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Operating Systems

Forget Google's robot cars, now it's on to ANDROID cars

Next OS to come built into auto dashboards, sources claim

Android gives Google a search monopoly? Not so fast, says judge

More facts needed before class-action suit can proceed

Microsoft kills its Euro pane in the a**: The 'would you prefer Chrome?' window

Time runs out on mandatory non-IE installation tool

Fedora 21: Linux fans will LOVE it - after the install woes

Review Purrs like a beauty once you get her running

Microsoft says to expect AWESOME things of Windows 10 in January

Next build to be a major update

Win Server 2003 custom support: That's NOT going to be fun

Forrester: Forget profits, Microsoft just won't want to do this

Microsoft says January Windows 10 build will excite sysadmins

Business users become the focus from early 2015

Skinny Ubuntu Linux 'Snapped' up by fat Microsoft cloud

All the libraries, just 110MB

Silicon Valley high rollers toss $36m at 'data centre OS' Mesosphere

First new OS since Android?

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 3.18 as 3.17 wobbles

Seven release candidates is enough

Crack open more champagne, Satya, XP's snowballing to HELL

Netmarketshare says operating system has lost 43 per cent of users in 60 days

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP

Funny what lack of choice can do

Huawei: 'Nobody made any money in Windows Phone'

Chinese firm says no more Microsoft mobes, even if the OS is FREE

systemd row ends with Debian getting forked

Greybeards vs. Gnomes fight sees creation of new 'Devuan' distro

Docker: Sorry, you're just going to have to learn about it. Today we begin

Sysadmin Blog Part One: Containers! Containers! Containers!

Ten Mac freeware apps for your new Apple baby

Product round-up The latest from the software gift horse stables

Leaked screenshots show next Windows kernel to be a perfect 10

Not since Vista has this happened

First in line to order a Nexus 6? AT&T has a BRICK for you

Black Screen of Death plagues early Google-mobe batch

Roll up, roll up, Microsoft's rolled up dozens of OS fixes

Linux VMs over 2TB now possible and Cloud Platform gets a scaled-up cleanup

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop

Web giant looking into why version 5.0 of Android is crippling older slabs

Bug fixes! Get your APPLE BUG FIXES! iOS and OS X updates right here!

Yosemite fixes Wi-Fi hiccup, older iOS devices get performance boost

Meet Windows 10's new UI for OneDrive – also known as File Explorer

New preview build continues Redmond's retreat to the desktop

Walmart's $99 crap-let will make people hate Windows 8.1 even more

With 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, the E Fun Nextbook will be anything but

SLURP! Flick your TONGUE around our LOLLIPOP – Google

Android 5 is coming – IF you're lucky enough to have the right gadget

Microsoft snorefest: For crying out loud, Nadella – just channel Ballmer!

Future Decoded 'Blah, blah, blah', as Uncle Fester once said

ONE FIFTH of Win Server 2003 users to miss support cutoff date

Migration is not a dirty word. Crevice, on the other hand...

Old hat: Fedora 21 beta late than never... and could be best ever

Review An alternative to mobile-obsessed Ubuntu

DROIDS - everywhere! Is Apple really even in the game any more?

DroidCon 14 I ain't drinking the Kool Aid, but I can't avoid swimming in it

Windows 8 or nowt: Consumer Win 7 fans are OUT OF LUCK

Professional version keeps going – for now

NSW Govt spends half a million dollars on XP support

Foot cushions well used in eight agency IT shops

Windows XP market share FELL OFF A CLIFF in October

Windows 8.x FINALLY poised to outstrip XP

CoreOS offers private Docker container registries for world+dog

Your containers, your data center, behind your firewall

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 is least popular Cupertino mobile OS in all of HUMAN HISTORY

'Nerd release' finally staggers past 50 per cent adoption

Microsoft shows off spanking Win 10 PCs, compute-tastic Azure

TechEd Europe Joe Belfiore presents auto-provisioning biz boxes

Microsoft has Windows Server running on ARM: report

WinARM just doesn't sound as good as Wintel

Was ist das? Eine neue Suse Linux Enterprise? Ausgezeichnet!

Version 12 first major-number Suse release since 2009

Apple's OS X Yosemite slurps UNSAVED docs into iCloud

Docs, email contacts... shhhlooop, up it goes

Mozilla hopes to challenge Raspbian as RPi OS of choice

Project to port Firefox OS to Raspberry Pi is under way

OpenSUSE tidies up disto model ahead of 13.4

Tumbleweed will be the face of rolling releases

Ubuntu's shiny 10th birthday Unicorn: An upgrade fantasy

Review Exciting possibilities. Just not yet

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster

Analysis Heart of Windows 8 lives on in Windows 10

Ubuntu 14.10 tries pulling a Steve Ballmer on cloudy offerings

Oi, Windows, centOS and openSUSE – behave, we're all friends here