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Operating Systems

Google turns creepy, predictive search tech up to 11 in Chrome OS beta

Launcher 2.0 to be released within days

Microsoft's Windows 10 build list snowballs for Lumia mobes

WARNING: Coders are still stitching together partition stitching code

Surface Pro 3 update has so much new stuff for sysadmins, we can't fit it all in one headline

Isn't it time for the pub?

Hey, Microsoft, we can call Windows 10 apps anything we like – you're NOT OUR REAL MOM

Diagasm Banned by Redmond: Universal, Metro

Imagination touts cheap Firefox OS MIPS slab to Chinese kitmakers

'Hey! Over here! No, not that one, that's ARM...'

WinPhone? PAH! If you want Microsoft's mobe apps, grab an Android

Samsung & 11 hardware partners to bundle OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, Office

Microsoft sniffs around Xiaomi Mi 4 smarties with Windows 10

No, we can't give it to you, go pester Redmond, says Chinese giant

Windows 10 build 10041: 99 bugs on the wall, fix a bug, add a feature, 114 bugs on the wall

Pics More Cortana, updated browser, still a race to summer

PIRATES and THIEVES to get Windows 10 as BOOTY

Redmond reckons free upgrade will convert China

Honey, I shrunk the Windows footprint

Microsoft explains how it will fit Windows 10 into cheaposlabs, maybe without bloatware

Microsoft announces Windows 10 and Azure for humanity's implacable IoT foes

If you use a keyboard, forget it

Oracle adds secure-ish boot support to its Linux distro

But how secure is it?

Leaked Windows 10 build hints at peer-to-peer patching

Downloading OS updates from random PCs? What could possibly go wrong with that?

Cyanogen said to be hoovering up cash, but NOT from Microsoft

Redmond reportedly sitting out firmware firm's $110m funding round

Want to check out iOS 8.3? Apple just might let you (but make a backup)

Cupertino giant begins public beta program

Microsoft hints at faster release cadence for Windows 10 previews

Builds are coming, really


It gave us Comic Sans, Clippy, a zillion jokes and might be CORTANA'S GRANDFATHER

Tastier Lollipops for chosen few as Google releases Android 5.1

Minor update's biggest new feature is burglar-proofing 'Device Protection'

Ouch! Google crocks capacitors and deviates DRAM to root Linux

'Rowhammer' attack flips bits in memory to take control of the kernel

Microsoft: You'll get the next Windows 10 build when we're GOOD AND READY

Public release dates only slow the process down, say devs

Apple slips out security patches while world goes gaga over watches

Remote-code exec in iOS, OS X iCloud, plus FREAK fix

Google hires engineers to run Android OS on virtual reality gear – report

Facebook face-off?

Grab your pitchforks: Ubuntu to switch to systemd on Monday

It's Debian all o'er agin, I tells ye!

VMware sued, accused of ripping off Linux kernel source code

SCSI dev claims virty giant has 'no intention' of honoring terms of the GPL

CONFIRMED: Tiny Windows Server is on the way

Cloud OS at the bottom, server in the middle and a dedicated client on top

Microsoft to Android OEMs: 'Show me the money'

Exclusive Redmond carefully considers OIN approach

Microsoft opens kimono on Windows 10 Universal App Platform

MWC 2015 One app to rule them all. It hopes

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default

Updated It's sad that this isn't really a surprise

Jolla launches Sailfish 2.0, now with added security

MWC 2015 Tablet coming later this year, but will it be competitive?

First peek at the next Ubuntu 15.04 nester line-up

Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Barney McGrubuntu, Cuthbert, GNOME and MATE

Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!

Not even nuking it from orbit will do the job, we fear

Microsoft working on 'Nano' version of Windows Server for web-scale ops

Slide deck appears describing lightweight core for future Windows Servers

Google to tame Android's Wild Wild West to please suits

Rounds up enterprise posse for sandboxed safety

Money from apps? It's all about Apple iOS, says survey

Oh yeah, and don't bother with ads

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?

Count of 2014's flaws finds more nasties in Mac OS and iOS than in Windows or Linux

Elementary, my dear penguin: It's the second beta of Freya

Review Never mind the bugs... love the skin Ubuntu's in

Snowden's favourite Linux - Tails - rushes sec-fix version to market

Sweeping up the dead bugs

Apple: 100,000 lucky people can test our flaky iOS 8.3 code – report

Hey fanboi, help squash our bugs

Debian on track to prove binaries' origins

Reproducible binary project 83% complete

May the fourth be with you: Torvalds names next Linux v 4.0

Linux Lord declares all internet polls bad, follows result of own effort anyway

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'

Worry now, because 23 years from now will be TOO LATE

BlackBerry's money-making QNX unit touts virty dual-OS devices

Hypervisor lets kit makers have realtime OS cake and eat it, too