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Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK': Top Google engineers

Comment Windmills, solar, tidal - all a 'false hope', say Stanford PhDs

Glasgow boffins: We can now do it, Captain. We DO have the molecular storage power

Breaking the flash memory limit using, er, POM molecules

FORGET the CLIMATE: FATTIES are a MUCH BIGGER problem - study

Data Journalism* Fat guy? Drink or smoke? You're worse than a TERRORIST

Hey, it's ... Gecko man, Gecko man, does almost whatever a GECKO can

Vid Stanford student climbs sheet of glass with lizard-tech gloves – Special Forces next?

Hunt for Higgs Boson and dark matter now starts ON YOUR SOFA

CERN releases large hadron collider data and virtual machine to crunch it

CERN IT boss: What we do is not really that special

You'll all be doing the same - in about 10 years' time

NXT: The first SPAAAACE cryptocurrency

Our plucky Playmonaut eyes stratospheric profits

Britain's HUMAN DNA-strewing Moon mission rakes in £200k

3 days, and Kickstarter moves lander 37% nearer takeoff

Slapnav: Looking for KINKY dark matter? Switch on the GPS!

Boffins use spare atomic clocks to check for errors

CERN's 2014 Xmas gift from the Large Hadron Collider: Two new baryons

Strange beauty a downer for exotic physics

Greening the copper with NFV, lower power optics from GreenTouch

Network boffins slash link power budgets

HUMAN DNA 'will be FOUND ON MOON' – rocking boffin Brian Cox

Crowdfund plan to stimulate Blighty's space programme

Boffins train robots to pull apart LCD screens – without breaking them

WELCOME, our robot overlords

LIFE, JIM? Comet probot lander found 'ORGANICS' on far-off iceball

That's it for God, then – if Comet 67P has got complex molecules

Has your STARFISH been DRIBBLING awful SLIME? Scientists now know WHY

Just a ghastly virus, they do say

Vulture 2 spaceplane tumbles onto BBC World Service

LOHAN team chews the fat with Click

MYSTERY Russian satellite: ORBITAL WEAPON? Sat GOBBLER? What?

Watchers confess they're baffled

Sealed with a kiss: Er, 80 MILLION BACTERIA

Let's hope Angelina Jolie and her brother don't read The Reg

NASA launches new climate model at SC14

75 days of supercomputing later ...

CSIRO carves out another 75 jobs

Digital productivity, manufacturing, agriculture in the firing line

It's space WAR: Comet launches fireballs at space-invading EARTH

Pic Rock allegedly furious at humans, 'coming over here, invading our land with probes'

SEX BEAST SEALS may be egging each other on to ATTACK PENGUINS

Boffin: 'I think the behaviour is increasing in frequency'

Pics in SPAAAACE!: Hasselblad sells for $275,000

Astronomical amount for Mercury mission snapper

THERE it is! Philae comet lander FOUND in EXISTING Rosetta PICS

Crumb? Pixel? ALIEN? Better, it's a comet-catcher!

Give it up for SecQuest - a rabbit-hunting spaceplane sponsor

Boutique security consultants, balloon bods, and more...

Simon's says quantum computing will work

Boffins blast algorithm with half a dozen qubits

Rare Stegosaurus skeleton moves into plush London pad

Natural History Museum to display dino from December

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The MIGHTY Scotch egg

Off to the boozer? This delicacy might help mitigate the effects

Lights OUT for Philae BUT slumbering probot could phone home again as comet nears Sun

Energy-zapped boffins celebrate incredible mission

Looking GOOD, probot. Philae good, humans: 'Yes ... YES! The lander is sitting on the ground'

QuoTW Plus: 'Toll roads will KILL the net', booms Obama

It’s PAYBACK time as HUMANS send a PROBE up ALIEN body

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!

I'M SO SORRY, sobs Rosetta Brit boffin in 'sexist' sexy shirt storm

Vid 'He is just being himself' says proud mum of larger-than-life physicist

COMET lander DRILL CLIFFHANGER as last dregs of power used

Will humanity find out its origins in space ... or not? Tune in at midnight

Japanese boffins build rounders-playing ROBOT SCHOOLGIRL

Go on, Henrietta, win it for jolly old Android Ladies Academy!

ZZZAP! Climate change means getting HIT BY LIGHTNING is likelier

Chance rises to, er, 0.000002. Maybe. Long after you're dead

European Commission decides it won't have a science advisor after Greenpeace pressure

Glover wasn't institutionalised enough, apparently

Dark side of the DUNE: Probot snaps shadowy comet surface selfie

Panoramic pic But lander could be die in the shade

Rosetta probot drilling DENIED: Philae has its 'LEG in the AIR'

NOT best position for scientific fulfillment

Why did men evolve map-reading skills? They were PAID BY BONK - study

Easier to travel, easier to reproduce...

Philae healthier... beams CHEESE: Proud ESA shows off FIRST COMET SURFACE PIC

Harpoon horror over, it's now 'stable'


Lander now screwed down good and tight ... we hope

GIANT sunspot returns, bigger and belchier than ever before

Helioseismologists - they're a thing - warn of solar flares and coronal mass ejections