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Brit school claims highest paper plane launch crown

PICS+VID 35,043m drop finally breaks PARIS Vulture 1 record

BEELION-dollar lasso snaps, NASA mapper blind in one eye

'You got the warranty card?' 'I thought you had it!'

Boffins learn to send boredom-beating suggestions to smartphone-fondlers

What fresh hell is this?

TREE-HUGGER? Your WOODEN HAREM is much BIGGER than thought

Quite literally TREELLIONS of trunks for cuddling

Trio of 'nauts thunder towards International Space Station

Soyuz soars heavenwards from Baikonur Cosmodrome

Jeff Bezos trousers $8m Florida rocket sweetener package

Cash lures Blue Origin to Sunshine State

Drone deals DEATH – to deadly starfish

Great Barrier Reef boffins poisoning Crown of Thorns by remote control

Giant sea scorpion which prowled ancient oceans revealed

Fossilised remains of 'bizarre' predatory beast uncovered in Iowa

Falcon 9 fireworks display grounds SpaceX

No launches on the roster for another couple of months

All pixels go: World's biggest sky-gazing camera gets final sign-off

Construction starts on LSST's 3.2 gigapixel monster cam

NASA names New Horizons' next target

Just another BEEELLION miles to go before probe reaches interesting Kuiper Belt object

Don't go breaking my shrimp: Boffin names crustacean after Elton John's appendage

We want what you've been smoking, doc

Boffins clock MONSTER BLACK HOLES inside quasar-hosting galaxy near Earth

Double-trouble collision a few 100,000 years away, apparently

Rosetta probe spots Comet 67P being buzzed by boulder

Was it a random neighbourhood space rock? Or something breaking off the comet?

Space paparazzo captures bipolar butterfly

It's complicated. Hubble snap reveals the Twin Jet Nebula's interactions

French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'

Liberté, égalité, électrosensibilité

Back on track! #VMworld, #TFDx and #TECHunplugged

Comment Let us tell you about all the interaction with influencers and vendors

'Edward Snowden' discovered hiding in Indonesian river by boffins

Spends time scuttling around. As does the crayfish

Prof Hawking cracks riddle of black holes – which may be portals to other universes

Top boffin reckons he's made a Quantum Leap of science

Fiery old geysers FOUND ON MOON: Volcanic past explained

Still don’t believe we went there?

NASA's Dawn gets intimate with Ceres

'Closest-yet views' of dwarf planet, obscure agricultural gods on standby

Boffins unwrap honeybee black box recorder project

Flight of the RFID tag

3D-printed robot hand grabs Dyson award for UK

Robotics graduate within touching distance of £30,000 prize

Manhattan-sized iceberg splits from glacier – and spotted FROM SPACE

Pic Big enough to bury New York City borough under 300m of ice

White Stork mates with ISS, delivers bundles of resupply joy

Japan's space truck arrives at orbiting outpost

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The Ugandan 'rolex'

We hit Africa in search of classic tubular street grub

Rock reboot and the Welsh windy wonder: Centre for Alternative Technology

Geek's Guide to Britain Biomass and the pit

Euro X-ray 'scope snaps Milky Way's 'tumultuous heart'

It's all go at the lively centre of the galaxy, XMM-Newton reveals

NASA reveals Cassini probe's last glimpse of Saturn's icy moon Dione

Ringed planet grants sunlight for souvenir shots.

Gas giant cores actually built from shedloads of gravel

'Pebble-accretion' theory points to rapid formation of Saturn and Jupiter

Antiques in spaaaaace! Retired space shuttles cannibalised for parts

NASA's financial issues mean museum pieces are being ripped apart for ISS spares

Could our fear of fracking be appeased with CO2 sequestration?

Those related eco-problems? They're not a thing, apparently

Curiosity rolls over onto Martian WET PATCH, takes satisfied selfie

That felt soooo good, say mission boffins, as rover's drill finally gets hard again

Boffins raise five-week-old fetal human brain in the lab for experimentation

Frankenstein still some way off, but DARPA's keen

Japan's 'White Stork' soars heavenwards to ISS

Resupply mission space truck safely off the ground

Colossus veteran flies a drone over Bletchley Park

No reports of bandits in the area, fortunately

Why do driverless car makers have this insatiable need for speed?

Worstall on Wednesday It's all about volume and the maps, man

Been sleeping well lately? No nightmares? Here's a lumbering Google bigfoot bot

Don't worry, it can't outrun you… yet

Snowball spud gun shows comets could have seeded Earth with life

A good impact and it's a peptide hoe-down

Indian Mars probe beams back 3D canyon snaps

Profound imagery of Ophir Chasma

Boffins identify world's (possibly) first flowering plant

130-million-year-old fossils may be 'mythical' angiosperm

Captain, dark energy sensor readings show dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way

Looks like our galaxy might be getting a little bigger, Mr Spock