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Google DeepMind cyber-brain cracks tough AI challenge: Beating a top Go board-game player

Robo elbows bio Go pro

Come on kids, let's go play in the abandoned nuclear power station

Geek's Guide to Britain After oil, before shale: the future that never was

AI pioneer Marvin Minsky dies at 88

Obituary Scientist, philosopher and maker of 'box with a switch on it'

Boffins celebrate 30th anniversary of first deep examination of Uranus

Voyager 2 took sideways look at gas giant's ring system

MIT boffin: Big data won't compute? Try these handy quantum algorithms

All you need is that 300 qubit computer in your back drawer

Cunning Greek lizards seek skin-matching rocks

Impressive camouflage ability baffles boffins

Spaniards trouser DARPA robotics cash

Erle Robotics to develop 'Hardware Robot Operating System'

Oz stargazers serve up interstellar noodles

Dark plasma lenses or divine appendages?

Watch: SpaceX Dragon capsule breathes fire during crucial hover test

Vid Astronauts won’t require parachutes with new design

The last time Earth was this hot hippos lived in Britain (that’s 130,000 years ago)

Brit boffins brew nanotech self-cleaning glass

George Formby hangs up his bucket and sponge

Pentagon fastens lasers to military drones to zap missiles out of the skies

Sadly no plans for sharks as yet

Forget infrasound, now it's ultrasound that's making you ill (allegedly)

Sick of health scares? So are we

Boffins: There's a ninth planet out there – now we just need to find it

Pic Mathematics suggests hidden gas giant in solar system

DARPA commits to brain-computer interface development project

Hang on, didn’t Firefox have this feature years ago?

Europe's satellite laser comms system set to shine

'SpaceDataHighway' promises superfast slurp from orbit

Space podule outfit inks Arizona launch deal

Stratotourists to soar heavenwards from 'Spaceport Tucson'

The planets really will be in alignment for the next month

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible this week, in a neat line

LOHAN takes the stage at Oz Linux shindig

Andrew Tridgell to discuss 'craziest' ArduPilot project

Spoilsport scientists unstick Spider-Man

You won't be climbing walls with those sticky pads, mate

El Reg mulls entering Robot Wars arena

Vulturebot death machine? A lovely idea

SpaceX: launch, check. Landing? Needs work

First stage's dicky knee folds on touchdown

Comet halo theory for flickering 'alien megastructure' star fails

700,000 comets seems like an awful lot. So what is going on around Tabby's Star?

Swivel on this: German boffins build nanoscale screwing engine for sluggish sperm

Video Wir haben Möglichkeiten, die Sie schwanger

Ground control to Major Tim! Brit's spacewalk halted after NASA 'naut takes unexpected leak

Zero-grav liquid discovery ends space station repair job

NASA books space shuttle delivery truck

'Dream Chaser' contracted for unmanned ISS deliveries

China names the date for dark side moon landing

2018 is when the propaganda and science will flow

Boffins baffled by record-smashing supernova that shouldn't exist

New type of stellar explosion or alien pressing the wrong button?

Bijou Linux autopilot takes to the skies

Diminutive PXFmini shield for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Boffins tentatively fire up grav wave sniffer

ESA LISA Pathfinder spacecraft gradually comes to life

Australia considers mass herpes release for population control

For fish. Nasty, invasive, foreign fish. Not people. Well, not yet

Brit 'naut Peake gears up for spacewalk

Two Tims set to replace dodgy ISS power regulator

Stephen Hawking reckons he's cracked the black hole paradox

Hawking says 'soft hair' explains everything. Not, repeat not, on cats

NASA photos: Dawn's December deep-dive haul arrives on Earth

Pics beamed across space eventually show stunning detail

Human cost of California gas well leak revealed

Refugees would fill 176 double-decker buses, BBC explains

Boffins switch on pinchfist incandescent bulb

An efficient new spin on old school tungsten tech

Philae's phinal phlop: Lonely lander didn't answer wakeup signal

Odds of revival: tiny. Odds of brick on comet: unbackable

Stanford boffins snuff out li-ion batt blaze risk

Plastic covering corrects cockups

Discworld fans stake claim to element 117

'Octarine', surely, Pratchett petition proposes

Planet-bonking rock hunt armed with humanity's cruellest weapon: bureaucracy

NASA launches Planetary Defense Coordination Office to find near-Earth objects

Philae's phinal phling: Germans made weekend spin-up attempt

If this didn't work, the plucky lander is days away from bricking

It's replicant Roy Batty's birthday – but hey, where's my killer robot?

Comment Blade Runner got robotics so wrong