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Google floats prototype Key Transparency to tackle secure swap woes

♪ I've got the key, I've got the secreeeee-eeet ♪

Pirates, pirates, whatchu gonna do? Advertisers cop a visit from PIPCU

Someone's keeping the neckbeards in Doritos

Oh, for F...acebook: WhatsApp, critics spar over alleged 'backdoor'

Updated Don't panic, there's nothing to fear, insists green messenger

EU policy makers consider FRAND licensing of machine-generated data

Anonymised app data silos impede movement

WordPress plugs eight holes in latest release

Cross-site scripting, request forgery, and more!

MongoDB hackers now sacking ElasticSearch

Open season on open services

Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'

Stunned security experts tear strips off president-elect pick hours after announcement

ISC squishes BIND packet-of-death bugs

DNS servers are crashable until they're patched

Donald Trump will take cybersecurity advice from, um, Rudy Giuliani

♪ Stop your messin' around, better think of your future ♪

Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals

Gee, what a lovely parting gift by outgoing US prez

Shadow Brokers spew Windows hack tools after exploit auction flop

Screw you, guys, we're going home

iPhone hacking biz Cellebrite hacked

Database pwned, cyber-forensics outfit admits

Security hardened, pah! Expert doubts Kaymera's mighty Google's Pixel

Kaymera: building on shoulders of a giant, claim

Brother-and-sister duo arrested over hacking campaign targeting Italy's bigwigs

EyePyramid operation targeted politicians and business leaders

Peace-sign selfie fools menaced by fingerprint-harvesting tech

Cute photo? Your biometrics just got raided, boffins warn

Crims shut off Ukraine power in wide-ranging anniversary hacks

Phishing, denial of service, and remote exploitation part of hacking banquet

Google Cloud unlocks key achievement

Encryption got you down? Google will manage your secrets for you

Digital video recorder installers master password list 'leaked' – claims

If true, we're talking remote viewing of people's CCTV cams

GoDaddy revokes 9,000 SSL certificates wrongly validated by code bug

Your website will work, but might be riddled with errors

GCHQ feeds first crop of infosec startups to Cyber Accelerator

Tech 'crèche' will nurture firms to compete on the world stage

US Navy runs into snags with aircraft carrier's electric plane-slingshot

EMAL system was nearly bought by the UK. Bullet dodged? Oh no

Oh Britain. Worried your routers will be hacked, but won't touch the admin settings

Survey shows people don't act on insecure wireless routers

How to secure MongoDB – because it isn't by default and thousands of DBs are being hacked

Stop right now and make sure you've configured it correctly

British Hadoop security startup expands to New York to land big investor

Panaseer reckons market there is more mature, i.e. it spends more money on security

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

Microsoft offers two settings – on and almost off – and a dashboard of collected data

Sundown exploit kit weaves Edge hack hole

Thankfully most users are patched

Ansible patches 'own the farm' vulnerability

Just the Facts, sysadmins

EMC slings patch at remote hack nonce-nse

Smells like 2010

Juniper warns: Borked upgrade opens root on firewalls

Turn it off and turn it back on again. No, really

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file

Also: Edge is foiled by hyperlinks, Windows Server fails at authentication requests, and Microsoft is a $486bn company

EU tosses Europe's cookies... popups

But still really keen on user consent, commish insists

UK Parliament suddenly remembers it wants to bone up cyber security *cough* Russia *cough*

Well, they did say it was a priority in 2010

Because I'm bad, I'm bad, Shamoon: PC wiper tried to shut down Saudi snapshot defences

Version 2: Sinister malware just got sinistererer

What do you call a firm that leaves customer financials unencrypted on a hard drive? RSA

No really. Insurer's details on 60k people lost forever

Rethink on bank cybersecurity rules might only follow major bank breach, says expert

Banks 'effectively unregulated on cybersecurity'

Like stealing data from a kid: LA school pays web scum US$28,000 ransom

No chance of data retrieval, experts say

Autocomplete a novel phishing hole for Chrome, Safari crims

Hidden forms capture LastPass autofill

St Jude patching Merlin@home heart kit

Be still my beating heart

Two years on, thousands of unpatched Magento shops still being carded

German infosec agency: 'Patch! Patch! PAAAATTCCCCHHHH!

Prison librarian swaps books for bars after dark-web gun buy caper

The ballad of Brixton nick

Top cop: Strap Wi-Fi jammers to teen web crims as punishment

+Comment Chief Superintendents' Association prez opens mouth, inserts foot

Google caps punch-yourself-in-the-face malicious charger hack

Another reason to avoid those DEF CON charging stations.