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Science Earlier

Anthropology boffins solve 9,000-year-old headless body cold case

Oldest instance of human decapitation found – but a bit late to catch the killers

Boffins make brain-to-brain direct communication breakthrough

So long as you just want to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it's fine

IBM: Hey, puny humans. Come stick your digits in Watson's AI brain

Big Blue spaffs out a load of APIs and dev tools

Mysterious cosmic dustball fires up Milky Way's black hole

Supermassive Sagittarius is firing off X-rays

Boffins show off brain-link's light bulb moment

I can SEE what you're thinking … well, not quite

Brit infosec bod finds Kaseya 'master admin' remote code exec holes

Trio of trouble sent to the Zero Day Initiative.

Sysadmins, here's your weekly Cisco bug-splat

IOS DoS and authentication bypass vulns patched

NIST's quantum boffins have TELEPORTED stuff over a HUNDRED KILOMETRES

No news on people beaming around via excitable Scots

POLAR DINOSAURS prowled ARCTIC NIGHT, cast doubt on COLD BLOOD theory

Vegetarian lizard waded through snow

China launches 'pollution-free' rocket

I'll green you on the dark side of the Moon

Astro-boffins plan 3D plot of the universe

Spooky signals called Fast Radio Bursts could tell us where the stuff is

Boffins crowdsource web for TREE of LIFE. What could possibly go wrong with that?!

Come back ... Was it something we said?

Huh? Cat-wees-like-a-racehorse study pees on fellow physicists to take Ig Nobel prize

Brave bee-stung willy brain box also bags a gong

A krayshee sexy Dutch post-pub nosh neckfiller: Stamppot

Wobbly dining fan Pascal Harris cooks up a Netherlands staple

Hate noisy jets above you? What if they were charging your phone?

Boeing boffin suggests harnessing noise pollution for power

GLOBAL WARMING STOPPED in 1998? NO it didn't. If you say that, you're going to PRISON

Climate scientists revise history, call for Vultures' arrest

Bookworms' Weston mecca: The Oxford institution with a Swindon secret

Geek's Guide to Britain The 400-year-old Uni library with a big-box backer

El Reg unfurls awe-inspiring Integrated Space Plan megagraphic

That's one small step for a man, but we need one giant wall to hang it on

SPOOKY new Pluto snaps will make the HAIR RISE on the back of your neck

Pics You want lonely? You want remote? Here it is

SPACED OUT: NASA's manned Orion podule pushed back to 2023

Red planet? Don't hold your breath, people

Reg Xmas lectures tackle transhumanism, driverless cars and life as a hostage

Reg Lectures Stretch your brains as the days grow shorter...

BLOOD-crazy CLIMATE mosquitoes set to GROUND SANTA's reindeer

Rudolph's nose will glow so bright - with PAIN

SOHO solar scope spies 3000th 'sungrazer' comet

Actually, Thai spotter extraordinaire Worachate Boonplod takes the honour

Arctic summer ice cover is 31st HIGHEST EVER RECORDED

Oh, and the Northeast Passage is open as normal

WARM, WOBBLING MOON believed to hide MOIST CRADLE of life

Cassini space probe planning low pass in October

PRIME SPACE: Bezos in Cape Canaveral SPACE PODULE debut

No he's not just pleased to see you, that IS a rocket in his pocket

Burn ALL the COAL, OIL – NO danger of SEA LEVEL rise this century from Antarctic ice melt

Hardcore warmist's amazing admission

Unique astronaut job perk: Create a SHOOTING STAR by having a dump

NASA celebrates halfway milestone on longhaul space-life study

TREES tell SCIENTISTS: Sierra Nevada snow hasn't been this bad since 1500AD

Claim unsupported by any actual records

Journos to be spared replacement by robots, BBC claims

Telephone salespeople certainly ready for their berths on the 'B' Ark, though

This new new chip will self-destruct in less than 10 seconds

DARPA-funded Gorilla Glass thingy will go pop rather than answer unwanted questions

Sony sends muso stratowards on vintage TV set

Kelvin Jones croons from the upper atmosphere in a retro stylee

ESA tries UPLOADING PATCH to Philae lander to fix radios

You no longer have the right to complain about your WSUS server on Patch Tuesday

How green is your ROCKET FUEL?

NASA proclaims eco-friendly Hydrazine replacements ready for orbital duties

TELLY INNN SPAAACE: Nothing to watch on your 4K TV? NASA to the RESCUE

How can we get on the telly more? Have a TV channel

Krafcik takes wheel at Google driverless car project, so to speak

Soulless robo cabs to take lead from ex Hyundai chieftain

Arizona lads recover epic stratovid – two years after launch

AT&T worker stumbles upon balloon payload lost in space the desert


But it might. Hey, we don't know, we're the Met Office

DARPA adds 'sense of touch' to robot hand

Neural interface close to the Holy Grail of prosthetics

PRIMITIVE TOOLS found near MICROSOFT headquarters

Urggh-urrgh, it difficult achieve result of any subtlety with um Vbasic

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo good to go!

Two new Euro-satnav birds go aloft without incident


NASA releases complicated batch of New Horizons snaps