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Jeep hackers broke DMCA, says EFF, and that's stupid

Security by obscurity never works

Microsoft joins attack on 'non-consensual pornography'

Offers erasure of revenge smut selfies from Bing, Xbox, OneDrive

Get root on an OS X 10.10 Mac: The exploit is so trivial it fits in a tweet

Code dive If you want it fixed, upgrade to the El Capitan beta

Security tool bod's hell: People think I wrote code for Hacking Team!

Now he wishes there was an anti-snoop clause in the GPL

Lottery IT security boss guilty of hacking lotto computer to win $14.3m

Bloke rigged systems so he knew which numbers would come next

Hark, the Hacking Team angels sing, it’s not us who’ve actually sinned

Even that Sudan stuff wasn’t actually a weapon

Report links alleged US, Israeli cybercrims with JPMorgan MEGAHACK

Pump-and-dump buck stops with arrests in Florida and Israel

Pakistan wants to copy GCHQ and eavesdrop on world+dog's comms

Spies gonna spy, no matter where in the world they are

Catch 'em while you can! Presenting Druva's virtual open door detector

Sounding alarms over sensitive info exposure

Nigerian prince swaps the sweet talk for keyloggers and exploits

Their emails still reek, but non-English natives don't notice

Joomla Helpdesk Pro remote code exec vulns lead to server pwnage

You want to download config.php? Sure, why not?

Google, Facebook and chums launch web blacklist to nail ad scammers

New tricks nix fake clicks

Jeep drivers can be HACKED to DEATH: All you need is the car's IP address

Hackers can connect to brakes, engine over cellular network

Ashley Madison invites red-faced cheats to bolt stable door for free

See that dust cloud in the distance? That's the hackers' horse, that is

Scammers going after iOS as fake crash reports hit UK

Hey fanbois, call this number to fix problems that doesn’t exist

The roots go deep: Kill Adobe Flash, kill it everywhere, bod says

Even after deletion you can be p0wned by PowerPoint or whipped by Word

Black Hat 2015: 32 SCADA, mobile zero-day vulns will drop

Pwn storm brews

Dumb MongoDB admins spew 600 TERABYTES of unauthenticated data

Flaw identified three years ago comes back to bite NoSQL crowd

America's tweaks to weapons trade pact 'will make web less secure'

Tech giants line up to blast proposed changes to Wassenaar Arrangement

Snowden to the IETF: Please make an internet for users, not the spies

Whistleblower addresses Prague meeting of 'net engineers

Spyware-spewing Wi-Fi drone found on Hacking Team, Boeing's todo list

Air-to-surface malware missiles

Microsoft: Hey, you. Done patching Windows this month? WRONG

Yet another serious vulnerability emerges from leaked Hacking Team archives

The Ruskies are coming for you, NSA director tells City bankers

GCHQ's Sir David Omand and Admiral Rogers talk up cyber and economic war

British spooks wave through Samsung S6 mobes for UK govt bods

CESG KNOX on wood – certifies vendor's encryption tech

Norton for Windows 10 is NOT a box-borking beta, insists Symantec

Beta? More like Betamax with a snagged tape, howl customers

Fragmented Android development creating greater security risks

Some flaws exist on over a ‘hundred phone models and affect millions of users’

Ashley Madison hack: Site for people who can't be trusted can't be trusted

Bin site or we spaff everything, say hax0rz

North Korea's Red Star Linux inserts sneaky serial content tracker

Hermit Kingdom activists can feel more secure with Open Office

Spamquake subsides: less than half of email is now processed pork

Best results since 2003 as Phisherfolk stop dangling their bait

Crims bait phishing hooks with Flash, cast at US Gov agencies

State targeted after tech, aerospace, transport campaign

Hacking Team hackers questioned over Hacking Team hack

Reports say authorities considering possibility of inside job

Microsoft to spoofed Skype users: Change your account passwords NOW

Contact lists blighted by dodgy messages FOR WEEKS

Cyber-security's dirty little secret: It's not as bad as you think

According to 'research' using 'relatively poor data'

CVS shutters photo website in credit-card hack attack scare

Updated Blame our suppliers, says drugstore giant

Hackers invade systems holding medical files on 4.5 million Cali patients

California hospital group says dirtbags broke in last October

Loan application data hacked, company responds: Meh, not our customers

Hackers vow to publish all if AFC Kredieten doesn't pay up will appeal against DRIPA-busting verdict, says minister

Meanwhile 'unlawful' law stays in force until March next year. Trebles all round!

Password manager Mitro will shutter itself on 31 August

You've got six weeks to migrate all your creds. Chop, chop

TalkTalk deactivates hundreds of email accounts after legacy spam scare

Looks like only Tiscali and Lineone have been targeted

Thanks for open sourcing .NET say Point of Sale villains

VXers say Microsoft's good intentions let them brew truly evil malware

Google, Adobe barricade Flash against hacker hordes – we peek inside

Revealed: Project Zero team's anti-exploit defenses for Swiss-cheese plugin

600 MEELLION apps open to brute force account guessing

Password, password, passwörd, pässwŌrd - keep trying, the apps won't stop you!