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Security Earlier

Bayrob: Romanian auction fraud suspects extradited to the US

Going, going ...

FYI! – Your! hacked! Yahoo! account! is! worth! $0.0003!

Stolen billion-user database being flogged for $300,000, apparently

LinkedIn's training arm resets 55,000 members' passwords, warns 9.5m database accessed by 'unauthorized third party'

Hack attack fear scares Canadian exam board away from online tests

Back to pen and paper

'I told him to cut it out' – Obama is convinced Putin's hackers swung the election for Trump

Analysis And so what are you gonna do about it, Barry?

Houston, we have a problem: 'App dev stole our radio station'

Bloke accused of seizing control, redirecting calls, pretending to be the boss

Don't panic, friends, but the Chinese navy just nicked one of America's underwater drones

Uncle Sam would like it back, please, pronto

Banks 'not doing enough' to protect against bank-transfer scams

Must do more to identify fraudulent payments

DDoS in 2017: Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride

2016 sucked. 2017 won’t be much better, sorry

National Lottery whacked with £3m fine for suspect ticket win

'More likely than not' a fraudulent prize claim was made

US voting machine certification agency probes potential hack

Working with security firm and the Feds to investigate

German infosec agency urges security review after Yahoo! flensing

Local companies take security seriously, says BSI head, but give 'em fake phone numbers and addresses anyway

Ransomware scum face unified white hat army

BitDefender, Trend Micro, Check Point, Emisoft, others, join No More Ransom project

Macbook seized or stolen? But you've set a FileVault password, right? Ha, it's useless

Luckily, there's a security fix

Dear hackers, Ubuntu's app crash reporter will happily execute your evil code on a victim's box

To everyone else, get patching

Security! experts! slam! Yahoo! management! for! using! old! crypto!

Analysis Suits should have done more to protect users, rather than user numbers

Bluetooth-enabled safe lock popped after attackers win PINs

If you use one, stop now. If you write heist movies, write safe-crackers out of your script

BlackEnergy power plant hackers target Ukrainian banks

Follow the money – they did

Yahoo! says! hackers! stole! ONE! BEELLION! user! accounts!

Purple Palace plundered in new breach unrelated to previous p0wnage

Give us encrypted camera storage, please – filmmakers, journos

Photojournalists plead for secured data in professional cams

Infosec bods: This is a backdoor in Skype for Macs. Microsoft: No.

Dodgy API let apps and plugins silently pry into chat logs, record calls and more

Persistent ad and dialler trojans found on 28 Android phones

Mostly landfill Androids from odd places, but Lenovo makes the list too

A single typo may have tipped US election Trump's way

DNC figure John Podesta told to follow phishing link, instead of link to enable 2FA

Uber-creepy: Dial-a-ride devs accused of stalking pop diva Beyonce

All the single ladies... your ex-techbro boyfriends may have snooped on you, too

Reschedule the holiday party, Patch Tuesday is here and it's a big one

Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe all have fixes galore to test and install

Pre-rolled stripped, hardened Copperhead Androids hit Oz, NZ

Flash for free or pick up a Nexus that's ready to roll

Snowden: Donald Trump could get pal Putin to kick me out of Russia

Ex-NSA geek is trying not to let extradition possibility worry him

TalkTalk hacker gets iPhone taken away by Norwich Youth Court

Unnamed teen also gets rehabilitation order

P0wnographer finds remote code exec bug in McAfee enterprise

This one ticks all the boxes: Runs as root ✔ Claims security ✔ Unpopular product with few updates ✔

US-CERT's top tip: Hack your crap Netgear router before miscreants arrive

Command-injection hole can only be closed by killing web server – or the whole thing

CIA: Russia hacked election. Trump: I don't believe it! FAKE NEWS!

US senators demand top probe before Electoral College vote

Kentucky pried chicken: Fried grease chain's loyalty club hacked

Not so finger-lookin' good now are we, Colonel Sanders?

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP

Virgin Media, Proximus also raise alarm on broken DHCP

DDoS script kiddies are also... actual kiddies, Europol arrests reveal

Young 'uns hire tools to hit infrastructure, info systems

Top tech company's IP was looted by China, so it plans to hack back

360° Cyber Security Game 'What are our options?' Prime Minister asks The Reg

Microsoft Edge's malware alerts can be faked, researcher says

Fiddle with a URL and you can pop up and tell users to do anything

Melbourne hacker adds padding oracle to free popular hacker course

PentesterLab chomps crypto

Germany warns Moscow will splash cash on pre-election propaganda and misinformation spree

Top security agency issues warning ahead of 2017 poll

Ransomware scum offer free decryption if you infect two mates

Friends don't infect friends with ransomware ... until it saves them $770

Fatal flaw found in PricewaterhouseCoopers SAP security software

Instead of fixing the issue, PwC lawyered up

Russian hackers got Trump elected? Yeah, let's take a close look at that, says Obama

Amazingly, Donald has yet to tweet about 'Kremlin meddling'

'I found a bug that let anyone read anyone's Yahoo! Mail and all I got was this $10k check'

Sorry! Too! hungover! from! rum! eggnog! binging! to! shout! in! the! headline!