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Security Earlier

Sniffing your storage could lead to sensitive leaks, warn infosec bods

Electromagnetic fields aren't a miscreant's magic key, though

Israeli Pentagon DDoSers explain their work, get busted by FBI

There's not much more than fine print between stress testing and DDoS-as-a-service

Peccant pwners post 670,000 Pokémon punter MD5 passwords

Peek-a-boo to fans of Pikachu

SOHOpeless Seagate NAS boxen become malware distributors

Update All attackers have to do is upload a file into a public folder. No password. No nothing

33 million CLEARTEXT creds for Russian IM site dumped by chap behind Last.FM mess

Leaker tells El Reg his dumps are justified because they trigger password resets

PCI Council wants upgradeable credit card readers ... next year

Tamper-proofing and shielding against side attacks on the agenda

Linode fends off multiple DDOS attacks

Nowhere near as bad as its ten-day Christmas cracker, but something seems to be afoot

Seagate sued by its own staff for leaking personal info to identity thieves

Workers furious that HR fell for phishing scam

NHS health apps project plan: Powered by your medical records

Privacy worries bubble up after Health Sec's announcement

NHS hospitals told to swallow stronger anti-ransomware medication

New cyber triage to fight malware plagues

Top smut site stops Flashing, adopts HTML5

When even the pornographers think you've got a problem, you've really got a problem

Come in HTTP, your time is up: Google Chrome to shame leaky non-HTTPS sites from January

Web giant will start labeling insecure websites insecure

Hypervisor security ero-Xen: How guest VMs can hijack host servers

Analysis Triple whammy of bugs in popular open-source platform

Kaspersky to 1337 haxors: take down our power grid. We dare you

Capture the flag romp will offer chance to do the thing governments everywhere fear

Printers now the least-secure things on the internet

BitDefender's senior threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu despairs of IoT security

Ten-year-old Windows Media Player hack is the new black, again

Why bother buying a zero-day when casual piracy and old code can p0wn thousands?

Read the damning dossier on the security stupidity that let China ransack OPM's systems

How hackers broke into millions of US govt personnel files

McAfee's back! Intel flogs security software biz, pockets $3.1bn

Chipzilla wing loses $3.5bn in six years – almost as fast as John McAfee in a strip club

St Jude sues short-selling MedSec over pacemaker 'hack' report

Defibrillator security saga will go to court

Scientists' sneaky smartphone software steals 3D printer designs

Creative but only semi-useful snooping hack

Network Management Systems are a 'treasure map' for hackers

Payroll printer, HR's server - wahey... jackpot!

UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man

Concerns about cybersecurity info sharing shared in interview

When you've paid the ransom but you don't get your data back

Oh, British firms... you're not alone – 1 in 3 pwned firms agree

Mr Chow plates up sticky ransomware

Global Chinese restaurant chain serves old recipe of Darkleech with exploit kit sauce

Spoof an Ethernet adapter on USB, and you can sniff credentials from locked laptops

As the gent says, 'this shouldn't work'

Hello, Fortinet? Could you patch these vulns please?

Oh, and CERT's left a message or two

Internet of Sins: Million more devices sharing known private keys for HTTPS, SSH admin

IoT == Immensely Obvious Threat

Google emits three sets of Android patches to fend off evil texts, files

First set of security fixes issued for Nougat aka Android 7

Sneaky Gugi banking trojan sidesteps Android OS security barricades

Updated Overlay malware gets angry if you try and say no

UK Labour man Owen Smith: If you wanna be a leader, you gotta stop with that lens

'Net pics last forever, login details ... send

Encrypted comms collective rattles tin

Overwhelmed by post-Snowden crypto demand

Hacker takes down CEO wire transfer scammers, sends their Win 10 creds to the cops

HITB 'Whaling' attackers fall for poison PDF 'invoices'

Obama says USA has world's biggest and best cyber arsenal

Calls for new world no-hack order so we can fight the real bad guys – criminals

Pokémon-loving VXer targets Linux with 'Umbreon' rootkit

We told you Pokémon are evil, but no, you wouldn't listen

98.1 million CLEARTEXT passwords pasted as rumbled

'Яussian Yahoo!' may just have become world's biggest breach

Sophos Windows users face black screens after false positive snafu

Black is the new BSOD

Sundown exploit kit authors champions of copy-paste hacking

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers

Redmond's Family Settings now block browsers-without-filters by default, but which ones?

Pixellation popped: AI can ID you, even after PhotoShop phuzzing

Like humans, machines can ID obfuscated faces - only faster

Extra Bacon? Yes please, even though the Cisco bug of this name is bad for you

Probably-NSA-sourced bug isn't being patched, even by UK government users

Google swats Nexus 5X vulnerable fastboot memory dump flaw

Hacker stole your phone? Time to OEM panic.

Bloke accused of Linux hack nabbed during traffic stop

Possible 40 years in the Big House for 2011 infiltration of open-source world's servers