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Final countdown – NSA says it really will end blanket phone spying on US citizens this Sunday

We're leaving together ...

Millions of families hit in toymaker VTech hack – including 200,000+ kids

Youngsters' personal info, parents' contact details leak from Chinese gizmo giant

Kids charity hit by server theft

Some personal data stored, but motive likely equipment theft, says Plan UK

Hungryhouse resets thousands of customers' passwords

Good security hygiene after third-party data breach

Mr Grey, the Russian hacker who helped haul in 1.2 billion logins

Courts release open source intel data sales scams on one man

Hackers spray Reader's Digest stinky feet with exploit kit

Home remedy seekers backdoored by Bedep

HTTPSohopeless: 26,000 Telstra Cisco boxen open to device hijacking

Embedded device mayhem as rivals share keys

Microsoft rides to Dell's rescue, wrecks rogue root certificate

Windows Defender lives up to its name by dealing death to Dell's dumb DLL

Last call for the NCC Group Cyber 10K challenge

Competition Get your entry in by Nov 30 for chance to win £10,000

Nuclear exploit kit seen chucking CryptoWall 4.0 at late patchers

First time this one's been seen in the wild

RAF web survey asks for bank details via unencrypted email

Hey participants, don’t be like Jeremy Clarkson. Enough said

Researcher reveals Chinese e-crime shopping list

Crazy low prices for app 'purchases', or perhaps you'd like a poison PoS unit?

Lenovo slings privilege patches at in-built tools

Temp account means God mode for regular users.

Lazy IoT, router makers reuse skeleton keys over and over in thousands of devices – new study

SSH logins, server-side HTTPS certs baked in firmware

Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears

The truth about camera that seemingly keeps recording even when powered off

Finding security bugs on the road to creating a verifiably secure TLS lib

Microsoft, French bods push for mathematically provable bug-free code

Plusnet ignores GCHQ, spits out plaintext passwords to customers

At least we don't email them, says security-shy telco

Hilton confirms hotel credit-card-snaffling sales till malware hit

Check your bank statements if you paid on plastic

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

Update now fixed, we're told

Hacker predicts AMEX card numbers, bypasses chip and PIN

Easy algorithm and US$10 bork-box mean fun for fraudsters

Second Dell backdoor root cert found

Blackhats, head straight to the airport lounge.

Amazon resets account passwords feared compromised – report

Book baron keeps mum about reason for emergency emails

Tor Project: Anonymity ain't free, folks. Pony up

Privacy network passes around the hat

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

Analysis How it works

Fifth arrest in TalkTalk hacking probe: Now Plod cuff chap in Wales

A ydynt yn hyd yn oed yn cael y rhyngrwyd yng Nghymru?

Cyber-terror: How real is the threat? Squirrels are more of a danger

Comment No, go ahead, let's spend billions worrying about an iPearl Harbor

Video malvertising campaign lasted 12 hours? Try two months

Vid crapware issue worse than you thought - researchers

North Korea is capable of pwning Sony. Whether it did is another matter

Sysadmin Blog PART 2 – It looked like a training exercise anyway

Who's right on crypto: An American prosecutor or a Lebanese coder?

Special report District attorney and encrypted chat app dev sound off on privacy

British duo arrested for running malware encryption service

Customers freak, yell :Time to DBAN!"

Paris, jihadis, tech giants ... What is David Cameron's speechwriter banging on about now?

Clare Foges' outburst pulled apart by law prof, infosec expert

World's most complex cash register malware plunders millions in US

'ModPos' kernel monster threatens haul during festive shopping blitz

Pen tester sounds alert over 'gaping' flaws in Brit alarm platform

To update a CSL DualCom rig rip off the glue, unscrew the box, manually flash each unit

Dell: How to kill that web security hole we put in your laptops, PCs

Promises to automatically remove root CA cert from machines from Nov 24

Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie

Updated And now here's how you can really destroy it

Superfish 2.0: Dell ships laptops, PCs with huge internet security hole

Root CA certificate opens up folks to banking, shopping snooping, etc

Shocker: Smut-viewing Android apps actually steal your data

Pr0n software actually leads to pwnage

Homebrew crypto in Telegram hangout app full of holes, say security pros

'Jihadi favourite' cooked up by Vkontakte's Durov Bros

Want to defend your network? Profile the person attacking it

Sysadmin Blog PART 1 – Can't keep them out, so catch them while they’re in

Data breach at biz that manages Cisco, F5 certs plus many others

Pearson VUE says credentials manager product affected

Malvertising: How the ad model makes crime pay

Feature ... and who's liable for all the money lost?

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets

Half of covert packets are about analytics, half are a mystery