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Datto launches backup and disaster recovery technology to combat ransomware

Phishing fraudsters pose as UK bank social media types

LOL! You can totes sign in here

Belgian court fines Skype for failing to intercept criminals' calls in 2012

It's technically impossible to do what you want, Skype said

Schneider Electric plugs gaping hole in industrial control kit

Provider Schneider would've had hackers inside 'er

How Google's Project Zero made Apple refactor its kernel

MacOS, iOS task threading was open to hijack

PayPal patches bone-headed two factor authentication bypass

Update No phone? No worries

Good luck securing 'things' when users assume 'stuff just works'

Making devices secure by design requires more effort than vendors currently allow

Hacker's Icarus machine steals drones midflight

PacSec Popular RC protocol pwned

Internet of S**t things claims another scalp: DNS DDoS smashes StarHub

'Don't buy rubbish Webcams', carrier tells customers

Three LibTIFF bugs found, only two patched

Buffer overruns, remote code execution, you know the drill

How many Internet of S**t devices knocked out Dyn? Fewer than you may expect

DNS really needs to be fixed if it can be taken out by 100,000 home devices

Joomla! squashes critical privileged account creation holes

Borked two factor authentication also fixed

Adobe emits emergency patch for Flash hole malware is exploiting right this minute

Windows folks – how can we say this? UPDATE ASAP

Cyber-crooks menacing hospitals are put under the microscope

IT defense overall must be prioritized, says Intel Security’s Raj Samani

Password1? You're so random. By which we mean not random at all -

Campaign says #thinkrandom, but experts demand cyber-security rethink

Got Ancient exploit but nowhere to use it? Try the horrid GRX network

Ruxcon Audio: Aussie hacker shows even NSA hacks haven't schooled some telcos

VXer turns to ancient freemium model to flog keylogger, malware tools

'Researcher' sells spamming, trojan wares

This is not a drill: Hackers pop stock Nexus 6P in five minutes

Keen hackers at Mobile Pwn2Own

Asterisk users need to patch DoS bug

Overlap dialling lets attacker shut down system

'Every step your anti-theft tracker takes – I'll be watching you'

Phone-sync'd widgets open folks to stalker risk

Paging 1994: Crap encryption still rife in devices

Switch to asymmetric keys, stat!

Surveillance by consent: Commissioner launches CCTV strategy for England and Wales

Guidelines issued on ensuring the public is protected, not spied on

Microsoft: Watch out millennials for evil Security Essentials

Scammers: 'Gunna be lit, fam'

Graduate recruitment site exposed 50,000 CVs sent to Virgin Media UK

Kid schools telco: 'So have you heard of access controls?'

MedSec's St Jude pacemaker hacks confirmed by pen-tester

Bishop Fox report says Merlin@Home vulns are real and deadly

Joomla! readies patch for core vulnerability so critical it isn't talking

Patch to drop 1400 UTC, Tuesday. And the haste of its release suggests this is scary

Judge orders FBI to reveal whether White House launched 'Tor pedo' torpedo exploits

Alleged Playpen perverts win a concession

LinkedIn, Dropbox hack suspect named as Yevgeniy Nikulin by US prosecutors

Russia hoping to block accused miscreant's extradition

It's nearly 2017 and JPEGs, PDFs, font files can hijack your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad

Get patching now

App proves Rowhammer can be exploited to root Android phones – and there's little Google can do to fully kill it

Hardware vuln strikes 18 of 27 tested mobes

Chinese electronics biz recalls webcams at heart of botnet DDoS woes

US products compromised by Mirai mischief in another Internet of Things success

Hacktivist crew claims it launched last week's DDoS mega-attack

Dyn-Dyn-Dyn... it's a knockout!

Ageing GSM crypto cracked on commodity graphics rig

A*STAR Singapore shows how easy it is

Hackers pop top 'secure' wireless keyboard and mouse kits, gain RCE

Ruxcon Patch? Nah, we'll just remove 'secure' from the tin: vendor

Thanks, IoT vendors: your slack attitude will get regulators moving

Networks also need to grab a mirror and look at themselves

Brute force cred crunchers gifted Username Anarchy

Ruxcon dpauli, darren.pauli, darrenp, pauli.darren, paulid

Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds

Ruxcon Emergency fail over provisions abused

Mozilla plots TLS 1.3 future for Firefox

Quicker handshake starts encrypting data sooner

Pacemaker maker St Jude faces new security flaw claims from biz short-selling its stock

This is not the way to get vulnerabilities fixed

Como–D'oh! Infosec duo exploits OCR flaw to nab a website's HTTPS cert

Pair abused typo blind spot to game certificate authority

Dyn dinged by DDoS: US DNS firm gives web a bad hair day

Reddit, Github, Airbnb and pals affected

Hax0rs sow Discord by using VoIP service to sling malware at gamers

Not even playtime's safe these days