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Behold the ROBOT RECTUM... medics' relief

Pucker up, it's for science

Paper wasps that lie to their mates get a right kicking, research finds

Trial by combat and toothpick-applied war paint

Space prang of cosmic proportions blamed for giving Mars its moons

Vid Phobos and Demos last remnants of Martian rings

BEELION-star dataset to land in September

ESA schedules Gaia mission's first data release

Down to Earth: NASA's kilo-kitty balloon lands after 46 days

100 day target still out of reach

By Jove! NASA's Juno prepares to slip into orbit around Jupiter

The big red button has already been pushed on the risky manoeuvre to date

Humans and bees share the same sociability genes

Bee pheromone is similar to genes found in mammals

fMRI bugs could upend years of research

This is what your brain looks like on bad data

Last panel in place, China ready to boot up giant telescope

Igor's got his hand on the Big Red Switch

BAM! Astroboffins now have a second way of picking up black holes' collision super kicks

Doppler detections will help test Einstein's key theory

Blighty's EU science funding will remain unchanged until new PM triggers Article 50

Brit boffins are worried about ... well, everything

We'll smash probe into comet 300 million miles away for kicks, er, sorry, ... for science

What a long, crazy ride it has been for ESA's Rosetta

Boffins boggle, baffled by blobs deep inside the Earth

Ancient structures could help unlock secrets of volcanoes, earthquakes

Jupiter's throwing a firework party for Juno – and Hubble's peeking in

Spacecraft 'welcomed' by gas giant's aurora, light show seen by NASA

Cosmo study: Middle-aged galaxies are rarer than you'd think

Gorgeous MIlky Way not even close to turning red through stress of ageing

Mystery black hole hides by curbing its appetite

Careful, he might hear you

Hubble spies rare cosmic tadpole galaxy

Astro boffins use find to study star formations

PAC slams for lack of evidence-based science investments

Says funding should be informed by a 'sound business case' ... WHAT?

You can be my wingman any time! RaspBerry Pi AI waxes Air Force top gun's tail in dogfights

Maverick, it's not your flying, it's your AI-ttitude

The best way to find oxygen on Mars? Friggin LASERS, of course

Curiosity's beams reveal signs of manganese oxide

Sharing your work cubicle with robots may not be such a bad thing

New report by Forrester shows AI will create jobs in the future

Big Pharma's trying to kill us, says man with literally millions to lose

Nowt wrong with Theranos, except, you know, everything

Let's grow a baby universe in a supercomputer, watch black holes collide

Good idea, LIGO. Definitely better than throwing cans at cars from the overpass

Beautiful model to explain the universe to physicists

Mix cosmology brains, Einstein, soupcon of fluid dynamics and pinch of open source...

Down and out in the Middle Kingdom: Beijing is sinking

Journey to the centre of the Earth

Countdown to Jupiter: Juno just seven days from orbit

Rendezvous draws nigh

DARPA's 'flying wing' drone inches closer to lift-off

Your TERN, Northrop Grumman

Brexit government pledge sought to keep EU-backed UK science alive

BREXIT 'Poor man of Europe' warning from Digital Science chief

LIGO team may have found dark matter

Not betting the house, but it's plausible, boffins say

Objective-C can fly the COOP, says subversive at Microsoft Research

Redmond offers hardening ideas to Cupertino

Genes take a shot at rebooting after death

Have you tried turning it off, and turning it back on again?

Physicists build simulator, hope to stand up beautiful Standard Model

Particles, antiparticles and putting meat on bones of theory

Late night smartphone use makes women go blind

London doctors warn of perils of in-bed, one-eye watching

US committee green-lights CRISPR-Cas9 human cancer cell trials

Genetics builder and breakers hope to bolster treatments

Supermassive black hole devours star and becomes X-ray flashlight

The sleeping giant wakes up hungry

Astroboffins find first 'wind nebula' around rare 'magnetar' star

No it's not Michael Fassbender getting flatulent

Bees with numberplates will soon be buzzing around London. Why?

Scientists hope Big Smoke inhabitants will plant apoid-friendly flowers

Rejoice, fatties: Giving chocolate electric shocks makes it healthier

Less fat needed after careful application of wiggly amps

You lucky creatures! Mammals only JUUUST survived asteroid that killed dinosaurs

Among fastest group to recover from impact

Astroboffins discover rapid 'electric winds' blowing on Venus

Venus' electric field explains why planet lacks moisture

Grab a pick: Space mining's the next generation gold rush

Find out all about it in our Reg lecture

Gravitational waves: A new type of astronomy

Gravitational waves provide key to some of the universe's greatest mysteries