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Vid: Reg lecture launches readers from Clerkenwell to outer space

Register Events We lay on liquid and solid fuel, naturally

Mysterious STAR set to appear on Christmas Eve above Blighty: The ISS

No forecast of wealthy Oriental visitors following, however

Cambridge boffins and Boeing fly first hybrid airplane over British skies

Video New battery technology shows promise for future flying

Privacy-loving BOXING KANGAROO BIFFS DRONE out of the sky

Testy marsupial mum deals harshly with electric pest

Who wants SLEEP DEPRIVATION for Christmas?

Boffins say iPads-as-books mess with your circadian rhythms

Reg Oz chaps plot deep desert comms upgrade

We'll be heading back to the remote community of Willowra in 2015

NASA's 'crazy' plan yields dramatic pictures of our X-ray Sun

NuSTAR could solve the riddle of the flaming ice cube

Purple glistening plasma, you say? Orion plummets back to Earth

Vid *Cough* A 'naut's view. *Cough*

Why the chemistry between Hollywood, physics and maths is so hot right now

Interview El Reg talks to The Theory of Everything producer

Kepler's STILL GOT IT! Space telescope spots SUPER-EARTH 180 light years away

Damaged 'scope still producing good science

Vulture 2 design hero describes epic 'hobby' project

Chris Dodd talks spaceplane with The Engineer

India's heavy launch rocket passes flight test

Short flight for GSLV Mk-III proves crew-capsule-carrying-chops

Don't panic, US Navy has only deployed a ROBOT SHARK (but where are the lasers?)

Pics and video GhostSwimmer is an underwater James Bond

LEGS IN 2015: SpaceX Falcon's landing PUT ON HOLD

Stuttering engine means staff can knock off early

Friday: SpaceX will attempt to land rocket on floating, robotic 'spaceport drone ship'

Hovering leggy rocket to deploy new 'X-wing' technology

ESA: Venus probe doomed to fiery death on weird planet's surface

Nine years of exploration ending up as Venusian rubble

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle

SPB chief takes up arms against Stateside culinary outrage

It's whiff, Jim, but not as we know it: Curiosity sniffs ORGANICS on Mars

But David Bowie still waiting for his answer

NASA asks world+dog to name Mercury's craters (back off, 4chan)

Can't wait for Messenger probe to crash into Crater Moot

HUMAN HAIR will soon be FOUND on MOON: Brit 'nauts aim for SPAAAACE

Lunar Mission One hits crowdfunding target

El Reg's mighty rocket spaceplane Vulture 2 arrives in US of A

LOHAN's massive box thuds down in the Mile High City

'Turn to nuclear power to save planetary ecology from renewable BLIGHT'

+Analysis Boffins plead against 'perceptions of what is green'

Cool Large Hadron Collider to fire into doubly powerful ring

Dark matter probing scientists fire up system by cooling it down

LOHAN's Plucky Playmonaut touches down at Spaceport America

El Reg recce team scouts New Mexico facility


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MARSQUAKES shook up range of hills in ancient lake bed

Xenogeologists release new map of 'Candor Colles' down low in the Valles Marineris

Rosetta beams back colour pics: 67P shades of grey are SO HOT right now

Pic Churyumov-Gerasimenko perfects the monochrome look

Dark matter-hunting boffins spot EXCITING signal in X-ray spectrum

Vid Surprise photon emission tantalises scientists

Aged star could give us clues to HOT TEEN's behaviour

Answers to solar system's creation held by flaming ball

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf

Pic and video Next job, a way to strap it to sharks

Boffins weigh in to perfect kilogram quest with LEGO kit

Bricked-up watt balance is 99 per cent accurate

DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back

Russian billionaire says he can’t bear to keep gong

Did rock-hard aliens turn young Earth MOIST? New probe data emerges

H ain't heavy, H's my comet

Boffins cure BONING PROBLEMS in 'virtual lab'

Composite material sims reduce need to 'hope for the best'

Boffins: We have found a way to unlock the MYSTERIES OF SHEEP from old parchments

And it's not by reading the stupid writing on them either

Brit boffins debunk 'magnetic field and cancer' link

Another mobes-kill-you theory bites the dust

So - you thought you knew all about the INSTANT COFFEE DUNES of TITAN?

Methane winds must blow harder - boffins

Mars was a WET mistress: Curiosity probes once-moist bottom

Mount Sharp was submerged, says nuclear droid

Solar sandwich cooks at 40 per cent efficiency

Boffins claim world record with three-tiered PV rig

NASA prods sleeping New Horizons spacecraft: Wakey, wakey, Pluto's calling

Mission switches from hibernation to active mode

You don't have to be a genius to tap into Albert Einstein's BRAIN

Huzzah! A collection of the theoretical physicist's papers are now online

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The fantastical Francesinha

Portugal's 'Frenchie' – a croque-monsieur turned up to 11