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This hospital drug pump can be hacked over a network – and the US FDA is freaking out

Doctors told to stop using kit as open ports put patients at risk

Wait, STOP: Are you installing Windows 10 or ransomware?

This one will be an 'absolute bastard,' say security bods

Bitdefender feeling a bit tender: Hackers enter anti-distemper vendor

Someone gulped unencrypted login info from security biz

Blue Coat acquires the cloud-crypto monkeys at Perspecsys

Application of Cloud Access Security Broker features paramount, apparently

PagerDuty hacked ... and finally comes clean 21 days later. Cheers

Have a great SysAdmin Day everyone

US spied on Japanese PM Abe, Mitsubishi, and so much more

WikiLeaks exposes blanket snooping on Asian powerhouse

Flash deserves to live, says Cisco security man

Adobe's scars make it ugly but tough. So tough it's being attacked more than ever

Borg patches enterprise ASR router DoS hole

Bad packets cause crashes.

Unlock and start General Motors cars with a $100 box of tricks – hacker

Flap over crap OnStar app yak, all will be revealed at DEF CON yap

World's worst exploit kit now targeting point-of-sale systems

Eyes PoS vendors, web terminals.

Derelict TrueCrypt Russia portal 'is command hub for Ukraine spying op'

Backdoored code slung at officials, journos etc

Small number of computer-aided rifles could be hacked in contrived scenario

Year-long publicity effort hits bullseye ... in a way

Chinese hackers behind OPM megabreach also pwned United Airlines

Possibility of Beijing-sponsored triple hack makes industry sit-up, gulp, take notice

French dating sites spanked for laissez faire data protection

Data watchdog advises eager Gallic singles to say 'Non' to naked selfies

Strong ARM scoops up Sansa to boost IoT security

Chipmaker adds Israeli company's bolt-on protection to its bulging armoured sack

SPUD – The IETF protocol Snowden loves but will never be used

Author Joe Hildebrand explains why a dead-end effort to reinvent networks isn't futile

Don't want pranksters 'bricking' your Android? Just stop using the internet, duh – Google

Video Thanks for the top tip, now where's the patch?

Rackspace cooking up security-secret-sharing cloud cabal

Top-tier clouds invited into information-sharing club to speed defence deployment

Critical BIND bug scores PATCH YESTERDAY grading

Easy to hack universal remote BIND DoS hole leaves DNS open to attack

Cisco IOS-XE update time: Squash that DoS bug

Fixes how the daemon triggers error messages for packets it can't reassemble

Telcos given a breather to meet Oz metadata retention laws

AG Dept offers rollout extension

US to rethink hacker tool export rules after mass freakout in security land

Second draft of Wassenaar to take public comments under advisory

Turnbull's transformers plan business access to YOUR GOV ID DATA

Digital Transformation Office moots federated digital identity model in alpha services guide

Be wary of that Russian. He might HAMMERTOSS a software nasty at you

Crew's nationality revealed by strict adherence to Moscow office hours

How to quietly slurp sensitive data wirelessly from an air-gapped PC

One little catch: you need to infect the computer first

MIT boffins identify Tor hidden services with 88 per cent accuracy

For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest

A third of workers admit they'd leak sensitive biz data for peanuts

And three per cent of employees would consider offers as low as £100

W3C's failed Do Not Track crusade tumbles to ad-blockers' Vietnam

Worst outcome ever for clueless online admen

Researchers say Anthem health hack has Beijing's fingerprints

'Black Vine' gang, late of China, fingered as source of heist that lifted 70 million records

Malvertising campaign hits 10 MEELLION users in 10 days

Screw creative, just use Angler.

Bug hunter reveals Apple iTunes, Mac app store receipt deceit

Inject evil JavaScript code via the device name? Don't mind if we do

Australian Cyber Security Centre uses discredited data to quantify infosec threats

The numbers are down, but Australia's Oz Cyber ForceTM says things are getting worse

21st century malware found in Jane Austen's 19th century prose

Oh, Mr Darcy, was genius Pride and Prejudice author also a time traveler, pray tell?

Hacked US Census Bureau staff to take anti-phishing classes

What was that about horses, stable doors and bolts?

Are smart safes secure? Not after we've USB'd them, say infosec bods

If you make an armoured box and put electronics on it, what do you expect?

Windows 10 in head-on crash with Nvidia drivers as world watches launch

Unstoppable auto-updates? More like auto-borkage

Bundestag won't reveal web block list on 'national security' grounds

100,000 sites off limits, but nobody knows which ones

'Untraceable' VoIP caller ID-spoofing website accepts Bitcoin

It won't take hard cash

Biometric behavioural profiling: Fighting that password you simply can't change

A testing time when trying to touch-type

Cybercrime forum Darkode returns with security, admins intact

Revived invite-only site has cleared out snitches, will rely on blockchain authentication

LinkedIn users rebel after personal data siphon crimped

Plan to slow personal data exports for security's sake reversed after member tantrum

Xen reports new guest-host escape, this time through CD-ROMs

Don't stick your head in the sand, patch QEMU

Sysadmins: Your great power brings the chance to RUIN security

Risk management chap explains how to stop users dozing when you talk infosec

SOHOpeless: Security stains on Honeywell's Tuxedo home automator

I could have sworn I locked the house when I went to work this morning ...

Automattic says spooks asked for something it can't reveal

'We are disclosing the maximum amount allowed by law' says WordPress developer

NSA: We'll move your metadata into /dev/null when you stop suing us

November 29 set as cutoff date for further collection

Got an Android phone? SMASH IT with a hammer – and do it NOW

Up to a BEELLION mobes vulnerable to Stagefright bug

Unhinged Linux backdoor still poses a nuisance, if not a threat

When is a door not a door? When slapdash coding turns it into a glorified 'off' switch

Gamers Steaming over dumb Valve password vuln

Password reset hole patched, but company stays mum

'Plague Scanner' controls multiple AV engines, for $0.00

Open-sourcery tries to take down commercial AV frameworks