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Aussie bloaters gorging on junk food 'each and every day'

Antipodean nosh boffins despair of the Oz's increasingly awful diet

Microsoft co-founder recovers ship's bell of 'The Mighty Hood'

Artifact will be memorial to victims of battlecruiser disaster

Queensland boffins ponder Scramjet satellite launch plan

Three-stage launcher promises 95 per cent re-usable sat-slingers

'Sunspots drive climate change' theory is result of ancient error

Astro-boffins revisit sunspot count and find big boo-boo that quenches 'modern maximum'

First SPACE SALAD on Monday's menu for ISS astronauts

Red romaine lettuce grown aboard space station will be wiped with acid before eating

Facebook unleashes mighty data trove to learn how you laugh

Whether you 'haha', 'LOL' or 'hehe', you're only doing it 15 per cent of the time online

Beaming boffins feel the rhythm as neutrinos oscillate over 500 miles

Mystery particles rarely interact with matter

Surprise! Evil-eyed cats MORE LIKELY to be SNEAKY PREDATORS – boffins

Vid Pupil shape determines whether animal is hunter or prey

Boffinry breakthrough: Bullied bumble bot bolts brutal brat beatdowns

Vid Merciful engineers teach robots to escape beatings from tyrannical tykes

Boffins have made optical transistors that can reach 4 TERAHERTZ

Practical application could take years to reach, though

Tobacco field bacteria offers hope for buzz-kill smoking therapy

Subterranean 'baccy microbe guzzles down nicotine 'like Pac-Man'

Happy birthday! Rosetta starts second year around comet

Perihelion approaches on rendezvous anniversary

ROBO-TENTACLE with mind of its own wields deadly electrical power – turns on Tesla car

Vid Shutdown your brain for a sec and enjoy

HAM IN SPAAAAAACE! ISS astronaut contacted by Gloucestershire bloke in garden shed

Sadly, wife hates hobby ‘with a passion’

PALE BACKSIDE of lovely Luna flits past in imagery from 1 MILLION miles out

The view from Ell-One

Playing with graphene? All the cool kids are using TIN – atom-thick sheets of stanene

Newest nanomaterial could be perfectly power efficient

Want to avoid a hangover? DRINK MORE, say boffins

Erm, yeah, more Korean pear juice, that is, before you hit the hard stuff

OFFICIAL SCIENCE: Men are freezing women out of the workplace

Some like it hot

Boffins turned off by silicon switch to TILTING MAGNETS

'Anisotropy': look it up, use it, wear it out

Nearby exoplanets circle naked-eye-visible star

HARPS-N search finds rocky planets just 21 light years away

Obsolescence of food is complete: Soylent now comes in bottles

No need to mix your nutri-glorp yourself ever again

It's Suntory time: Japanese whisky to be distilled in SPAAAAACE

Drinks conglomerate attempts to bottle elusive mellowness in zero-g

Boffins: Spooky, spinning SPACE PEANUT butters up Earth with close flyby

Vid Odd asteroid won't come this near again for 40 years


Vid Artificial system replicates biological movement

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bacon and egg sushi

You demanded more bacon, people, so here it is: domo arigato

How much of ONE YEAR's Californian energy use would WIPE OUT the DROUGHT?

Analysis What causes drought? Laziness

ATTACK of the ZOMBIE SATELLITE: Run radio hams, run!

Knocked down, now up again, you just can't keep it down

El Reg touches down at the ESA's Spanish outpost, sniffs around

Pics Lab coats on, pipes at the ready for European Space Astronomy Centre tour

Comet 67/P CAKED in LIFE-GIVING RUBBLE, say astroboffins

Science papers from Philae lander's brief burst of work appear for first time

Alien dwarf 'star' flashes her dazzling brown rear at stunned space boffins

Video You won't see that headline in Nature

This is TRUE science: Harvard boffins fire up sizzling BACON LASER

Pork experiment elicits baffled awe from fellow scientists

Boffins get the inside dope, craft white laser

If this works, your light bulbs will deliver hundreds of gigabits per second

Exploding 'laptop batt' IN SPAAACE! Speeding lithium spaffed by nova

Pic One step closer to cracking riddle of light metal's origins

Flippin' heck, meet the Internet of Things wallpaper

LEDs, pah! UK inventor cooks up cheap fabric alternative to giant displays

World-beating TWO-QUADRILLION-WATT LASER fired by boffins

Japanese fusion eggheads pull trigger on Earth's most powerful ray gun

Just a quickie, then: Boffins' 11 picosecond spontaneous emission

75 nm cube lights the path to optical computing

Voyager's Golden Record now free to download

Humanity says “Hi!” to aliens in 55 languages on SoundCloud

Three-mile-high pyramid found on alien dwarf world, baffles boffins

Pics and video Weird pimple on Ceres remains unnamed and unexplained

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crackup verdict: PILOT ERROR

Feathercock unlock fingered as cause of Mach 1 midair breakup

Pope loses grip on Antarctica: Clergy withdraw from austral landmass

Hey, these tiny nuns REALLY like their fish! Wait a minute ...

Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping ONE PER CENT of EU energy

Solar's even worse. No matter how you slice it, it ain't working

New study into lack of women in Tech: It's NOT the men's fault

It's just simple mathematics, apparently