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Uber pulls up to the bumper, ropes in Jeep hackers

Make driver-free cars more secure? Good luck with that!

Associated Press sues FBI for impersonating its site to install spyware

Meanwhile, the EFF learns: in Russia, government malware pwns you!

Drum roll, please .... Results are in for the collective noun for security vulns

It's a fix! A security fix!

Spaniard claims WWII WAR HERO pigeon code crack. Explain please

Come on, give it up and let Speckled Jim rest in peace

NCA arrests six Lizard Squad users after gaming firms, retailers targetted

Officers also visiting 50 addresses for a quiet word

Manchester skeptics annexed in hostile digital power grab takeover by mysterious 'Sophie' reveals flaws in site organisation rules

Spooks, plod and security industry join to chase bank hacker

Perp known as 'DD4BC' has some serious heat on his or her tail, with worse to come

Malvertising maniac messes MSN, serves corrupted creative

Yahoo! appetiser, HuffPo for mains, and MSN for desert.

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1

If your ads aren't on web giant's network, they better be HTML5 – or they're dead to Chrome

BitTorrent kills bug that turns networks into a website-slaying weapon

Reflective technique would let attacker amplify traffic and flood targets

Google tells iOS 9 app devs: Switch off HTTPS if you want that sweet sweet ad money from us

Apple's encrypt-everything rule gets in the way of plain HTTP

Still using ColdFusion? Really? Well, you'll want to install this patch

Adobe patches data-slurping flaw in web app builder

German spies sold out citizens to the NSA in exchange for super-snoop-ware XKeyscore

And promised not to spy on any Americans

Vote now: Who can solve a problem like Ashley Madison?

Poll Help wanted ... too late

Security for those who know they can't win the security war

Because nothing beats jail time. Or a spanner

Ins0mnia bug means malicious iOS apps WILL NEVER DIE

Vuln allows deathless malware to continue spying even after shut down

Hardened Linux stalwarts Grsecurity pull the pin after legal fight

Multi-billion company accused of ripping off name and code, still doing security wrong

Malware menaces poison ads as Google, Yahoo! look away

Feature Booming attack vector offers mass malware distribution, stealthy targeting

Cisco's RAT-catchers spot sysadmin-targeted phish

Tricks admin tool into sucking down the malware

FireEye intern VXer pleads guilty for Darkode droid RAT ruse

Dreams of half a million infections

Why is the smart home insecure? Because almost nobody cares

The miserable life of the security veep

Verizon wants to smartify old cars

Hackers queue up, Humming

Password 'XXXXairocon' pops Wi-Fi routers from ASUS, ZTE and others

More gateways join SOHOpeless shame file

You're hosting Uncle Sam's files in the cloud. You get hacked. This is what happens next

New rules for IT providers

Krebs: I know who hacked Ashley Madison

Plus: '123456' and 'password' are popular, er, passwords on the affairs-R-us website

Ashley Madison hacked potential competitor, leaked emails suggest

Dating website WLTM vulnerable younger site for flirtation, contents of database

Aviva phone hacker jailed for 18 months over revenge attack

Esselar co-founder pwned insurance biz after spat with former colleagues

Britain’s device-theft capital is now … lovely Leicestershire

Come on London’s ne'er-do-wells, up your game

Android in user-chosen lockscreen patterns are grimly predictable SHOCKER

Encryption won’t save you if it's an 'L', as in ‘loser’

NHS site defaced with screed protesting Syrian conflict

Site devoted to patients' stories hijacked

The Onion Router is being cut up and making security pros cry

IBM tells business to pull the plug, Agora pulls shutters on interesting goods mart

Devs are SHEEP. Which is good when the leader writes secure code

Boffins study developers and find good examples will be followed by the herd

GitHub wobbles under DDOS attack

What's that big spike on site performance graph?

What Ashley Madison did and did NOT delete if you paid $19 – and why it may cost it $5m+

Owner ALM now sued in California as well as Canada

Mobile device screens recorded using the Certifi-gate vulnerability

Shouldn’t even be possible on thingies not jailbroke

SMEs in the firing line as fake invoice scams skyrocket

Fraudsters make hay while sun shines and accounts staff go on holiday

Carders fleece $4.2 million from Victoria's MyKi transport agency

Online flea markets a hotbed for cheap travel

AshMad search outfit Trustify to El Reg: 'Trust us, we're the good guys'

Updated And we just thought you were busy chasing ambulances

Body-worn cameras a 'Pandora's Box' says ex Vic Police chief Nixon

Cameras sow 'lack of trust' within public.

Researcher says Australian parliaments have failed to protect privacy for 14 years

Sleepwalking into the surveillance state

More deaths linked to Ashley Madison hack as scammers move in

Avid Life Media offers $500,000 for hackers' heads

Samsung smart fridge leaves Gmail logins open to attack

Update Failures in exploit discovery process are cold comfort for IoT fridge owners