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Free government-penned crypto can swipe identities

Beware of Australians bearing gifts

Google heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLE

Next Chrome includes death knell for SSL

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

Jury doesn't buy 'evil hackers pwned my computer' defense

BIGGEST THREAT to Europe’s cybersecurity? Hint: not hackers

Largest EVER Europe-wide cybersecurity exercise

The ULTIMATE CRUELTY: Sandworm uses PowerPoint against Swiss bank customers

From espionage to cybercrime

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Energy summit bods warned of free energy bonanza

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

Java a hot spot – new report

Carders offer malware with the human touch to defeat fraud detection

Huge credit card heists mean crims want to cash out - fast

Mozilla releases geolocating WiFi sniffer for Android

As if the civilians who never change access point passwords will ever opt out of this one

Drupalocalypse! Devs say it's best to assume your CMS is owned

SQLi hole was hit hard, fast, and before most admins even knew it needed patching

Big Retail: We don't hate Apple, we hate the credit card companies

Group opens up (slightly) about Apple Pay rival CurrentC

The NO-NAME vuln: wget mess patched without a fancy brand

Directory overwrite bug threatens all *nix boxen

Australian E-Health records breached twice in the last year

Sick system saw patients peep into two records

Naked and afraid: that's how Telstra's Wi-Fi security makes you feel

All it takes is 1 angry teen with Wireshark and root access

Bad dog: Redmond's new IE tool KILLS POODLE with one shot

Azure and Office 365 to end SSL 3.0 support, too

Big Retail's Apple Pay killer CurrentC HACKED, tester info nicked

Listen for the chuckling from Cupertino

WHITE HOUSE network DOWN: Nation-sponsored attack likely

'Unclassified systems only', claim Presidential residentials

BlackEnergy crimeware coursing through US control systems

US CERT says three flavours of control kit are under attack

Cisco: We made UCS secure but need your help to finish the job

New hardening guide suggests shutting old services, expiring admins and locking logs

Find My Phone does just one thing but Samsung's messed it up

Hackers can p0wn smartmobes through handset location services

'GCHQ's surveillance data gulp is BULKY and WARRANTLESS', human rights groups moan

Is there really no limit for Blighty's spies?

Security Avengers team up to take down Chinese hacking group

Try not to imagine security folk in lycra

FBI impersonated newspaper to finger school bomb threat suspect

'Traded on our reputation and put it at peril', complains Seattle Times

Feds seek potential 'second Snowden' gov doc leaker – report

Hang on, Ed wasn't here when we compiled THIS document

EvilToss and Sourface hacker crew 'likely' backed by Kremlin – FireEye

US intel firm reports on 'APT28'

Intel bods to detail RSA birko crypto man-in-the-middle diddle

Researchers go BERserk in Buenos Aires

Knock Knock tool makes a joke of Mac AV

Yes, we know Macs 'don't get viruses', but when they do this code'll spot 'em

Shellshock over SMTP attacks mean you can now ignore your email

'But boss, the Internet Storm Centre says it's dangerous for me to reply to you'

AWS scores same Oz gov sec creds as Azure

Welcome to the cloud, where competitive advantage lasts a whole day

Why weasel words might not work for Whisper

Analysis CEO suspends editor but privacy questions remain

Planning to fly? Pour out your shampoo, toss your scissors, RENAME TERRORIST WI-FI!

FAA fails to see humor in 'Al-Quida' hotspot jokes

Schneier, Diffie, ex-MI5 bod, privacy advocates team up on Code Red

Project will fight intrusive surveillance

Tor exit node mashes malware into downloads

Windows update haxors saved by Microsoft FixIt

Verizon Wireless token tracker triggers tech transparency tempest

Users say opt out a feature in name only

Pesky POS poison won't Backoff

Card-rifling malware still on the rise

Knocking Knox: Samsung DENIES vuln claims, says mysterious blogger is a JOKER

But YES, system does store encryption key on the device

Cheapo telcos fined for their cheapo security: Financial records on 305,000 people spilled

Firms stored sensitive data in clear text for all to see

iMessage SPAM floods US mobile networks

iSpam knockoff goods scam

We chat to CloudFlare about its 'EVERYBODY GETS SSL' venture

Interview Has gutsy move generated biz?

Cisco patches three-year-old remote code-execution hole

Patch or kill Telnet

Google absorbs Oxford Uni boffins in artificial intelligence boost quest

'I'm sorry Larry, I'm afraid I can't do that…'

Yahoo! Timestamps! Now! Block! Facebook! Email! Snoops!

A year later, selfies saved from Purple Palace zombie email accounts