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PENGUINS are just TASTELESS, say boffins

'Their tongues aren't for tasting', apparently

Boffins now one step closer to male birth control pill

Want to rub her up without a rubber? Aye, there’s the rub

BBC: SOD the scientific consensus! Look OUT! MEGA TSUNAMI is coming

Special Report Money talks and disasters sell, baby

DARPA's 'Cortical Modem' will plug straight into your BRAIN

Who needs tech specs when you could have a $10 HUD on your visual cortex?

Boffins baffled by the glowing 'plumes' of MARS

Aurora? Cloud? Alien starship exhaust? What?

Want to find LOVE online? Make sure your name is high up in the alphabet

Boffin develops foolproof love method, snares girlf at last

Lightbulb moment for visible light networking: 200 Gbps without a fibre

We don' need your steenkin' Wi-Fi – Oxford data-over-rays boffins

Boffins grasp Big Knob, get ready to go ALL THE WAY at the LHC proton-punisher

'Large HARDON Collider' headlines coming soon

Violin-fiddling boffins learn that 'F-HOLES' are secret to Stradivarius' SUPERIOR sound

Acoustic dynamics of stringed instruments nailed

Watch: FIRE-SPITTING time-lapse images of Sol showcase NASA's sun-gazing highs

Vid Grab your HOT solar filament action here!

Interstellar sci-fi WORMS its way into spinning black hole science FACT

Vid Einstein? Pah! Computer code maps light beams

El Reg's plucky Playmonaut eyes suborbital rocket shot

Open source 'Earendel' project aims high on Kickstarter

ATTENTION SETI scientists! It's TOO LATE: ALIENS will ATTACK in 2049

SETI boffins have forgotten the Bebo Incident of 2008

TITANIC: Nuclear SUBMARINE cruising 'Sea of KRAKENS' may be FOUND ON icy MOON

Splashdown in hydrocarb ocean suggested for 2040

HIGH-RANNOSAURUS WRECKED: Druggie dinos tripped balls on psychedelics – boffins

Ancient amber reveals hallucinogenic history

SWINGBELLIES! Take heed AGAIN: Booze shortens your life

Alcohol may help in some ways, but when the sums are done you'll end up short

Update - Boffins: COMETS are like FRIED ICE CREAM. Mmm

Because they melt in the sun and have crunchy organics on the outside. No, really

Cricket's nervous nineties are a THING, say econo-boffins

Athletes try to balance team success and personal milestones

SpaceX HOVER-SHIP landing scuppered by MASSIVE ocean waves

Pic+vid+updates Gore-sat escapes carnage, heads to outer space

Europe just flew titchy reusable SPACEPLANE IXV around the planet

Video Successful splashdown for squashed space shuttle

'Giving geo-engineering to this US govt is like giving a CHILD a LOADED GUN'

Climate 'hacking' 'wildly, utterly, howlingly, barking mad'

Worried you got PINK EYE when you shook hands? Doctor Google will see you now

Doc – why haven't I got housemaid's knee?

Boffins turn nano-wires into their OWN thermometers

Better thermal imaging to help design better electronics

Back seat drivers fear lead-footed autonomous cars, say boffins

Over to you, Google. How will robot cars improve traffic if passengers are panicked?


Updated Dragon podule down and safe though

Amazing, cool, wow: Humans naturally use POSITIVE words, and that is GOOD

Official proof that commentards are ALIENS

NASA plots methane-detecting laser in SPAAACE

Measuring the other greenhouse gas

Boffin the boffin and his boffinry pals in double dwarf super-prang alert

Pics Supernova, huge bang, yes, yes. But have we reached Peak Boffin?

Official: Single people need to LOWER their EXPECTATIONS

Science agrees with Auntie Pat about that nice, awful chap/ette

BEHOLD the magnificent lunar backside in our MOON VIDEO

Vid NASA proudly exhibits LRO montage

SWINGBELLIES! Take heed! Drinking WINE is good for your LIVER

Splendid news for the rotund red-fancier

Brit boffins want £50 million to launch exoplanet observatory

Twinkle, twinkle little satellite

Elon Musk: Hover rocket? Check. Hover ship? Check. Let's DO THIS

Up diddly up up on Monday – then it's the fiddly down down

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air

'Capturing the world’s carbon emissions is a huge task'

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The Red Dwarf chilli chutney egg sarnie

Lister creation 'a cross between food and bowel surgery'

TOTAL DARKNESS lasted 550 MILLION years until the first STARS LIT UP

ESA's Planck peers into gloomy aftermath of the Big Bang

GRUNTY CHIMPS 'blend in among locals' after moving to Scotland

Moaning foreigners get used to gruff Caledonia

NASA: Check out this TWIRLY SPACE DWARF – and NEVER moan about our budget

Probe peeps in on icy Ceres

Forget robo-butlers – ROBO-MAIDS! New hotel staffed by slave-droids

Do you call room service or roomba service?

SWELLING moons of ice dwarf Pluto snapped by NASA spy-probe

New Horizons also mooned by Charon from 126 million miles

ALIENS are surely AMONG US: Average star has TWO potentially Earth-like worlds

They're evidently here - nothing else makes sense

UK boffins DOUBLE distance of fiber data: London to New York WITHOUT a repeater

Take that, Kerr!