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NBN vaults Australia into global top-10 … DDoS attack sources

Or not, if you look at the numbers

Stingray stung: FBI told 'get a warrant'

DoJ bends a little with new cell-site simulator policy

Pwn2Own Tokyo hacking contest trashed, US export rules blamed

Sponsor HP stumped by Wassenaar Arrangement cluster-fsck

Ashley Madison hack miscreants may have earned $6,400 from leak

Blackmail campaign unmasked through Bitcoin blockchain

Web hosting biz Servint hit by network-toppling DDoS attack

Outage domino effect as network's customers' customers also hit

Malvertising attack menaces users with tainted love

Update Infected ads threaten lonely hearts' romantic pursuits

HMRC breaches job applicants' privacy in mass email spaff

Want to know if your nemesis is applying for the same job? You're in luck

IoT baby monitors STILL revealing live streams of sleeping kids

The hacker that rocks the cradle

Greater Manchester plod site targeted by nuisance DDoS attack

'There will be more attacks today,' attacker proudly tells El Reg

Websites aimed at kids are slurping too much info, finds report

Large number are also sharing that data willy-nilly with third parties

Netflix releases reflected XSS audit tool for biz

Sleepy Puppy latest in Open Source security love

At LAST: RC4 gets the stake through the heart

Google, Mozilla and Microsoft say 'enough is enough'

Almost all .science malicious, .cricket rigged, boffins find

.work, .party equally dangerous.

Shabby but persistent espionage group turn tables on researchers

'Hey it's Mike, open this thing would ya?'

Australia the idiot in the global village, says Geoff Huston

Net luminary unloads on data retention

Turkey cites crypto software find in terror charges against TV crew

They use the same programs, so they must be helping the PKK, claims clueless gov

Chinese mobe market suffers pre-pwned Android pandemic

Amazingly, it might not even be the Chinese government causing it

French hacker besmuts road sign right under Les Plods' noses

Vid+update Méchant matey denies Dominique Strauss Kahn protest

Viral virus bunfight: Dr Web tested rivals like Kaspersky Lab

But they didn't deliberately try and trip up rivals with false positives

OH DEAR, WHSmith: Sensitive customer data spaffed to world+dog

Updated Magazine form emails EVERYONE on mailing list

SOHOpeless: Belkin router redirection zero-day

DNS response fondling confounds security

Big Blue bops modular menace

CoreBot infant could grow to painful teenager

Victims of US gov't mega-breach still haven't been notified

Affected workers to receive aid starting 'later this month'

Hidden password-stealing malware lurking in your GPU card? Intel Security thinks not

Neat trick but not undetectable

New Xen bug uses security feature to destroy security

Dis-ARM-ing flaw can cook your console

Mashed together malware threatens Japanese online banking users

Making good use of the things that they find ...

Ashley Madison: ‘Our site is full of women, and members are growing’

You haters are wrong – megabreach ’twas but a flesh wound

Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

But no creepy Redmond robo-buddy for Windows 10 hold-outs – yet

NCA targeted by Lizard Squad in apparent DDoS revenge attack

There’s no skill in this, agency sneers

Mac malware has a neat trick to install itself on OS X fans' machines

Click of doom

US mulls unprecedented Chinese sanctions in wake of hacks – report

Asian power plays ramp up

Prepare to be Thunderstruck: What if 'deuszu' ISN'T the Ashley Madison hacker?

Attribution is harder than a taste in music

Intel, NSF tip dollars into IoT security

Medical devices, smart cars, smart homes in sights

Jailbreaking pirates popped in world's largest iCloud raid – 225,000 accounts hit

Cheaters, tweakers, hackers and crackers torn up by nasty Cydia bundle.

Ruskie ICS hacker drops nine holes in popular Siemens power plant kit

WinCC HMI control platform used in Natanz, Large Hadron Collider.

Linux Foundation releases PARANOID internal infosec guide

Workstation security tips for system administrators.

Boffins laugh at Play Store bonehead security with instant app checker

Your malicious payload is cool with Google, just call it something else.

Friday beers scam up 240 percent, inflicts $1.2 billion in damages

Quick and quiet transfers as HR bods rush to pub.

Cisco ISE carries HTML authentication bug

Web portal access needs to be restricted

Uber pulls up to the bumper, plonks Jeep hackers into driving seat

Make driver-free cars more secure? Good luck with that!

Associated Press sues FBI for impersonating its site to install spyware

Meanwhile, the EFF learns: in Russia, government malware pwns you!

Drum roll, please .... Results are in for the collective noun for security vulns

It's a fix! A security fix!