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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bacon and egg sushi

You demanded more bacon, people, so here it is: domo arigato

How much of ONE YEAR's Californian energy use would WIPE OUT the DROUGHT?

Analysis What causes drought? Laziness

ATTACK of the ZOMBIE SATELLITE: Run radio hams, run!

Knocked down, now up again, you just can't keep it down

El Reg touches down at the ESA's Spanish outpost, sniffs around

Pics Lab coats on, pipes at the ready for European Space Astronomy Centre tour

Comet 67/P covered in life-giving rubble, boffins say

First papers from Philae lander's brief burst of work appear in Science

Alien dwarf 'star' flashes her dazzling brown rear at stunned space boffins

Video You won't see that headline in Nature

This is TRUE science: Harvard boffins fire up sizzling BACON LASER

Pork experiment elicits baffled awe from fellow scientists

Boffins get the inside dope, craft white laser

If this works, your light bulbs will deliver hundreds of gigabits per second

Exploding 'laptop batt' IN SPAAACE! Speeding lithium spaffed by nova

Pic One step closer to cracking riddle of light metal's origins

Flippin' heck, meet the Internet of Things wallpaper

LEDs, pah! UK inventor cooks up cheap fabric alternative to giant displays

World-beating TWO-QUADRILLION-WATT LASER fired by boffins

Japanese fusion eggheads pull trigger on Earth's most powerful ray gun

Just a quickie, then: Boffins' 11 picosecond spontaneous emission

75 nm cube lights the path to optical computing

Voyager's Golden Record now free to download

Humanity says “Hi!” to aliens in 55 languages on SoundCloud

Three-mile-high pyramid found on alien dwarf world, baffles boffins

Pics and video Weird pimple on Ceres remains unnamed and unexplained

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crackup verdict: PILOT ERROR

Feathercock unlock fingered as cause of Mach 1 midair breakup

Pope loses grip on Antarctica: Clergy withdraw from austral landmass

Hey, these tiny nuns REALLY like their fish! Wait a minute ...

Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping ONE PER CENT of EU energy

Solar's even worse. No matter how you slice it, it ain't working

New study into lack of women in Tech: It's NOT the men's fault

It's just simple mathematics, apparently

SPACESUIT, once FOUND ON MOON: Crowd action saves it for the public

Moonwalker exhibit is go for blast off

Boffins' audacious plan to blow up aircraft foiled by bomb-proof bag

That is to say, their explosive experiments worked

Boffins go to FUNGI town: Riddle of 100-year-old HAIRY, ICY dead wood finally cracked

Sorry kids, but it's NOT the sprouting head of a scary ghost

MEGABOFFIN Stephen Hawking to rattle off answers online for MORE THAN A WEEK

Books longest spot ever on Reddit AMA virtual sofa

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Southern biscuits and gravy

One unholy mess, but a wobbly dining stodge feast

YOW! Pluto STUNS boffins with HAZY, SHRINKY atmosphere

Pics and vid Probe spots nitrogen ice glaciers flowing into craters

YOU! DEGRASSE! It's time to make Pluto a proper planet again, says NASA boffin

Cruel 'dwarf' taunts must end NOW, m'kay?

Slippery, slimy find: LEGGY, WRIGGLY fossil shows SNAKES weren't legless. Or ARMLESS

Boffins startled to make crucial discovery ... in a museum

SPLAT! STAR THWACKED, GUTS flung into space at 15 per cent of LIGHTSPEED

Vicious knuckling in midriff bulge for swollen big-boy

ROBOT SEEDS to be scattered into upper atmosphere of JUPITER: NASA scheme

'Windbot' study funded at JPL

NASA: 'Closest thing yet to ANOTHER EARTH' - FOUND

Pics World not unlike Valeria from the Lensman stories

Galactic BIRTH: ALMA peers THIRTEEN BEELLLION years into Dawn of Time Itself

When hydrogen fog cloaked the Epoch of Reionisation

NASA briefing in HOURS: 'We are upon the CUSP of finding ANOTHER EARTH'

Updated Media call set for 5pm UK, noon EDT. Habitable world? Aliens?

SPACE FARMER 'nauts arrive safely at International Space Station

They'll quaff their urine, but won't use turds as fertiliser - yet


Surpassed only by 1910, 1911, 1913, 1915 and, um, majority of other years, actually

Were the FIRST AMERICANS really FIRST? MYSTERY of vanished 'Population Y'

Descendants now survive only among Amazon tribes

Intelsat to FCC: For the love of satellites, STOP ELON MUSK!

Claims SpaceX boss's birds could interfere with its own

AI finally understands primitive sketches – aka marketing presentations

Welcome to our Hell, computers

PEAK PLUTO: Stunning mountain ridge snapped by New Horizons craft

Photos Plus jellybean moon Nix in fresh pics

べーコンはどこですか? demands post-pub nosh fan

And while we're at it, what exactly is a 'smidge'?

Oi, #tubby! You are what you Tweet, boffins find

'Lexicocalorimeter' suggests if your socmed feed is full of fat, so are you

Robot surgeons kill 144 patients, hurt 1,391, malfunction 8,061 times

Taking Blue Screen of Death to another level

The Register's resident space boffin: All you need to know about the Pluto mission

Meeting a cold dwarf hasn't put off NASA one bit

Arctic ice EMBIGGENS, returns to 1980s levels of cap cover

Don't panic - we're all still doomed, scientists insist