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Roll up, roll up to the Malware Museum! Run classic DOS viruses in your web browser

Relive simpler times for some Friday fun

Brit spies want rights to wiretap and snoop on US companies' servers

And American agents would get access to UK systems

Disney World-area University admits massive data breach

It's a fraud world after all

Avast forked up its Chrome fork, so flings fix after Google goggles

Borked browser blows, to no one's surprise.

UC Berkeley profs blast secret IT monitoring kit on campus

Ex-Homeland Security boss University president says it's all about safety

Yes or no: D@RE is a bonkers name for EMC's enterprise encryption

It's part of ECS update that includes database-less searching and other things

Symantec's definition of transformation: Take the profit made a year ago and burn a quarter of it

Silver Lake slips its PIPE into troubled security firm

Fired Norse Corp CEO blames the media

And has a good old moan at his former employees

Mystery hacker hijacks Dridex Trojan botnet... to serve antivirus installer

Ah, great. Ave AV

Supplier promises to nudge UK schools towards secure webmail

Think of the children, er, school governors

OpenSSL fixes bug, gets dissed by German gov: That's so random ... not

Code review highlights problematic RNG

Row over GCHQ-built voice algo MIKEY SAKKE rumbles on

Researcher maintains criticism as CESG defends tech

Winning Underhand C Contest code silently tricks nuke inspectors

Top evil source looks simple and innocent but is actually a warmonger's dream

Go phish your own staff: Dev builds open-source fool-testing tool

Dear Colleague, what's your password again? Send to please!

Microsoft's malware mitigator refreshed, but even Redmond says it's no longer needed

EMET 5.5 is upon us, complete with Windows 10 support

Google to deep six dodgy download buttons

Safe browsing to start flagging dodgy 'download now' buttons

Cisco splats Nexus, APIC, and security manager bugs

Hip-hip hooray it's Borg bug day!

Get ready to tear into next round of hacker tool rules in Wassenaar Arrangement refresh

Public consultation to be held on rewritten draft update

College kids sue Google for 'spying' on them with Apps for Education

Cali group says lawsuit is first of many privacy sueballs against Chocolate Factory

'Hopelessly insecure’ Motorola CCTV cameras belatedly patched

Devs accidentally bundle Dropbox and Gmail logins with IoT kit

Pentagon can't check F-35 maintenance thanks to insecure database

Auditors crawl over Defence security, drop report

Internet idiots make hoax bomb threats to UK, Aus, French schools

Stolen VoIP and text-to-speech used to cloak Bitcoin operation.

Europe wants end to anonymous Bitcoin transactions

Money-laundering powers seen as crimp on terror funds if virtual currencies offer (unlikely) help

WordPress under attack by whack-a-mole ad-scam malware

JavaScript attack spreads among sites, re-infects after cleansing

Socat slams backdoor, sparks thrilling whodunit

Year-old bug ruined crypto

Google calls out Comodo's Chromodo Chrome-knockoff as insecure crapware

Installed it for free? Costs the same to uninstall it

Safe Harbor ripped and replaced with Privacy Shield in last-minute US-Europe deal

Uncle Sam promises not to spy on Europeans en masse

Google ninjas go public with security holes in Malwarebytes antivirus

Software biz races to fix bugs everyone now knows

Smart toys spring dumb vulns. Again. This time: Cuddly bears, watches

Get it together, IoT makers

Disputed eBay platform vuln poses ‘severe risk’ to tat bazaar's users

Infosec bods warn of problem – and so far there's no reaction

GCHQ’s Xmas puzzle proves uncrackable

Honestly devoid of cant?

Euro-security group ENISA notices cars are insecure, plots fixfest

Stable door? Check. Padlock? Check. Horses? Oh …

Chip chomped after debug backdoor found in Android phones

Cheap Chinese handsets ready to be rooted.

Google plugs Android vulns

Happy days if you own a Nexus

Hackers mirror 250GB of NASA files on the web

Updated Space agency says docs are public anyway – and miscreants didn't hijack $200m drone

US government's $6bn super firewall doesn't even monitor web traffic

Einstein not so smart, wide open to old-days as well as zero-days

Safe Harbor crunch time: Today's the day to hammer out privacy deal

US, Euro officials still wrangling over security services' access to your personal data

WirelessHART industrial control kit is riddled with security holes

... says a vendor flogging kit to plug those holes, anyway

Lincolnshire council IT ransomware flingers asked for ... £350

To be paid in Bitcoin, of course

A RAT and a spammer both avoid the slammer

Judges go soft on cyber crime as hackers evade behind bars

Netflix picks up Molly at university, scores harsh character assessment

Prototype UC Berkeley fault-generating code finds flaws streamer's human fixers missed

Intel's SGX security extensions: Secure until you look at the detail

MIT research suggests Intel's taking risks with its locked-down container tech

Is security outfit Norse Corp dead or just temporarily TITSUP?

'Imploding' says Brian Krebs

LibreSSL emits new versions, says not vulnerable to OpenSSL bug

Corrected Cisco's pedalling hard to prepare patches too