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Adobe: We REALLY are taking Flash security seriously – honest

Read their Lips – get our tips

Telegram messaging app cops 200Gbps DDoS

'Someone from East Asia is pissed' say admins, but our cyborgs are fighting back

Hackers sell 79,267 Cloudminr accounts for ONE Bitcoin

Was it even a real mine, or a Ponzi scheme, ponder former users

FLASH MUST DIE, says Facebook security chief

It's in a magic bad-but-not-bad-enough hellspot - so just kill it already

Linux Foundation serves up a tasty dish of BUGS

Lots of important tools get no developer love, which makes Linux a bit more risky

Hacking Team: We’ll be back in the spyware biz before you know it

Meanwhile countries sue for the right to snoop

Brandis' metadata retention recipe doesn't prohibit USB drives stored in a garden shed

Guidance to carriers says crypto's a must, but storage and physical security details scanty

Hacking Team's snoopware 'spied on anti-communist activists in Vietnam'

Yet more revelations emerge from email trove

Someone at Subway is a serious security nerd

I'll have a 12-incher with the lot, hold the p0wnage

Java jockeys join Flash fans in the 0-day exploit club

No Flash, no Java makes web a dull, but safer, place

DEA agent slugged a MEELLION dollars for Silk Road snipe

Hopes for release from solitary

China makes internet shut-downs official with new security law

If it threatens security, China reserves the right to switch off networks

Hacking Team: We're the good guys, but SO misunderstood. Like Batman

And we were brought down by a government conspiracy

Flash HOLED AGAIN TWICE below waterline in fresh Hacking Team reveals

Updated Adobe vows to plug serious hijack leaks

Brit teen who unleashed 'biggest ever distributed denial-of-service blast' walks free from court

Spamhaus was smashed by 300Gbps DNS reflection gun

Papa don't breach: Wannabe singer jailed for hacking Madonna

Email, cloud accounts infiltrated, unreleased music leaked

US OPM boss quits after hackers stole chapter and verse on 21.5m Americans' lives

Katherine Archuleta bows out after two years in the job

One MEEELLION users download Facebook-pwning droid game

Yeee-haarrrr! Cowboy Adventure rides off into sunset with saddles full of passwords

Hacked Hacking Team team – like everyone in security – read The Register

If only they'd paid more attention

Host privilege escalation vuln bites VMware in the desktop

Upgrade Workstation, Player and Horizon View client at your leisure, or risk internal attacks

US govt now says 21.5 million people exposed by OPM hack – here's what you need to know

Security clearance dossiers on millions of citizens stolen

Wow, another NSA leak: Network security code appears on GitHub

SIMP(ly) your tax dollars at work

Feared OpenSSL vulnerability gets patched, forgery issue resolved

The latest flaw is bad, but at least it's no Heartbleed

Pro-privacy titan Caspar Bowden dies after short cancer battle

Former Microsoft gros fromage's death shocks the infosec world

UK politicos easily pwned on insecure Wi-Fi networks

Thankfully they weren't online doing anything really impor ... oh

Privacy campaigners question credibility of NHS ‘endorsed’ apps

Health Service must ‘make rigorous checks’ on data collection and usage

'I'm COMING for you, DIRTBAG!': Ex-Sony chief Smedley to Kid Lizard hacker

Outraged vic wants to see zeekill back in court

Link farmers bust Google search algos

And just for a change, PDFs are part of the problem although Adobe's blameless for once

NSA snooped on German chancellors for DECADES: Wikileaks

Merkel, Kohl, Schröder, and World+Dog

VXers charge Nintendo fans then p0wn their data

Adware library throws flaming barrels of malware at you from great height

US Homeland Security boss wants nationwide law for reporting network break-ins

Plans to unleash Einstein IDS on all government departments

Hacking Team: Oh great, good job, guys ... now the TERRORISTS have our zero-day exploits

Good thing Adobe's patched one of them

Crap crypto crackdown coming as FBI boss testifies to US Congress

Comey whines that Silicon Valley just isn’t trying hard enough

Decision time: Uninstall Adobe Flash or install yet another critical patch

Hacking Team vulnerability fixed for Windows, OS X and Linux machines

Apple and MS attackers Wild Neutron return with fresh run of attacks

'Skilled and versatile' group bank around to strafe new targets

Lizard Squad kid bandit who did 50 THOUSAND HACKS dodges cooler stint

Judge gives 17-year-old suspended sentence

Dyre times ahead: Zeus-style trojan slurps your banking login creds

List of countries targeted in cash theft scam oddly doesn't include Greece...

Ford's 400,000-car recall could be the tip of an auto security iceberg

‘Needed’ OTA updates bring their own ‘security challenges’

Welkom in Nederland: Laid-back, chilled, and MONITORING everything

For sure, we’ll have the better oversight thing

Kali Linux 2.0 to launch at DEFCON 23

Video Hackalicious Debian derivate, version deuce, to debut in August

GhostShell back from the other side with mass data dump

The world isn't getting better at protecting SQL, it seems

Dutch MEP whacks Hacking Team over embargo-busting

We need to talk about Sudan and human rights ...