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Who owns space? Looking at the US asteroid-mining act

Comment It is dangerous and potentially illegal, claims legal expert

NASA pours cold comets on aliens-make-star-flutter theory

Comet swarm, not super space, thought to make star KIC 8462852's light fluctuate

Suck it, Elon – Jeff Bezos' New Shepard space rocket blasts off, lands in one piece

Pics and vid VTOL win for Blue Origin

TV broadcast vans drive ESA from Perth

Space agency seeks quieter spot for Oz launch tracking ops

Randall Munroe spoke to The Reg again. We're habit-forming that way

Web comic author talks procrastination, illustration and the Thing Explainer

Science Museum trumpets Da Vinci expo

The Mechanics of Genius lands in London next year

Europe didn't catch the pox from Christopher Columbus – scientists

Syphilis was around before his New World jaunt, Austrian skeleton suggests

Blocking out the Sun won't fix climate change – but it could buy us time

Refreeze the poles... giant magnifying glass... What shall we do?

World needs 252,288,000 seconds to decide fate of leap seconds

Time lords postpone final decision on extra seconds until 2023 conference

Taxi for NASA! SpaceX to fly astronauts to space station

Just don't mention the last rocket

Roundworm infection increases female fertility

Surprising finding among Bolivian ethnic group

NASA palms off blunder-bot Valkyrie for top US universities to fix

Rubbish robots need better software for space

Astronomers catch first sighting of a planet's birth pangs

Alien world forming 450 light years away

Rise of the handy machines: UK gears up for first Robotics Week

Eyeing the future of transformative technology

Red dwarf superflares batter formerly 'habitable' exoplanet

Kepler-438b: Decidedly less livable than previously thought

Belling that cat: Oz boffins pass entanglement test

Two-cubit operations possible thanks to working single-atom transistor in silicon

Game of Photons: Boffins make ICE with FIRE

Lasers used to chill water. You read that right: chill, not heat

Hubble finds lonely 'void galaxy' floating in cosmic nothingness

No sign yet of tragic, philosophical infant Prince chatting with odd mates

Today's exoplanet weather: 1,000°C, glass rain, 8,700 km/h winds

Fancy a weekend break on HD 189733b?

Ouch! Subaru telescope catches astroid prang

Your moment in the sun, 493 Griseldis

Now we know why Philae phouled up comet landing

Plans for Rosetta probe to crash land on comet next year

Big Bang left us with a perfect random number generator

Want a FIPS 140-2 RNG? Look at the universe

Robotic arm provides infosec automation for dodgy card readers

Video MWR debuts automated security evaluation to tidy PoS authentication vulnerabilities

US Congress grants leftpondians the right to own asteroid booty

Ok, that's the legals sorted, let's get digging

Old tech, new battles: Inside F-Secure’s formidable Faraday cage

Even the air conditioning duct has a grille over it

Glowing dust doughnut circles white dwarf

Astroboffins grab first image of pulverised asteroid disks

Boffins teach Wi-Fi routers to dance to the same tune

'Wi-FM' listens to FM signals to sync access points

Feeble Phobos flaking as it falls to Mars

Grooves show how moon is cracking up, says NASA

Ice volcanoes just part of Plutonic pandemonium

Video New Horizons' data hoard just keeps getting better

Einstein's brain to be picked by satellites

Euro GPS misfires to test General Relativity

UK lawmakers warn Blighty to invest more in science, or else

Germans, yanks beating us in STEM investment, claims parliamentary committee

Space fans eye launch of Lego Saturn V

Apollo 11 mission made miniature

Oz submarine bidders paper over hack attacks, deliver tenders by hand

Report: Germany, France, Japan contract hopefuls spotted multiple attacks

New Horizons makes last burn for Kuiper Belt target

Boffins throw hats in air, then hold them out for money

How to build a city fit for 50℃ heatwaves

How did our ancestors do it?

NASA photo gallery: How to blow $200m of rocket in seconds

Pics Orbital's Antares epic fail in living color

Sun of a b... Solar winds blamed for ripping away Mars' atmosphere

Video Terraforming Red Planet going to be much harder than thought

Facebook's laser-powered internet drone preps for take off

10Gbit/s connectivity – now that's what I call inflight Wi-Fi

Fancy flying to Mars? NASA's hiring

Seeks next generations of 'nauts

Lithium-air: A battery breakthrough explained

Leaky cell leads to potentially excellent new tech

Europe's Asteroid prang probe plan calls for cubesats

Why send one big probe when you can send lots of little ones?

US radar paparazzi snap 'Halloween Asteroid'

Pics reveal 'pronounced concavities' and 'other complex features'