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Security Earlier

Random ideas sought to improve cryptography

National Institute for Science and Technology seeks comment on random bit generator proposal

Israeli drones and jet signals slurped by UK and US SIGINT teams

Snowden docs reveal Project Anarchist

US police contracts and private forum posts dumped online

Fraternal Order of the Police not feeling very fraternal

Two-thirds of Android users vulnerable to web history sniff ransomware

Crooks want you to pay up on pain of severe embarrassment – and more

HSBC online services still offline following 'attack' on bank

Updated Oh no - not again!

Home Office lost its workers' completed security vetting forms

Terrible Theresa's department caught making worst security blunder of all

VirusTotal bashes bad BIOSes with forensic firmware fossicker

AV outfit finds new ways to banish low level malware to the .bin

OpenSSL patch quashes rare HTTPS nasty, shores up crypto chops

Feet up for the many, head's down and patch for the rest.

Cisco drops 11 clock-crashing patches for 46 things, probes 142 more

Borg assimilates NTP January update, nixes critical firewall hijack hole

Alleged ISIL hacker faces US terror charges for doxing soldiers

Former student could get 35 years

Word up: BlackEnergy SCADA hackers change tactics

TV stations the latest targets

Pay up, Lincolnshire, or your data gets it. Systems still down after ransomware hits

Exclusive Council has shut down entire IT network to prevent spread

Built-in LG smartphone app created data hack risk

Oh, SNAP! Apply the patch

TalkTalk CuffCuffs 'ScamScam CrimCrims'

Indian call center workers accused of harvesting data

Angler exploit kit now hooking execs with Xmas Flash hole

Rivals stuck with old Adobe exploits

'Critical' Israel power grid attack was just boring ransomware

Minister puts nation on alert, SANS Institute says move along, nothing to see here ...

NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads

Usenix Enigma Rare public appearance from Tailored Access Operations leader

Israeli academics claim they can predict botnet attacks

Isolated attacks can add up to concerted malbot action , say boffins

Would you like fraud with that? Burger chain giant Wendy's 'hacked'

Weird payments probed

Cops hate encryption but the NSA loves it when you use PGP

Usenix Enigma It lights you up like a Vegas casino, says compsci boffin

Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official

Justification: Child abuse and terrorism, of course

Techie on the ground disputes BlackEnergy Ukraine power outage story

Updated And Russia? That's too convenient

Website admin cPanel hacked, loses a bunch of folks' contact details

Press the big red password reset button anyway

Hot-patching method melts security hole in Apple's App Store

JSPatch is a time bomb waiting to explode, warns FireEye

PayPal patches deadly server remote code execution flaw

Java deserialisation flaw was so nasty, PayPal paid bounties to two researchers

Medical data experiment goes horribly wrong: 950,000 records lost

If you find six disk drives marked 'patients who used lab services', please hand them in

'Here are 400,000 smut sites. Block them' says Pakistani telco regulator

Weary sysadmins copy pr0n to /dev/null

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record

Booter blasters belt businesses.

Lenovo's file-sharing app uses hardwired password '12345678' ... or no password at all


Facebook CSO slams RSA Conf for repping 'the worst parts of the security industry'

Usenix Enigma Stamos tells infosec world to drop the hype

Stop the music! Booby-trapped song carjacked vehicles – security prof

Usenix Enigma Don’t buy a motor without a remote update system

If you're one of millions using Magento – stop whatever you're doing and patch now

Ecommerce websites can be hijacked via critical flaw

Broadband-pushers expand user piggyback rides on private Wi-Fi

Universal public coverage, one home router at a time

Now you can easily see if a site's HTTP headers are insecure, beams dev

Site stress site sighted

If you can't buy bootleg gear online in New York, this may be why

Usenix Enigma Cyber-sherlock sheds light on studies into counterfeit goods

NASA, Dept of Defense, Commerce etc probed over use of backdoored Juniper kit

Were firewalls up to date? Committee wants to know

Show us the code! You should be able to peek inside the gadgets you buy – FTC commish

Worried about privacy, security? McSweeny has an answer

Terrible infections, bad practices, unclean kit – welcome to hospital IT

Usenix Enigma Medicine is world's worst industry for data security, it seems

Hacker crew hits Uyghur, Tibet campaigns: Who is Scarlet Mimic's backer...

Does its name rhyme with Threeple's Besmublic of Diner?

Commuters slam UK rail operator c2c. You slow, late, er... privacy violator

Add it to the list, under overcrowding and lateness

Sainsbury's Bank web pages stuck on crappy 20th century crypto

Update 'Someone there should be beaten to a pulp with a keyboard'

Thought you were safe from the Fortinet SSH backdoor? Think again

More devices are dodgy and hackers are cruising for targets