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IBM says dating apps can give you a nasty infection DOWN THERE!

Maybe chatting someone up at the bar isn't such a bad idea after all

Anonymous HACKED GAS STATIONS - and could cause FUEL SHORTAGES

WE_ARE_LEGION features in high-octane exploit

Never mind, Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome

Voice Search extension project described as 'Ear of Sauron'

Facebook: Hey guys, come share all your securo-blunders with us!

Serial privacy philanderer launches social network for infosec vulns

Silent but violent: Foul Google Play flaw lets hackers emit smelly apps

Say it with us: 'Permissionless sharing'

REVEALED: TEN MEEELLION pinched passwords and usernames

This will hurt me more than it hurts you, says researcher

Air gaps: Happy gas for infosec or a noble but inert idea?

Feature Spooks and boffins jump 'em, but real-world headwinds remain strong

Linux kernel set to get live patching in release 3.20

Come and get this Git pull, Linus!

US plots to KILL hackers – with bureaucracy!

New Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will share info with big biz

Bitcoin, Litecoin, cash, watches seized from alleged software pirates

US authorities move on Microsoft key-copiers

Jeb Bush, the man who may lead the US in 2016, dumps Floridians' private data on the web

There's transparency, and then there's THIS

Blackberry hires new security chief

Heads infosec for internet-of-things things

ANOTHER US court smacks down EFF's NSA wiretap sueball – but won't say why

Rules classified docs must stay classified

Internet of Thieves: All that shiny home security gear is crap, warns HP

If you can monitor your house across the web, so can everyone else

Patch now: Design flaw in Windows security allows hackers to own corporate laptops, PCs

Nine fixes to install, three critical and one super bad

Samsung: Our TVs? SPYING on you? HA HA! Whee! Just a JOKE of course

No 'sensitive information' warning any more ... done

Anonymous loose cannon admits DDoSing social services and housing websites

51-yr-old Liverpudlian cuffed after bragging on social media

ACHTUNG! Scary Linux system backdoor turns boxes into DDoS droids

Xnote.1 - the Swiss Army knife of malware

Keyless vehicle theft suspects cuffed after key Met Police, er, 'lockdown'

Miraculous electronics gadgetry not so cool now

Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate

You want to do what? Again?!

Bad romance: Ransomware, exploit kits in criminal cuddle

Leave the exploiting to the exploit kits, we'll focus on the fleecing

Received surprise new Redmond licenses? You might be pwned

Sleeping beauty rears ugly head

Data retention: It seems BORING ... until your TV SPIES ON YOU

It's not just about privacy from advertisers any more

Hacker hijack 'threat': Your car's security is Adobe Flash-grade BAD

Automakers are driving blind, snubbing encryption, slurping your personal info – senator

UK air traffic mega cockup: BOTH server channels failed - report

'First time ever in server's history' says independent panel

Don't count on antivirus software alone to keep your data safe

Buckle up with belt and braces

Dissidents and dealers rejoice! Droid app hides your stash in plain sight

Sure you can look at my phone, officer (all the encrypted data has been hidden)

Netflix airs its developers' Dirty Laundry

Open source tool will show skid marks left on clean code to help bug-spotters

WATCH IT: It's watching you as you WATCH IT (Your Samsung telly is)

Glass eye - quite so

Fraudsters make bank as exec wires $17 MEELLION to China

Three massive payments follow phishing scam

Shy, retiring British spies come out as MEGA HACKERS

UK gov seeks YOUR views on oxymoronic 'equipment interference code'

Phishers, scammers pile into worried Anthem customers in FRAUD FRENZY

Also: here come the lawsuits

Intuit halts TurboTax filings after states spot mass tax fraud scheme

Identity thieves skimming gov't cash via bogus tax returns

Uber hits PANIC BUTTON after India threatens to BAN dial-a-car firm

New app version offers direct line to cops – IF it's running

Four senators call for federal probes into Verizon 'supercookies'

Democrats call in the FTC and FCC and threaten new laws

Start stockpiling tinned beans and ammo: This malware will end civilisation

*YAWN* A tale of 3 overhyped SSL vulns

Fancybox WordPress plugin reveals zero day affecting thousands

To the patch-o-tron, admins!

Internet lobs $$$s at dev of crucial GPG tool after he runs short of cash

Raises $150,000 as netizens rush to back encryption and privacy software

Exit Interview: Sony Pics co-chair Amy Pascal flees 'Nork' hack studio

Her contract ends after server raid, Kim Jong Un-ribbing movie

Still using Adobe Flash? Oh well, get updating: 15 hijack flaws patched

At least one is already being exploited – and more will targeted

Japan's death threat hacker collared ... BY A CAT

8 years' porridge for moggy malware missive man

APT devs are LOUSY coders, says Sophos

Fear crims who invest in code for dough, not those who put themselves on show