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Security Earlier

Sophos undertakes unified unified threat management unification

Heartbeat a neat threat intel feat, Sophos bleats

Comodo kills 'forbidden' certs

Internal-only certificates issued by accident

BLAKE2 hash authors post code as RFC

Strong, fast, but NIST is wary

Oz insurer offers Basis breathing-bangle-for-your-data swap

Wrist recorder reads your weight, tells the cloud

One Bitcoin or lose your data, hacked Linux sysadmins told

If you're running Magento, patch it now

ProtonMail DDoS wipeout: Day 6. Yes, we're still under attack

Maybe if you hadn’t paid the ransom to the wrong attackers it would be over

Touchnote breach: Wrote a postcard with us? Thieves have your pal's name, address

The gift that keeps on giving. (Yes they have your details too)

GCHQ's infosec arm bins advisor accreditation scheme

Too busy listening in to phone calls to listen to customers?

Considering application whitelist tryst? NIST will help you clear the mist

Hardening: Have your patching only if you've eaten your app whitelists, spies croon.

Cryptowall 4.0: Update makes world's worst ransomware worse still

Now you won't even know what files are encrypted

Let's Encrypt gets automation

Unblocking the open CA's client process

Voting machine memory stick drama in Georgia sparks scandal, probe

Whistleblower fears votes lost

ProtonMail pays ransom to end web tsunami – still gets washed offline

Paying Bitcoin ransom encourages more attacks, it seems

Read the Economist last weekend? You may have fetched more than just articles (yup, malware)

News mag caught up in PageFair pwnage

Apple's iBackDoor: Dodgy ad network code menaces iOS apps

Nearly 3,000 apps affected by JavaScript phone-home vuln

Swedbank smacked by DDoS attack

Website unable to process online transactions

TalkTalk claims 157,000 customers were victims of security breach

Cheapo telco revises down attack figure, shares climb 4%

UK's internet spy law: £250m in costs could balloon to £2 BILLION

Analysis Just look at IMP. Or CDB

Nigerian government site popped, used for phishing scam

I'm writing from the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, hosted on obsolete Joomla

OmniRAT malware scurrying into Android, PC, Mac, Linux systems

Leverages Stagefright scare for installs

Fake IT admin tricked Cox rep into handing over customer database – cableco fined $600k

Shocked outfoxed Cox docked

You gambled recently in Michigan? (And by that we don't mean driving through Detroit)

Bank card slurping malware discovered in casino chain's tills

Top FBI lawyer: You win, we've given up on encryption backdoors

We're your servants, says general counsel unconvincingly

GCHQ's CESG team's crypto proposal isn't dumb, it's malicious... and I didn't notice

Comment A Reg writer's mea culpa

No C&C server needed: Russia menaced by offline ransomware

Harder to take down, nyet?

Cyber racketeers convicted over $1bn international conspiracy

Panama-based gambling operation squashed by FBI & Department of Justice

TalkTalk offers customer £30.20 'final settlement' after crims nick £3,500

'Good will' gesture, but WON'T waive contract breakage fee

ProtonMail still under attack by DDoS bombardment

Using blog site and Twitter to issue updates

MacBooks are so hot right now. And so is Mac OS X malware

5 times as much of it... though cyberthugs unsophisticated

The spy in your pocket: Researchers name data-slurping mobe apps

Step up, LocalScope, you're the winner (not in a good way)

US, UK big banks to simulate mega-hacker cyber-attack

Worried insurers and others don't bother with securo probes

UK cyber-spy law takes Snowden's revelations of mass surveillance – and sets them in stone

IPB 'You can't just uninvent encryption'

Encrypt voice calls, says GCHQ's CESG team ... using CESG encryption

Snooping left hand, meet keen-on-crypto right hand

Backup software that cracks web servers? Yup. It's a thing

Updated Crooked cookies can cook Commvault and allow arbitrary OS command execution

Microsoft may join Mozilla and retire SHA-1 in 2016

Hands up if you don't think SHA-1 is completely past its prime? None of you? Hmm ...

UK govt sneaks citizen database aka 'request filters' into proposed internet super-spy law

ISPs express concern over web activity monitoring system

Ransomware scammers: Won’t pay? We'll put your data on the internet


CPS fined £200k over theft of laptops holding 'sensitive interviews'

Contents included questioning of sex attack victims

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping

'No worse than an itemised phone bill', says Home Sec

GCHQ 'smart collection' would protect MPs from spies, says NSA expert

Investigatory Powers tribunal was misled by 'horsesh*t'

MPs launch 'TalkTalk' inquiry over security of personal data online

Parliamentary inquiry to gather evidence until 23 November

Stuxnet-style code signing of malware becomes darknet cottage industry

Even reports of crims offering signing-as-a-service