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Security Earlier

Want a better password? Pretend you eat kale. We won't tell anyone

Everybody loves somebody sometime, so 'iloveyou' is easier to guess than 'ilovekale'

Swiss CERT publishes reveals details of defence contractor hack

Crims watched Active Directory closely, then sprung their attack with off-the-shelf malware

DMA Locker: One time joke, now next big ransomware threat

Exploit kits on board as devs fix crypto flaws and harden up cash-for-data code

Xen says new patch is 'simple and crude' and warns against using it

Bug means log file can grow until it fills your disk

Guccifer fesses up to Clinton hacks

Romanian hacker to plead guilty

Surrey teen charged over Mumsnet hack attack

Met also conducts interviews about 'swatting'

Apple: Another bug fix. Er, thanks, GCHQ

Things that make you go hmmm...

Malaysians using South African cards pinch US$12.7m in Japan

100 frothing fraudsters smash convenience stores in early morning raids

Shuttered Instagram holes opened 20 million accounts to hijack

Phone numbers exposed in borked verification portal

Snowden: NBN leaker raids a 'misuse' of Australian Federal Police

NSA nemesis says Australia's surveillance state is even nastier than the USA's

Google releases v4 Safe Browsing API

Older versions on deprecation schedule

SWIFT moves on security in wake of hacking attacks

'cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack

Tech support locker scam poses as failed Microsoft Update

Invalid product key scam on the up

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS

Kali Linux, laptop, coffee - hack on!

60 per cent of Androids exposed by new attack on mediaserver

Yet again, the fix would be proper vetting of code in Google Play and other app stores

Japan on Olympic hacking mission to test utilities, trains, telcos

Penetration testing wing to launch next year

Bangladesh government domain turned into toxic phishing hole sites used by parties unknown to spawn phish from UK host

Inside the world's second worst exploit toolkit

Going Nuclear

Android Pay may, er, pay... providing it gets over security hurdle

Electro-wallet hit by malware worries

LinkedIn plays down '117 million users' breach data sale

All encryption isn’t created equal, says expert

Hacker finds flaw in teleconference tool used by US Army, NASA and CERN

Like we need another reason to hate videoconferences

White hats bake TeslaCrypt master key into universal decryptor

Ransomware authors appear to have given up and gone home

Hacker rescues Hollywood house from URL scam squatters

Domain squatters siphon Javascript to fake you out

Android Lollipop sucks at security, says researcher

Opaque apps mean you're not clicking what you think you're clicking

Suckfly: The hacking group targeting India but taking weekends off

State-sponsored hackers without overtime?

SEC warns cybersecurity is biggest threat to financial system

Comes as regulator introduces new crowdfunding rules

Boffins achieve 'breakthrough' in random number generation

New method could make it harder for hackers in the future

Dark net LinkedIn sale looks like the real deal

Low price point invites sales

Phishing scam targets ... actual fishermen in eastern Ukraine

Hook, line and stinker

Hmmm, where should I dump those unencrypted password files? I know - OneDrive

Encryption, corporates have heard of it

Landmark computer hacking archive deposited at TNMOC

Prince Philip Prestel hack preserved for posterity

Magento attacks uncanny hacks-men with shopper-popper patch

Flaw was rated 9.8/10 as it allowed complete re-write of online stores

Cryptxxx shipwrecked: Laughing white hats shred latest ransomware

Darwin award up for grabs as crims and Kaspersky push each other to survive or die

Kids these days can't even write a decent virus

Researchers find crusty Stuxnet, Conficker, are still the web's top threats

Cisco patches security appliance bugs

ASA can be DoSsed by XML, VPN attacks

Cabcharge trip logs exposed by security-free database probe

Taxi payment company knows where you live ... and so can anyone who runs Shodan

Dark web hacking forum hacked and members' privates exposed

Law enforcement eagerly examining Nulled database

First ATM malware is back and badder than ever

Original gangster Skimer goes global

It's all very well hacking ISIS, Barry, but what about your ISA?

HPE has a look at the business of hacking

Sainsbury’s Bank insurance spam scam causes confusion

Unexpected items in the inbox area

Destroying ransomware business models is not your job, so just pay up

COMMENT The FBI's advice to suffer and lose data only makes sense if you're the FBI

Malicious Android apps slip into Google Play, top third party charts

Enlist phones in ad fraud, premium SMS, loser DDoS