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Linus Torvalds finds 163 reasons to wait a week for a new Linux

Kernel devs weren't quiet enough so the world has Linux 4.9 rc8 to consider

Google proudly regards dented shovel as Flash lies supine on the floor

'We'll be back', Choc Factory devs growl at listless body

Windows 10 market share growth just barely has a pulse

Thanksgiving turkey: Free turns out to be what you were willing to pay

Amazonian Athena gifts the AWS team with the wisdom of SaaS on PaaS

Business is Redshifting itself into analytics queries

Office 365 deployments don't secure themselves?

Live Broadcast Find out how to resolve that at 11am GMT today

Chap creates Slack client for Commodore 64

Because who doesn't want Hipster chat at 320 × 200 with a side of rPi?

Imagine every mistake you can make with a new software rollout...

...and then witness how Oakland's court system managed them all

Qubes goes commercial to keep its secure VM-focused OS dream alive

Security is expensive – so cough up

Jeremy Hunt: Telcos must block teens from sexting each other

I was going to sext but then I remembered the government ban. So I didn't!

systemd free Linux distro Devuan releases second beta

Greybeard-built Debian fork bringing init freedom on track for early 2017 release

Ommm... devs, align your Chakra, whispers Microsoft, you don't need Google's V8...

Relax, sit up straight, run your Node.js on our engine

UK Parliament waves through 'porn-blocking' Digital Economy Bill

Up to the House of Lords now...

AWS milking its cattle to herd code into an updated Chalice

Serverless framework inches towards cloud-ready code

Shhhhh! If you're quiet, Linus Torvalds might release new a Linux

But he thinks the code in rc 7 is still pretty noisy, so expect another release candidate

You want SaaS? Don't bother, darling, your kind can't afford it

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Perhaps if we club together, we could

Meet the Loughborough 'emo' boffins who predicted Trump's victory

Social media tracking... yep, this is the future

Microsoft’s ‘Home Hub’ probably isn’t even hardware at all

Cortana in a box? Maybe not

SQL Server on Linux: Runs well in spite of internal quirks. Why?

First Look Some limitations but most things work

Debian putting everything on the /usr

Tidying up the artefacts of the 90s should make things more secure and efficient

Hey techbros, make an airplane mode but for driving for your apps – US traffic watchdog

Technology industry already hitting the brakes on distracted driver push

AWS to launch Aurora service for PostgreSQL at re:Invent – report

Juicy tidbits of what's to come ahead of user conference

Obama awards honours to Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton for computing contributions

US pres also gives daps to Gateses for $36bn charity toss

Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues

Fix completed, says Redmond, it's just being deployed...

Not fake news: Facebook reinvents SVG

Keyframes lets mobile devs slim their Adobe After Effects animations for apps

Google DeepMind inks 5-year agreement with NHS for 'Streams' app

Patient data access concerns prompts ICO probe

Emulating x86: Microsoft builds granny flat into Windows 10

Park your legacy apps here, they'll feel right at home

Kids' Hour of Code turns into a giant corporate infomercial for kids

Drain the swamp, urges education tsar

Linux 4.9 has 'issues that just shouldn't be issues'. Or might not

Linus Torvalds both is and isn't worried about progress towards next release

Going shopping for a BSOD? We've found 'em in store at M&S

PLUS: A reader spots a Timex Sinclair 1000 in the wild

Windows cmd.exe deposed by PowerShell

Meet the new 10-year-old command line, better than the even older command line

Microsoft ❤️ Linux? Microsoft ❤️ running its Windows' SQL Server software on Linux

Embrace, extend, er, enter

Mozilla launches 'privacy edition' Firefox... that phones home

You had one job, Mozilla. One job

Alibaba misses Java seat as MicroProfile champ lands a first

Tomitribe secures JCP EC presence amid familiar blend

'Podling' Apache projects are spending longer in the incubator

ApacheCon Out of 30, four retired and only seven have graduated this year

British banks chuck smartphone apps out of Windows

UWP – now slightly less Universal than before!

Has Linux got OpenStack licked? The Vanilla 'Plus' strategy

Days of froth and noise inside the big tent are over

After Microsoft joins Linux, Google Cloud joins .NET Foundation

Next up, dogs and cats living together

Hadoop experiencing growing pains in lamestream businesses

Apache Big Data Platform little more than 'skunkworks' outside tech industries

Microsoft just got its Linux Foundation platinum card, becomes top level member

More Linux love from Redmond – and a public preview of SQL Server for Linux

Firefox hits version 50

World's number two browser now boasts retro-emoji, better media handling and more

Samsung sets fire to $9m by throwing it at Tizen devs

Developer outreach failed for WIndows Phone, Firefox OS and BlackBerry. It will work on Tizen why, exactly?

Microsoft leaks Visual Studio for Mac, then scrubs the news

Developers committed to C# have something to look forward to