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Fork me! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers

Taxi biz demands IP addresses and more

New Xen vuln triggers Amazon, Rackspace reboot panic redux

Second hypervisor-related cloud meltdown in six months

Lenovo: We SWEAR we're done with bloatware, adware and scumware

By Windows 10 launch our systems will be PURE, honest

Thousands of UK drivers' details leaked through hole in parking ticket website

PaymyPCN database of names, pics was open, says report

NTT Com Security to wed UK cyber specialist Nebulas, say sources

Everyone wants a bigger piece of the cyber security pie

TalkTalk 'fesses up to MEGA data breach

Noticed an increase in scamming late last year

Paranoid Android Kaymera smartmobe takes on Blackphone

MWC2015 Super-secure Israeli platform only lacks Mossad bodyguard

CloudFlare crypto gets faster on old mobes

Choc Factory ChaCha crypto pairing gets popular

Iran hacks America where it hurts: Las Vegas casinos

Digital Pearl Harbour debunked by US director of national intelligence

EPIC asks FTC to stick a probe up Samsung over 'snooping' smart TVs

Privacy campaigners say sets are collecting user info

EFF fears crims are getting smart to Superfish SSL flaws

Certificate flaws spotted in variety of important sites

Alleged Aussie Anon hauled in for Indonesia phone tap hacking spat

Charged with urging keyboard warriors to pop spy agency sites

FinFisher, the spyware loved by cruel dictators, stomps all over human rights, says UK govt

Bahraini sales were dodgy, please don't do it again

Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifiably serious

Three big bads, six medium messes and 1024-bit certs all binned in one release

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?

Count of 2014's flaws finds more nasties in Mac OS and iOS than in Windows or Linux

P0wned plug-in puts a million WordPress sites at risk of attack

See? We told you blogs were dangerous

Bad dog! PrivDog chews HTTPS, hurls clear text

Scolded puppy to learn better security

SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto: Everything's fine ... Security industry: No, it's really not

Why so confident, infosec bods wonder

Oh No, Lenovo! Lizard Squad on the attack, flashes swiped emails

Updated Emo-takeover better not be a viral marketing stunt to win our hearts

WANTED: A plan to DESTROY metadata, not just retain it

Australian Police keep leaking or pinching data: if we must have metadata retention, laws must stop their stupidity

Europol shuts down darn RAMNIT botnet

Cops analysing command and control server ... in Hampshire

Not even GCHQ and NSA can crack our SIM key database, claims Gemalto

If snooping was done, it was done via comms intercept

Zeus scumbag infects itself, buddies, with rival Trojan

See what happens when you don't run antivirus?

Gemalto: NSA, GCHQ hacked us – but didn't snatch crucial SIM keys

'Investigation' admits to attacks, but says phone crypto secrets stayed secure

C’mon Lenovo. Superfish hooked, but Pokki Start Menu still roaming free

Reg reader up in arms about bundled bloatware

Google offers 'INFINITY MILLION DOLLARS' for bugs in Chrome

Pwnium challenge goes 24/7 to flush out bug-hoarders

Snowden's favourite Linux - Tails - rushes sec-fix version to market

Sweeping up the dead bugs

Lenovo CTO: Hey, look around – we're not the only ones with a crapware infection

Friday is D-Day for PC lobber to regain trust

Red or alive, you're coming with me: Feds offer $3m reward for 'CryptoLocker baron'

Evgeniy Bogachev accused of GameOver ZeuS botnet crimes

Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys?

Let's get down to the real talk

Visa's tokenisation scheme to debut in Australia

Frustrated fraudsters to deal with throwaway digits

Glad you're not on the Anthem hacker hit list? Not so fast – millions more affected

Peeps with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans also caught up

Don't be fooled! He's not from the IT crowd... he's a CYBERSPY – FireEye

Is that Tom the techie or a Chinese spear-phisherman?

SSL-busting adware: US cyber-plod open fire on Comodo's PrivDog

Updated Superfish sequel: I'm looking at the man in the middle

Redmond boffins build coffins for exploit kits

'Kizzle' tool spots and crimps hackers' automation tools

Cert-slurping security firms chop super-fishy features

Lavasoft, AdTrustMedia, add fuel to man-in-the-middle diddle

Samb-AAAHH! Scary remote execution vuln spotted in Windows-Linux interop code

Microsoft finds critical bug that hurts most recent Linuxes

Google looks to scrape away scumware, as only it can

Sign up for webmaster tools if you want advance notice of your blacklisting

A billion things are already on the IoT: Verizon

Oh great: That leaves another four billion security risks to prepare for

I wish I'd leaked sooner says Edward Snowden in post-Oscar chinwag

Poitras promises more technical film on NSA spying is in production

Burning Man hackers get burnt

200 queue jumpers caught using 'backdoor'

Give us a week to GUT Superfish, begs Lenovo CTO

Don't Panic, says malware-pusher, Superfish never swam on ThinkPads, servers or arrays