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Cries of spies as audit group finds possible 'backdoor' in Bittorrent Sync

Updated: BitTorrent responds Hashes gone AWOL: bugged or just buggy?

USB coding anarchy: Consider all sticks licked

Thumb drive design ruled by almighty buck

Three WireLurker suspects arrested in China – reports

Accused of being authors of first non-jailbroken iThing malware

Holy cow! Fasthosts outage blamed on DDoS hack attack AND Windows 2003 vuln

Monday, bloody Monday

State Dept shuts off unclassified email after hack. Classified mail? That's CLASSIFIED

Classified systems 'not affected' - but, is this reconnaissance?

WinShock PoC clocked: But DON'T PANIC... It's no Heartbleed

SChannel exploit opens an easily closed door

Attack reveals 81 percent of Tor users but admins call for calm

Cisco Netflow a handy tool for cheapskate attackers

Meet OneRNG: a fully-open entropy generator for a paranoid age

Kiwis to seek random investors for crowd-funded randomiser

VXers Shellshocking embedded BusyBox boxen

It's 2014 and some people are still using default user names and passwords

You really need to do some tech support for Aunty Agnes

Free anti-virus software, expires, stops updating and p0wns the world

EVERYTHING needs crypto says Internet Architecture Board

Calls for all new protocols to protect privacy, all the time, everywhere

Oi, Europe! Tell US feds to GTFO of our servers, say Microsoft and pals

By writing a really angry letter about how it's harming our cloud business, ta

Apple: Want a PATCH for iOS Masque attack? TOUGH LUCK, FANBOI

Nobody has been affected, says firm

HSBC Turkey WON'T reissue cards despite 2.7 MILLION account details going AWOL

Not enough info stolen to make fraud possible, says bank

Poll trolls' GCHQ script sock puppets manipulate muppets

Stop and Thinkst: Is that really the Most Popular story or did haxxors Bash it out?

Dormant IP addresses RIPE for hijacking

'That's not us spamming, honest' cries hosting firm

US Marshals commit DIRTBOX INTRUSION on Americans, says report

Mobe-tracking planes deployed across country

US carder gets nine years in cooler, must pay back $50 MEELLION

Department of Justice goes gangbusters in pursuit of crims

Lads from Lagos using 'Predator Pain' on hapless 419 victims

Emails from thieving RATs contain keyloggers teams up with moneymen on HACK ATTACK INSURANCE

+Comment Cover for biz ... but you'll have to jump through hoops

Pay-by-bonk chip lets hackers pop all your favourite phones

Think your phone is safe? You've got NFC

'Chinese hackers' pop US weather bureau, flatten forecast feeds

NOAA hack was COVERED UP yells congressman

ISPs are stripping encryption from netizens' email – EFF

Civil liberties body in shock blog

Yorkshire man NICKS 1,000 Orange customer records. Court issues TINY FINE

Change the law – chuck baddies in jail, says watchdog

Annus HORRIBILIS for TLS! ALL the bigguns now officially pwned in 2014

Critical crypto nought-day not the worst of mega Nov patch batch

Target, Home Depot and UPS attacks: Dude, you need to rethink point-of-sale security

BlackPOS, FrameworkPOS, Backoff probed

Cybersecurity? Nothing to do with us, mate – Google and Facebook

Industry lobby group begs EU to ditch new cyber law

DAY ZERO, and COUNTING: EVIL 'UNICORN' all-Windows vuln - are YOU patched?

We will all remember the 11th of November

Iranian contractor named as Stuxnet 'patient zero'

Hell-worm targeted five companies before plundering Natanz

Patch Windows boxes NOW – unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet

Someone, come up with a catchy logo for this SSL hole

Most convincing PHISHING pages hoodwink nearly half of you – Google

Please update your details...

German spies want millions of Euros to buy zero-day code holes

Because once we own them, nobody else can ... oh, wait

British drones target ISIS for the first time

Reasons to fear the Reaper

EMET 5.0 crashes Patch Tuesday party

Patch this and this and this and this

Hacker Hammond's laptop protected by pet password

'Chewy123' easy as ABC

Mozilla makeover to boost Tor torque, capacity

Privacy pundits launch Polaris project

Names, ages, addresses, SSNs of US postal staff slurped in 'mega-hack'

Beware of the dog ... or the dragon?

Got an iPhone or iPad? LOOK OUT for MASQUE-D INTRUDERS

UNjailbroken iOS 7, 8 open to evil, says secbiz FireEye

Feeling safe in your executive hotel suite, Mr CEO? Well, DON'T

Corporate bosses clobbered on luxury venue networks by 'Darkhotel'

BrowserStack HACK ATTACK: Service still suspended after rogue email

Admits breach, but only within email address list

Someone has broken into your systems. Now what?

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Aussie feds consider job offer to 'LulzSec leader' who wasn't

Man jailed for simple website defacement protests his technical impotence