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Security Earlier

British military laser death ray cannon contract still awarded, MoD confirms

Sound familiar? Yes, you read it on El Reg last July

Researchers work to save trusted computing apps from keyloggers

SGX needs I/O protection, Austrian boffins reckon

Put walls around home Things, win $25k from US government

Calling 'tinkerers and thinkers'

Hacker: Lol, I pwned! Web devs: Nuh-uh, no you didn't

Updated Publishing system makers say it's a hoax

Ransomware scum: 'I believe I'm a good fit. See attachments'

HR staffers, crap corporate spam filters, in VXer sights

Florida Man sues Verizon for $72m – for letting him commit identity theft

2017 is off to a flying start

Travel booking systems ‘wide open’ to abuse – report

Updated Let me check my Rolodex... T for Travel Agent ...

Hackers could turn your smart meter into a bomb and blow your family to smithereens – new claim

And before that, pwn your IoT gadgets via power supply gear

Boffins bag side-channel bugs before they bite

How to spot a side order of Rowhammer in a benign binary

Kaspersky fixing serious certificate slip

Updated Security smashed for 400 MEEELLION users

Web-exposed MongoDB installs wiped by bitcoin ransoming script scum

Patch or perish

Hot Desk? Sec-tech firm LANDESK to be forged together with HEAT

Mid-range security mash-up

New Android-infecting malware brew hijacks devices. Why, you ask? Your router

1,280 Wi-Fi networks have fallen victim to the Switcher

Army social media psyops bods struggling to attract fresh blood

'We have no recruiting targets,' says indignant MoD spin doctor

Programmer finds way to liberate ransomware'd Google Smart TVs

1. Enter recovery mode
2. Reset TV
3. Laugh at VXers

Libpng library gets fix for truly ancient bug

Where were you in June 1995? Coding image libraries? Let's have a chat

Hate 'contact us' forms? This PHPmailer zero day will drop shell in sender

Borked patch opens remote code execution on web servers

Android tops 2016 vuln list, with 523 bugs

Google joins Microsoft, Apple, Adobe in top of the pops

Russian 'grid attack' turns out to be a damp squib

Updated One laptop does not a blackout make

Top-Secret-cleared SOCOM medics hit in 11GB govt database leak

Dismissed hacker calls buddy to nix exposed database

Prez Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election meddling

Russian Embassy responds with pic of 'LAME' duck, says move is 'Cold War deja vu'

Trio charged with $4m insider trading by hacking merger lawyers

Up to seven New York law firms targeted, say Manhattan prosecutors

A year in infosec: Bears, botnets, breaches ... and elections

History made

Netgear: Nothing to see here, please disperse. Just another really bad router security hole

Firmware updates on the way

US healthcare under siege: Got good insurance?

Great. Keep an eye out for medical device hackers, though

Apple drops requirement for apps to use HTTPS by 2017

Deadline for App Transport Security adoption delayed until time of Cupertino's choosing

Sneaky chat app Signal deploys decoy domains to deny despots

Reasonably secure messenger has, for now, outwitted those who would block it

Bad news: Exim hole was going to be patched on Xmas Day. Good news: Keyword 'was'

Updated Code release for info-leak bug brought forward

'DNC hackers' used mobile malware to track Ukrainian artillery – researchers

Frontline battlefield operatives are Fandoids?

Groupon frauds blamed on third-party password breaches

Been re-using passwords again, bud123?

NIST requests ideas for crypto that can survive quantum computers

Christmas miracle: Government preparing properly for problem expected to land in ~20 years

Don't pay up to decrypt – cure found for CryptXXX ransomware, again

Back to the drawing board, boys

Netflix US Twitter account hacked

Streaming steaming

Energy firm points to hackers after Kiev power outage

Erm, it was hovering between -9˚C and -1˚C that day

Facebook has stopped SHA-ring, a year later than it promised

The Social Network™ revoked its SHA-1 certs in November, but promised to stop serving traffic with the algo last year

Strong non-backdoored encryption is vital – but the Feds should totally be able to crack it, say House committees

We want to have our cake and stuff our faces with it

Wassenaar weapons pact talks collapse leaving software exploit exports in limbo

Some progress, but it's glacial

China gives America its underwater drone back – with a warning

Should have thrown in a dictionary, too, for Trump

Testing times: Can your crypto-code survive the Google gauntlet?

Mount Wycheproof pinpoints mistakes in software libraries

Kingpin in $1m global bank malware ring gets five years in chokey

Cyber-crim nabbed after he used home IP address to empty victims' accounts

Bad news, fandroids: Mobile banking malware now encrypts files

First Faketoken stole credentials, now it holds data to ransom

This is your captain speaking ... or is it?

Updated In-flight entertainment systems create hacker risk, say researchers