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100k+ petition: MPs must consider debating Snoopers' Charter again

Brexit means Brex... hang on, you want to store... WTF?

The Internet Society is unhappy about security – pretty much all of it

It's all fun and games until someone loses a life

Japan investigating defence network break-in

The usual unnamed 'state-based' attacker blamed

Phishing tackle ships data catch to net sharks

DIY-phishing code advertised YouTube have predictable by-products

Microsoft update servers left all Azure RHEL instances hackable

Patch proffered, pen-tester paid

Passengers ride free on SF Muni subway after ransomware infects network, demands $73k

Updated Office admin systems derailed by malware

Grand App Auto: Tesla smartphone hack can track, locate, unlock, and start cars

Musk's lot better get on this

London cops' tech slammed for failing abused kids – report

HMIC also hits cops for shrugging off responsibility for 'streetwise' children

EU puts out prescription for smart hospitals

IoT would be great for healthcare... if it wasn't so damn insecure

Drops the mic... Hang on, hackers could be listening through my headphones?

RealTek codec vuln can switch speakers from output to input

Poison .JPG spreading ransomware through Facebook Messenger

Cick-to-self-p0wn attack sneaks Locky ransomware past Zuck's security model

Mozilla hackers audit cURL file transfer toolkit, give it a tick for security

Four remote code execution holes patched along the way

Melbourne man arrested for broadcasting fake messages to pilots

Commerical kit, not hacking, all that's needed.

CERT tells Microsoft to keep EMET alive because it's better than Win 10's own security

Vuln seeker says EMET has 13 protections Win 10 doesn't

CompSci boffins offer new bug-rating system to get you home on time

Rating Impact, not theoretical severity, is goal of 'Non-Intrusive and Context-Based Vulnerability Scoring'

Attackers use ancient zero-day to pop Asian banks, govts

Flawed desktop publishing tool for readers of Urdu and Arabic phlayed with phishing

CompSci Prof raises ballot hacking fears over strange pro-Trump voting patterns

Calls for audit of votes in key swing states just to make sure nothing went awry

Men overboard! US Navy spills data on 134k sailors

In the Navy, we sink thanks to HPE! In the Navy, we leak data with much ease!

Visa cries foul over Euro regulator's stronger authentication demands

No more 5-second checkouts

Sorry, iPhone fans – only Fandroids get Barclays' tap-to-withdraw

It's only a test

Comcast is the honey badger of ISPs – injects pop-ups into browsers, doesn't give a fsck

Nothing to see here. Move along

Deliver-oops! Takeaway pusher's customers burger-ed by hijackers

Baddies stole food, not credit card data, protests firm

Telegram API ransomware wrecked three weeks after launch

Crypto so bad that getting around it is shooting fish in a barrel

It's time: Patch Network Time Protocol before it loses track of time

Synchronise your watches before someone exploits DDOS bug, or nine other nasties

Signal security revealed: A triple-Diffie-Hellman with a double ratchet

Secure messaging app invites you to dive in and figure out if it's done anything wrong

Credit cards ripped from Madison Square Garden venues in year-long op

No word on number of cards stolen in physical breach.

Snail mail thieves feed international identity theft rings say Oz cops

A little bit of social engineering, a little bit of lax physical security and a whole lot of pain

FYI: The FBI is being awfully evasive about its fresh cyber-spy powers

Agents want to hack suspected Tor, VPN users at will – no big deal

WordPress auto-update server had flaw allowing anyone to add anything to websites worldwide

About 27 per cent of the entire WWW at risk, we're told

Hospital info thief malware puts itself into a coma to avoid IT bods

Software nasty also uses steganography to inject poison payload

Hack the Army: US military begs white hats to sweep it for bugs

Uncle Sam goes crackers for hackers

178 arrested in pan-European money mule crackdown

Law enforcement dents cybercrime networks

Merkel calls for balanced approach to data protection

EU should not be 'too restrictive' with data protection law

Irish eyes are crying: Tens of thousands of broadband modems wide open to hijacking

D1000 can be directed to drop its firewall, allowing access to panel over the internet

IETF plants privacy test inside DNS

'Stubby' aims to protect your metadata from snoopers

Boffins bake Crysis ransomware's keys into handy decryptor

Developers may have dropped keys to drop cops

Free 'cyber hugs' for all is the plan at New Zealand's first CERT

Kiwicon Kiwis plan a CERT with heart, not just a shield for business

Office Depot halts PC Health Checks amid bogus infection claims

US chain accused of flagging malware false positives to flog expensive disinfection tool

Surprise! Another insecure web-connected CCTV cam needs fixing

Siemens firmware emits admin login details to anyone who asks nicely

Microsoft plans St Valentine's Day massacre for SHA‑1

End of the line for weak hash as web giants finally act

Even big data devs make big data security gaffes

Apache Big Data Europe Is that a useful tool or a compromised .exe? Only one way to find out, apparently

Time for a fresh look at IAM?

Broadcast Identity and Access Management for today