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Two new dinosaurs walked from South America to Australia, via Antarctica

Skeleton suggests beast as long as a London bus

Uni students float into Hyperloop finals with levitating prototype

Magnetic tech gives 14-foot-long tube a tiny lift

ExoMars update: Schiaparelli probe's parachute malfunctioned

Craft feared lost as scientists scramble to recover data

Just what Europe needs – another bungled exit: Mars lander goes AWOL

Martian probe goes silent mid-descent, Juno also goes dark

Three new 'nauts launched to the International Space Station

Floating space lab will back up to full capacity

Skin tattoo will tell your phone when you've had a skinful

Government-sponsored sweat analyzer gets speedy

Probe boffins: Two balls deep in Uranus's ring

Voyager data raises possibility of pair of new moons

China's Shenzhou-11 capsule docks with Tiangong-2 station

A month in space is the plan as China's ambitions escalate

How do you make a qubit 10 times as stable? Dress it up for work

No joke. Electromagnetic fields could help achieve dream of quantum computing

NHS patients must be taught to share their data, says EU lobby group

Combining public funding and public data for whose benefit?

Phew: ISS re-supply mission launches without destroying Wallops launch-pad

5,000 pounds of astronaut-fodder fly without flame-outs

US reactor breaks fusion record – then runs out of cash and shuts down

Video MIT hardware under pressure

RRS Sir David Attenborough construction goes full-steam ahead

Baby bro McBoatface will probe under ice sheets...

Chinese 'nauts blast off for month-long space station scouting mission

China to 'deeply and broadly' go where some have gone before

Juno probe has tech trouble, cancels orbital re-adjustment

Another 53-day loop needed while NASA sorts out helium check valve delay problem

Radio glitch as Schiaparelli lander probe splits from ExoMars mothership

Signals are flowing again, but for a while there all we had was a Ping!

New Brit Hubble analysis finds 2,000 billion galaxies, 10x previous count

Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is

Student software finds new Minor Planet found way out beyond Pluto

'2014 UZ224' has diameter of about 530km and takes 1,100 years to go around the Sun

Nicole forces NASA resupply into Sunday launch: Crew must wait for their packet soup

Orbital ATK only has 5-minute gap for launch this weekend

NASA opens ISS to private sector modules

The plan is to to build wider experience useful for Izzy's successor

ExoMars arrives at the Red Planet on Sunday

Grab some popcorn: the fun starts on the 16th and will climax as Schiaparelli lander touches down next Wednesday

Astronauts on long-haul space flights risk getting 'space brains'

*Insert Trump joke here*

Boffins eschew silicon to build tiniest-ever transistor, just 1nm long

'Molybdenum disulphide' valley has a nice ring to it, no?

Hubble telescope spies massive 'cannonballs' of fire from dying star

Scientists aren't completely sure where they are coming from

Killer Hurricane Matthew threatens to wreck Kennedy Space Center

Launch site shuts down as mega-storm looks set to hit it head on

Stripped of its galaxy, this black hole is wandering naked in the cosmos

Chandra spies orphan X-ray source

Amazon supremo Bezos' Blue Origin blows its top over Texas desert

Vid + pic Successful escape capsule test and dual landing

Intel-backed boffins demo long-lived silicon qubit

0.4 milliseconds? An eternity in quantum dog-years

After baffling Falcon 9 rocket explosion, SpaceX screams: Hands off our probe!

Political foes and allies gear up for oversight fight

British trio win Nobel prize for physics

'Opened door to unknown world where matter can assume strange states'

Swansong for Rosetta as it lands on the duck-shaped comet

Overview of comet-chaser's mission

SpaceX searches for its 'grassy knoll' of possible Falcon rocket sabotage

Musk's chief competitor gets a visit from investigators

Simulation shows how space junk spreads after a satellite breaks up

Vid US NRL does the arithmetic

SETI's mega alien hunt shovels more data onto IBM's cloud

Citizen boffins: Help find the alien that ultimately kills us all

Rosetta spacecraft set for smash landing

Update Slow drop finale

Top interview: Dr Patrick McCarthy – boss of the world's future largest optical telescope

Pics + vids From the Giant Magellan 'scope to science and what the nightlife is like in Chile

Curiosity sniffs Mars' odd atmosphere wafting out of its soil

Nuclear-powered laser space tank loves the smell of exotic xenon isotopes in the morning

DARPA does a podcast

2006 called, it wants its technology back

Signs of recent tectonic activity found on cooling Mercury

Thought-to-be-lifeless hell-ball actually has a rich inner life

Elon Musk: I'm gonna turn Mars into a $10bn death-dealing interplanetary gas station

Red Planet to be Elon-gated community-slash-graveyard

Hubble spies on Europa shooting alien juice from its southern pole

Pics and video What? It's what NASA said - what are you thinking of?

Turing, Hauser, Sinclair – haunt computing's Cambridge A-team stamping ground

Geek's Guide to Britain From Acorns to bedrooms