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Security Earlier

Halfbreed trojan targets US banks

Hybrid strains combine to form biz hacker

URL shorteners reveal your trip to strip club, dash to disease clinic – research

Google, Microsoft push fixes but others likely exposed

Microsoft explains which cloud security problems are your problem

And reveals that for really bad problems, Microsoft will break Azure to fix it

Bug bounty blitzers open-source sick subdomain-spotter

BSides Canberra Automated, faster hacking for fun and profit ... or evil?

Oz hackers safe to drop 0day at hacker cons, Wassenaar wonk says

ACSC2016 Dropping exploits in Chrome? Sure. Private homebrew CMS? Not so much

What's this about Canada reading your BlackBerry texts?

Reg Water Cooler What we knew in 2010, 2012 and 2014 we still know in 2016

Russia sends exploit kit author to the GULAG for seven years

♫ Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be hackers ♫

Australia should be the 'Switzerland of data', Cisco head hacker says

ACSC2016 'You're a talented lot, but your marketing sucks'.

US anti-encryption law is so 'braindead' it will outlaw file compression

Burr-Feinstein's proposed legislation will screw over the NSA, too, says Bruce Schneier

Critical VMware bug needs patching ASAP

Oh irony of ironies: The vSphere web client needs a fix just as HTML5 versions emerge

Uninstall QuickTime for Windows: Apple will not patch its security bugs

Two critical flaws found and the official fix is: remove the app

You won't believe this, but… nothing useful found on Farook iPhone

FBI not exactly shining with this one

Microsoft sues US DoJ for right to squeal when Feds slurp your data

Mad Nad and bad-ass Brad slam Sam in court thwart

Europe's new privacy safeguards are finally approved, must invade EU nations by 2018

Analysis Mandatory info leak reporting is coming

SAP denial-of-service flaw combo poses remote hijack risk

Patch, patch, patch

Magic Kinder app developer: Surprise! No security holes

Leaky diary gone, say security researchers

Aussie banks stage secret secret intel sharing meetings

ACSC2016 Carders crushed and malware re-use stymied thanks to speedy sharing.

Hackers hacking hackers to knacker white hat cracker trackers

ACSC2016 'These Russians speak really good Farsi' and other signs thieves lack honour

Juniper bleeding data and money: slaps Band-Aids all over Junos OS and warns markets

Security fixes for privilege escalation, DoS, TLS spoofing and more

iOS 'date bug' can be exploited over Wi-Fi using NTP

Party like it's 1970

How to make Cisco UCS servers roll over and obey: Send a HTTP poke

You will probably want to install this fix

Bumbling execs leave tenders on hotel business centre PCs

ACSC2016 And then cabbies hand over in-car recordings of their chatter

Line by line, how the US anti-encryption bill will kill our privacy, security

Analysis El Reg takes latest Burr-Feinstein legislation apart

Euro watchdogs give America's data-sharing Privacy Shield an 'F'

Must try harder (to prevent personal info being used by US spies)

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK

Why use the 'gimme password or else' law when you can evade even that?

Cutting edge security: Expensive kit won't save you

Stop wading through alerts and get serious portal limps back online after day-long TITSUP

Yup, it's another Total Inability To Support Usual Performance moment

What exactly is it that infosec miscreants get up to? A quick overview

Mostly it's financial crime. Here's what all the cool kids' terms mean in English

Linux-fight! Dev's plan to bundle kernel patches sparks debate

Sasha Levin kicks off 'security tree' side project

'Bring back xHamster', North Carolina smut watchers grumble

Lawmakers take one in the eye in fap-based fight-back

USB-C adds authentication protocol

When one wire carries data and power, you need to protect against dodgy devices

Airbus boarded by 12 nation-state, crimeware 'breaches' every year

ACSC 2016 State-sponsored hackers will do 'everything' to get in, says CISO

Samsung's dimmer Galaxies can make calls when locked, cabled

Talk AT commands at the phone over USB and see wait for the fun to start

Retirement funds breached as crims target brokers' un-patched Windows machines

ACSC 2016 Why breach a bank when you can target a laptop running torrents and games?

Security researcher to IBM: 'Fix that 2013 Java bug'

And this time, do it right

How to not get pwned on Windows: Don't run any virtual machines, open any web pages, Office docs, hyperlinks ...

Patch Tuesday Keep an eye on your wireless mouse, too

Plotting 'mass damage' in Australia? SMBs' crappy login hygiene really helps – hacker

Bsides Ancient OSes, unauthenticated servers ... and much more

Bug hype haters gonna hate hate hate: Badlock flaw more like Sadlock

Windows, Samba vulnerability needs patching – but don't panic

Uber hands over info on 12m passengers, drivers to US officials, cops

Taxi-booking app is upset – abusing customer data is its job

Sweden 'secretly blames' hackers – not solar flares – for taking out air traffic control

Cosmic storm, my ass

Symantec cloud portal goes titsup after database crash

Outage outrage when it lasted more than 24 hours...

New strain of data thieving malware Qbot unleashed

Defence firm BAE Systems' team spotted it