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Security Earlier

Governments Googling Google about you more than ever says Google

Chocolate Factory welcomes 'improvements' in surveillance laws

Maxthon web browser blabs about your PC all the way back to Beijing

Now that's a little rude

Guilt by ASN: Compiler's bad memory bug could sting mobes, cell towers

Telco, embedded systems may inherit remote vulns

World-Check terror suspect DB hits the web at just US$6750

Last month's borked Couchdb breach delivers more pain to Thomson Reuters

Hardball hacker thrown in the cooler for 46 months for guessing rival team's password

Years in the clink and it wasn't even a good club

For $800 you can buy internet engineers' answer to US government spying

Open-source CrypTech board launches in Berlin

How to scam $750,000 out of Microsoft Office: Two-factor auth calls to premium-rate numbers

Tech giants scramble to fix pricey loophole

15-year-old security hole HTTPoxy returns to menace websites – it has a name, logo too

So you know it's really scary

UKFast owner slurps app security biz Pentest

Swells the ranks of ethical hackers at Secarma

Euro IP study finds 25 Tor-and-Bitcoin-loving pirate business models

In colossal surprise, criminals revealed as rather fond of anonymity technologies

World's worst exploit kit weaponises white hats' proof of concept code

Plaid Parliament of Pwning's IE attack turned into pay-to-p0wn cannon

Tor veteran Lucky Green exits, torpedos critical 'Tonga' node and relays

Chap responsible for very early nodes says 'recent events' make it impossible to continue

Security firm clarifies power-station 'SCADA' malware claim

It's not the next Stuxnet, says SentinelOne, it's just very naughty code

Intel's SGX tiptoes towards Linux

SDK, driver live on GitHub

Extortion trojan watches until crims find you doing something dodgy

And then the extortion starts and you're asked to steal critical data

OpenSSH has user enumeration bug

Blowfish is faster than SHA256, and that's a problem when servers talk back

Samsung spills beans on mystery username, password emails to devs

Someone pressed the wrong button in portal redesign

McCain: Come to my encryption hearing. Tim Cook: No, I'm good. McCain: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you

Senatorial janitorial

Since you love Flash so much, Adobe now has TWO versions for you

Which one is the secure one, you ask? Ha ha, you crack us up

Hackers steal millions from ATMs using 'just their smartphones'

Cyber-robbers flee Taiwan with swag swiped from 'malware-infected machines'

Silently clicking on porn ads you can't even see – this could be you...

Pokemon Go mobile malfeasance spinning out of control

BAE Systems partners with SWIFT to bolster hacker intel

Team says it has already sniffed malware-flingers

Cisco gives you two nasty bugs to fix before the weekend

NCS 6000 and ASR 5000 routers need some lovin'

ANZ Bank staffers drop slick incident response tool for Mandiant mobs

Plugs hundreds of endpoints into 'single pane of glass'

Google's Nexii stand tall among Android's insecure swill

Most droids are not the ones you are looking for if you value security

Chinese hacker jailed for shipping aerospace secrets home

F35, F22 and Boeing data sent to People's Liberation Army

Microsoft silently kills dev backdoor that boots Linux on locked-down Windows RT slabs

Patch Tuesday wasn't just about browser bugs

Thermostat biz Nest warms to home security, touts cam with cloud storage subscription

What could go wrong?

Symantec, Intel carve out diminishing slice of growing security market

Oh dear, Big 5. Looks like the Others are growing...

You really do want to use biometrics for payments, beam banks

Visa-backed survey gives fingerprint recognition the thumbs-up

Critical remote code execution holes reported in Drupal modules

Dormant Coder module? Kill it quick.

Cryptocat dev reckons WhatsApp is blocking calls to Saudi numbers

Decompiled code suggests blocks are embedded in the app

CloudFlare probes mystery interception of site traffic across India

Traffic to Pirate Bay and others redirected to AirTel banned URL notice

Juniper's bug hunters fire out eight patches

Junos OS has been put through the wringer since that nasty backdoor scandal

Tor board swept under carpet after Appelbaum 'sex misconduct' claims

New group including Bruce Schneier and Matt Blaze sworn in to oversee anonymizing tool

White hat hacker AI bots prepare for DARPA's DEF CON cyber brawl

Software must automatically find bugs in rival code. Are you not entertained?

Generous Fiat Chrysler offers $1,500 for car security bugs – or two minutes of annual profit

Spends pennies to protect drivers' lives

US govt bank insurer 'covered up China hack to protect top boss'

FDIC waited until after chairman was installed to reveal IT security horror, it is claimed

Kids’ shoes seller Start-rite suspends sales following breach

Re-used your creds elsewhere? Might wanna change those

Exploit kit miscreants rush to plug gap in cyber-crime marketplace

Sundown's getting updates, possibly from Yugoslavian crooks

Meet Riffle, the next-gen anonymity network that hopes to trounce Tor

Here's hoping it's not a load of piffle

It's 2016 and Windows lets crims poison your printer drivers

One of the messes munched this Patch Tuesday is very nasty, for you and Redmond