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Cops hate encryption but the NSA loves it when you use PGP

Usenix Enigma It lights you up like a Vegas casino, says compsci boffin

Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official

Justification: Child abuse and terrorism, of course

Techie on the ground disputes BlackEnergy Ukraine power outage story

Updated And Russia? That's too convenient

Website admin cPanel hacked, loses a bunch of folks' contact details

Press the big red password reset button anyway

Hot-patching method melts security hole in Apple's App Store

JSPatch is a time bomb waiting to explode, warns FireEye

PayPal patches deadly server remote code execution flaw

Java deserialisation flaw was so nasty, PayPal paid bounties to two researchers

Medical data experiment goes horribly wrong: 950,000 records lost

If you find six disk drives marked 'patients who used lab services', please hand them in

'Here are 400,000 smut sites. Block them' says Pakistani telco regulator

Weary sysadmins copy pr0n to /dev/null

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record

Booter blasters belt businesses.

Lenovo's file-sharing app uses hardwired password '12345678' ... or no password at all


Facebook CSO slams RSA Conf for repping 'the worst parts of the security industry'

Usenix Enigma Stamos tells infosec world to drop the hype

Stop the music! Booby-trapped song carjacked vehicles – security prof

Usenix Enigma Don’t buy a motor without a remote update system

If you're one of millions using Magento – stop whatever you're doing and patch now

Ecommerce websites can be hijacked via critical flaw

Broadband-pushers expand user piggyback rides on private Wi-Fi

Universal public coverage, one home router at a time

Now you can easily see if a site's HTTP headers are insecure, beams dev

Site stress site sighted

If you can't buy bootleg gear online in New York, this may be why

Usenix Enigma Cyber-sherlock sheds light on studies into counterfeit goods

NASA, Dept of Defense, Commerce etc probed over use of backdoored Juniper kit

Were firewalls up to date? Committee wants to know

Show us the code! You should be able to peek inside the gadgets you buy – FTC commish

Worried about privacy, security? McSweeny has an answer

Terrible infections, bad practices, unclean kit – welcome to hospital IT

Usenix Enigma Medicine is world's worst industry for data security, it seems

Hacker crew hits Uyghur, Tibet campaigns: Who is Scarlet Mimic's backer...

Does its name rhyme with Threeple's Besmublic of Diner?

Commuters slam UK rail operator c2c. You slow, late, er... privacy violator

Add it to the list, under overcrowding and lateness

Sainsbury's Bank web pages stuck on crappy 20th century crypto

Update 'Someone there should be beaten to a pulp with a keyboard'

Thought you were safe from the Fortinet SSH backdoor? Think again

More devices are dodgy and hackers are cruising for targets

Airbus, Boeing aero parts maker loses $54m in cyber-stick-up

The hills are alive with the sound of cursing

Irish government websites hit by widening DDoS attacks

First they came for the forums. Then the lottery. Now...

Rust 1.6 released, complete with a stabilised libcore

A world without buffer overflows is what our children shall inherit

Gotcha: Symantec fires reseller nabbed in tech support scam

Malwarebytes sting operation catches out Silurian Tech Support

Bounty hunters won't blink until you dangle US$1500 bug reward

And to get the good ones working for you, you'll need ten times that sum

That one weird trick fails: Google binned 780 million ads last year

Ad giant claims it's cracking down on dodgy downloads, fringe medicine and phoul phish

RSA asks for plaintext Twitter passwords on conference reg page

Should be a good conference if the medium is the message (NOT)

AMX backdoors US govt's comms system with Batman-inspired surveillance mode

Developers had a thing for Scarlett Johansson, too

GCHQ spies quashed this phone encryption because it was too good against snoopers

MIKEY-IBAKE could alert people to fact they're being monitored

Samsung sued over 'lackadaisical' Android security updates

Up your game, says Dutch consumer group

Ukraine energy utilities attacked again with open source Trojan backdoor

Macro phish attempts to hook BlackEnergy borscht and battered sector

Bad luck, Ireland: DDoS attack disrupts isle's National Lottery

Attack KO'd the website and ticket machines

Asda slammed for letting vulns fester on its cyber shelves

Sat there for two years and did ... well, not very much about it

HD Moore exiting Rapid7 for VC-land

Won't abandon Metasploit

No, that Linux Keyrings bug isn't in '66 per cent of Android devices'

Googler promises patch by March 1, where needed

FireEye buys iSight Partners for $200M

Threat intel giant gets new teeth.

Drydex malware busting bursting British business bank balances

Hack group called 'Evil Corp' cooked code just for the Sceptered Isles

While you pretended to work, Cloud operators fixed two Xen bugs

Missing sanity checks and host-killer bug hit open-source hypervisor

Cisco patch day fixes CGI script blunder, hard-coded credentials

Good news for Meraki users, firmware flub fixed