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71,000 Minecraft World Map accounts leaked online after 'hack'

Dumped creds have been exposed since January

Ripper! Boffins find malware thought behind $347k Thai ATM raids

Evil EMV card pwns NCR ATMs, sets dispensary to max

Victoria Gov tips $6.5M into uni security seeder, city-country farm tech

Garden State wants a thousand startups to bloom

FBI: Look out – hackers are breaking into US election board systems

SQL injection attack used to slurp voters' info

Chinese CA hands guy base certificates for GitHub, Florida uni

Man-in-the-middle diddle

Big data busts crypto: 'Sweet32' captures collisions in old ciphers

Boffins blow up Blowfish and double down on triple DES

Russia MP's son found guilty after stealing 2.9 million US credit cards

Point of sales malware wrought $169 million in damages.

NewSat network breach 'most corrupted' Oz spooks had seen: report

Spies had interception kit in Satellite provider's data centre, ex staffer tells El Reg

Our pacemakers are totally secure, says short-sold St Jude

Hackable medical device claims are 'false and misleading'

Muddying the waters of infosec: Cyber upstart, investors short medical biz – then reveal bugs

Analysis Some sharks wear suits and ties

IoT manufacturer caught fixing security holes

Smart lock maker August fails to ignore flaws

Update your iPhones, iPads right now – govt spy tools exploit vulns

Pegasus snoopware package used against activists and journalists

A quarter of banks' data breaches are down to lost phones and laptops

Just 20 per cent were the result of hacking

Doing business with Asia? Then worry more about security

Mandiant study finds western orgs plug holes faster

French, German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law

But is it just a matter of looking tough with elections around the corner?

French submarine builder DCNS springs leak: India investigates

The French are said to be going ballistic

Major update drops for popular Pwntools penetration showbag

Hackers chuffed

Intel douses Wildfire ransomware as-a-service Euro menace

Group scored $79k a month with infect-o-tronic rent-a-bot

Equation Group exploit hits newer Cisco ASA, Juniper Netscreen

NSA cache dump keeps patches pumping

Boffins design security chip to spot hidden hardware trojans in processors

When fabs go rogue

Hacked hookup site Ashley Madison's security was laughable

Canadian and Australian privacy watchdogs bite, hard

Blizzard blighted by another DDoS storm

Someone likes fragging servers

EU ministers look to tighten up privacy – JUST KIDDING – surveillance laws

No phone taps on WhatsApp is whack, moan spymasters

'NSA' hack okshun woz writ by Inglish speeker trieing to hyde

Linguist says perps of zero day dump wanted to pose as gramatically-incorrect aliens

Crims share vulns but vendors don't. This needs fixing

Interview Centrify's strategy man says attack re-use is an opportunity for better security

Epic Games forums breached, salted passwords nabbed

Unreal Engine chathaus had unbelievably bad security

Software-defined networking is dangerously sniffable

'Know Your Enemy' scheme uses switch flow tables to design attacks

Californian gets 50 months in prison for Chinese 'technology spy' work

Apparent jet and drone export plot foiled

Australia Post says use blockchain for voting. Expert: you're kidding

Centralise the decentralised. Magic happens, then profit

Software exploits overrated - it's the humans you need to be watching

Video Dumb passwords and phishing the main threats

Four in five Android devices inherit Linux snooping flaw

TCP exploit lets hackers get at your plaintext web traffic

Is security keeping pace with continuous delivery?

Broadcast Deliver a development process as secure as it is dynamic

German minister seeks facial recognition at airports, train stations

Backpack ban for Oktoberfest beer bash

Beauty site lets anyone read customers' personal information

Strawberrynet says it's convenient for customers, security chaps say it's stupidly convenient for crims

I got the power – over your IoT power-point

It never gets better, does it?

IOActive turns up the most SOHOpeless router so far

Pwnable any way you like

Mechanical Phish auto-exploit auto-patch kit lands on GitHub

Vuln-hunting robot ready to roam the world

Snowden files confirm Shadow Brokers spilled NSA's Equation Group spy tools over the web

Tech world faces summer of emergency security patching

Shopped in an Eddie Bauer store recently? Your card's probably gone. It's just gone

350 US and Canadian stores catch sales till malware

Two-speed Android update risk: Mobes face months-long wait

We need to outpace malware-flingers, securo folk warn

WikiLeaks uploads 300+ pieces of malware among email dumps

Freedom. Justice. Openness. And some entirely avoidable p0wnage for good luck

Banking system SWIFT was anything but on security, ex-boss claims

Why bother with computer defenses when billions are at stake, eh?