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Cisco drops patch for nasty WebEx remote code execution hole

Patch, then patch this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this

Encryption backdoors? It's an ongoing dialogue, say anti-terror bods

CloudFlare Internet Summit Silicon Valley's uneasy alliance with Washington

It's OK for the FBI's fake hacks to hack suspects' PCs, says DoJ watchdog

Feds' 'request for comment' to school bomb threat teen was loaded with malware

Trump website server config snafu left interns' CVs exposed

An HTTP 301, you say? Oh deary me

DDoSers do it more now, but they do it less fiercely*

Gaming, software industries bear brunt raw packet assaults

Hacker and chums jailed over gold bullion hack, track 'n' grab scam

Bad pennies

Gutted: 6.6M cleartext creds, dox, breached in ClixSense site hack

Account opening ammo goes up for sale.

Double-dipping malware steals iOS creds and roots Android

Old Apples, modded Androids, most at risk from Chinese DualToy trojan

Google GPS grab felt like a feature, was actually a bug

Play Store 'error state' just kept trying to find you even though GPS was out of reach

35,000 ARRIS cable modems at risk from firmware dumper bot

Backdoor-within-a-backdoor enables significant naughtiness

French hackers selling hidden .22 calibre pen guns on secret forums

Other nations' crackers deal in code only, but in France things are seriously nasty

65 expert speakers reveal secure identity management solutions at Biometrics 2016

Promo Learn from the experts

US National Security Agency gets CREST smile

Britain-based certification body pleased about 'huge growth'

So, Gov.UK infosec in 2015. 'Chaotic'. Cost £300m. NINE THOUSAND data breaches...

... and gov wants more of our data?

Logins for US Navy, NASA's JPL among US gov logins sold on deepweb

Just US$2132 gets you half a dozen live accounts

Great British Block-Off: GCHQ floats plan to share its DNS filters

Plan calls for ISPs to sign on for attack blocking system

Top infosec vendors, cops, liberate thousands from ransomware

'No More Ransom' alliance gives users decryption and defence tools

Researcher reports XSS hole in Google France

Mountain View slings quick fix

Sports doping agency WADA says hackers lifted Olympic athletes' medical records

Javelin Spear phishing from Russia cracked admin account

Using a thing made by Microsoft, Apple or Adobe? It probably needs a patch today

Mega Patch Tuesday Windows, Win Server, Office, Edge, IE, Silverlight, Flash, iOS, watchOS...

UK oversight body tipped to examine phone snooping tech in prisons

Mystery fake base stations around London will remain unexplained

Bad news: MySQL can dish out root access to cunning miscreants

Updated Good news: Oracle sneaked some patches out

Action Fraud warns of fraudulent anti-fraud warnings posing as Action Fraud

Phishing emails promise free money

IP telephony biz VoIPtalk quietly admits to possible data breach

Usual drill, change passwords

Infected Android phones could flood America's 911 with DDoS attacks

One killer trojanised app or $100k of hardware is enough.

Dropbox apologies for clunky administrator account access on Macs

Users kind of, almost told just how deep Dropbox goes into their accounts

Meet DDoSaaS: Distributed Denial of Service-as-a-Service

Analysis Cracking the grey market in rent-a-borkers

Sniffing your storage could lead to sensitive leaks, warn infosec bods

Electromagnetic fields aren't a miscreant's magic key, though

Israeli Pentagon DDoSers explain their work, get busted by FBI

There's not much more than fine print between stress testing and DDoS-as-a-service

Peccant pwners post 670,000 Pokémon punter MD5 passwords

Peek-a-boo to fans of Pikachu

SOHOpeless Seagate NAS boxen become malware distributors

Update All attackers have to do is upload a file into a public folder. No password. No nothing

33 million CLEARTEXT creds for Russian IM site dumped by chap behind Last.FM mess

Leaker tells El Reg his dumps are justified because they trigger password resets

PCI Council wants upgradeable credit card readers ... next year

Tamper-proofing and shielding against side attacks on the agenda

Linode fends off multiple DDOS attacks

Nowhere near as bad as its ten-day Christmas cracker, but something seems to be afoot

Seagate sued by its own staff for leaking personal info to identity thieves

Workers furious that HR fell for phishing scam

NHS health apps project plan: Powered by your medical records

Privacy worries bubble up after Health Sec's announcement

NHS hospitals told to swallow stronger anti-ransomware medication

New cyber triage to fight malware plagues

Top smut site stops Flashing, adopts HTML5

When even the pornographers think you've got a problem, you've really got a problem

Come in HTTP, your time is up: Google Chrome to shame leaky non-HTTPS sites from January

Web giant will start labeling insecure websites insecure

Hypervisor security ero-Xen: How guest VMs can hijack host servers

Analysis Triple whammy of bugs in popular open-source platform

Kaspersky to 1337 haxors: take down our power grid. We dare you

Capture the flag romp will offer chance to do the thing governments everywhere fear

Printers now the least-secure things on the internet

BitDefender's senior threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu despairs of IoT security