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Watch it again: SpaceX's boomerang rocket lands on robo-sea-barge

+Pictures You're making it look easy, folks

Brit polar vessel christened RRS Sir David Attenborough

Boaty McBoatface not entirely sunk, though

29 years of data shows no mobile phone brain cancer link

Steep increase in phone use produces 'no increase in brain cancer incidence'

Robot surgeon outperforms human doctor with porcine patients

Soft-tissue surgery automation looms

Nerds make it rain in Nevada. The Las Vegas strip? No, cloud-seeding drones over the desert

Big plans ahead if the FAA gets its act together

Space boffins win $3m prize for discovering gravitational waves

Special Breakthrough Prize for all scientists and engineers working on LIGO

Mercury to transit Sun: Viewer discretion advised

To avoid blindness, watch live with NASA

Skygazers: Brace yourselves for a kick in the Aquarids

Meteor shower peak ahoy, cloud and rain a cert

Revealed: How NASA saved the Kepler space telescope from suicide

And you think you’ve had tough remote support jobs

Revealed: HMS Endeavour's ignominious fate

Captain Cook's famous ship scuttled off Rhode Island

Devs claim charger uses 'photosynthesis' power battery charger

Electricity-producing bacteria + secret sauce = hmmm

Ultra-cool dwarf throws planetary party

Three Earth-sized bodies spied circling diminutive star

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software

Try turning it off and …

SpaceX adds Mars haulage to its price list

Book now to send 13,600kgs to the red planet in 2018 for the reasonable price of US$90m

Pop goes the weasel! Large Hadron Collider blown up by critter chomping 66kV cable

Incinerated hungry mammal wrecks transformer

Japan's Hitomi space 'scope bricked, declared lost after software bug

Untested commands bork $286m instrument

Galileos 11 and 12 live for your (imminent) navigating pleasure

Europe's satnav fleet gains operational pair

India trumpets seventh navigation sat launch

'We will determine our own paths powered by our technology', declares PM

Europe's Earth-watching sat beams back icy first pic

Svalbard archipelago poses for Sentinel-1B

SpaceX is go for US military GPS sat launch, smashes ULA monopoly

Nothing like some healthy competition

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians

Sometimes Nanny doesn’t know best

Galileo in spaaace: France's 'equivalence principle' satellite

Do all bodies in a vacuum really fall at the same speed?

First rocket finally departs Russia's Vostochny cosmodrome

Putin witnesses inaugural Soyuz launch

Nanoparticle boffinry could boost battery life

Stanford University engineers hope to create next-gen power sources

One black hole, three galaxies, four BEELION solar masses – found by accident

When galaxies collide

SpaceX: We'll land on Mars in 2018 (cough, with NASA's help)

Red Dragon mission is go

Hubble spots ice moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake

Pluto-like object possesses Pluto-like moon

30 years on, Chernobyl wildlife still feeling effects of nuke plant catastrophe

Shrinking brains, faltering fertility and cloudy sight

NASA eyes stadium-sized orb launch: Part 3

Super Pressure Balloon team poised yet again in NZ

Europe's Earth-watching sat rides Soyuz to orbit

VID Successful launch of Sentinel-1B

Brainwave-controlled drone racing is here

Video Not a challenging course, but still

CERN publishes massive data set

Take a bite of some seriously big data

European Space Agency eyes fourth pop at Sentinel sat launch

Weather and dodgy Soyuz inertial unit to blame for delays

El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse spared chickpea ordeal

The war on malaria continues, however

NASA saves Kepler space 'scope by turning it off and on again

Exoplanet mission back on after forcing an unexpected reboot

Irish researchers sweep smartphones clear of super bugs

Biological cleansing agent bursts forth in home of Westlife

'Impossible' EmDrive flying saucer thruster may herald new theory of inertia

Boffin probes interstellar microwave engine

Soyuz to loft Sentinel-1B Earth-watching sat

Launch tomorrow from French Guiana

ESA seeks resident space artist

Innovative concepts invited to bridge art and science

NASA injects cash into solar electric motor

Boost for development of future deep space propulsion

Aussie boffin turns up REAL root-rat

Indonesian Gracilimus radix adds a new genus to rats

Blighty gears up for first UK Robotics Week

Plenty lined up for 25 June to 1 July