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Spiceworks in WTF-class social log-in SECURITY BLUNDER

Wake up chaps, this is serious

Slippery Silk Road spook will plead guilty to duping dealers

(Almost) untraceable $820k cash siphon too tempting for sorry security bod.

Pirate captain blasts Google for its 'mystery' Chrome blob

Not Ok Google, says irked open source Chromium collective

Redmond: IE Win 8.1 defence destroying hack ain't worth patch, natch

'Here's your $125k HP, now GO AWAY'.

Uber app will soon maybe track you 24/7, cry privacy warriors

EPIC fail for taxi app upstart – if claims come true

Polish airline LOT was grounded after 'IT attack' took hold

Surely we can't be stuck in Warsaw? You are, and don't call me Shirley

Oi,, your Verify system looks like a MASS SPY NETWORK

Academic eyeballs architecture, screams in horror

US is the world's botnet mothership, says Level 3

Not the way you want to lead the globe

Phishing gone: eBay patches to block session-jacking Magento holes

XSS, CRSF, and input holes fixed

Dev probes bad proxies, writes white hat checker, black hat DIY guide

We munch your cookies and inject ads but look HERE'S YOUR NETFLIX!

NIST issues 'don't be stupid' security guidelines for contractors

How's that OPM data going, then?

Stealing secret crypto-keys from PCs using leaked radio emissions

AM radio + HTC HTC EVO 4G smartphone = snooping rig

Webmail password reset scam lays groundwork for serious aggro

I didn't ask for this verification code, but here, you have it

MS privacy policy website subverted to pimp gambling sites

Unseemly blog spam quickly purged by embarrassed Redmond staffers

Apple! and! Yahoo! fight! the! man!, claims! EFFing! daftness!

Who has your back? Trying asking a we-don't-disclose-our-donors lobby group

Pew, pew, pew! Sammy shoots out updates to plug mobile keyboard snooping bug

We'll fix this problem that isn't actually a problem, no problem

BIG RED BUTTON exploits Redis flaw to fix Redis flaw

File under 'To save the village, I had to destroy it'

Drupal flicks fix to nix OpenID admin account hijack hole

Verisign, LiveJournal and StackExchange members are your unknown admins

LinkedIn reveals invitation-only bourgeois bug bounty

Proven: Researchers are signal, the rest of you are noise

WikiLeaks slips out YET MORE Sony SECRETS

More than 275,000 docs available for the prurient, freedom-lovers and YOU

Most SAP HANA installs poppable with default keys, hacker says

What's the key? Just check the manual

FBI says in secret that secret spy Cessnas aren't secret

Men in black shrug off criticism of warrantless domestic spyplane fleet

US National Vulnerability Database contained ... yup, an XSS vuln

NIST attempts to create some kind of ironic self-referencing meta-vuln

Protecting users against advanced threats and the human factor

WEBCAST Live today at 11

Reddit joins the HTTPS-only stampede

Strict Transport Security joins strict new anti-abuse policies

'No evidence' Snowden was working for foreign power says ex-NSA boss

And claims Uncle Sam would have hacked China's personnel database 'at the speed of light'

Phone scamming up 30 percent last year: Report

Tech support fraudsters still booming

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle

Browser snuck proprietary voice-snoop code into distro

Speaking in Tech: LastPass hack was a total HASH, amirite?

Podcast 'Password expert? What's a password expert?'

Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs

Aide reckons self-destruct policy made work 'a Mission: Impossible'

Banking trojan besieges Bundestag … for the second time

Swatbanker malware appearance seems politically motivated

Furious Flems fling privacy rule book at Facebook

Free content ad network faces Thursday court date

British Library publishes Digital Magna Carta – written-by-web-vote because it's 2015

Guess what? We don't like governments snooping

Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X

Keychains raided, sandboxes busted, passwords p0wned, but Apple silent for six months

Three exposed Brit's privates with sloppy survey code

Dumb API spewed too much information says security chap

AdBlock aims to send filthy malverts on one-way LSD trip

Sysadmins unlikely to appreciate new large-scale deployment tool in current form

Vapourware no more: Let's Encrypt announces first cert dates

Free certs for me and all my friends! In September! For Freedom!

How to hijack MILLIONS of Samsung mobes with man-in-the-middle diddle

Touchscreen keyboard update leaves handsets vulnerable to remote-code execution

Google to shell out up to $58k for new Nexus epic pwnage

Remote low level attacks plus patch to be answered with cash

Hacked US OPM boss: We'll fix our IT security – just give us $21 million

Firewall here, firewall there. Two-factor auth under there. Job's a good 'un

FBI to 'aggressively' probe St Louis Cardinals in baseball 'hack' storm

Who had the passwords to Houston Astros' database?

Chinese snoops try tracking VPN users with fiendish JSONP trickery

Never mind your bank account. Tell me your name