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Operating Systems

Win10 Insider build 10532: Avoid if you run Chrome 64-bit

A few tweaks, but what is MS doing about top feature requests and bug reports?

Obi: These ARE the 'droids you're looking for

Former Apple CEO John Sculley presents us with a new hope

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft

A popular giveaway, but no word on the number of failed installs

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!

OK Register readers, shout in unison: ‘Sign us up’

Using SQL techniques in NoSQL is OK, right? WRONG

Don't try and cut corners, or you'll end up in a twisty, tangly mess

Vodafone UK rocks the bloat with demands for vanilla Android

You want plain, colourless Lollipops, have them, says Motorola

Swiss watch: Cuckoo-clock cops threaten Win 10 whup-ass can pop

Silicon Valley 'eats away at our freedom every day'

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons

Back when you could still get results by inserting a floppy

Směrť Špionam! BAN Windows 10, it SPIES too much, exclaim Russians

Nyet to Redmondian probe tentacles up our ass

Windows 10 market share growth slows to just ten per cent

There's good news and bad news for Microsoft because Windows 8.1 is slipping fast

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates

+Comment Microsoft is offering the choice between terrible or woeful security

Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build

Compressed memory, and look, now you can change the colors!

Raspberry Pi gains new FreeBSD distribution

RaspBSD debuts, promises ports to more ARM devices real soon now

Android apps are flooding on to jailbroken Win10 phones

Uh, SatNad – are you sure this is what you want?

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 rolls out, but progress is sloooow

Plenty still to do before Windows 10 is ready for smartphones

'Marshmallow' picked as moniker for Android 6.0

Is Google telling us Android is soft, insubstantial, very good toasted but easily burned?

Another root hole in OS X. We know it, you know it, the bad people know it – and no patch exists

Be careful what you run

Microsoft pushes us closer to the Edge: Test new web browser now in free Windows 10 VMs

Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the Edge

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

New Cumulative Update does … something that makes Windows 10 better. Promise

Windows 10 growth flattens out to 30 per cent per week

Redmond's latest can't quite crack five per cent market share

Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present

DON'T UPGRADE NOW, Sony warns Vaio users, and settle in for a long wait

Google flubs patch for Stagefright security bug in 950 million Androids

Update flawed, new one needed for countless gadgets

Dell, Google dangle Chromebooks over IT bosses sick of Windows

Pic Although they can still run Windows, ish

Stardock’s Start10 brings the familiarity of 7 to Windows 10

Bonus: It hides the Cortana search box

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

Apart from the upgrade fails, bugs, and missing features, great

Ubuntu phone on sale to world+dog ... but will it work on your network?

Hint: Sorry, Americans

FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP

Update KB3081424 reboots half way through the install

BlackBerry can't catch a break: Now it's fending off Jeep hacking claims

QNX Neutrino OS 'unrelated' to vulnerability, say Canucks

Pi-eyed: Microsoft ships slimmed-down Windows 10 IoT Core for gizmos

If you don't have it on your PC, how about running it on your Raspberry Pi 2?

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips

And would you believe that Windows XP market share went UP last week?

Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs

Feel the download, just don't mind the bandwidth

Biggest security update in history coming up: Google patches Android hijack bug Stagefright

Black Hat 2015 Ad giant, Samsung, LG commit to monthly fixes

Windows 10 wipes your child safety settings if you upgrade from 7 or 8

MS should be ‘ashamed of itself’ says El Reg reader

Mac fans! Don't run any old guff from the web: Malware spotted exploiting OS X root bug

Dodgy apps use hole in Yosemite to inject adware

SDN: It's living the dream – and just using what you've got

Freedom to pick the hardware you want, when you want

Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes

You had one job, Microsoft. One job

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

How to not hand everything over to Microsoft

Linus Torvalds warns he's in no mood to be polite as Linux 4.2 drags

Nowt 'disastrous', but current kernel candidate is in 'fairly annoying' state

Windows 10 collects colossal 0.375 per cent market share in July

Steady as she goes for Windows XP, 7 and 8.1, but 8.0 and Vista are just about dead

Wait, STOP: Are you installing Windows 10 or RANSOMWARE?

This one will be an 'absolute bastard,' say security bods

No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad

Comment A victory worthy of a eulogy

Windows 10 marks the end of 'pay once, use forever' software

Comment Welcome to Microsoft's pay-pay-pay plan