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DARPA does a podcast

2006 called, it wants its technology back

Signs of recent tectonic activity found on cooling Mercury

Thought-to-be-lifeless hell-ball actually has a rich inner life

Elon Musk: I'm gonna turn Mars into a $10bn death-dealing interplanetary gas station

Red Planet to be Elon-gated community-slash-graveyard

Hubble spies on Europa shooting alien juice from its southern pole

Pics and video What? It's what NASA said - what are you thinking of?

Turing, Hauser, Sinclair – haunt computing's Cambridge A-team stamping ground

Geek's Guide to Britain From Acorns to bedrooms

SpaceX: Breach in liquid oxygen tank caused Falcon 9 fireball ... probably

Investigations team probed rocket debris and data from 1 September explosion

Cosmology is safe and the Universe is one giant version of the Barbican

Whichever way you look it's all exactly the same, boffins confirm

British unis mull offshore EU campuses in post-Brexit vote panic

Also told: ‘Don’t look at France... it’s a nightmare’

Pretending to be a badger wins Oxford Don 10 TRILLION DOLLARS

Volkswagen also scored one of last night's Ig Nobel Prizes, for software-defined chemistry

Zuckerberg to spend $3bn+ to rid world of all disease by 2100 (Starting with Facebook, right?)

And yet WhatsApp cost $19bn?

Asian hornets are HERE... those honey bee murdering BASTARDS

Flying death spotted in the Cotswolds, boffins move in for the kill

Rosetta probe's final death dive planned for just after last call next Friday night

Tune in at 10:40PM UTC next Friday for a 'controlled crash'

What's Chinese and crashing in flames? No, not its economy – its crocked space station

Expect fireworks late in 2017

2,000 year old man found dead near 2,000 year old computer

Video Antikythera mechanism shipwreck yields old bones

Pluto's emitting X-rays, and NASA doesn't quite know how

The best words in science: 'That's odd'

NASA starts countdown for Cassini probe's Saturn death dive

Keep Solar System Tidy message heeded despite plan for three probe dumps

Map to the stars: Gaia's first data dump a piece of 3D Milky Way puzzle

Calibrating relationships between celestial objects

UK Science Museum will reconsider its 'sexist' brain quiz

Apparently, it was designed to be 'tongue in cheek'

Post-Brexit must keep EU scientists coming, say boffins

Top profs and R&D bod make plea to Parliament

Jeff Bezos' thrusting cylinder makes Elon Musk's look minuscule

Amazon CEO's rocket company reveals its orbit-and-beyond-capable boosters

Upstart AI dreams of 'disrupting' digital marketing – with sex

Natural selection algorithms to weed out web's crap design

Microsoft thinks time crystals may be viable after all

Movement without energy? Redmond puts its money where its mouth is

Curiosity rover likes big buttes but it cannot lie around

Mars' layered rocks look just like the American southwest, says Yanquiphile NASA

NASA's OSIRIS-REx is off to nick some rocks from asteroid Bennu

Did space rocks bring us life? Just 7 years and we'll know!

Elon Musk says SpaceX Falcon 9 fireball investigation is 'biggest challenge yet'

'Anomaly' wasn't rocket engine's fault, he claims

Boffins ID bug behind London's Great Plague of 1665

Yersinia pestis fingered as slayer of 10,000 victims

Star Trek's Enterprise turns 50 and still no sign of a warp drive. Sigh

Star Trek @ 50 Realistic tech or lazy plot device – what do you think?

It's time for humanity to embrace SEX ROBOTS. For, uh, science, of course

Not just mankind: Ladies love 'em too, we're told

Retired Philae lander slouches on Comet 67P

Chilling on –70°C comet, leg stuck in the air... Fancy a beer, friend?

Second 'dimmer switch' star spotted

'Tabby's Star' gets a friend and it's even stranger, but let's not do the 'alien megastructure' thing again okay?

International Space Station astros prepare to rejoin us Earthlings

Human guinea pigs to be subjected to more testing after arrival

Next Mars landing scheduled for Monday, November 26th, 2018

Better late than never for Mars InSight and its thermo-hammer plan to drill 5 metres into Mars

What the hex is up with Jupiter's North Pole?

No Hexagon like on Saturn, but still the joy of six: half a dozen megabytes of Juno data took 62 hours to download

Dwarf planet Ceres has a watery secret: An 11 mile wide ice volcano

Geology, space-style

London's Francis Crick Institute will house 1,250 cancer-fighting boffins

Biomed brainboxes have already begun moving in

SETI searchers: We still haven't found what we're looking for

Say 'interesting radio signal' probably from boring old Earth

That Public Health study? No, it didn't say 'don't do chemo'

When big media goes clueless about big data

Watch SpaceX's rocket dramatically detonate, destroying a $200m Facebook satellite

Updated That'll buff right out, no worries

Drama in orbit: Brazen UFO attacks Earth's Sentinel-1A satellite

Plucky climate-change probe fends off cosmic intruder

Australian geoboffin discovers 3.7 billion year old fossils after ice melts

Stromatolites are evidence of changing chemistry on Earth

African Ring of Fire to show up at annular solar eclipse

Set your watches for tomorrow's skylight extravaganza

Astronauts sequence DNA in space for the first time

Microgravity does little to life's secret sauce, experiment confirms