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36 firms at risk from that unpatched 2010 SAP vuln? Try 500+

Analysis Fixing Java-related bug trickier than it sounds, claims ERP security firm

Cracker hacker 'edits' biggest subreddits

Defacer teaches r/howtohack how to hack with mass defacement spree

Google crushes five bad bugs with patch run and $20k in bounties

Follows Flash, Microsoft fixes.

Adobe...sigh...issues critical patch...sigh...for Flash Player zero day

Go ahead and bang your head on the desk. We'll wait.

Lie back and think of cybersecurity: IBM lets students loose on Watson


Burger-slinger Wendy’s admits: Cash-till data breach hit 1 in 20 outlets

Apparently took months to contain

Hackers tear shreds off Verizon's data breach report top 10 bug list

Researchers reckon Verizon's been very lazy and unsophisticated

36 idiots running SAP under attack after flubbing 2010 patch

US-CERT issues first-ever alert for SAP users, advising them to become competent

Compression tool 7-Zip pwned, pain flows to top security, software tools

Attackers can score user privileges thanks to heap corruption hassle

Popular cache Squid skids as hacker pops lid

Yet another mess we can blame on the combination of Flash and advertising

Criminals exploit zero day Flash vulnerability

Adobe readies patch cannons. Yet again

Huge embarrassment over fisting site data breach

Goatse hosty leak makes cheeks toasty

Popular UK mobile tech firm 51Degrees hacked

Private data said to be safe.

No, I'm not surfing smut. I'm trying to score a bug bounty from P0rnhub

World's biggest flesh site offering cash if you can expose its seamy underbelly

South Korea fingers North for defence contractor hack

Navy builder popped.

Facebook debuts WhatsApp desktop apps as Slack adds SSO

If you'd spent $16 billion, you'd be tired of people Slacking off, too

IE and Graphics head Microsoft's Patch Tuesday critical list

Get updating before the crims catch on

UAE InvestBank 'hack' looks like stale, recycled data from last year

Not that that makes mass exposure of folks' financial info any better, natch

Hackers' paradise: Outdated Internet Explorer, Flash installs in enterprises

Two in five Flash users DO update. Surprised?

Docker lets security bug sniffer dogs off the leash at container images

Libraries and other code scanned for known programming blunders

PLA sys admin gets six months house arrest for yanking US Army docs

'Have you ever worked for a foreign army?' 'Uhhh no', clicks eager admin

Prince of pop trash PerezHilton pwned, visitors hit with cryptxxx

Some of Hollywood hack's 500k visitors smashed with Angler, ransomware combo

GoDaddy plugs account hijack XSS vulnerability

Forgotten payload borks support call

SS7 spookery on the cheap allows hackers to impersonate mobile chat subscribers

WhatsApp, Telegram secure - but the transport isn't

Malware scan stalled misconfigured med software, mid-procedure

RTFM. No, really, read it

This is what a root debug backdoor in a Linux kernel looks like

Allwinner's all-loser code makes it into shipped firmware

Infosec freeloaders not welcome as malware silo VirusTotal gets tough

'Cause the takers gonna take, take, take

Android's security patch quagmire probed by US watchdogs

Feds finally wake up to sorry state of firmware fixes

Babycare e-tailer Kiddicare admits customer data breach

Info has been doing the rounds underground is still clueless at fending off malware attacks, says survey

Security is a custom ‘more honoured in the breach’

DARPA wants god-mode attribution platform to pin and predict crime

'Enhanced Attribution' will anonymise threat data, reveal past and future crimes

Six-year-old patched Stuxnet hole still the web's biggest killer

Crusty bait makes for great phishing

Researcher arrested after reporting pwnage hole in elections site

Savage Havij

Aruba! Aruba! Patch now, patch fast!

Google bug-hunters disclose 26 vulnerabilities

Crack'n'hack stack Phrack's back, Jack!

Beloved hacker mag comes out of four-year hiatus

Anons 'hack, leak Russian Facebook' boss's personal email

VK chief pwned, allegedly

Apple needs silver bullet to slay App Store's escaped undead – study

Zombies should be exorcised from gadgets they infect

Ransomware grifters offer to donate proceeds of crime to charity

Pay up and feel like you're doing something good, say dastardly villains

New Firefox versions will make you activate all new add-ons – except one hacker favourite

Flash gets a stay of execution – for now

Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network

No, seriously, it's a bad idea. Honestly

Daisy-chained research spells malware worm hell for power plants and other utilities

BlackHat Asia World’s first PLC worm spreads like cancer

Miscreants tripled output of proof of concept exploits in 2015

Pastebin is for old hats. Cool black hats use Twitter now