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Original Lizard JESUS found in Wyoming

As in a lizard that walks on water, not as in 'David Icke was right about Our Lord'

F# earns Syme top Royal Academy of Engineering award

3D hip replacements and in-factory stuff finder also earn applause

Oil & gas? Pah. We’ve got a MASSIVE 3D printer, beams Dubai

And as soon as we order some toner we’ll print you a fully functional office

Rosetta spots potholes IN SPAAACE: Someone call the galactic council

Comet 67P is collapsing from within

NASA's New Horizon probe rudely fires its thruster at gnome planet

She's in the pipe, five by five

Congratulations! You survived the leap secondocalypse

Tweets mistimed, AWS outed, yet world somehow continues turning. Albeit more slowly

SEX-starved worm can GIVE HEAD to ITSELF to reproduce

No one to blow? Stab yourself in the head with a penis

Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

Grand old warhorse finally out to grass – last chance to see

Palaeoboffins discover 500 MILLION year old ARMOURED WORM

Shai-Hulud of the Cambrian oceans was first animal to develop armour

Giant FLYING SPACE ROCKS could KILL US ALL, warns Brian May

Brian and Brian join Near Earth Object spotter crusade

BBC veterans require skilled hands to massage their innards

TNMOC asks for help maintaining its fleet of Beeb Micros

Cunning goldfish avoided predator in tank for seven years

Entered as a snack, but drew inspiration from Gloria Gaynor

Why SpaceX will sort out Sunday's snafu faster than NASA ever could

Analysis Second stage flaw fingered for fireworks

Get READY: Scientists set to make TIME STAND STILL tonight

Tuesday might – but probably won't – bork all the clouds

Linux bids for UAV world domination by enslaving future skybot army

Dronecode initiative gains momentum

Is that a FAT PIPE or are you just pleased to stream me? TERABIT fibre tested

Trials conducted over a 1,000km long link

KRAKKOOM! SpaceX Falcon supply mission to ISS EXPLODES minutes after launch

Updated Champagne in certain offices tonight

Space station cabbage: To boldly grow where no veg has grown before

Vid SpaceX to supply ISS with rabbit food plus that science kit stuff

Gates: Renewable energy can't do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into R&D

'Only way to a positive scenario is innovation'

GCHQ's cyberspooks had Nudge Unit envy – leak

Get 'em to a TED Talk, trickcyclist urged. They need neurobabble

SpaceX to blast Microsoft's HoloLens visors into SPAAAAACE

To boldly go where no augmented reality has gone before

Get your WELLIES to MARS: Red Planet reveals its FROZEN BOTTOM

Scarlet globe was covered in water 500,000 years ago

OOH, it's so HOT in here! All my ATMOSPHERE is coming off

Red dwarf's emissions strip away exoplanet's coverings

Kamikaze Rosetta probe to ram comet it's chased for billions of miles

Cosmic super-prang end to mission in late 2016

ESA launches new ground-monitoring satellite

Sentinel-2 will track terrain, ocean and environmental changes

THEY WANTED OUR WOMEN: Neanderthals lusted after modern humans

And vice versa, perhaps. There was interbreeding, anyway

SpaceX gets ready to crash barge-land ANOTHER rocket

Third time lucky, hopes Elon Musk

Pluto plastered in what looks like 1970s orange wallpaper – proof

Pics First color snaps reveal retro-tastes of alien world

US students prevail in rocket-powered egg challenge

Brits second as Paris stages international ovum-elevation showdown

Tim Worstall dances to victory over resources scaremongerers

Reg lecture Economist emerges triumphant at Reg summer lecture

THIS TIME we really are ALL DOOMED, famous doomsayer prof says

Continued survival of humanity starting to get embarrassing for Ehrlich

Say 'cheese'! Cassini probe ZOOMS IN on Saturn's craggy Dione moon

NASA: Spacecraft flies within 300 miles of icy surface

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Nasi goreng pattaya

Malaysian chicken fried rice omelette. Lovely

Virtual reality below the prehistoric waves: David Attenborough's First Life

Review A trip back in time at the Natural History Museum

Sun like it hot: Philae comet probe wakes up, phones home again

ESA shifting Rosetta 'craft for better comms with lander

Are ALIENS hiding on Jupiter's Europa? Let's find out, cry NASA bods

Pic Black monolith detector ought to be in probe's package

Graphene sheaths could boost processor signal speeds by 30 per cent

Stanford boffins find yet another use for super-material

Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official

Is it time for contraception yet? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Sharing Economy latest: Women's BREAST MILK is the new 'liquid GOLD' of the internet

Men quaff lady-sourced 'natural superfood' purchased online

Fess up: which one of you Galaxies made all that gas?

Square Kilometre Array testbed spots A BEEELLION SUNS' worth of hydrogen

Version 0.1 super-stars built the universe – and they lived all the way over there, boffins point

Pic Super-bright galaxy CR7 spotted by 'scopes

Philae warms up nicely, sends home second burst of data

Mission boffins say lander is getting three hours of sunlight a day