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Microsoft warns of super-sized Patch Tuesday next week

More security bulletins in November than in any prior month

If you're suing the UK govt, Brit spies will snoop on your briefs

Families taking Blighty to court over CIA torture role and their lawyers put under surveillance

Ex-NSA lawyer warns Google, Apple: IMPENETRABLE RIM ruined BlackBerry

Hint, hint ... now show us your backdoors

Aussie spooks warn of state-sponsored online attacks during G20

Attendees at global gabfest to be hit with phishing, poison USB sticks

Apple blats WireLurker OS X, iOS malware – but fanbois aren't safe yet

Control servers go dark, crypto-cert revoked ... for now

Bloke, 26, accused of running drug souk Silk Road 2.0 cuffed by Feds

Meanwhile, someone really needs to take away that prosecutor's CSI boxsets

Hackers use DRAFT emails as dead-drops for running malware

Python bite opens doors to get into Gmail, Yahoo! accounts

Rovnix Trojan infection outbreak infects 130,000 machines in Blighty

Email-borne nasty slurps your banking details

Hide your Macs, iPhones and iPads: WireLurker nasty 'heralds new era'

A new era of pain, apparently

NSA director: We share most of the [crap] bugs we find!

Crypto, crypto everywhere, 'til all the boards databases did shrink

Microsoft releases free anti-malware for Azure VMs

Tick a box, zap the baddies, annoy the competition

EFF: VPNs will crumble Verizon's creepy supercookie stalkers

Now that ad networks are jumping on the privacy vulnerability

158 new malware created EVERY MINUTE

One for YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU

Feds investigate Homeland Security background checker security breach

Extent of problem at contractor USIS still being assessed

Watchdog bites hotel booking site: Over 3k card details slurped

SQL flaw ‘oldest trick in the book' – ICO

Russia to ban iCloud.. to PROTECT iPhone fiddlers' pics 'n' sh*t

State secrets: This is local data for local people

Crypto collision used to hijack Windows Update goes mainstream

Final nail in the coffin for the MD5 hash

Israeli ex-spies want to help you defend your CAR from cybercrooks

Who needs a lock pick when you've got an electronic key?

Who wants to be A MILLIONAIRE? Not so fast, Visa tells wannabe pay-by-bonk thieves

But crims will probe contactless cards for flaws, experts warn

Huffy BlackEnergy vxers cry: 'f*ck U Kaspersky', thank Cisco for 0-days

'U never get a fresh Black En3rgy!'

Google puts down POODLE, now wants to eradicate breed

Cupertino closes coffin with gotofail nail

Hackers plunder Hilton 'HHonors' rewards points, go on shopping spree

Buy a $2k telly at Harvey Norman for $18.50

Raj Samani: The Director’s Cut

Regcast after dark A security expert's tale

Apple OSX Yosemite infested by nasty 'Rootpipe' vuln

Steady on fanbois: Shell privilege escalation bug won't get fix until next January

Pay-by-bonk 'glitch' means cards can go kaching-for-crims

UK researchers reveal attack capable of lifting 999,999.99 currency units from your cards

Forging administrator cookies and crocking crypto ... for dummies

Gun security chap releases infosec 101 courseware and book

Pro-democracy Hong Kong sites DDoS'd with Chinese cyber-toolkit

Now we're not saying it was the Chinese government, but...

VMware: Yep, ESXi bug plays 'finders keepers' with data backups

Have you tried DISABLING then ENABLING CBT?

Pro-ISIS script kiddies deface West Yorkshire egg-chasers' site

Um, that'll teach the, er, local rugby team

Auditors find encrypted chat client TextSecure is secure

Except for one bug that could well and truly spoil the party and turn you into Milhouse

Remote code execution flaws fixed in tnftp and wget

Linux bods thankful, Apple a stone-cold boilerplate

LastPass releases Open Source command line client

Probing, poking and pulling requested

Pirate Bay co-founder JAILED for three years after massive CSC HACK ATTACK

Guilty of illegally accessing government servers in Denmark

Facebook lifts Tor ban, touts encrypted onion access point

Anonymized traffic now A-OK

Popular Science site shrugs off malicious code infection

No warning, no response... at least it killed the code

Microsoft patches GroupMe 'full account' hijack hole

Researcher rates Redmond after rapid responds to rathole reveal in Group TXTing app

Free government-penned crypto can swipe identities

Beware of Australians bearing gifts

Google heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLE

Next Chrome includes death knell for SSL

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

Jury doesn't buy 'evil hackers pwned my computer' defense

BIGGEST THREAT to Europe’s cybersecurity? Hint: not hackers

Largest EVER Europe-wide cybersecurity exercise

The ULTIMATE CRUELTY: Sandworm uses PowerPoint against Swiss bank customers

From espionage to cybercrime

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Energy summit bods warned of free energy bonanza