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German spooks target officials who leaked govt docs to bloggers

We'll keep on publishing, say web folk

Yep, world+dog's spies are in our network, says Vodafone as it bares all

Care about your privacy? Best move to Kenya, matey

Thunder-faced Mozilla lifts Flash Firefox block after 0-days plugged

Browser maker backs search for 'safer and more stable' alternative – like its own

FireEye intern nailed in Darkode downfall was VXer, say the Feds

'Helped improve detection capabilities' while allegedly selling badass trojan toolkit

Your security is just dandy, Apple Pay, but here comes Android

Analysis Sometimes a token gesture is a good thing

Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT

Licensing agreement says 'receive automatic downloads without additional notice'

Oracle slings 193 patches, nixes exploited Java zero day

Unauthenticated remote code execution among grizzly vulns.

RC4 crypto: Get RID of it already, say boffins

This one simple attack busts WPA-TKIP in less than an hour

Cisco Videoscape bug could bring endless repeats to your tellie

Cloudy PVR has denial of service problem, but the fix is in

United Airlines bug bounty shells out 1.8M miles for three flaws

14 flaws nixed by crowdsourced code-hunters

Wi-Fi Alliance ushers in new era of intrusive apps

First 'Wi-Fi Aware' chips pass certification

Europe a step closer to keeping records on all passengers flying in and out of the Continent

Privacy activists alarmed by profiling implications

Infosec bigwigs rally against US cyber export control rule

Coalition formed to oppose 'misguided' legislation that will help hackers, hurt research

Epic Games, Epic Fail: Forumers' info blown into dust by hack

Company sorry for the inconvenience caused. Great

Malwarebytes slurps startup, hopes to belch out Mac malware zapper

Aims to charm fanbois with adware removal tool

Former spook bigwigs ask for rewrite of UK’s surveillance laws

‘New legislative framework’ needed, says RUSI report

Content delivery network CloudFlare's court order count soars

50 legal letters land in six months as spooks seek insights into traffic

Microsoft nixes A-V updates for XP, exposes 180 MEEELLION luddites

XP rump now carrion for hackers as malware removal tool pulled, A-V updates cease

Salesforce unleashes red-tape-as-a-service for regulation-heavy users

Compliance-conscious folk get SmsSaaS: Slightly-more-secure-software-as-a-service

Microsoft kills TWO Hacking Team vulns: NOT the worst in this Patch Tues either

Office desktops, RDP servers, Hyper-V systems, all hit

GET PATCHED: Adobe plugs Hacking Team Flash holes and more

Software portfolio looks like a nicotine addict's buttocks

Tour de France leader's cycling data may have been hacked by doping critics

‘We’ve got legal guys on the case,’ says Team Sky

Hacking Team spyware rootkit: Even a new HARD DRIVE wouldn't get rid of it

No amount of scrubbing could shift UEFI BIOS nasty

Proxyham Wi-Fi relay SUPPRESSED. CONSPIRACY, yowl tinfoilers

Cool it chaps, fed-dodger kit is hardly a major innovation

Mozilla loses patience with Flash over Hacking Team, BLOCKS it

'Temporary pending a patch'. Until the next time

Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo

Whoops, sorry, did we not make that clear - Google

Sixty-five THOUSAND Range Rovers recalled over DOOR software glitch

Yes, door software - like on the Heart of Gold, presumably

Been hacked? Now to decide if you chase the WHO or the HOW

Analysis Marketers want the bad guys named. Security pros aren't sure they're right

Adobe: We REALLY are taking Flash security seriously – honest

Read their Lips – get our tips

Telegram messaging app cops 200Gbps DDoS

'Someone from East Asia is pissed' say admins, but our cyborgs are fighting back

Hackers sell 79,267 Cloudminr accounts for ONE Bitcoin

Was it even a real mine, or a Ponzi scheme, ponder former users

FLASH MUST DIE, says Facebook security chief

It's in a magic bad-but-not-bad-enough hellspot - so just kill it already

Linux Foundation serves up a tasty dish of BUGS

Lots of important tools get no developer love, which makes Linux a bit more risky

Hacking Team: We’ll be back in the spyware biz before you know it

Meanwhile countries sue for the right to snoop

Brandis' metadata retention recipe doesn't prohibit USB drives stored in a garden shed

Guidance to carriers says crypto's a must, but storage and physical security details scanty

Hacking Team's snoopware 'spied on anti-communist activists in Vietnam'

Yet more revelations emerge from email trove

Someone at Subway is a serious security nerd

I'll have a 12-incher with the lot, hold the p0wnage

Java jockeys join Flash fans in the 0-day exploit club

No Flash, no Java makes web a dull, but safer, place

DEA agent slugged a MEELLION dollars for Silk Road snipe

Hopes for release from solitary

China makes internet shut-downs official with new security law

If it threatens security, China reserves the right to switch off networks

Hacking Team: We're the good guys, but SO misunderstood. Like Batman

And we were brought down by a government conspiracy

Flash HOLED AGAIN TWICE below waterline in fresh Hacking Team reveals

Updated Adobe vows to plug serious hijack leaks