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Criminal Ruskie BOFHs help hackers steal $790 million in three years

Twenty pro hackers grease Russia's best crime groups.

Mostly harmless: Berlin boffins bleat post epic TrueCrypt audit feat

It's got holes, but she'll be right.

Clueless Anonymous asks the powerless to save dolphins

Guys? You might want to look up some recent election results before tweeting at world leaders

New Wireshark, Nmap releases bring pre-Xmas cheer to infosec types

Nmap for XP and Wireshark for Mac put a smile on the face of security-loving girls and boys

Y'know how airlines never explain delays? United's bug bounty works the same way

Researcher says airline failed to fix critical bug for five months

Researchers say they've cracked the secret of the Sony Pictures hack

Log wipers, timestompers may have helped hackers stay quiet in terabyte raids

Who's running dozens of top-secret unpatched databases? The Dept of Homeland Security

Irony alert

Malware caught checking out credit cards in 54 luxury hotels

Sheraton, Westin, W chains in US, Canada pwned

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley – weaken your encryption

Prez hopeful wants tech giants to stop treating govt as adversary

How NSA continued to spy on American citizens' email traffic – from overseas

Files show agency just moved surveillance offshore

Crimestoppers finally revamps weak crypto. Take your time guys

Poor rating due to out-of-date SSLv2 protocol

Many UK ecommerce sites allow ‘password’ for logins – report

As well as ‘abc123’ and ‘123456’, would you believe

NCC Group sowing the seeds of disruption in the cyber security industry

Competition Are you what the boffs are looking for?

600,000 cable modems have an easy to pop backdoor in a backdoor

Brazilian whacks Arris for easy-t-o-guess default password, fix promised fast

US 'swatting' Bill will jail crank callers for five years to life

It's just not funny when you tell the FBI your mates are holding hostages

Android's accessibility service grants god-mode p0wn power

Even factory reset cannot smite the foulness that is Shedun

How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered

Near-ultrasonic sound system drives pets, and users, crazy

Tech goliaths stand firm against demands for weaker encryption after Paris terror attacks

Massacre accompanied by political backdoor push

'Hacked by China? Hack them back!' rages US Congress report

How dare they demand we do exactly what we demand of them! The foreign rotters

George Osborne fires starting gun on £20m coding comp wheeze

Institute of Coding will teach, er, secure coding. Got it?

Telegram messaging app blocks some 'public' ISIS-related channels

'Disturbed to learn our service used by group to spread propaganda'

Tech firms fight anti-encryption demands after Paris murders

Comment If the US govt wants iMessages, well, tough

UK joins US financial institutions for industry resilience tests

Op Resilient Shield wasn't a live test, though

Edgy online shoppers face Dyre Christmas as malware mutates

Bank-plundering code now hunts Windows 10 and its Edge browser

Criminal are mostly hacking-by-numbers with exploit kits

Web scum build command and control mountain; bods mulls pending large-scale attacks.

VirusTotal invites Apple fans to play in updated Mac malware sandpit

But Macs don't get viruses ... Oh they do, and increasingly often says Google infosec unit

Microsoft gets Edge on blocking ad injectors

Web scum foiled in Win 10 net ship.

VMware warns of info leaks flowing from Apache-Adobe mess

Here's a reason to bite the bullet upgrade to vCenter 6.0

Tor wars: CMU says FBI came not with cash, but a subpoena

University has broken its silence, but will that quell the critics?

Hacking group Strontium dogs NATO and government targets

Microsoft reports phishers getting busy on high-value systems

Mixing ERP and production systems: Oil industry at risk, say infosec bods

Black Hat Europe There will be pwnage

Blackhole's back: Hated exploit kit returns from the dead

Analysis reveals attack was put together using leaked source

Eric S Raymond releases hardened, slimmer NTP beta

Early version for the 'adventurous', but not quite 'crazy'.

ISIS operates a crypto help desk – report

If true, NBC may have identified an actual BOFH

Seized: Fake EFF .org linked to hackers hitting NATO, White House PCs

Digital rights group takes down Pawn Storm base

Adobe releases out-of-band security patches – amazingly not for Flash

ColdFusion, LiveCycle and Premiere get fixed

Microsoft chief Satya drops an S bomb in Windows 10, cloud talk

S is for security, but what about privacy?

Rap for wrap chaps in crap email trap: Chipotle HR used domain it had no control over

Tell us your message horrors, readers

Today is not the day to search for a beautician in Russia

CTB ransomware blasts 60 high-traffic sites hosted by Rustelekom

Tinder clone TanTan lets wire spies locate lovers

Fixes promised for man-in-the-middle diddle

Symantec's salvation plan is more and better integration. No, really

New CEO Mike Brown outlines security product mashup plan

Medical data, staff creds exposed as scores of apps bork the backend

Blackhat Europe HAVOC tool rips out keys stored inside apps.