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Feds: Bloke 'HACKED PLANE controls' - from his PASSENGER seat

Or so he said, anyway. And it wasn't even first class

Penn State University network sacked by China malware blitz

Systems taken offline as college punts in face of cyber attack

Mobile spyware firm mSpy hacked, clients doxxed on dark web

Unwitting snoop subjects also possibly compromised by breach

Starbucks denies mobile app hack, blames careless customers

I like my online security prospects like my coffee: black and bitter

Hacker 3D prints device that can crack a combo lock in 30 seconds

Back to drawing board for Master Lock manufacturer owner pleads guilty to helping others beat lie detector

Douglas Williams faces up to 20 years in jail

Get paid (airline) peanuts with United's new bug bounty program

Free flights instead of rent money – where do we sign up?

VENOM virtual vuln proves less poisonous than first feared

Analysis Potential deleterious effects more like a snakebite* than a snake bite

Look out, law abiding folk: UK’s Counter-Extremism Bill slithers into view

Might as well just abolish 'innocent until proven guilty'

Chinese cyber-spies hid botnet controls in MS TechNet comments

Online spooks hide 'numbers station’ control node in plain sight

You have the right to be forgotten 41.3 per cent of the time says Google

Transparency report details erasure efforts a year after EU forget-me-yes edict

Time to patch your Cisco TelePresence systems

Because you can't be telepresent when the bad guys are DOSing you

SAP crypto offers customers choice of remote code execution or denial of service

Home-baked encryption followed the wrong recipe

Don't look now: Fujitsu ships new mobe with EYEBALL-scanning security

Because passwords are just so passé

Home routers co-opted into self-sustaining DDoS botnet

Resulting mess will be hellishly difficult to clear up, say researchers

Heartbleed, eat your heart out: VENOM vuln poisons countless VMs

Widespread virtualization flaw dates back over a decade

Infosec bods demo GPU keylogger. Don't tell the NS... oh, wait

Threat relies on in-transit interception of hardware

WikiLeaks, er, leaks the Bundestag Inquiry into NSA naughtiness

Includes a German spook explaining how to siphon data from fibre-optic cables

Jamie Oliver's ministry of malware served slops AGAIN

Chef cooks up evil code for the third time this year

What the BLEEP? BitTorrent's secure messaging app arrives

New 'whisper' mode deletes messages while u wait

GCHQ puts out open recruitment call for 'white hat' hackers

Fancy becoming a Bond? Off to Cheltenham and Scarborough with you

Are you an infosec bod? You must be STINKING RICH, says study

Big bucks to be made if you're in one of these particular roles

Pop-up pest MacKeeper patches 0-day remote code execution vuln

URL-handling leaves users well and truly rooted

Cyber-scum deface Nazi concentration camp memorial website

Far-right extremists suspected in ‘criminal, sick attack’

Russia and China seal cyber non-hack pact

Together they can save the world from social media and democracy

Small WordPress sites leaking like sieves

Login-stealing C&C server spotted

Smart grid security WORSE than we thought


Rogue cybersecurity firm killed cancer testing lab, claims ex-employee

Bollocks, says Tiversa – he's making it up

FTC slaps orders on alleged diet pill spamvertising scam scum

'Com Spammers' turned out to be US-based and within reach

Get ready: 'Critical' Adobe Reader patches coming on Tuesday 12 May

Maybe don't open any pdfs until then, eh?

HORDES OF CLING-ONS menace IT estate as special WinXP support ends

Met Police at least have a plan: NHS doesn't even have a clue

Docker crocker-blocker aims at stopping Docker shockers

VMware and friends offer cold water laundry list for containers

Almost EVERY SAP install hackable, researchers say

Even worse when you tinker with it.

Cisco plugs remote code execution flaw in UCS Central control freak

No workarounds means you'll patch or die trying

$7500 DDoS extortion hitting Aussie, Kiwi enterprises

Pay up or we'll send up to 400Gbps your way

NSA domestic dragnet NOT authorised by Patriot Act, rules US Appeals Court

Act isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for NSA

Canada passes controversial spook-powers law

Parliament keen to increase security after attack on ... Parliament

Red-faced Germans halt NSA cooperation after Euro spying revealed

Stick another one on the 'Merkel's phone' list of snooping blunders

Ex-NSA security bod fanboi: Apple Macs are wide open to malware

'I love Apple products, I just wish they were secure'

F*cking DLL! Avast false positive trashes Windows code libraries

Avast there indeed, matey, wail admins as rogue guard dog savages their jugular

Spooks BUSTED: 27,000 profiles reveal new intel ops, home addresses

Searchable OPSEC built by scouring LinkedIn for folks claiming spook skillz

Apple swats Webkit bugs that bit it on Safari

Webkit history, page loading and everyday browsing holes plugged