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NASA hands Boeing first commercial crew contract for SPAAAACE

SpaceX likely to get second ISS crew contract later this year

High-flying LOHAN fan raises ale-filled tankard

Glider pilot Martin Gregorie enjoys a quick spaceplane livener

EU reduces science cuts as Juncker finds €500m down back of sofa

Commission Prez hopes handful of dusty change will keep boffins happy

The 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate change

Dubious bloggers like DeSmogBlog refuse to accept consensus

NASA sending five-metre THERMO-HAMMER to Mars

InSight lander starts pre-flight tests before drilling deep with heat probe

NASA's Jupiter moon mission becomes acronymathon

Europa, meet instruments PIMS, ICEMAG and REASON

Don't PANIC but ... UNSTOPPABLE robots IMMUNE to injury built by boffins

Smart software encoding lets robots recover in minutes

Oz dad-and-son team rattle tin for homemade reusable spaceplane

ThunderStruck flies into Kickstarter

NASA picks tools for voyage to possibly LIFE-SUPPORTING moon Europa

NASA plans mission to probe warm alien globe

Elon Musk's SpaceX: Now we help do SURVEILLANCE for the SPOOKS

Monopoly-busting move paves way for private enterprise

Creationist: The Flintstones was an accurate portrayal of Dino-human coexistence


Pavegen: The Company that can't make energy out of crowds tries to make money out of them

And uses data harvesting to shoot itself in the, er, foot

Galapagos volcano's MILE-HIGH WALL of FIRE menaces SUPER-RARE iguanas

Unbe-LAVA-ble dest-ROCK-tion

Do svidaniya Roscosmos. By the way, any idea where that 92 BEEELLION rubles went?

Russians ready a new state corporation. Called Roscosmos

LOHAN team preps PRATCHETT mission

Final avionics test flight in honour of the late, great Sir Terry

India to Russia: 'Sod you, Vlad, we're going to the moon ALONE'

Mars? Been there, done that

World loses John Nash, the 'Beautiful Mind'

Nash and wife, Alicia, die in New Jersey taxi accident

SLOPPY STELLAR CANNIBAL star is a NASTY 1, astroboffins squeal

Weird behaviour never before seen in our Milky Way

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bog-standard boxty

Looking for a husband? This Irish no-frills spud-based stodge can help

ROBOQUAFF! Boffins build smooth robot arm to lift a pint of beer

Vid Fine-control brain-powered technology with a solid use case

Tim Worstall: Metals, mining and my heavyweight book

Reg Events He wrote the book, and he's going to bring it along

SAVE THE PLANKTON: So much more than whale food

Gotta love those life-sustaining and genetically diverse little critters

SpaceX signs off on another successful mission with Pacific splashdown

Dragon quenched with water landing

NASA plots interplanetary cubesat swarms

Lots of small, cheap probes can tell us more than one big, expensive, probe

India plans space telescope launch in second half of 2015

ASTROSAT won't trouble Hubble, will excite boffins at University of Leicester

Boffins have devised TERMINATOR style LIQUID METAL – for an antenna

Calling John Connor. John Connor to the checkout, please

LOHAN's final test flight set to honour PRATCHETT

Reader acronym poll firmly backs the late and great Sir Terry

Pundits ponder perilous placement of STANDING STONES on Comet 67P

SPACEHENGE spotted by Rosetta?

Ricoh rolls out electrifyingly exciting RUBBER!

The harder you rub, the more the sparks fly

Australian dark matter hunter wins AU$1.75 million funding

Boffins to delve for secrets of the universe in former gold mine

Viagra makes it HARD for malaria, bug-boffins discover

Gates foundation buys blue pills to stiff mosquito-borne disease


Enemies prepare for a goddam swarm of mobes with wings!

KA-BOOM! Russian rocket EXPLODES over Siberia minutes after lift-off

Mexican satellite mission fails

Astroboffins perplexed by QUADRUPLE QUASAR CLUSTER find

Time to rethink galactic theories

You're going to have stop calling people 'cold fish': THIS one is HOT-BLOODED

So what does ‘warm’ actually mean here, anyway?

LOHAN's final test flight moniker: The people must decide

Poll Acronym tomfoolery, with a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms unit at stake


Scientists find evidence that galaxies are being fatally choked

BUZZKILL. Honeybees are dying in DROVES - and here's a reason why

The Asian mite might be the reason

Drone penetrates Virgin's shapely space arse

Vid 3D Robotics' Solo touches down at Spaceport America

PHOTON SPACE SAIL successfully Kickstarted into orbit

Bill Nye wants YOUR crowddosh to build a big 'un for launch in 2016

NASA snaps first full family photo of Pluto and its five moons

The dwarf and its big family

BARMY bio-boffins are growing DINOSAUR SNOUTS on CHICKENS

DNA-fiddling madmen reverse engineer innocent emus