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Apple wants your fingerprints in the cloud

Patent filing could see coffee bought in a snap

CIA exonerates CIA of all wrongdoing in Senate hacking probe

Acknowledges 'mistake' but says there was no 'bad faith'

PROOF the undead STALK Verizon users: Admen caught using 'perma-cookie'

It’s our rules and we’re going to play them, says Turn

Definitions matter. For crying out loud, securobods, BE SPECIFIC – ENISA

Use your words or the DDoSers will GET you....

Denmark mulls new EU-defying session-logging law

Packet-slurping law previously solved ONE case

Spammers set their sights on WhatsApp – that's that ruined then

Bypassing filters and flinging ads through bars of cage

Microsoft cracks personalisation without prying

'Bloom filters' add flower to Cookies for personal search without tracking

David Cameron: I'm off to the US to get my bro Barack to ban crypto – report

Plans to pressure President for tighter surveillance controls, sources say

Sony hack was good news for INSURERS and INVESTORS

Spilling Hollywood's secrets woke money-land to the need for intrusive oversight

Security? Don't bother until it's needed says RFC

Would 'some protection most of the time' be an improvement?

Got a GE industrial Ethernet switch? Get patching

Hard-coded RSA keys found in firmware

VMware finds new post-paranoia RAM-saving tricks

Transparent Page Sharing is now off by default, which means more memory may be needed

Cryptolocker 3.0 scum bounce victims over Invisible net

Silk Road Reloaded launches on Tor's little cousin

It's 2015 and home routers still leave their config web servers wide open

ADB Pirelli boxes suffer a pair flats, says researcher

ISO floats storage security standard

ISO/IEC 27040:2015 is bedtime reading for storage admins

Mr President, is this a war on hackers – or a war on people stopping hackers?

Analysis New cybersecurity proposals hit wrong targets, say experts

NSA: SO SORRY we backed that borked crypto even after you spotted the backdoor

Non-apology to mathematicians for Dual EC DRBG shenanigans

Australia tries to ban crypto research – by ACCIDENT

Academics could risk JAIL under defence trade laws starting in May

Warning: Using encrypted email in Spain? Do not pass go, go directly to jail

Civil lib group cries foul after judge detains terror suspects

It's hacker jihad: Islamist skiddies square up to Anonymous

Open source Notepad caught in web graffiti crossfire

DANGER: Is that 'hot babe' on Skype a sextortionist?

Give me some money for my wrinkly, or your winky goes online

Change the plan for Sat night, hackers. No more biz meetup eavesdrop LOLs

Cisco squashes bugs in WebEx

Euro security agency says MORE crypto needed in gov policy

Your move, David Cameron

AMD plugs firmware holes that allowed command injection

VID Bug your motherboard vendor for a fix, says boffin

Instagram FLASHED YOUR PRIVATES to picture pervs

Pic-propagation-p0wnage possibility plugged

Ross Ulbricht trial Day One: 'I DID invent Silk Road ... but I'm innocent'

Claims shadowy site operators left him 'holding the bag'

Are you running a Telnet server on Windows? Oh thank God. THANK GOD

Microsoft fixes Google's 0-day Windows bug – plus six more. Adobe patches nine Flash flaws

'80s hacker turned journo, IT crime ace Steve Gold logs off

Obit Silent modems

Insert 'Skeleton Key', unlock Microsoft Active Directory. Simples – hackers

In-memory patch

Big Yellow brings in Boeing bods to bolster Big data bid

Symantec also licensing technology from network monitor Narus

Attackers planting banking Trojans in industrial systems

SCADA insecurity not just about Stuxnet

Remember Corel? It's just entered .DLL hell

Hijack hole found in Corel Draw and other doodleware

Router creds admin/admin? Lizard Squad thanks you

Console hacker DDoS bot runs on lame home routers

Facebook hackers work blue on Crayola coloring page

Company apologizes after jokesters deface feed

FBI has its fingers deep in NSA surveillance pie, declassified report shows

Feds had a hand in PRISM, too

What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

Tearing down security will make us all secure? WTF

'American soldiers, we are coming...' US CENTCOM military in Twitter hijack shame

Updated Bogus 'leaks' posted with threats to families

Had a data breach? Well, SPEAK UP, big biz – Obama

POTUS 'n' pals ask Congress to ink law after Home Depot fail

Security's revamped index of pain readies for release

Comments sought on draft Common Vulnerability Scoring System 3.0 bug rating scheme

DAMN YOU! Microsoft blasts Google over zero-day blabgasm

Choc Factory reveals new flaw 2 days before Patch Tuesday

Google crashes supposedly secure Aviator browser

Goog: 'Your code sucks' ... WhiteHat: 'You sell-out users'

Docker's just a bit dodgy, but ready for rollout says Gartner

The cavalry's coming with crypto, backup and proper management