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Boffins coax non-superconductive stuff into dropping the 'non'

The ultimate goal: A room temperature superconductor

NASA's asteroid orbit calculator spots a hot rock zipping past

'Scout' scope gives us an asteroid-misses-Earth-by-not-much horror story for Halloween

SpaceX to explosion conspiracy theorists: There's no grassy knoll at Cape Canaveral

Video Investigation replicates cryogenic helium #FAIL

Boffins one step closer to solving nanoscale computer challenge

Design could nail Feynman Grand Challenge

Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire

RoboSimian up in smoke after engineering error

Crashed Schiaparelli lander's 'chute and shields spotted

Which is nice, but they offer ambiguous clues about the mission's failure

It's ALIVE: Juno back online after reboot

It's ALIVE: Juno back online after reboot

UK minister promises science budget won't be messed with after Brexit

Ambitious pledges ahead of Article 50 negotiations

Rise of the photon clones: New method could lead to 'impenetrable' comms

New tech aims to boost security and range of quantum cryptography

I've arrived on Mars. Argggh, my back!

NASA's spine-tingling experiments spell bad news for astronauts

LASER RAT FENCE wins €1.7m European Commission funds

Liverpool John Moores University thinks crop-munching pests deserve light relief, not poison. Or Brexit, presumably

Spoiler alert: We'll bet boffins still haven't spotted aliens

Spectral modulation looks like 233 coincidences too many

Low-power transistors hint at alternative to battery bonfires

Cambridge researchers envision electronics that thrive on a starvation diet

A bigger splash: The mathematics of spilling beer

Next time, ask for your pint in 'minute straw shapes'

Gravitational lensing event could provide ideal conditions for planet hunting

Astronomers will have to wait until 2028, according to predictions

Newly discovered cave-dwelling creepy-crawly is four times the man* you are

Millipede possesses a tetrad of todgers. Oh, and 200 poison glands

DARPA hands space junk spotting scope to US Air Force

Space Surveillance Telescope can spot specks of shiny 36,000km away

Smoking hole found on Mars where Schiaparelli lander, er, 'landed'

Pic 4KM plummet to surface shattered Euro spacecraft

Boffins twist beams of neutrons into pasta to cook up holograms

Fun but it's probably better for measuring really small things

Two new dinosaurs walked from South America to Australia, via Antarctica

Skeleton suggests beast as long as a London bus

Uni students float into Hyperloop finals with levitating prototype

Magnetic tech gives 14-foot-long tube a tiny lift

ExoMars update: Schiaparelli probe's parachute malfunctioned

Craft feared lost as scientists scramble to recover data

Just what Europe needs – another bungled exit: Mars lander goes AWOL

Martian probe goes silent mid-descent, Juno also goes dark

Three new 'nauts launched to the International Space Station

Floating space lab will back up to full capacity

Skin tattoo will tell your phone when you've had a skinful

Government-sponsored sweat analyzer gets speedy

Probe boffins: Two balls deep in Uranus's ring

Voyager data raises possibility of pair of new moons

China's Shenzhou-11 capsule docks with Tiangong-2 station

A month in space is the plan as China's ambitions escalate

How do you make a qubit 10 times as stable? Dress it up for work

No joke. Electromagnetic fields could help achieve dream of quantum computing

NHS patients must be taught to share their data, says EU lobby group

Combining public funding and public data for whose benefit?

Phew: ISS re-supply mission launches without destroying Wallops launch-pad

5,000 pounds of astronaut-fodder fly without flame-outs

US reactor breaks fusion record – then runs out of cash and shuts down

Video MIT hardware under pressure

RRS Sir David Attenborough construction goes full-steam ahead

Baby bro McBoatface will probe under ice sheets...

Chinese 'nauts blast off for month-long space station scouting mission

China to 'deeply and broadly' go where some have gone before

Juno probe has tech trouble, cancels orbital re-adjustment

Another 53-day loop needed while NASA sorts out helium check valve delay problem

Radio glitch as Schiaparelli lander probe splits from ExoMars mothership

Signals are flowing again, but for a while there all we had was a Ping!

New Brit Hubble analysis finds 2,000 billion galaxies, 10x previous count

Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is

Student software finds new Minor Planet found way out beyond Pluto

'2014 UZ224' has diameter of about 530km and takes 1,100 years to go around the Sun

Nicole forces NASA resupply into Sunday launch: Crew must wait for their packet soup

Orbital ATK only has 5-minute gap for launch this weekend

NASA opens ISS to private sector modules

The plan is to to build wider experience useful for Izzy's successor

ExoMars arrives at the Red Planet on Sunday

Grab some popcorn: the fun starts on the 16th and will climax as Schiaparelli lander touches down next Wednesday

Astronauts on long-haul space flights risk getting 'space brains'

*Insert Trump joke here*

Boffins eschew silicon to build tiniest-ever transistor, just 1nm long

'Molybdenum disulphide' valley has a nice ring to it, no?