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Windows 10 to give passwords the finger and dangle dongles

FIDO authentication standard has been slipped into current Technical Preview

Your hard drives were RIDDLED with NSA SPYWARE for YEARS

Kaspersky: 'Equation Group' attacked 'high value targets'

Mozilla's Flash-killer 'Shumway' appears in Firefox nightlies

Open source SWF player promises alternative to Adobe's endless security horror

Australian government's 'cyber-security' review delayed

Opposition asks for tweaks to data retention laws

Israeli gov & boffins targeted by pr0ntastic malware from Gaza

Second amateurish effort targets Egyptians too

WhatDaHell, WhatsApp? Student claims 'stalker' tool shows security flaws

Releases proof-of-concept app to 'highlight concerns'

Hackers fear arms control pact makes exporting flaws illegal

'Wassenaar Arrangement' scaring infosec reserchers away from Pwn2Own contest

Hacker catches Apple's Lightning in a jailbroken bottle

All iThings reportedly open to colossal customisation

Cisco puts elastic in the fabric

APIC links arms at 30 km

Hackers break the bank to the tune of $300 MEEELLION

Kaspersky spills on global hack it says could top a BILLION once all transactions probed

Microsoft's patchwork falls apart … AGAIN!

PowerPoint patch pulled after freezing out users

Wink if you want to see more of me, say Swiss boffins

High-tech contact lens comes with eyelid control

Google cuts Microsoft and pals some slack in zero-day vuln crusade – an extra 14 days tops

LOL u mad, Redmond? 'Yes, we mad'

An NSA spy, a Fed and a sysadmin walk into a bar – that's Prez Obama's new cyber-security order

You and me, simultaneously swapping stories of hackers

Accused Goldman Sachs code pilferer sues FBI for 'wrongful arrest'

Claims unlawful search, malicious prosecution

Euro ministers trade data for data protection – yes, your passenger records

Lawmakers still worried about legality of blanket retention

Vint Cerf: Everything we do will be ERASED! You can't even find last 2 times I said this

'Digital vellum' – the key to eternal life

Hey, NUDE CELEBS! Apple adds SWEET 2FA to iMessage, Facetime

Harder-to-crack smack chat

Gullible Apple users targeted by bogus order cancellation scam

Protip: Don't click links in emails from unknown senders. Ever

Biter bitten as hacker leaks source code for popular exploit kit

There is no honour among thieves

Facebook bug could have ERASED the ENTIRE WORLD

ALL pictures, anyway. Record bounty coughed

Uber: Sorry we're really awesome and all that (oh yeah, and for leaking your personal info)

Lost-and-found list found lost on the internet

CommBank app leaks 2FA tokens says Sydney dev

Fraudster friends might finger your phone and rummage in your bank account

Dutch government websites KO'd by 10-hour DDoS

Sustained assault took down gov mouthpiece

EU parliament bans Outlook app over cloudy security: report

Redmond says security controls check out

Hacker kicks one bit XP to 10 Windows scroll goal

Screwy GUI carried dead code for 15 YEARS

VirusTotal wants YOU (but not you) to join its epic AV whitelist

No more anti-virus collateral D-Days, mkay?

IBM says dating apps can give you a nasty infection DOWN THERE!

Maybe chatting someone up at the bar isn't such a bad idea after all

Anonymous HACKED GAS STATIONS - and could cause FUEL SHORTAGES

WE_ARE_LEGION features in high-octane exploit

Never mind, Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome

Voice Search extension project described as 'Ear of Sauron'

Facebook: Hey guys, come share all your securo-blunders with us!

Serial privacy philanderer launches social network for infosec vulns

Silent but violent: Foul Google Play flaw lets hackers emit smelly apps

Say it with us: 'Permissionless sharing'

REVEALED: TEN MEEELLION pinched passwords and usernames

This will hurt me more than it hurts you, says researcher

Air gaps: Happy gas for infosec or a noble but inert idea?

Feature Spooks and boffins jump 'em, but real-world headwinds remain strong

Linux kernel set to get live patching in release 3.20

Come and get this Git pull, Linus!

US plots to KILL hackers – with bureaucracy!

New Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will share info with big biz

Bitcoin, Litecoin, cash, watches seized from alleged software pirates

US authorities move on Microsoft key-copiers

Jeb Bush, the man who may lead the US in 2016, dumps Floridians' private data on the web

There's transparency, and then there's THIS

Blackberry hires new security chief

Heads infosec for internet-of-things things

ANOTHER US court smacks down EFF's NSA wiretap sueball – but won't say why

Rules classified docs must stay classified

Internet of Thieves: All that shiny home security gear is crap, warns HP

If you can monitor your house across the web, so can everyone else

Patch now: Design flaw in Windows security allows hackers to own corporate laptops, PCs

Nine fixes to install, three critical and one super bad