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'I hacked Facebook – and found someone had beaten me to it'

Bug bounty hunter stumbles across backdoor leaking FB staff usernames, passwords

Anonymous whales on Denmark, Iceland with OpKillingBay DDoS

Anti-dolphin-munching mission DDoSed car-maker Nissan

Carders cash out hundreds of millions before USA adopts EMV

Stolen card values on the way down ahead of chip card debut

Bypass the Windows AppLocker bouncer with a tweet-size command

Video How to go off script on office, school desktops

Adobe scrambles to untangle itself from QuickTime after Apple throws it over a cliff

Cupertino's calamitous conduct drops users down security hole

SpyEye duo behind bank-account-emptying malware banged up

Billion-dollar Russian Trojan team in the tank for quarter of a century in the US

Come get your free Opera VPN (and bring along something to read)

Browser offers secure service, world + dog chokes up pipeline

FBI boss: We paid at least $1.2m to crack the San Bernardino iPhone

Vid Nice work, if you can get it

Dutch PGP-encrypted comms network ‘abused by crooks’ is busted

Secure chat setup swooped on by police forces

Check Point chugs on: Profits and revenues up despite volatile market

CEO warns that he's 'cautious as regards overall IT industry spending'

Lock-hackers crack restricted keys used to secure data centres

Bsides Canberra Patented keys have high-quality drawings in plain sight

Logging on to United's frequent flyer site might take longer than a flight

Airline dumps PINs for passwords to harden MileagePlus accounts

How innocent people 'of no security interest' are mere keystrokes away in UK's spy databases

Blighty's classified manuals on mass snooping revealed

Australia admits to running offensive cyber-ops team

New Cyber Security Strategy pours money on collaboration centres, industry

Magnitude malvertisers spew 400 attacks from abused Scot ad firm

Can't fault their work ethic.

Stop laughing: Azure can analyse your mood in a crowd

Microsoft's cloudy new media services aim to automate video and voice analysis

FBI's Tor pedo torpedoes torpedoed by United States judge

Need a district court warrant to infect suspects? How did the Feds NIT see that coming?

Ex-NSA security expert develops generic Mac ransomware blocker

RansomWhere? suspends untrusted processes

US government sued by activists looking for backdoor smoking gun


FBI's PRISM slurping is 'unconstitutional' – and America's secret spy court is OK with that

How about an appeal? Nope

Grab a cuppa: Time to sort out that Oracle patch batch

Java SE, MySQL are most in need of fixes, so you know what to do...

Speaking in Tech: Comparing Apples to BlackBerrys and Cooks to Chens

Podcast Plus: Did you have a phreaky past? Let's talk SS7

Four bugs bait hooks in Asian phishing trip

Rich text pwnage

VXers pass stolen card data over DNS

NewPosThings back as Multigrain, says Fireeye

Four hundred MILLION vulnerable Androids are out there

Only 71 per cent of devices run security-supported versions of Alphabet's OS

Saw-inspired horror slowly deletes your PC's files as you scramble to pay the ransom

Video Malware recruits Billy the Puppet to extort money

Hand over our code to China? We're no commie patsies, Apple cries

And here's our transparency report to prove it?

NYPD anti-crypto Twitter campaign goes about as well as you'd expect

Cops stole hashtag, chaos ensues

Chinese crypto techie sentenced to death for leaking state secrets

31 others caught up in spying row

Exploit kit writers turn away from Java, go all-in on Adobe Flash

312% increase in Flash vulns over 2014, says study

All-Python malware nasty bites Windows victims in Poland

Slurps keystrokes, mines Bitcoin, even sets up web servers

Top infosec students square off in inter-uni hackathon contest

Update Long-term aim is to bridge infosec skills gap

Google found 760,935 compromised web sites in a year

There's a lot of lazy and/or lousy webmasters out there who don't know they're p0wned

Hacking Team hole still unpatched, exploit pop doc claims

'Phineas Fisher' says embedded device pwnage exposed spyware-for-states firm

SamSam ransomware shifts from hospitals to schools via JBoss hole

With 3.2 million unpatched servers, scum have a lot of targets

US congresscritter's iPhone hacked (with, er, the cell networks' help)

Panic over SS7 flaw resurfaces on 60 Minutes telly news probe

Translated: BlackBerry CEO John Chen on cops-snooping-on-BBM

The TL;DR you need

MIT boffins build AI bot that spots '85 per cent' of hacker invasions

So ... it still lets in more than one in ten attacks

Academic network Janet clobbered with DDoS attacks – again

Funny how it always gets targeted at the end of term...

Idiot millennials are saving credit card PINs on their mobile phones

Cleartext passwords are bad, kids, mmmkay?

Chrome add-ons just became less scary, security-wise

Google tightens rules for admission to Chrome Web Store

Belgian boffins breed 'digital canaries' to test your random numbers

The bird turns up its toes before your crypto does