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iOS malware YiSpecter: NO iPHONE IS SAFE

World where only jailbroken iThings were vulnerable is 'thing of the past'

US tries one last time to sway EU court on data-slurping deal

Business as usual in 4,400 companies at stake

Japan begins mega-rollout of 100 million+ national IDs

... just months after leaking over a million pensioners' data

Search engine can find the VPN that NUCLEAR PLANT boss DIDN'T KNOW was there - report

No 'exec-level awareness', warns research

Sensitive Virgin Media web pages still stuck on weak crypto software

'F' for FAIL: Despite warnings, telco is yet to upgrade from RC4 suites

T-Mobile US hires someone other than bungling Experian to offer ID theft monitoring to hack victims

TransUnion hunts for crooks

Five million people exposed in Scottrade brokerage hack

Biz only found out when the FBI came calling

Experian-T-Mobile US hack: 'We trusted them, now that trust is broken'

Analysis Who guards the cyber-guards?

Hand-cranked ‘DDoS’ floors Thai government website amid protests

Great Firewall of Thailand? ไม่ได้อย่างแน่นอน, say locals

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Email keyword sniffing? We'd NEVER do that!

*Cough* Google *cough*

Dangerous resurgent banking malware hits UK

Bank trojan twin pivots to smash supply chain biz

Amazon boards windows against leet key-stealing neighbours

Want security? No no no don't go co-lo.

David Jones follows Kmart into 'we've been attacked' hell

Two days, two WebSphere sites fall

Vigilante VXer FIXES SOHOpeless routers

Stallman sycophant offers password reminders and handy debug tips.

Patreon thieves drop data, expose users' info all over web

15GB file lifted from crowd-funding outfit hits dump sites

15 MILLION T-Mobile US customer records swiped by hackers

Applied for a phone contract? Successful or not, you're boned

Patch NOW: VMware vCenter, ESXi can be pwned via your network

Remote-code execution danger on VM hosts

How to evade Apple's anti-malware Gatekeeper in OS X and really ruin a fanboy's week

Need a better latch on that gate

Chinese fraudsters hitch a ride on Uber accounts

Active accounts worth '40 cents' each

It's BACK – Stagefright 2.0: Zillions of Android gadgets can be hijacked by MP3s, movie files

Updated Pop tunes pop phones

Shoe stores top US credit card EMV-ready leaderboard of fail

Almost three quarters of US merchants will miss deadline, risk wearing breach fraud costs.

Hillary spillery finds half-hearted phishery

Five messages? Only FIVE? C'mon, that's just not trying

175,000 whinge to Microsoft about phone tech support scams

3.3 million Americans will pay $1.5 billion this year.

Kmart Oz popped but credit cards are safe, really

It's only EVERYTHING ELSE YOU TOLD US that got stolen

Patreon patrons: It's password-reset time

Crowd-funding org let debug site slip outside firewall

FBI: We unmasked and collared child porn creep on Tor with spy tool

Metasploit decloaking kit rides again?

Verisign opens up its DNS

Free for ordinary users, promises not to harvest your requests

Apple fixes iOS 9.0.2 passcode loophole, kills 101 OS X security bugs

Patch now: El Capitan upgrade plus Safari, iThing software tweaks

Russian hacker, nabbed in Spain, cops 4+ years for Citadel botnet

Should have stayed under the skirt of Mother Russia. Just a thought

Arabic-speaking cyberspies targeting BOFHs with crude but effective attacks

Special file names and domains are key

Share-crazy millennials spaff passwords ALL OVER the workplace

Workers aged 16-34 chastised for leaving sticky deposits everywhere

Smuggle mischievous JavaScript into WinRAR archives? Sure, why not

Proof of concept could lead to nasty phish

Rusky antivirus company FIRE BOMBED for research blogs

Offices more damaged by water than flame

Aussie students set to hack cloud biz to hell

Cyber Sec Oz pits 251 hackers in capture the flag comp.

Raytheon: Ho hum, another day, another $1bn cyber-security contract with Uncle Sam

Contractor signs on to safeguard 100-plus agencies

Monica Lewinsky lawyer named as first outsider on secret US spy court

Sticky situations in the White House? Better call Preston

Linux-powered botnet lets rip on victims with 180Gbps network floods

Enormous network of hijacked zombie servers threatens to batter everything in its path unleashes 3D virtual world to train GCHQ's kiddie division

Cyber-workforce to learn in 'Cyphinx' land from an early age, just like Nork hackers

Fiorina: I rushed out HP servers to power NSA snooping. Mwahahaha!

Prez hopeful bigs up her part in protecting USA from the Server Gap

Here are the God-mode holes that gave TrueCrypt audit the slip

Elevation-of-privilege vulnerabilities found in popular encryption system

NSA? Illegal spying? EU top lawyer is talking out of his Bot – US gov

Yes, we spied, but we clearly know more about the law than this Euro law-talking guy

Thousands of 'directly hackable' hospital devices exposed online

Derbycon Hackers make 55,416 logins to MRIs, defibrillator honeypots