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Curiosity finds not-very-Australian-shaped rock on Mars

File under 'messianic pastries' and move on, people

Electronic kit low on juice? SPIT ON IT

Boffins use graphene and bacteria to build saliva-powered fuel cells

UFO, cosmic ray or flasher? NASA rules on Curiosity curiosity

Updated Interwebs go mad with alien hysteria. 'Remain calm, all is well,' says NASA

Video games make you NASTY AND VIOLENT

Especially if you are bad at them and keep losing

Get your MOON GEAR: Auction to feature Space Race memorabilia

Keepsakes from early NASA, Soviet programs up for bids

Internet is a TOOL OF SATAN that destroys belief, study claims

That's me in the chatroom, losing my religion

'Graceful' solar flare erupts from surface of Sun – NASA vid

Video Mid-level radiation explosion captured by SDO

India's GPS alternative launches second satellite

Closed satnav system due to have all seven birds aloft by 2016

WIMPs wipe each other out in giant radiating spot at galaxy's centre

What's 10,000 light years across and smells of gamma radiation?

The Punch and Judy show is LIVE NOW cancelled

Updated 50/50 chance of launch as winds pick up

Time is on their side: NIST's new atomic clock accurate for 300 MEEELLION years

Vid Boffins rock around the clock

Too late, Blighty! Samsung boffins claim breakthrough graphene manufacturing success

Quick, Sammy, before Apple finds a way to patent it...

NASA's LADEE: A Great Gig in the Sky, now on a death dive to the Dark Side of the Moon

End of the 600Mbps space broadband, lunar dust probe

LOHAN's Punch and Judy show is GO for Saturday

Roll up, roll up, for your live test flight details

Organic food: Pricey, not particularly healthy, won't save you from cancer

Comment Study of 'organic' food consumption and cancer risk showed some interesting results

Deep desert XP-ocalypse averted as Reg man returns

PLUS: We learn how to cook BUDGIES

Does my mass look big in this? Roly-poly galaxy El Gordo more porky than first feared

Pic Hubble gets an eyeful of fattest cluster on record

HIDDEN OCEAN of LIVING SOUP found on Enceladus, moon of Saturn

Pics It's a big 'un, and it may be home to living critters

'Hello, is that the space station? NASA here. Can you put us through to Moscow?'

Not-so-comprehensive severance of space chumship

Driver drama delays deep desert XP upgrade

Windows silliness puts our man at risk of CAMEL COLLISION

Boffins make noise about D-Wave chip: it seems quantum

Thermal 'knob' turns up the heat

Middle England trembles before roaring LOHAN

Final hypobaric chamber rocket motor tests a fire and ice spectacular

El Reg's Deep Outback XP upgrade almost foiled by KILLER ARACHNIDS

Vid Get a load of our man's desert cannonball run of terror

Want to see at night? Here comes the infrared CONTACT LENS

Spook tech just got spookier

Single chip photon source brings quantum comms closer

Turning research labs into devices

Soccer's dull? A MIND-CONTROLLED robo-suit will be used to take first World Cup 2014 kick

Pic Checkmate, nerds

Can you tell a man's intelligence simply by looking at him? Yes

So says a Czech study – but the same doesn't hold true for women

Georgia Tech touts polymer heatsink interface

Nanofibres survive 200°C temps

Boeing, Cupertino to 'explore weaponisation of Apple technologies'

Tech used in MacBook Air's aluminum chassis slated to become wings for killer drones

CERN team uses GPUs to discover if antimatter falls up, not down

GTC Einstein's General Relativity theory may be in for 'a big surprise'

LOHAN team gears up for Punch and Judy show

Test flights are go for 5 April

New IPCC report: 8 ways climate change will throw world INTO PERIL

Try not to panic, eh?

Meet the man building an AI that mimics our neocortex – and could kill off neural networks

Special report Palm founder Jeff Hawkins on his life's work

Watch your brain LIVE in 3D, then train your mind from inside it

GTC Computer gaming revitalizes thinking – comprendo, old farts?

Dutch doctors replace woman's skull with 3D-printed plastic copy

Graphic video Modern tech solves brain ache

Homeopathic remedies contaminated with REAL medicine get recalled

Those allergic to penicillin* should steer clear

LOHAN preps Vulture 2 for hot vinyl wrap

Cue bloody enormous packing case, epic sea journey...

First pics: Comet-chaser Rosetta hurtles towards icy prey, camera in hand

Pic + vid ESA wants to land a bot on a comet 524 million km from the Sun. Let that sink in

Research bods told: Try to ID anonymised data subjects? No more CASH for you

Four mega UK funders make joint statement

ECCENTRIC, PINK DWARF dubbed 'Biden' by saucy astronomers

Sedna has more cousins in the Oort, astroboffins believe