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Is Windows 10 slurping too much data? No, says Microsoft. Nuh-uh. Nope

Doth Redmond protest too much?

Pirate Bay cofounder and computer hacker Anakata freed

Swedish swashbuckler sprung from Scandanavian cellblock

The UN made privacy a human right – but that's not good enough for Team Snowden

Whistleblower's pals want govts to sign up to new treaty

Saudi Arabia: They liked Hacking Team so much they tried to buy the company

Might be nice to avoid new spy tech export laws

'We can handle politicos, OUR ISSUE IS JUDGES', shout GCHQ docs

Leaked slides show UK spooks worried judicial oversight will spoil their sneaky fun

Mobile advertising DDoS JavaScript drip serves site with 4.5bn hits

Once-theoretical attack vector appears fully-formed on CloudFlare's doorstep

332M Kick Ass pirates get asses kicked by scareware ass-kickers

Welcome to internet technical support. Please give us your computer

Last week's cookie-vuln won't be the last, security bod says

It's only a local bug until it's not

Insult to injury: Researcher remote pwns RAT of cuffed FireEye VXer

'See judge? I gave cops a backdoor!'

Hilton hotels in credit-card-stealing malware infection scare

Run for the tills!

US, China manage to keep a straight face while promising to not hack each other's corps

Me? Breaking into businesses and stealing trade secrets? No!

Blighty's GCHQ stashes away 50+ billion records a day on people. Just let that sink in

SIGINT and DIGINT revealed

Tits and ads: Malware-riddled banners stiff X-rated websites

Outdated IE vulnerable, apparently, I wouldn’t know, I never look at those things

Obama brain trust sidesteps mandatory hackers' backdoor idea

Accessible encryption given boot for being too hard, rather than for being morally suspect

KARMA POLICE: GCHQ spooks spied on every web user ever

Leaked docs show how out-of-control spy agency went full Stasi on innocent surfers

'Self-deleting' Mexican ATM malware let sneaky miscreants slurp cash

Software nasty can be planted, operate and wipe itself all without detection

Webcast: How to prevent data loss and theft

Join our experts in the Reg studio on 12 Nov

NHS Health Apps Library full of data-spaffing apps, claims studies

NHS Choices: Er, they’re all clinically safe, just not formally ‘endorsed’

'eBay' of targeted attacks infiltrated by ex- Shin Bet intel men

Crims sold information on attack vectors, potential staff to blackmail.

XcodeGhost-infected apps open gates to malware hijacking

Easy-access private keys makes man-in-the-middle diddle.

Yahoo! Gits! Web! Security! Scanner!

Want to scan a million pages? Here's how

Cisco tool IDs malware in the firmware

Your SYNs, forgiven

'RipSec' goes to Hollywood: how the iCloud celeb hack happened

TV starlet offers iCloud access, photoshopped nudes, to bait voyeur hackers

Project Zero bod says antivirus black market is growing

Also: keep an eye out for upcoming Kaspersky patches

Cookies MONSTER your security, even with encryption

HTTPS is secure, but cookies are rubbish, warns CERT

Smartphone passcodes protected by the Fifth Amendment – US court

Fingerprint mobe locks, however … not so much

So how do Google's super-smart security folk protect their data?

You'll be surprised

Controversial: The future is data integrity, not confidentiality

President of Estonia makes interesting point at IT powwow

Microsoft puts a bullet in blundering D-Link's leaked key that made malware VIPs on PCs

Private code-signing cert revoked at last

UK in Frenchy cyber love-in to ward off 'information bomb'

Qu'est-ce que la bombe informatique?

Asia-focussed Chinese PLA hacking crew surfaces

Named individual implicated in coordinating neighbourhood spying

Hey Scandos, missed that parcel? Here’s some ransomware instead

Variant of CryptoLocker makes an unwelcome appearance

Facebook's security now sexier, with killer curves

Big tech love of open crypto standards could be 'unstoppable', CERN man says

Bloodthirsty data parasites hungrily eye up healthcare sector

Ne'er-do-wells seek to amputate data stores and feast on the rich pickings within

Aussie spy agency gets first bug bounty credit

Remote code exec reported in HP Autonomy.

Russian Tor network-wrecking effort takes bizarre turn

Chosen contractor backs out – and it's clearly not about the money

Cyber peace deal still possible despite China's US cyber-spying denials

Cyber Xi Jinping cyber claims he's cyber ready to cyber play cyber ball

Privacy, net neutrality, security, encryption ... Europe tells Obama, US Congress to back off

Letter from 50 MEPs stresses EU will decide own laws, thanks

SIX MILLION fingerprints of US govt workers nicked in cyber-heist

Did we say 1.1 million? It's more than that, says OPM

Would you trust Intel, Vodafone, Siemens et al with Internet of Things security? You'll have to

Gang set up foundation to blame when IoT goes titsup

iOS 9 security blooper lets you BYPASS PINs, eye up photos, contacts

Vid Simple sequence opens up iPhones, iPads even if they have a passcode set

IT security spending to hit $75.4bn in 2015 despite currency issues, says Gartner

Testing, IAM and sandboxing hot … endpoint protection ain't