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Security Earlier

HTTPS bent into the next super-cookies by researcher

Even your security can be abused

THREE MILLION Moonpig accounts exposed by flaw

Custom tat outfit p0wned, hard, by simple API flaw

Finnish bank takes cricket bat to wave after wave of DDoS varmints

When they were up, they were up, and when they were down...

Snooker WPA secrets with this Wi-Fi tool

Jammed and canned

Saudi Arabia hires 'ethical hackers' to silence smut slingers

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice strikes again

Even China's Academy of Science thinks wearables are privacy problem

Multi-boffin study says users need more information before they share data

By the power of Xbox, WE HAVE THE POWER! - Leakers publish One's SDK

Sandbox poppers may have may have Halo 5

Norks SCOLD Prez Obama over Sony mega hack payback sanctions

'Groundlessly stirring up bad blood', moans official

Google unveils Windows 8.1 zero-day vuln – complete with exploit code

Sorry, Microsoft, your time's up

Islamic script kiddies aim killer blow - at Bristol bus timetable website

West (of England) travel info crayoned over by idiots

Sony-blasting Lizard Squad suspects quizzed by UK and Finnish cops

Hey, David Icke! Quick man, check your PayPal account!

Want to have your server pwned? Easy: Run PHP

Over three-quarters of all installs are insecure, research shows

Stale pizza, backup BlackBerrys, payroll panic: Sony Pictures mega-hack

What went down when it all, er, went down

Office MACROS PERIL! Age-old VBScript tactic is BACK in biz attack

'Office macro exploits only cool thing Visual Basic used for,' quips securobod

South Korea says NUCLEAR WORM is nothing to worry about

Malware woes continue for state-run power company

NORKS? Pffft. Infosec bods BLAME disgruntled insiders for savage Sony hack

FBI probes theory that fingers unhappy ex-staffers

German minister photo fingerprint 'theft' seemed far too EASY, wail securobods

Security industry fear after apparent digit sig nickery

DON'T PANIC! Latest Anonymous data dump looks old hat

13,000 leaked accounts are likely stale data, expert claims

German minister fingered as hacker 'steals' her thumbprint from a PHOTO

Merkel's iris print could be next

Fake Android The Interview app actually banking Trojan

20K credulous victims hit by South Korea targeting nasty

Tor de farce: NSA fails to decrypt anonymised network

Turn that frown upside down and do the happy dance

Gmail falls over after hitting 'Great Firewall of China' – report

Chinese clients? Better pick another webmail

Sony FINGERS DDoS attackers for ruining PlayStation's Xmas

Malefactors turned festivities into a turkey for online gamers

PlayStation clambers back online days after DDoS attack PARALYSED network

Updated Gaming service STILL struggling to return to life

Vawtrak challenges almighty ZeuS as king of the botnets


Lizard Squad gang moves from PlayStation, Xbox Live attacks to Tor

Floods network with 3,000 relays, project devs shrug

NSA's Christmas Eve confession: We unlawfully spied on you for 12 years, soz

Agency cynically dumps blunder dossier at 1:30pm on Dec 24 website hacked: Scan your PC for malware if you stopped by

Cryptographically signed BIND, DHCP code safe, we're told

Online armour: Duncan Campbell's tech chief on anonymity 101

Crypto toolbox, Part II Of Tor, TAILS and Jabber

White hats do an NSA, figure out LIVE PHONE TRACKING via protocol vuln

SS7 hole already used in Ukraine & Russia

Christmas Eve email asked Oz telcos for metadata retention costs by Jan 9th

7-day extension allowed for questions inc. 36-month retention option and benefits to telcos of storing data

Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS

11-hour incident blocked traffic from reaching and some subdomains

ICANN's technical competence queried by Verisign report

EXCLUSIVE Upcoming dossier highlights dozens of problems with domain name overseer

POS malware crooks hack IP cams to validate targets

Is that a cash register or are you just pleased to see ,e?

Hack flings bootkits from Macs' Thunderbolts

Thunderbolt not lightning, very, very frightening

JPMorgan Chase mega-hack was a simple two-factor auth fail

Bank bods didn't follow security 101, mayhem happened

GCHQ: We can't track crims any more thanks to Snowden

Whinge, whine, sniffle, et cetera

Doh! WikiLeaks' PDF viewer springs XSS vuln

Just link directly to the docs, says frustrated surfer

EU flings €1m at open source security audit wheeze

Might also think about encrypting stuff. Maybe. You know... next year, perhaps?

China fingered for Afghan Govt attacks

Aussie embassy among Govt websites serving malware

Easy Tinder prank hack lets you play stupid cupid

Engineer details method for 45-minute romp arranging dates for unwitting mates

Microsoft patch mashes Office forms and macros

Fixing Redmond's fixes … AGAIN!