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EU wants open science publication by 2020

Axe hovers over journal publishers

Earth's core is younger than its crust

Time is 'bigger on the inside'

Rats revive phones-and-cancer scares

Study good for a headline, not much else

Boring SpaceX lobs another sat into orbit without anything blowing up ... zzzzz

Are you not entertained? No

NASA: We'll try again in the morning after friction ruins engorgement

Happens to us all, space-station inflatable podule boffins

Should space be a biz-free zone? Join us on June 22 to find out

What do you call a bunch of venture capitalists in orbit? A start…

NASA firms up Space Launch System nanosat manifest

Warning: Contains improbable Japanese CubeSat acronyms

Mars' poles shrink during ice ages, boffins say

Yes we do mean shrink: Martian cold snaps shift ice closer to the equator

ISS pump-up space podule refuses to engorge

Length and girth swell a deflating 'few inches'

German boffins' clock drops 10 seconds in a billion-and-a-half years

Optical timepieces stretch lifespan of the standard second

German boffins smash records with 37km wireless spurt at 6Gbps

I can stream for miles and miles…

ISS 'nauts to inflate pump-up space podule

Bigelow Expandable Activity Module engorges tomorrow

Boffins blow up water with LASERS, to watch explosions in slow-mo

Video Humanity needs to know more about how matter behaves in extreme conditions

US 5th graders have a pop at paper plane record

Close to claiming highest launch Guinness World Record

Galileo satnav fleet grows an extra pair

Satellites 13 and 14 safely aloft

Asteroid-sampling spacecraft prepped for September launch

OSIRIS-REx: NASA's greatest improbable acronym

Galileo satnav fleet waxes orbital

Satellites 13 and 14 launch tomorrow from French Guiana

Shakes on a plane: How dangerous is turbulence?

Should you be worried when the drinks tray rattles?

India launches hypersonic space shuttle precursor

First 'Reusable Launch Vehicle' test flight goes off without a hitch, three more to come

Google-backed solar electricity facility sets itself on fire

Archimedes would be proud

The underbelly of simulation science: replicating the results

Your replicant isn't, quite

Hypersonic flight test hits Mach 7.5

Don't get excited about shorter passenger flights just yet, but do celebrate a successful test

Mars satellites show remains of massive tsunamis that ravaged Red Planet

Two asteroid strikes had huge consequences

NASA's stadium-sized sandwich bag overflies Oz

So far so good for Super Pressure Balloon mission

Africa poses for 7,000 snap mosaic

Fine cloud-free view from Europe's Sentinel-2A satellite

Would we want to regenerate brains of patients who are clinically dead?

Maybe identity doesn't have to be linked to continuity...

Smartmobes in spaaace: NASA deploys Android nanosats

Orbital testing for future networking swarms

SHOCK: GM crops are good for you and the planet, reckon boffins

A continent chokes on its kale

Vostochny cosmodrome caught on Soyuz rocketcam

Impressive vid of inaugural launch

Want a Brexit? Promise you'll sort out UK universities' £1bn research cash loss

Report authors call on gov.UK, business to up their spend

New solar cell breaks efficiency records, turns 34% of light into 'leccy

Australian team uses Sir Isaac Newton's parlor trick to suck more photons from sunlight

Brit twitchers a-tizz at bearded vulture sighting

Mighty bird sets claw in UK for first time

US schoolkids deploy Earth-watching CubeSat

Eye in the sky launched from International Space Station

NASA 'Kilo-Kitty' Super Pressure Balloon goes aloft at last

New bigness metric: Gasbag said to be 'as large as 92 Goodyear blimps'

NASA flashes cash at advanced aerospace concepts

Tensegrity, magnetoshells and plasmonic propulsion

Inside Electric Mountain: Britain's biggest rechargeable battery

Swallow massive lake, regurgitate, repeat

Supernova bubble clocked at 19,000,000 km/h

X-ray animation shows Tycho's inexorable expansion

Curiosity find Mars' icecaps suck up its atmosphere

34 million observations from two Martian years prove Mars is cold, dry and nasty

Boffins flip the unflippable: Meet the latest storage extender contender

New spintronics material in town – it's antiferromagnetic

How to make a fortune in space? Start with one here on Earth…

Reg lecture shows where scientists AND VCs are boldly going next

Dwarf planet intumesces before astronomers' gaze

Only Pluto and Eris larger than trans-Neptunian '2007 OR10'

First successful Hyperloop test module hits 100mph in four seconds

Battle for next-gen transport system hots up