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Kaspersky so very sorry after suggesting its antivirus will get you laid

The 1970s called and wants its attitudes back

No need to panic, says SwiftKey, as email addresses, phone numbers appear on strangers' screens

Because getting someone else's keystrokes is just fine

Dem-owned-crats: Now its congressional committee is hacked

Updated And Hillary's campaign staff pwned, too

SentinelOne's $1m ransomware guarantee dismissed as PR stunt

'Entirely comfortable paying money to criminals' grumbles infosec bod

It's time for a discussion about malvertising

Sysadmin Blog Security, meet the requirement for an informed and educated populace

Argos changes 150 easily guessed drop-off system passwords

Basic security fail spotted by Reg reader let anyone divert parcel deliveries

Don't use a VPN in United Arab Emirates – unless you wanna risk jail and a $545,000 fine

Arab monarchy tries to slam door on privacy tools

Security FUD and malware outbreaks boost Sophos' coffers

Targeting the 'underserved mid-market' pays off nicely

Flight sim records show MH370 captain practiced 'flight' near search area

Might pretend airports favoured by flight sim fans defeat nefarious intent theories?

Exclusive transcript: WikiLeaks reveals ass call from a zoo

Leaked voicemail trove includes names and phone numbers from random callers to DNC

Apps record your heartbeat but now you worry the Census will remember your name?

Australian governments' liking for data-matching needs more than promises of privacy

Airbus doesn't just make aircraft – now it designs drone killers

Vid New security system downs sky spies from seven miles away

Couple in the cooler for sucking $1m out of Uncle Sam via IRS 'Get Transcript' scam

DoJ says pair exploited web tools to file fake returns

Did Donald Trump really just ask Russia to hack the US govt? Yes, he did

And now denies it. But hey: News cycle!

Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink

Performance review sparks deletion, 110 offices knackered

Jacob Appelbaum is a bullying sex pest, says ex-employer Tor Project

Anonymizing tool team concludes investigation and fires two others

Oh Cyber criminals* using one-stop DIY web biz shops

Updated You don't even need to know web design to be a baddie

Saved from ransomware thugs... by rival ransomware thug

Chimera cybercrook competitor hands victims the keys

Explo-Xen! Bunker buster bug breaks out guests from hypervisor

Code dive Explo-Xen ... it rhymes with explosion

Zero-day hole can pwn millions of LastPass users, all that's needed is a malicious site

Updated Remote 'complete account compromise' possible, Google hacker finds

Osram's Lightify smart bulbs blow a security fuse – isn't anything code audited anymore?

Four unpatched bugs remain after nine found

Cisco busts ransomware rodent targeting bitcoin, cryptocoin subreddits

VXer mass posts to Reddit in sorrowful bid to make a living

Cisco warns responders: Drop ego, assimilate with the IR playbook

Pay your dues, noob, or talk to Dunning and Kruger

Did the Russians really hack the DNC or is this another Sony Pictures moment? You decide

Poll You're Putin me in a tough spot, here

3D print biz Shapeways hacked, home and email addresses swiped

Hashed passwords exposed, too

Anti-theft kill switches in smartphones just got a little less creepy

US peeps now get more control over tracking and remote wipes

Odds are your office is ill-prepared for network-ransacking ransomware

Cisco cybersecurity report points to dangers ahead

BlackBerry snips Alcatel label off a midrange biz 'Droid, sells it for $299

While promising some extra security

It's 2016 and your passwords can still be sniffed from wireless keyboards

KeySniffer – does what it says on the tin

TechCrunch defaced by self-professed 'white hat' hackers

'Don't worry we never change your passwords.' Contact us!

O2 customer DATA GRAB: Not-a-hack creds for sale on dark web

Are you a login-recycling gaming fan?

Failing projects pray blockchain works as 'magic middleware'

And fail anyway, as will you in 'the year of pointless blockchain projects' says analyst

UK 'leccy car company Ecotricity patches leaky car recharge app

Account takeover is a pushover

European privacy body slams shut backdoors everywhere

European Data Protection Supervisor gives crypto-hawks a thumb in the eye

Microsoft offers admins free Win 10 upgrade lube

New Upgrade Analytics tool offers risk-based driver, app assessments

Boffins snoop on snooping Tor nodes

Honeyed onions - mmmm .... honions - used to plug the HSDir privacy hole

Iraqi government finally bans debunked bomb-finding dowsing rods

Three years, and hundreds of deaths, after fraud uncovered

Florida Man cleared of money laundering after selling Bitcoins to Agent Ponzi

Miami ... Christ

Euro cops, Intel and Kaspersky slay Shade ransomware

No More Ransom campaign kicks off

The very latest on the DNC email conspiracy. Which conspiracy? All of them, of course!

Anti-semitic, Trump-loving Russians battle with Bernie-hating Clinton acolytes

Tinder porn scam: Swipe right for NOOOOOO I paid for what?

Dig yourself out of this one, buddy

Is digital fraud big in UK? British abacus-botherers finally have some answers

Hacking, malware: the numbers