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Operating Systems

Factory reset memory wipe FAILS in 500 MEELLION Android mobes

Boffins recover crypto keys, plus Google and Facebook tokens

School's in for Chromebooks, Google's the top swot in class

ChromeOS getting 'em while they're young

New Windows 10 Build 10122 aims to fix file association hijacking

Smoother and more stable, but Start menu and tablet issues remain

A good effort, if a bit odd: Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2

First Look The question is, does the Pi really need Windows?

Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks

Paranoia over NSA tampering spurs de-Westernisation drive

It's the end of life as we know it for Windows Server 2003

Can you survive without support?

Microsoft: Free Windows 10 for THIEVES and PIRATES? They can GET STUFFED

No upgrades for 'Non-Genuine' installs ... well ... unless ...


Candy Crush Saga to come bundled with Redmond's new OS

New Windows 10 Mobile build brings Universal Office Apps to phones

Just be prepared for some rough sailing, as usual

World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10

Or four, or six, depending on how you count

Microsoft's run Azure on Nano server since late 2013

Redmond discovers the limits of cloud-first

With WWDC looming, Apple kicks out third iOS 8.4 beta

Developers get new version of mobile OS to play with ahead of conference

HORDES OF CLING-ONS menace IT estate as special WinXP support ends

Met Police at least have a plan: NHS doesn't even have a clue

Systemd hee hee: Jessie Debian gallops (slowly) into view

Review But your server bits get rustled, cowboy

Microsoft discontinues Media Center with Windows 10

PC-as-tellybox just not a popular enough idea, it seems

Relax, it's just Ubuntu 15.04. AARGH! IT'S FULL OF SYSTEMD!!!

Review The future is coming, Still

House of Cards UI central to Mozilla's plans for Firefox on tellies

The deck is stacked and the designers want it that way

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday

Ignite 2015 New policy verges on apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Try to contain your joy: Microsoft emits Windows Server 2016 with nano-services

Ignite 2015 And DIY Azure on the verge of summer release

Good luck displacing Windows 7, Microsoft, it's still growing

April desktop OS usage stats show XP's really sinking fast now

New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep

Build 2015 It's coming in 'waves' – and Windows 7 users are the priority

iOS and Android apps on Windows 10: How is this supposed to work?

Build 2015 The story for Objective C is great. Android, less so

Inside the guts of Nano Server, Microsoft's tiny new Cloud OS

Build 2015 This is definitely not your father's Windows Server

Ha! Win 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 pops out of the Microsoft oven

Build 2015 IoT Core build also on Intel MinnowBoard Max

Windows 10 hands on: Build 10074 is for the brave - but it's pretty snazzy

Build 2015 OS heading in the right direction at long last

Microsoft: It's TRUE, you'll get Android and iOS apps in WINDOWS

Build 2015 Redmond wants no developers to be left out

This is Spartan? No, it's Microsoft Edge, Son of Internet Explorer

Build 2015 Redmond's new standards-compliant browser gets a real name at last

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair

Build 2015 Surely they can't be that desperate ...

Debian ships new 'Jessie' release with systemd AND sysvinit

That oughta keep the greybeards quiet for now

Microsoft: Profit DECIMATED because you people aren't buying PCs

Around 10 per cent missing from this time last year

What's broken in this week's Windows 10 build? Try the Start Menu, for one

At least Visual Studio doesn't crash anymore

Google guru: Android doesn't have malware, it has Potentially Harmful Applications™ instead

RSA 2015 And who installs five AV apps on their mobes?

OS X Yosemite still open to Rootpipe hijacking, says ex-NSA bod

Apple hasn't patched admin privilege backdoor in 10.10.3, it's claimed

Windows 10 MURDERED your Lumia? Microsoft says it may have a fix

Revamped Recovery Tool takes it nice and slow

Loose lips slip when Windows 10 ships: 'End of July' says AMD CEO

But will it be ready in time?

Sysadmins, patch now: HTTP 'pings of death' are spewing across web to kill Windows servers

Patch Tuesday bug reverse engineered by Thursday

Cram my freebies into Android phones and get a royalty discount, says Microsoft (allegedly)

Mobe makers get lower patent fees in exchange for bloatware

Android lands on Microsoft's money-machine island fortress

NCR hurls Google's Linux at Windows XP walls

Linux 4.0 debuts with the usual no fanfare

Torvalds looses neatened number feat. non-disruptive patches, Z13 support and more

Wanna run Windows 10 Preview on your Lumia? Of course you do. Now 33 mobes supported

If you don't mind a few bugs here and there, that is ...

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs

'Recommended update' turns Windows 7, 8 into new OS plug

Do your switches run Cumulus Linux? Puppet will pull your strings

DevOpsify your boring Ethernet