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A third of iThings open to VPN-hijacking, app-wrecking attacks

Masques off: Researchers detail five ways to wreck Apple stuff

Script-blocker NoScript lets in ANYTHING from

Whitelisting tool was too trusting, by far

NSA continues mass slurping of Americans' phone metadata

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Small change to Medium takes large axe to passwords

'This login will self-destruct in 15 minutes'

Identity protection outfit LifeLock picked, popped

Refer-a-friend page gets new 'feature'

Apple gets around to fixing those 77 security holes in OS X Yosemite

Your OS X box can still be owned by, well, just about everything

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your WiFi key with your friends' friends

Tell a pal your password ... and their FB mates will get it too

Europol and Barclays shack up for steamy security shenanigans

Classic tale of crime-agency-meets-bank-to-tackle-cybercrime

Intel infosec folk TEE off open source app dev framework

World+dog can TEE off too, without spending megabucks

VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign

Brit boffins' test of 14 prominent privacy tunnels finds leaks galore thanks to IPv6 mess

Audit finds new flaw at US Office of Personnel Management

TEN MILLION people now counted as victims of original GovSec SNAFU

Amazon douses Fire phone man-in-the-middle diddle

Fire owners (both of you) should patch sooner rather than later

WikiLeaks docs show NSA's 10-year economic espionage campaign against France

Details of every business deal over $200m slurped

We’re in bed together, admit Intel Security, Trend Micro and NCA

Infosec firms confirm they're dating – but not exclusively

Sophos' putrid patch snuffs Citrix kit, kills call centre

Web appliance update can't be rolled back, takes portal down for 48 hours

Ransomware slinging exploit kit targets Flash remote code execution

CVE-2015-3113: Patch or pay.

Guest-host escape bug sees Xen project urge rapid upgrade

Xen hypervisor v.4.5.1 offers over 100 fixes and improvements

Blackhats using mystery Magento card stealers

eBay shop platform targeted

Mobe encryption guru Charles Brookson picks up OBE from the Queen

Gong for steering engineers through call crypto algos

OPM data breach: Looking at you, China! National Intelligence head stares out Beijing

You've gotta hand it to 'em, says Clapper

GCHQ heard you liked spying, so spied on itself spying on you

Privacy violations in spy-on-spy spying just human error, says intelligence commish

Rivalry heats up as VXers bake Fobber crypto clobber

Hop, skip, and headache.

Vegan eats BeEf, gets hooked

Bad taste still lingers

That shot you heard? SSLv3 is now DEAD

It's joined the choir invisible

Facebook! exfiltrates! Yahoo! security! boss!

Uber pickup fills Menlo gap

MAC address privacy inches towards standardisation

IEEE hums along to IETF anti-surveillance tune

Cisco in single SSH key security stuff-up

Patch NOW, people

As the US realises it's been PWNED, when will OPM heads roll?

‘Most devastating cyber attack in US history’

Dyre banking VXers LOVE Mondays, Symantec says

Hard-working scum maintain 285 command and control servers

BlackShades privacy raiding web rat gets five years in US cooler

US says remote access trojan had thousands of victims

We need to know about the Internet of Things, say US Senators

Your TV is your enemy, says Eugene Kaspersky

Samsung caught disabling Windows Update to run its own bloatware

Updated Who cares about your security? There's hardware to coddle

CIA-funded spy data safe Palantir doubles in value in 18 months

Good times in spookland as biz gains $20bn valuation for latest funding round

Killer ChAraCter HOSES almost all versions of Reader, Windows

Google Project Zero bod drops 15 remote code execution holes

Wind River VxWorks patches some TCP sequence spoofing bugs

1995 called, wants its vulnerability back

Triple glitch grounds ALL aircraft in New Zealand

Radar and comms failure pushes Welly to manual

RubyGems slings patch at nasty redirect trojan holes

Could affect millions

Feds count Cryptowall cost: $18 million says FBI

Bad news Oz: you may have lost even more

SEC joins hunt for FIN4 attackers

Wants to net financial phishers

Hackers exploit fresh PC hijack bug in Adobe Flash Player, the internet's screen door

Patch now, or just dump the thing

National Archives finds OPM-style intrusion: No data theft found, though

Feds play security whack-a-mole across holey govt IT systems

Polish plane IT attack? Apparently not, just a simple DDoS

Turns out, it wasn't that big of a deal after all