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MASSIVE FAIL: Indian gov DOXXES net neutrality campaigners

Someone else then comes along and DoSes them

Tesla Twitter account and website hijacked, Elon Musk pwned

Schizophrenic crims send Tesla claim calls to home of allegedly unconnected individual

US hospitals to treat medical device malware with AC power probes

'WattsUpDoc' is a stethoscope that detects viruses in sealed-box medicomputers

NINETY PER CENT of Java blackhats migrate to footling Flash

RSA 2015 Patch-or-die policy makes net scum move on to softer target

App makers, you're STILL doing security wrong

Microsoftie Troy Hunt unpicks privacy invasion and unencrypted passwords

Fandroids, take your phone's antivirus and burn it – Android bod

RSA 2015 Our security is that good, honest

Here's why the Pentagon is publishing its cyber-warfare rulebook – if China hasn't already hacked in and read it

A 'don't make me come over there' moment in infosec

Looking for laxatives, miss? Shoppers stalked via smartphone Wi-Fi

FTC tsks at startup promising an opt-out that was invisible to millions of citizens

Win 95 code gaffe nearly made Stuxnet Suxnet, say infosec blokes

RSA 2015 But was the Iranian nuke lab bothering malware really that buggy?

US judge lobs antivirus patents back to Hell

Loss of two patents cripples case against Trend Micro, could slash Symantec payout

The big boys made us do it: US used German spooks to snoop on EU defence industry

Lickspittles may have leaked military secrets to America

UK rail signals could be hacked to cause crashes, claims prof

He's also flogging anti-hack tech. Make of that what you will

Licence to chill: Ex-CIA spyboss Petraeus gets probation for leaking US secrets to his mistress

Slap on the wrist for his Thunder-balls-up

Ransomware crims drop Bitcoin faster than Google axes services

RSA 2015 Rocky BTC only good for laundering cash, not saving and spending

America's cyber-security proto-laws branded 'surveillance in disguise'

You wait ages for a computer security bill, then two come along at once

Got a Samsung Galaxy S5? Crooks can steal your fingerprint – claim

RSA 2015 You can change a password. You can change a PIN. Good luck changing your skin

Infosec bods can now sniff out the NSA's Quantum Insert hacks

Sneaky state-sponsored snoopery can be picked up by counting HTTP packets

Massive TalkTalk data breach STILL causing customer scam tsunami

Fall-out from massive February data theft continues

Costa Coffee Club members wake up and smell the data breach

A rich roast of fail could brew up a lot of trouble for members

Banking trojan scourge gallops on, despite more fences

RSA 2015 New threats evolved in 2014, mainly aimed at the US

Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP

48,000 PCs at TEPCO still run Microsoft's unloved child

Windows 10 Device Guard: Microsoft's effort to keep malware off PCs

RSA 2015 You'll need a machine with the right IOMMU tech

Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990

RSA 2015 Your PoS is a P.O.S., chortle hackers, uneasily

Atalla the hun(ter) leads HP cloud security invasion

Partnerships provide new analytics, threat detection, cloud, mobe capabilities

Game to go a round with a Spartan? Microsoft will pay if you bruise it

Redmond broadens its bug bounty program to harden up Windows 10

'Aaron's Law' back on the table to bring sanity to US hacking laws

Zofgren, Wyden and Paul back changes to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

When the Schmidt hits The Man: Look what the NSA made Google do

BoxDEV Exec chairman thinks everything is hunky-dory now

Crap ad app hack hole affects '100 MEELLLION'

RSA 2015 Advertising network library runs any old code it's given, conf audience told

Facebook, Google execs cough to their biggest privacy blunders

RSA 2015 Beacon for Zuck & Co, not hard to guess Google's

FBI alert: Get these motherf'king hackers off this motherf'king plane

One guy made a joke? OK, this just got real – keep your eyes peeled, everyone

Republicans in sneaky bid to reauthorize Patriot Act spying until 2020

Bill to keep mass snooping alive bypasses traditional committee oversight

CozyDuke hackers targeting prominent US targets

Russian speakers offer up spoofed emails, ZIPs and malware

Throwing money at bug bounties won't beat zero-day dark markets

RSA 2015 Study shows tools and bragging rights key to beating criminals

It's official: David Brents are the weakest link in phishing attacks

Middle managers are infosec's biggest problem, says study

Infosec bod's brag: Text editor pops Avaya phones FOREVER

RSA 2015 You could patch, but it probably won't help, PhD bloke says

Evil Wi-Fi kills iPhones, iPods in range – 'No iOS Zone' SSL bug revealed

RSA 2015 The fix? RUN AWAY!

Google guru: Android doesn't have malware, it has Potentially Harmful Applications™ instead

RSA 2015 And who installs five AV apps on their mobes?

White House cyber-general says US must be able to cyber-nuke the worst of the cyber-worst

RSA 2015 Threaten America, and you'll regret it

RSA supremo rips 'failed' security industry a new backdoor, warns of 'super-mega hack'

RSA 2015 Walls and moats can't beat ladders and boats

OS X Yosemite still open to Rootpipe hijacking, says ex-NSA bod

Apple hasn't patched admin privilege backdoor in 10.10.3, it's claimed

ID yourself or get NOTHING (except Framework), snarls Metasploit

Outside the US and Canada? Request licence and bend over

Nork hackers no pantomime villains, but a hugely unpredictable menace

RSA 2015 Modest resources, but can launch debilitating attacks