

MCubed If you don’t, the competition will

Hotheaded Brussels civil servants issued with cool warning: Leak

Brexit? No, no... it's baking! Put away the booze, biz-suit

Scottish govt mulled scrapping £178m car-crash IT system

Fujitsu report slams Common Agricultural Payments system

Is your research hot or not? US boffins create ‘Tinder for preprints’

Papr app lets you rate academic papers - and maybe find your ideal postdoc

Jaguar Land Rover ropes in Gorillaz to help it lure 5,000 'electronic wizards'

App provides fast-track to recruitment

Cluster-wrestling kids pimp their HPC rides in Frankfurt

HPC Blog This one goes to 11: More rig pr0nz from students at ISC17

We grill high-end backup kid on its cloudy data protection stake

Interview Taking the PB out of PBBA? Datos IO hopes you're ready for this jelly

Brit uni blabs students' confidential information to 298 undergrads

Spreadsheet of extenuating circumstances attached to email

Migrating to Microsoft's cloud: What they won't tell you, what you need to know

Of devils and details

Report estimates cost of disruption to GPS in UK would be £1bn per day

Err, maybe it's time for backup?

When corporate signage goes BAD

LogoBotch The Cisco slip of 2010

Elon Musk reveals Mars colony rocket capable of bringing pizza joints to the red planet

'Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species' plan details how to get 1m humans to Mars

Virtual reality audiences stare straight ahead 75% of the time

YouTube's advice to turn heads is 'make better videos'. Literally. That's all they've got

Israel gets spooky with national quantum lab

Plan is to spin up single photons as a comms medium

Gartner confirms what we all know: AWS and Microsoft are the cloud leaders, by a fair way

Paranormal parallelogram for IaaS has Google on the same lap, IBM and Oracle trailing

It's 2017, and UPnP is helping black-hats run banking malware

Pinkslipbot malware copies Conficker for C&C channel

Internet boffins take aim at BGP route leaks

Routers should know their place

Google plans to scrub 'inflammatory' and terror vids from youTube

AI isn't good enough for the job, so more mods and Google ads will get into the grey areas

That's random: OpenBSD adds more kernel security

'Kernel address randomised link' masks memory locations

Backdoor backlash: European Parliament wants better privacy

Less tracking, more consent, and stronger encryption says privacy committee

Debian devs dedicate new version 9 to the late Ian Murdock

'Stretch' debuts, with MariaDB replacing MySQL just became a 90,000-seat Azure case study

Whole Foods, which Amazon chomped for $13.7bn, is a cloudy Active Directory user

Insert coin: Atari retro console is coming back

But will what looks like a mad scramble result in anything?

Yet more reform efforts at the Euro Patent Office, and you'll never guess what...

Yep, King Battistelli wants to award himself more power

You wait ages for a sun, then two come along at once: All stars have twins, say astroboffins

So where is our Sol's sibling?

Worried about election hacking? There's a technology fix – Helios

End-to-end encrypted, verifiable voting already in action

Google coughs up $5.5m to make recruiters 'screwed out of overtime pay' go away

There, some spare change under the couch will solve this

FOIA documents show the Kafkaesque state of US mass surveillance

♪ Tech biz fought the spying law and the spying law won

Texas says 'howdy' to completely driverless robo-cars on its roads

King of the (autonomous) Hill

Oops! Facebook outed its antiterror cops whilst they banned admins

C'mon, what were they expecting? Privacy? On Facebook?

As you head off to space with Li-ion batts, don't forget to inject that liquefied gas into them

What could go wrong?

What can you buy with 12 bucks? Avocado on toast? A slice of Tintri?

Storage upstart reveals IPO price range, hopes to raise $100m

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter

Michelle Carter responsible for beau's sucide, decides court

And now, in alphabetical order, all the storage news you may have missed

From Actian to WANdisco, we've got it all

Brexploitation! PC price wars? Yep. Vendors see who can go higher

Tech disties paying up to 42% more for computers since vote

You'll soon be buying bulgur wheat salad* from Amazon, after it swallowed Whole Foods

13.7 billion Bezos bucks buys luxury retailer

Burying its head in the NAND: Samsung boosts 64-layer 3D flash chip production

Still lagging WDC and Toshiba chip capacity by half

EU regulators gearing up to slap Google with €1bn fine – reports

First decision of three probes expected in coming weeks

EPYC leak! No, it's better than celeb noodz: AMD's forthcoming server CPU

Specs and performance deets in the wild

ICO fines Morrisons for emailing customers who didn't want to be emailed

You’ve opted out of marketing emails. Can we just send you a marketing email to check?

BOFH: Halon is not a rad new vape flavour

Episode 7 Migrate data? If you're keen on seeing clouds...

The cloud is great for HPC: Discuss

Sponsored Scientists rejoice: It’s raining TeraFLOPS from the cloud

Microsoft HoloLens apps to be piloted with 'Hogwarts for the MoD' chapesses, chaps

Augmented reality apps for future Army, RAF, RN kids

Oh the irony: Government Digital Services can't pay staff because of tech problems

Exclusive Helping to transform government to, to... er... There's a plan in place

Ofcom fines Three £1.9m over vulnerability in emergency call handling

999 requests funnelled through single data centre

Component makers have their server chums by the short and curlies

And the squeeze ain't looking like it'll stop any time soon

DDN burst buffer to bimble along more briskly after boost

SFAOS, Lustre distribution and WOS given a waxing as well

Facebook has a solution to all the toxic dross on its site – wait, it's not AI?

No, it's human janitors toiling away, cleaning up wads of hate and terror incitement

Samsung releases 49-inch desktop monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio

Imagine the spreadsheet you could view on a four-foot-wide 3840 x 1080 beast

Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist

On-Call New motherboards wouldn't fix it, but a magnetic personality can work wonders

Just like knotted-up headphones: Entangled photons stay entwined over record distance

Literally spooky action at a distance

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