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Operating Systems

UNIX greybeards threaten Debian fork over systemd plan

'Veteran Unix Admins' fear desktop emphasis is betraying open source

Redmond top man Satya Nadella: 'Microsoft LOVES Linux'

Open-source 'love' fairly runneth over at cloud event

Apple flings iOS 8.1 at world+dog: Incredible 9-step guide to installing it

Let's hope it's not an 8.brick update

Apple releases MEGA security patch round for OS X, Server and iTunes

Brings POODLE to heel

HP to shutter webOS cloud services

When is a brick not a brick? When nobody cares, says HP

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX

Pics It's swee-eet trip to the Android shop

ONE MILLION people already running Windows 10

A third of them are doing it in VMs, but early feedback focuses on frippery

Windows 10: Forget Cloudobile, put Security and Privacy First

Sysadmin Blog But - dammit - It would be insane to say 'don't collect, because NSA'

Rebellion sees Chromium reverse plans to dump EXT filesystem

A Linux derivative without Linux's very own filesystem was a strange look

Oracle hires former SAP exec for cloudy push

'We know Larry said cloud was gibberish, and insane, and idiotic, but...'

No one wants iOS 8 because it's for NERDS - dev

Cool kids have been staying with lucky number seven

Apple KILLS SUPER MARIO. And Zelda. And Sonic

Fanbois rage as Cupertino bans emulators from iOS devices

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'

Users quick to have their say in Redmond's early feedback app

No tiles, no NAP – next Windows for data centre looks promising

Now, about that consumer AV 'protection'...

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 SHUNNED by refusenik fanbois

Slowest adoption rate for THREE YEARS. That's like ... forever

Windows 10's 'built-in keylogger'? Ha ha, says Microsoft – no, it just monitors your typing

YOU said it was OK when you installed that Technical Preview

Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'

Reckons newbies should beware of hostile straight white males

Why US Feds and g-men kick up a stink about a growing smartphone encryption trend

Analysis It's the inconvenience, stupid

Apple to unveil new iPads, iMacs and OS X Yosemite on 16 October, claim sources

Fanbois! Prepare for yet another HYPEGASM

Vanished blog posts? Enterprise gaps? Welcome to Windows 10

First look The riddle that will satisfy Win 8 haters, at least

Desktop, schmesktop: Microsoft reveals next WINDOWS SERVER

Run it in Azure today, sysadmins, and get ready for lots of hybrid hype

Microsoft's nightmare DEEPENS: Windows 8 market share falling fast

XP still clinging on tight, may even be growing a bit

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

Analysis Microsoft's strategy is to make Store apps popular. Good luck with that

DARPA joins math-secured microkernel race

Embedded systems need better security

Proprietary OS source code LEAKED to web – from 40 years ago

No Shellshock bug spotted in ancient CP/M code so far

Internet of Things? Hold my beer, I got this: ARM crafts OS to rule them all

ARM TechCon New mbed operating system tries to pave over chip rivalries to lure in IoT startups

Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT

Analysis Redmond busts jarring desktop to apps break

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really

Vid+Pics Windows NEIN skipped, tech preview due out on Wednesday

Business is back, baby! Hasta la VISTA, Win 8... Oh, yeah, Windows 9

Forget touchscreen millennials, Microsoft goes for mouse crowd

SMASH the Bash bug! Apple and Red Hat scramble for patch batches

'Applying multiple security updates is extremely difficult'

Microsoft on the Threshold of a new name for Windows next week

Rebranded OS reportedly set to be flung open by Redmond

Apple nurses HealthKit apps back to life, discharges iOS 8.0.2

If you look closely, that .2 looks an awful lot like a bent .1 #bendgate #bendghazi

Unchanging Unicorn: Don't be disappointed with Ubuntu 14.10, be happy

Review A calm before the storm

A Norsified Linux for Windows and OS X wobblers

Review Elementary, my dear desktop

Apple: SO sorry for the iOS 8.0.1 UPDATE BUNGLE HORROR

Apple kills 'upgrade'. Hey, Microsoft. You sure you want to be like these guys?

Le whoops! Microsoft France boss blows lid off 'Windows 9' event

Redmond's attempt at Applesque PR is going just as well as its Surface tablets

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...

Guess they don't like our battery-draining update?

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux

Multiple desktops and live tiles in restored Start button star in new vids

Not appy with your Chromebook? Well now it can run Android apps

Google offers beta of tricky OS-inside-OS tech

Ex Red Hat CTO installs self as Google Cloud boss

12 years and all I got was this lousy 25-word 'goodbye'?

Greater dev access to iOS 8 will put us AT RISK from HACKERS

Knocking holes in Apple's walled garden could backfire, says securo-chap

Fedora gets new partition manager

GParted for a new era