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I wish I'd leaked sooner says Edward Snowden in post-Oscar chinwag

Poitras promises more technical film on NSA spying is in production

Burning Man hackers get burnt

200 queue jumpers caught using 'backdoor'

Give us a week to GUT Superfish, begs Lenovo CTO

Don't Panic, says malware-pusher, Superfish never swam on ThinkPads, servers or arrays

'Lenovo, Superfish put smut on my system' – class-action lawsuit

Should be open and shut (laptop) case

Psst, hackers. Just go for the known vulnerabilities

Look for the obvious, not the esoteric, warns HP

Calling all cybercrooks: Ready-made phone attack rig for sale

Kit used as part of online banking fraud

Debian on track to prove binaries' origins

Reproducible binary project 83% complete

Leaky battery attack reveals the paths you walk in life

'Innocent' power consumption metrics found in scores of Android apps

Facebook security chap finds 10 Superfish sub-species

Cert-jacking 'Komodia' library looks to be widespread

Cisco IPv6 processing bug can cause DoS attacks

Carriers need to patch their big network iron

Mozilla mulls Superfish torpedo

Green-lighted blacklist of compromised certs could be ready in a day

Lenovo to customers: We only just found out about this Superfish vuln – remove it NOW

Chinese vendor belatedly tools up against ad-scumware

Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'

Snafu forced hapless users onto OTHER BROWSERS

Man the HARPOONS: YOU can EASILY SLAY ad-scumware Superfish

+Updates Cleanse your Lenovo box of root cert badness

Hellooo, NSA? The US State Department can't kick hackers out of its networks – report

Email servers still compromised after THREE months

'NSA, GCHQ-ransacked' SIM maker Gemalto takes a $500m stock hit

As security experts denounce mass phone encryption key theft

TrueCrypt + Norton AV = BSOD, wail disgruntled users

Updated Symantec struggling to deliver fix, offers 'mitigation options'

Dutch MEP slams 'cowboy practices' of GCHQ 'n' pals following Gemalto allegations

And asks what the EU Commish is going to do about it

Evil CSS injection bug warning: Don't let hackers cross paths with your website

Say hello to a fascinating vulnerability in web scripts

Hackers now popping Cisco VPN portals

Customise tool makes screwy GUIs

Horrors of murky TrueCrypt to be probed once more

Abandoned crypto tool may hold security treasure for bold explorers

Shodan boss finds 250,000 routers have common keys

Sky, BT and TalkTalk routers may be rotten, but the pain is worse in Spain

Google unleashes tame botnet to hunt XSS in cloudy code

Security scanner spawns hordes of attackers to probe you in all sorts of ways ...

So long, Lenovo, and no thanks for all the super-creepy Superfish

+Comment Laptop biz CTO says there's no security risk – which is why it's labelled it 'severe'

Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It's LIKELY

Snowden leaks reveals how spies can crack encryption on calls worldwide

Android malware hijacks power button, empties wallet while you sleep

Engineer’s reset recommended

Have YOU got Equation NSAware in your drives? Meh, not really our concern, says EU

But we do have another law in the pipeline. So that's alright

Superfish: Lenovo ditches adware, but that doesn't fix SSL megavuln – researcher

Here's how to zap the ad-injecting crapware

Babar the Elephant: Another malware plague with a cute name

Tor-friendly nasty records Skype & Yahoo! chats

Google strongly opposes plans to let ANY US COURT authorise digi-snoops

Ad broker : It raises 'monumental' concerns

iBank: RBS, NatWest first UK banks to allow Apple Touch ID logins

Thieves, prepare your Gummi Bears* for deployment

Canuck Bitcoin exchange gives up after security SNAFU

Cavirtex sends back money after suspected password pop

Rap for fap stack in hack trap flap: This XXX site caught an STI (Script Transmitted Infection)

If you surfed to this grumble-flick palace, check yourself

Lenovo shipped lappies with man-in-the-middle ad/mal/bloatware

'Superfish' causes an almighty stink

This one weird script continually crashes Android email

Not reading email? No worries: this one can still take you down

After Brit spies 'snoop' on families' lawyers, UK govt admits: We flouted human rights laws

Whoops! Our bad (as our NSA friends would say)

Microsoft updates Outlook app security, but haters still gunna hate

Amazon moving to Azure

Critical 0-days in open source? The problem isn't code, it's CASH

Linux Foundation honcho talks turkey on funding war on vulns

Check Point buys bare-metal security upstart Hyperwise

Sandbox-friendly securo-baby snapped up

Obama turns back on spooks: 'I'm on the side of strong encryption'

+Vid US prez still slags off Snowden despite odd remarks

Jamie Oliver serves up steaming pile of malware

Hacker recipe: a dash of Flash, a sprinkle of Silverlight, a pinch of Java and YOU'RE DONE

A cookie with a 7,984-year lifespan. Blimey, Roy Batty only got 4!

UK websites fess up to their crazy cookie-ness