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Chinese hacker jailed for shipping aerospace secrets home

F35, F22 and Boeing data sent to People's Liberation Army

Microsoft silently kills dev backdoor that boots Linux on locked-down Windows RT slabs

Patch Tuesday wasn't just about browser bugs

Thermostat biz Nest warms to home security, touts cam with cloud storage subscription

What could go wrong?

Symantec, Intel carve out diminishing slice of growing security market

Oh dear, Big 5. Looks like the Others are growing...

You really do want to use biometrics for payments, beam banks

Visa-backed survey gives fingerprint recognition the thumbs-up

Critical remote code execution holes reported in Drupal modules

Dormant Coder module? Kill it quick.

Cryptocat dev reckons WhatsApp is blocking calls to Saudi numbers

Decompiled code suggests blocks are embedded in the app

CloudFlare probes mystery interception of site traffic across India

Traffic to Pirate Bay and others redirected to AirTel banned URL notice

Juniper's bug hunters fire out eight patches

Junos OS has been put through the wringer since that nasty backdoor scandal

Tor board swept under carpet after Appelbaum 'sex misconduct' claims

New group including Bruce Schneier and Matt Blaze sworn in to oversee anonymizing tool

White hat hacker AI bots prepare for DARPA's DEF CON cyber brawl

Software must automatically find bugs in rival code. Are you not entertained?

Generous Fiat Chrysler offers $1,500 for car security bugs – or two minutes of annual profit

Spends pennies to protect drivers' lives

US govt bank insurer 'covered up China hack to protect top boss'

FDIC waited until after chairman was installed to reveal IT security horror, it is claimed

Kids’ shoes seller Start-rite suspends sales following breach

Re-used your creds elsewhere? Might wanna change those

Exploit kit miscreants rush to plug gap in cyber-crime marketplace

Sundown's getting updates, possibly from Yugoslavian crooks

Meet Riffle, the next-gen anonymity network that hopes to trounce Tor

Here's hoping it's not a load of piffle

It's 2016 and Windows lets crims poison your printer drivers

One of the messes munched this Patch Tuesday is very nasty, for you and Redmond

50 CELEBRITY SECRETS EXPOSED scores year behind bars

Man behind document dump and swatting rampage jailed

US drug squads told to get a warrant before tracking mobile phones

NY District Court stings Stingrays and tosses out evidence

VPN provider claims Russia seized its servers

PIA tells users 'we logged nothing', deletes Russian servers from clients

Next month's Firefox 48 is looking Rusty – and that's a very good thing

Mozilla's safer-C programming language used to shore up media wrangling code

Webpages, Word files, print servers menacing Windows PCs – yup, it's Patch Tuesday

Plus: 52 security bugs fixed in Adobe Flash

SCADA malware caught infecting European energy company

'Nation-state' fingered

Nukeware: New malware deletes files and zaps system settings

When you've paid up, but there's nothing to unlock

Nasty session stealing hole filled in WordPress All in One SEO plugin

A million sites are at risk. Again. So patch, please

Purloined password re-use checker pees in the security soup

Chap codes tool that scans social media sites to figure out where passwords work

Android Nougat may contain traces of NOT for users of custom CAs

Google's new cert policy should make it harder to chew through its mobile OS

Florida U boffins think they've defeated all ransomware

Crypto Drop looks for tell-tale signs that files are being encrypted

Aussie researcher claims 'Antminer' bitcoin boxen can be broken

QueenAnt proof-of-concept exploits exposed interfaces and sends coins the wrong way

Pokemon Go oh no no no, we're not reading your email, says gamemaker

Final update God-mode access token found in wildly popular app

Omni-shambles! Card-stealing malware checks into US hotel chain

At this point, it might be safer to just sleep in your car

Amazingly insecure industrial control systems + internet = Cupful of nope

Kaspersky found plenty of evidence... from public sources

Drowning Dalek commands Siri in voice-rec hack attack

Boffins embed barely-audible-to-humans commands inside vids to fool virtual assistants

Lurk trojan takedown also took out Angler exploit kit

Follow the malware

White hat banned for revealing vulns in news sites used by London councillors

Vendor claims claims of vulns are tosh

Hacker bites Datadog, finds hard-to-chew bcrypt passwords

Customers told to reset creds even though no leg-lifting password spray has wet the net

Teen thugs lure, rob Pokemon Go gamers

Beware lure modules in dark alleys ... and gaming companies hiring sysadmins AFTER their products get hot

Android Mew-ware, I choose you: Code nasty poses as Pokemon GO

DroidJack wants to peek-at-you

Facebook offers end-to-end encrypted chat – if you find the right setting

There's always a catch

BMW web portal vulns pose car hack risk – researchers

Hey, this isn't the way to Chad's house... and who unlocked the doors?

Malaysia-based credit card fraud ring broken, 105 arrested

That's a pretty large ring

Copy paste slacker hackers pop corp locks in ode to stolen code

Github, your ticket to world domination