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Operating Systems

Google to tame Android's Wild Wild West to please suits

Rounds up enterprise posse for sandboxed safety

Money from apps? It's all about Apple iOS, says survey

Oh yeah, and don't bother with ads

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?

Count of 2014's flaws finds more nasties in Mac OS and iOS than in Windows or Linux

Elementary, my dear penguin: It's the second beta of Freya

Review Never mind the bugs... love the skin Ubuntu's in

Snowden's favourite Linux - Tails - rushes sec-fix version to market

Sweeping up the dead bugs

Apple: 100,000 lucky people can test our flaky iOS 8.3 code – report

Hey fanboi, help squash our bugs

Debian on track to prove binaries' origins

Reproducible binary project 83% complete

May the fourth be with you: Torvalds names next Linux v 4.0

Linux Lord declares all internet polls bad, follows result of own effort anyway

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'

Worry now, because 23 years from now will be TOO LATE

BlackBerry's money-making QNX unit touts virty dual-OS devices

Hypervisor lets kit makers have realtime OS cake and eat it, too

Microsoft leaves the Rooms. How will Windows Phone OS users make to do lists?

Cloud-o-bile in action

Windows 10 for phones: Stepping towards the One True Windows

Hands On with the Windows Insider preview

Linux kernel dev has gone well and truly corporate – report

Companies making more changes, and faster than ever

Torvalds turns to Sir Mix-A-Lot for Linux versioning debate

Do you like 'em big and round, or would a slimmer version 4.0 excite you?

Microsoft launches wobbly Windows 10 phone preview for Lumia daredevils only

'You will encounter bugs'

Datameer rolls out Hadoop-as-a-service for impatient IT bods

Five nodes should tide you over

Death knell for Windows with Bing, licences carved up

Microsoft 'over-egged' Chromebook response

Cortana to form CIRCLE OF LIFE in Windows 10

Microsoft's 'contextual operating service' promises hakuna matata across devices

Linux kernel set to get live patching in release 3.20

Come and get this Git pull, Linus!

Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate

You want to do what? Again?!

Microsoft explains Windows as a SERVICE – but one version remains a distant dream

All users on the same version? Not in our lifetime, chum

Linux 3.19 released for your computing pleasure

3.20 is next and 4.0 is nowhere in sight

Brit Linux distro CrunchBang calls it quits

Developer decides to move on to pastures new

Ubuntu smartphone to go on sale: It'll be harder to get than a new iPhone

'Flash sales' – not that kind of Flash, silly

RIP Windows RT: Microsoft murders ARM Surface, Nokia tablets

End of the road for Lumia 2520 slab

PEAK WINDOWS 7 may well be behind us

Love for Windows XP still coming in spurts

Microsoft tells big biz: No free Windows 10 for you, crack wallets open

Hey, insert credit card, check out our new update system, says Redmond

You must have at least 8 inches for Windows 10 to go all the way

Comment El Reg decodes Microsoft's size rule

Sorry, admins: Microsoft says NO new Windows Server until 2016

Wedging Docker containers into Windows to take a leeeettle longer

Microsoft 'showers gold' on anti-Google Cyanogen and its Android alternative

Redmond part of $70m funding round, say sources

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish

Review Unpicking the past is a messy business for Microsoft

Windows 10 heralds the MINECRAFT-isation of Microsoft

Redmond is building a stack of visualisation tools for the generation that grew up with clickable everything

Microsoft's Ignite gabfest includes just ONE session about Windows Server

Devices and clouds in the spotlight, Servers nowhere to be seen for now

BOO! Grave remote-code exec flaw in GNU C Library TERRIFIES Linux

When there's something strange in your gethostbyname, who y'gonna call? Ghostbusters

Welcome to Spartan, Microsoft's persuasive argument for... Chrome

Change as constant in Redmond's browser strategy

SURPRISE! Microsoft pops open Windows 10 Preview build early

No need to wait until next week, after all

Developers, developers, developers! But WILL they support Windows 10?

Analysis HoloLens is sexy, but Microsoft faces a battle to win devs' hearts and minds

Is Windows RT not invited to the Windows 10 upgrade party?

Redmond says ARM-based OS to get just 'some of the functionality'

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz

Analysis Satya Nadella's great price-slash gamble

FIVE Things (NOT 10: these are REAL) from the WINDOWS 10 event

Analysis Microsoft Operation Relevance – how’s it doing?

Windows 10: The Microsoft rule-o-three holds, THIS time it's looking DECENT

Analysis Cortana, Spartan, Xbox, DirectX 12 – oh my

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

Plus, Cortana gets 'Yoda mode'