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Security Earlier

ISIS operates a crypto help desk – report

If true, NBC may have identified an actual BOFH

Seized: Fake EFF .org linked to hackers hitting NATO, White House PCs

Digital rights group takes down Pawn Storm base

Adobe releases out-of-band security patches – amazingly not for Flash

ColdFusion, LiveCycle and Premiere get fixed

Microsoft chief Satya drops an S bomb in Windows 10, cloud talk

S is for security, but what about privacy?

Rap for wrap chaps in crap email trap: Chipotle HR used domain it had no control over

Tell us your message horrors, readers

Today is not the day to search for a beautician in Russia

CTB ransomware blasts 60 high-traffic sites hosted by Rustelekom

Tinder clone TanTan lets wire spies locate lovers

Fixes promised for man-in-the-middle diddle

Symantec's salvation plan is more and better integration. No, really

New CEO Mike Brown outlines security product mashup plan

Medical data, staff creds exposed as scores of apps bork the backend

Blackhat Europe HAVOC tool rips out keys stored inside apps.

BitLocker popper uses Windows authentication to attack itself

Blackhat Europe Microsoft squashes offline logic flaw that makes lost laptops dynamite

US govt just can't hire enough cyber-Sherlocks

One in ten FBI Cyber Task Force teams don't have a techie

The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story

Analysis Researchers and writers blur lines, cause problems

Hold on, France and Russia. Anonymous is here to kick ISIS butt

Terrorists get their wish – they really will be screwed by 72 virgins

Ex-GCHQ chief now heads up infosec firm's advisory board

Walled gardens are 'scintillating proposition' for ex-spy

Faux Disk Encryption: Mobile phone crypto not a magic bullet

Black Hat Europe And sorry fandroids, iOS provides 'more granular control'

Drop the obsession with Big Data, zero days and just... help the business

Black Hat Europe Security pros urged to drop the crap, get into the scrap

Trouble brewing as iThing coffee machine seems to be hackable

You'll need quality granules, hot water, and fully configured IT for a perfect cup

US Presidential race becomes Wi-Fi password snark battle

Freeze on visas for skilled workers bubbles along as background issue

MetroPCS patches hole that opened 10 million user creds to plunder

Scripts could have caused mayhem.

More POS malware, just in time for Christmas

VXers stuff evidence-purging malware in retailer stockings.

Google wants to add 'not encrypted' warnings to Gmail

Bad actors named and shamed

Microsoft boffins build better crypto for secure medical data crunching

Practical homomorphic encryption manual released

Badware in the firmware all over the place

Eurecom researchers scan embedded systems, kick an ants' nest

PNG pongs: critical bug patched in ubiquitous libpng

Crafted image crashes apps, server processes

Conficker is back – and it's infecting police body cams

Malware spotted on law enforcement recording gear

Merseyside DDoS daddy given eight months behind bars

When bragging of your illegal exploits, leave off your real name

Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night

Dangerous, stupid and highly illegal

MoD-founded firm Niteworks loses login creds of UK defence folk

Exclusive Company is sorry for the 'inconvenience'

Prison telco recorded inmates' lawyer-client calls, hack reveals

Company claims miffed insider to blame for spaffing docs

TalkTalk hired BAE Systems' infosec bods before THAT hack

Plus: Police told us not to answer questions, says telco

CloudFlare drinks the DNSSEC kool-aid, offers it on universal basis

Controversial protocol launched

Amazon vendors flog thousands of rooted, malware-laden tablets

Because getting infected in the after-market is so tedious

Horrid checkbox download bundlers drop patch-frozen Chrome

Shonky software casting users to wolves to spruik ads.

Ransomware-as-a-service surfaces, wants 10 percent profit cut

Customer loyalty in the age of scumware

Twitter DM character limit liberation spells opportunity for botnets

Direct message command and control hides in the walla walla rhubarb.

The Edward Snowden guide to practical privacy

NSA whistleblower talks turkey about personal surveillance

German ATM displays bank’s network config data to infosec bod

Not a planned hack – but still a massive fail

Fraudsters are using you and this Ammyy of malware downloads

Miscreants learning the lessons of the cyberspies

Got to be better than human protection: New firm using machine learning anti-malware

RotM Last stand against infection in UK biz drive

Shadow state? Scotland's IT independence creeps forth

National ID and police surveillance plans from our friends in the north

Got a time machine? Good, you can brute-force 2FA

Get rid of ntpdate, patch ntpd, says security researcher

Big Bang left us with a perfect random number generator

Want a FIPS 140-2 RNG? Look at the universe