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Security Earlier

Rust 1.6 released, complete with a stabilised libcore

A world without buffer overflows is what our children shall inherit

Gotcha: Symantec fires reseller nabbed in tech support scam

Malwarebytes sting operation catches out Silurian Tech Support

Bounty hunters won't blink until you dangle US$1500 bug reward

And to get the good ones working for you, you'll need ten times that sum

That one weird trick fails: Google binned 780 million ads last year

Ad giant claims it's cracking down on dodgy downloads, fringe medicine and phoul phish

RSA asks for plaintext Twitter passwords on conference reg page

Should be a good conference if the medium is the message (NOT)

AMX backdoors US govt's comms system with Batman-inspired surveillance mode

Developers had a thing for Scarlett Johansson, too

GCHQ spies quashed this phone encryption because it was too good against snoopers

MIKEY-IBAKE could alert people to fact they're being monitored

Samsung sued over 'lackadaisical' Android security updates

Up your game, says Dutch consumer group

Ukraine energy utilities attacked again with open source Trojan backdoor

Macro phish attempts to hook BlackEnergy borscht and battered sector

Bad luck, Ireland: DDoS attack disrupts isle's National Lottery

Attack KO'd the website and ticket machines

Asda slammed for letting vulns fester on its cyber shelves

Sat there for two years and did ... well, not very much about it

HD Moore exiting Rapid7 for VC-land

Won't abandon Metasploit

No, that Linux Keyrings bug isn't in '66 per cent of Android devices'

Googler promises patch by March 1, where needed

FireEye buys iSight Partners for $200M

Threat intel giant gets new teeth.

Drydex malware busting bursting British business bank balances

Hack group called 'Evil Corp' cooked code just for the Sceptered Isles

While you pretended to work, Cloud operators fixed two Xen bugs

Missing sanity checks and host-killer bug hit open-source hypervisor

Cisco patch day fixes CGI script blunder, hard-coded credentials

Good news for Meraki users, firmware flub fixed

New open-source ad-blocking web browser emerges from brain of ex-Mozilla boss Eich

Former Firefox head honcho takes a Brave stance

It's 2016 and idiots still use '123456' as their password

Just think how many of this lot are your own users...

Trojan-filled Chrome extensions for Steam boil off gamers' assets

Don’t get scalded by this scam, you canny folk

For pity's sake, enterprises, upgrade your mobile OS - report

Highway to the danger zone

Hot Potato exploit mashes old vulns into Windows System 'sploit

Shmoocon Exploit takes a long time to cook Windows, but gives hackers a menu of evil options

Inside Intel's CPU-level multi-factor auth (and why we've got deja vu)

Analysis Password? All you need is your phone, fingerprint, PIN, mother's maiden name ...

Ad-clicking bots predicted to rip US$7.2 billion from Mad Men

Could it be bots that fall for for those 'One Weird Trick' ads? Here's hoping!

Oracle drops 248 – count 'em – 248 patches, to fix ... something

Big Red helpfully (?) only reveals the reasons for patches to those with support deals

Fears of fiber cable cuts, rogue drones menacing crowds at Super Bowl 50

FBI memo warns of high-tech attacks in Silicon Valley

Cisco patches borked web box proxy hole

Malformed HTTP methods blamed

European human rights court rules mass surveillance illegal

Decision may kill off UK government spying law

Internet of Things 'smart' devices are dumb by design

Your photoframe watches you back, and is a snitch to boot

Afraid of getting your iThing pwned? Get yourself iOS 9.2.1

Apple addresses fresh crop of remote code execution holes

For fsck's SAKKE: GCHQ-built phone voice encryption has massive backdoor – researcher

Well, what did you expect?

How to get root on a Linux box, step 1: Make four billion system calls

Step 2: ??? Step 3: /#

Prez Obama sends Iranian defense hacker home in prisoner swap

White House pardons him for good measure

Cisco: Businesses are losing the ground war against hackers

Old kit, poor patching and supply chain vulns. opening the door to attack

UK govt: No, really, we're not banning cryptography

IPB The draft Investigatory Powers Bill debate goes on floored by DDoS assault

Irish forum goes away with the fairies for a while

Microsoft: We’ve taken down the botnets. Europol: Would Sir like a kill switch, too?

It's like pulling a smoking car off the road ... hang on

Shop online at Asda? Website vuln created account hijack risk

Updated Walmart-owned store patches hole, but it was open for nearly 2 years

US publishes guide to hardening your arteries, security-wise, that is

Food and Drug Admin wants medical device-makers to get better at infosec

20KB trojan turns on bank customers in Singapore, Indonesia

Fifth Tinba iteration 'Tinbapore' found and flagged

Yahoo! Mail! Had! Nasty! XSS! Bug!

Finnish fellow scores $10k bug bounty for reporting malformed HTML mess

Australia and America working on global no-state-hacking pact

Turnbull goes to Washington, calls for Coalition of the Blogging to defeat ISIL