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Kill off SSL 3.0 NOW: HTTPS savaged by vicious POODLE

Poodle Pull it out ASAP, it is SWISS CHEESE

It's 2014 and you can still own a Windows box using a Word file or font

Patch Tuesday And Adobe's software is still riddled with holes. Get the updates – now

South Korea faces $1bn bill after hackers raid national ID database

Father of Asian internet warns all is lost

Knives out for new EU rules forcing govts to reveal hacker attacks

What's that? Something you don't want to share with class?

Snapchat 'hack' pics mostly clothed user snaps, odd bits of legacy pr0n – report

Probably doesn't have underage nudes, says analyst

NASTY SSL 3.0 vuln to be revealed soon – sources (Update: It's POODLE)

So nasty no one's even whispering until patch is out

Russian hackers exploit 'Sandworm' bug 'to spy on NATO, EU PCs'

Fix imminent from Microsoft for Vista, Server 2008, other stuff

NSA Sentry Eagle placed spies in private companies

Latest docs show firms in Germany, South Korea, China targeted

'Dropbox passwords' for sale are all EXPIRED: Bitcoin buyers beware

Pastebin: Still not exactly the Oracle of Truth

VMware's tool to harden virtual networks: a spreadsheet

NSX security guide lands in intriguing format

Greedy datagrabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies

Opinion IoT still lacks definition, for one

Cops and spies should blame THEMSELVES for smartphone crypto 'problem' - Hyppönen

IP Expo Spooks are 'imperfect' warns top securo-bod

Android's Cyanogenmod open to MitM attacks

Code re-use spells zero day for millions of modders

Heistmeisters crack cost of safecrackers with $150 widget

Arduino hack-box brute-forces ATMs, gun safes

FACEPALM! HP cert used to sign malware

HEAD-DESK! The same cert was used in software you could be running!

Kmart apologizes to customers after month-long security breach

New malware infected payment systems, some cards likely 'compromised'

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow

While the NSA is tapping your PC, he's tapping ... nevermind

Dairy Queen cuts the waffle, says bank cards creamed in 395 eateries

Burger bars battered by Backoff baddie

Slap for SnapChat web app in SNAP mishap: '200,000' snaps sapped

This is what happens if you hand your username and password to a 3rd-party

Selfmite on STEROIDS: Pumped-up SMS worm is BACK...

Geo-aware nasty spaffs dodgy gear all over your mobe

Internet Explorer stars in monster October Patch Tuesday

Triple patch match as Oracle and Adobe pile on the pain

Facebook scammers punt fake 'sexy vid' of Emma Watson

Malware-flinging 'Guy Fawkes' YouTuber lurks behind

EU, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft: We'll fight terrorists... with WORKSHOPS

EU has dinner with Big Tech before debating data protection

Put down that shotgun: Wi-Fi's the way to beat Zombies

CreepyDOL sensors can pick walkers from humans with MAC snack attack

Crims zapped mobes, slabs we collared for evidence, wail cops

Don't worry, sarge, we got all the ... oh, WTF!

AWS 'won' Xen-mess-inspired cloud reboot says Rightscale

Sysadmins say less patchwork required in the cloud than own bit barns

Malware analysts tell crooks to shape up and write decent code

Who writes their own crypto these days? Seriously!

'A motivated, funded, skilled hacker will always get in' – Schneier

IP Expo It's how you respond that's key, says securo guru

You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students

Servers flooded with MILLIONS of spam messages

Security policy and EU data protection: Don't waste a good crisis

Join us in the Reg Studios on 6 November

Pen-testers outline golden rules to make hacks more €xpen$ive

Podcast Sorry sysadmins, you just lost root access in the name of security

'Bill Gates swallowing bike on a beach' is ideal password say boffins

Train your brain to remember long passwords with flash card memory-building technique

Sir Tim Berners-Lee defends decision not to bake security into www

IP Expo 'The idea that privacy is dead is hopelessly sad'

Chatting to Al Qaeda? Try not to do that – Ex spy chief defends post-Snowden NSA

Everyone spies but 'someone has to lead' – Keith Alexander

Revealed: Malware that forces weak ATMs to spit out 'ALL THE CASH'

Video Banks, lock down your cash machines

Credit card thieves setting up safe seller certifications

Breakpoint Researchers hit Tor, find sophisticated self-regulating market

Mandiant to probe gaps in rusty unpatchable utility systems

Says attackers may only exploit ICS hooks during WAR

What's happened since Beijing's hacker unit was exposed? Nothing

Snowden gets PLA 61398 off the hook, but it's now hacking harder than ever

Adobe spies on reading habits over unencrypted web because your 'privacy is important'

Is Adobe facing its Sony rootkit moment?

Aussie builds contactless card cloner app, shops at Woolies with fake card

Pro tip: public transport is a great place to scan for card credentials

Adobe spies on readers: 'EVERY page you turn, EVERY book you own' leaked back to base

Updated App sends data over the net unencrypted

Britain’s snooping powers are 'too weak', says NCA chief

*Cough* Ripa *cough*... *Cough* Drip *cough* Hand us a lozenge, would you?