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Security bods gagged using DMCA on eve of wireless key vuln reveal

Updated Somebody's got a problem and doesn't want it known

Metasploit maker Rapid7 gobbles web app security testing firm

Firm hopes you'll squirt some of its sealant gunge into leaky apps

Accused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trial

Interpol alert issued for supposedly naughty boy

Netflix looses FIDO hack attack dog as open source

Automated incident response for the rest of us

'Rombertik' malware kills host computers if you attempt a cure

Say goodbye to your master boot record and home directory if you try to stop it

Analogue modems allow UNSTOPPABLE Android attack ... at 13bps

Yes it's slow, but it's enough to leak data to another Android

Plod wants your PC? Brick it with a USB stick BEFORE they probe it

'USBKill' fries your machine to foil forensic sniffing

Sally Beauty Supply breached AGAIN

Security makeover required

Android tool catches apps silently pumping hundreds of ad, tracking servers red-handed

Some fire off 2,000 HTTP requests in a few minutes

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday

Ignite 2015 New policy verges on apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Zuck'ed up: Facebook opens up free internet in India – but bans HTTPS

Encryption not allowed through's service

Nasty Dyre malware bests white hat sandboxes

Core checker a defensive wrecker

Mozilla to whack HTTP sites with feature-ban stick

Insecure sites relegated to Firefox Stone Age

Carders crack Hard Rock casino

Malware infestation sees credit cards popped at Vegas hotel and gaming venue

'Just follow the damn Constitution!' FBI, DoJ skewered over demands for crypto backdoors

Vid Politicos: Encryption gives peeps what they want

NSA-restraining US law edges closer to reality, leaves just 6.81 billion under mass surveillance

Good news, everyone!

Wordpress munching contagion turns Linux servers into spam bots

Spam spam spam spam, lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

Google Password Alert could be foiled with just 7 lines of JavaScript

Credit where it's due, they plugged the vuln pretty quickly

Major London rail station reveals system passwords during TV documentary

Updated One way of ensuring you'll never get delayed again

EU Commish is rather pleased German BND and NSA thought it worth spying on

'It’s good that people are interested in us'

Ubuntu to shutter year-old clock unlock bug

Canonical wonk says external hack not even remote

Boeing 787 software bug can shut down planes' generators IN FLIGHT

Have you turned it off and on again? That's the way to stop the plane becoming a brick

Mounties nab Canadian woman, 27, in webcam hack shenanigans bust

Nefarious pervert hacks parlour cameras for heavy petting pwnage

Oracle paltry patch opens MySQL man-in-the-middle diddle

It's got a logo and a website: Behold the awesomeness that is BACKRONYM!

CHEATER! Test labs out AV vendor for using rival's engine

'They made me do it!' Qihoo cries

Confidential information exposed over 300 times in ICANN security snafu

But it's your fault for looking, cries inept internet overlord

Airbus to sue NSA, German spies accused of swiping tech secrets

Fighting terrorism, huh?

Ryanair stung after $5m Shanghai'd from online fuel account

They'll have to check the account now, which will cost them extra

UK rail comms are safer than mobes – for now – say infosec bods

Analysis Industry told to harden systems to prevent future train smash carnage

SHA-1 crypto hash retirement fraught with problems

Bumbling duffers using WinXP and old Android releases aren't helping

eBay year-long patch stall a little XSSive, researcher says

Session jacking bug bores bug bounty boffins

Geneva boffins make light work of random numbers

Take one photon and fake it 'til you make it

Ransomware scum find the sweet spot to coin it without copping it

RSA 2015 $10k demands are paid, and plod stays away

Macroviruses are BACK and are the future of malware, says Microsoft

It's 2015 and half a million people will still click on stuff we knew was bad in the '90s

Google polishes Chrome security with Password Alert

Hang out the 'Gone Phishing' sign and relax

JP Morgan bank bod accused of flogging customer account info

FBI snitch exposes alleged account-emptying scam

Gambling with your data: Betfair fixes HUGE account reset email vuln

Hidden form field let anyone take control of punters' cash

New EU security strategy: Sod cyber terrorism, BAN ENCRYPTION

Guff-laden policy also includes more private data hoovering

Chinese report loopy Facebook redirections

Users unclear if packet racket is accident or attack

Stop the war between privacy and security – EU data watchdog

And you don't have to keep data within national borders. Just be careful with it

Fiesta exploit kits wakes from siesta

Reports of hacker toolkit's death proven greatly exaggerated

Barclays, Halifax and Tesco still being gnawed by POODLE

Australia's NAB in strife, too, says researcher