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Blink and you missed it: Asteroid came within 90,000 km, only one sky-watcher saw it

SONEAR sees 25-metre-plus rock when it was, well, so near

SpaceX's used flight-proven rocket to loft Euro satellite this year

First real test for second-hand reusable Falcon

Missing Milky Way mass blown away by bingeing supermassive black hole

Mystery of the missing baryons leads to a surprising find

Li-Fi with my little eye … a vulnerability

Fooling around with VLC systems

Pump-priming the new ampere: NIST works to count electrons in silicon

Show me the way to go Ohm

SETI Institute damps down 'wow!' signal report from Russia

Settle, SETI-fans: One radio spike does not a civilisation make

Jovial NASA says Juno flyby a success

Downloads will take days

SpaceX Dragon capsule lands in Pacific carrying 12 moustronauts

NASA to watch Musketeer relatives carefully

Go forth Spitzer! To infinity and....

Telescope to enter new "Beyond" phase

I fart in your general direction! Comet 67P lets rip on Europe's Rosetta probe

Pic Your mother was a punch card reader and your father smelt of static C libraries

Juno probe to graze Jupiter on Saturday

Closest encounter with gas giant will see craft close to just 4,200km from cloud-tops

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... er, Graphene bubbles – 200 times stronger than Superman

Miracle material bests Man of Steel, withstands incredible pressure, say eggheads

Arthur C Clarke award won by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Children of Time features talking space spiders

Mars to get Chinese delivery. Estimated time of arrival: 2020

NASA, China traffic jam on fourth rock from the sun

Voyager 2's closest Saturn swoop was 35 years ago today

Only Cassini's been there since, V'ger 2 is now 15 light-hours away

Watch the world's biggest 'flying bum' go arse over tit in a crash

Video All together now: I like big butts but I cannot fly, you boffins can't deny...

'Second Earth' exoplanet found right under our noses – just four light years away

Proxima b is a likely target for Starshot project

False Northern Lights alert issued to entire UK because of a lawnmower

But freshly cut grass is the olfactory equivalent, right?

No, we haven't found liquid water on Mars, says NASA

New observations don't contradict Martian wet patch theories, but dry them up a lot

NIST spins atomic gyroscope to allow navigation without GPS

Wait, there's more: it's also an accelerometer

NASA tried turning lost spacecraft STEREO-B off and on again... but it didn't work. True story

But Deep Space Network brought her back online

NASA wants to sell International Space Station to private enterprise

For sale: Space station, several owners, billions of miles travelled

Radio astronomy pioneer dies at 92

Vale Owen Bruce Slee, who helped our universe expand

New science: Pathetic humans can't bring themselves to fire lovable klutz-bots

All is forgiven, you gaffe-prone cyber-cooks. You're one of us

ISS astronauts begin spacewalk to install new docking adapter

Don't drop that wrench, whatever you do

NASA to begin first asteroid sample mission: Seeks 'pristine' specimen

Bennu.... no, not a scientology overlord

Viscous liquid oozing down the walls? You must have hives

Hospital combed for cause of sweet infection

Ancient radioactive tree rings could rip up the history books

Boffins mull a new way of historic dating

We're going to bring an asteroid fragment into Lunar orbit

NASA's bean-counters okay US$1.4 billion rock-munching space robot

Physicists believe they may have found fifth force of nature

'Boson X' related to dark matter?

Lab-grown black hole proves Stephen Hawking's radiation claims – physicist

But 'pioneering paper' also contains some contradictory data, says prof

More gums than Jaws: Greenland super-sharks live past 400 years old

Typical specimen is older than America

Hey, turn down that radio, it's alien season and we're hunting aliens

Brainiacs' lower-frequency 'scope seeks ET

Ten-trillionths of your suntan comes from intergalactic photons

But fear not – our galaxy has in-built SPF protection

Juno shoots 'Marble Movie' of Jupiter

Blinded observers granted gift

Microbes that laugh at antibiotics: UK sinks £4.5m into China-Brit kill team

Will team up to defeat drug resistant critters

NASA dumps $65m into building deep space hutches for humans

Space hotel, anyone?

5,000 robots to build 3D map of the universe

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument hoped to shed light on all that darkness out there

NASA test foiled by rocket shaking power cord loose from camera

Video Snapper built to take you inside a rocket plume eventually produced stunning images

Revealed: How a weather forecast in 1967 stopped nuclear war

Solar storm that nearly turned the world hot

Watch hot 'stars' shower ... again. It's Perseid meteor showtime

Prettier than normal with a little help from friendly gas giant

'Alien megastructure' Tabby's Star: Light is definitely dimming

Boffins clueless about cause