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You know what would really make your metamaterial pop? 6th century Japan tech

Science by a 1,000 cuts: Power of kirigami adds 3D

Private moonshot gets the green light from US authorities

Moon Express' MX-1E lander cleared for 2017 missions

Mad-tech labcoat-sporters DARPA pit infosec AI against itself

It's the Cyber Grand Challenge

Perlan 2: The glider that will slip the surly bonds of Earth – and touch the edge of space

Sailplane en route to Argentina for sky-scraping test flights

Bee queens are Notch-blocking their minions, say boffins

From each according to her ovary, to each according to her: Oh snap I'm infertile

Cognitive computing: IBM uses phase-change material to model your brain's neurons

Big Blue's getting in your head, man

Jovian moon Io loses its atmosphere every day

When Jupiter blocks the Sun, the sulphur dioxide atmosphere falls as FROST

Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?

Jill Stein joins the presidential farce

'The box' Bones uses to fix any ailment on the Enterprise? Yup, it's real

Yeast factory bests cumbersome labs and slow supply chains

Virgin Galactic wins US operator's licence for SpaceShipTwo

Beardy Branson's bird not cleared for takeoff just yet, but hopeful of flight tests soon

Boffins shrink light-twister to silicon scale, multiply bandwidth 10x

This could be how light becomes a more common data carriage medium

Google and GlaxoSmithKline fling £540m at bioelectronic meds firm

Mini-robots float round your body and zap your neurons

Dark scientists' LUX-ZEPLIN doubles down on WIMP hunt

Search for elusive particles may shed light on dark matter

Juno turns around and heads off to graze Jupiter's clouds

First 'capture orbit' passes 'apojove', probe breaks out its cameras to celebrate

Giant Musk-stick test-firing proves a rocket can rise twice

Vid One careful owner, only ever driven to low-Earth orbit, top speed 6,300 km/h

ESA's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter blasts itself closer to the Red Planet

Mission aims to find little green men, no less

Avoiding Liverpool was the aim: All aboard the world's ONLY moving aqueduct

Geek's Guide to Britain Barton Aqueduct – where heavy metal shifts H2O

NASA peers through its SpeX: Aha! Jupiter's globe-warming hotspot

You can't get internet there, but Giant Red Spot is clue to 'energy crisis'

Gullible Essex Police are now using junk science lie detectors

And sent Constable Ned Kelly on an 11-week training course to use the things

NASA puts lenses through a different drill to stare at the Sun

19th century optics gets the 21st century treatment

Captain Piccard's planet-orbiting solar aircraft in warped drive drama

505-day trip won't engage much commercial interest

Dolly the sheep clones have aged well, say scientists

Nottingham's cloning success not usual, though

Fear not, humanity – Saint Elon has finished part two of his world-saving 'master plan'

Sustainability and sharing isn't just some 'silly, hippy thing,' says Musk

Nope, we can't find dark matter either, says LUX team

The WIMPs theory is still strong though

All you need for quantum computing at room temperature is some mothballs

Gives debugging a new meaning

Google tests its own quantum computer – both qubits of it

Here's something to like about 2016: 'Quantum Software Engineer' is a job title

40 years ago today the US govt sent a taxpayer-funded robot to invade an alien hostile world

Pics Phenomenal photographic proof of planet plundering

Raving mad: Glow sticks are secret weapon in Facebook's 2.1Gbps laser internet drones

Umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch

Microbe drives tropical butterfly species to a male-killing frenzy

Cannibalistic behaviour also affects evolution

Schrödinger's cat explained with neutrinos

Physicists show quantum weirdness of neutrinos over longest distance yet

After Monday's landing, SpaceX wants to do it in triplicate

Rocketeers apply for two more landing pads, but faces NIMBY challenge

Kepler's K2 mission confirms 104 Earth-like planets

Fancy a 24-day year?

Harvard gives solar batteries performance-enhancing vitamins

B2-inspired molecule powers up flow batteries

Oz boffins cook quantum computing out of mothballs

Burned naphthalene hosts room-temperature qubits

Boffins unveil 500TB/in2 disk. Yeah, it's made of chlorine. -196˚C, why?

'True importance of this work is not necessarily the data storage' – lead author

New Mars rover is GO for 2020 says NASA

This time we'll hear the sounds of Mars, if the enhanced Sky Crane works

Happy 50th birthday, optical fibres for telecoms

In July 1966, Charles Kao looked into glass and saw the future of telecoms

Africa's MeerKAT looks at the sky, surprises boffins with 1,300 galaxies

SKA precursor publishes 'first light' images

Go catch Pokemon in this, nerds: Our space neighborhood of 1.2m galaxies mapped in 3D

Pics Dark matter measured in our cosmic backwater

Computers vs Ebola: Scientists use big data to predict future disease hotspots

And it all boils down to seeing what bats are up to

Graphene is actually self-folding origami, proclaim physicists

Newly observed behaviour in 'miracle material'

Space station to get shiny new ringpiece for automatic penetration

Second time lucky for SpaceX delivery?