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Web protection: A flu mask for the internet

You never know what you might catch

CIA re-orgs to build cyber-snooping into all investigations

Because the USA has such a shortage of digital surveillance

Litecoin-mining code found in BitTorrent app, freeloaders hit the roof

Maybe buying that Blu-Ray in the first place was the better option, huh?

BILLION email address spam scam: Feds collar two blokes, hunt another

Servers hijacked in 'largest ever' US hack, claim prosecutors

Mind-reading DNS security analysis offers early warning for APT attacks

Precog security tech looks to predict online typo terror

Pentagon 'network intruder', dozens more cuffed in British cops' cyber 'strike week'

'Just the first step', chuckles fraudbust bigwig

Fareit trojan pwns punters with devious DNS devilry

These are NOT the Flash updates you are looking for

Mandarin Oriental coughs to credit card breach

Swanky hotel chain left with Michelin-starred egg on face

France fingered as source of Syria-spying Babar malware

Crack team of malware boffins think DGSE coded reconware

GoPro cameras' WiFi security is GoAmateur

Slurp sick sports selfies without getting off your skateboard

Adobe launches cashless bug bounty

If you had as many bugs as Adobe, would you offer cash?

US Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private information

Bill would allow Americans to edit and block collected data

FREAKing hell: ALL Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop

Relax! We've got a (server-knackering) workaround to sort things out, says Microsoft

Telstra to let customers access their own metadata for AU$25

Do unto customers as you do unto law enforcement agencies is Telstra's new creed

US watchdog: Anthem snubbed our security audits before and after enormous hack attack

Hackers probe where federal officials were forbidden

Canadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffed

What the Canuck?

Sales up at NSA SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto

Dutch biz points to 'challenges' experienced last year

PATCH FREAK NOW: Cloud providers faulted for slow response

Pitting 90s technology against modern hackers is ‘no contest’

‪Obama criticises China's mandatory backdoor tech import rules

It’s our way or the highway, says the Asian giant

Symantec: Corporate divorce starts on April Fool's Day

Unhappy bedfellows split sales team from next month

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care

Feature Basic net access device in millions of homes is an insult to IT

Choc Factory splatters 51 bugs, Mozilla bumps cert checker

Bad certs now killed faster

'Domain shadowing' hijacks registrar accounts to spawn attack sites

Industrialised hack site creation exploit on the rise

Snowden, NSA spying, hard drive malware ... what we need is a UN privacy watchdog!

EFF writes a very angry letter asking United Nations to write a very angry letter to the US

Complicit Kiwis sniffed Pacific comms says Snowden


'Security, privacy' main barrier to 'government cloud' rollout in EU

We don't think that's why is not cloudified...

D-Link removes fingers from ears, preps mass router patch

Amnesia strikes as hacker discloses remote code exec flaws

Bigfoot now visible in commercial satellite images

First commercial 30cm resolution space snaps now on sale

Sysadmins: Step away from the Big Mac. No more Heartbleed-style 2am patch dashes

6 steps to a saner patching regime

Outbreak! Fake Amazon voucher offer seeds mobile malware attack

Get your Gaz-on

FREAK show: Apple and Android SSL WIDE OPEN to snoopers

OpenSSL, iOS and OS X tricked into using weak 1990s-grade encryption keys

He can't give it away FAST ENOUGH: Bill Gates richest man in world again

Microsoft founder back on Forbes rich list

The spy who leaked me: Ex-CIA boss Petraeus 'fesses up to blabbing intel to his mistress

General will avoid the clink for handing over secrets – unlike Chelsea Manning

Apple Pay a haven for 'rampant' credit card fraud, say experts

Lax security controls fingered

Snowden 'ready to return to US', claims lawyer

But only if he’s promised a 'legal and impartial trial'

Hillary Clinton draws flak for using personal email at State Dept

No news on contact with desperate Nigerian princes

Marlinspike brings end-to-end crypto texts to iOS

Signal 2.0 melts TextSecure, RedPhone for iMessage haters

50 shades of grey can turn Adobe Reader into a hot mess

Greyscale pics are a great place to hide malcode

$250K: That's what Lenovo earned to RAT YOU OUT with Superfish

Report suggests Lenovo can be bought for peanuts as Mozilla kills dirty cert

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default

Updated It's sad that this isn't really a surprise

ICANN switches off dot-word admin portal amid security leak scare

Companies competing for gTLDs may have peeked at each others' privates

US court rubber-stamps dragnet metadata surveillance (again)

'We'll definitely stop soon,' spooks promise through gritted teeth