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Comcast flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable

Thing we all knew was going to happen has officially happened

Comcast 'flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable'

Cable giant sees writing on the wall, cuts bait in biz gobble battle, says insider

Nobody should have to see their own rear, but that's what Turnbull's NBN will do to Australia

4K is just the beginning: Virtual Reality's second coming will need even more bandwidth

Top US Democrats cry death to Comcast-Time Warner hyper-gobble

Six senators write letter to FCC and DoJ warning about costs and competition

Tesco broadband goes TITSUP, world keeps turning on wobbly-wheeled trolley

Total Inability To ... oh, wait, who cares?!

That's right: FBI agents can't pretend to be ISP repairmen to search homes without a warrant

Vegas hotel raid broke 4th Amendment, says judge

Comcast, Time Warner Cable in crunch talks with FCC, DoJ over $42bn mega-merger

First major sit-down talks over monopoly fears

NBN Co to trial faster fixed wireless services

Bushies to get 25-50Mbps if their retailers want it

FCC hit with SEVENTH net neutrality lawsuit

CenturyLink joins queue suing US busybody to kill new rules

D-Link router patch creates NEW SOHOpeless vuln

You keep using that word 'security'. I do not think it means what you think it means

IWF took down over 31,000 child sexual abuse URLs in 2014

Watchdog hunts online networks

Conservative manifesto: 5G, 'near universal' broadband and free mobes for PC Dixon

Election 2015 They still want the Snoopers' Charter, though

Sinister lobby group (AT&T, Verizon among membership) sues FCC to kill net neut

More sinister than Google, though? You decide

Google tips LTE patents into mostly-public pool

Mountain View offers a fair square of 4G chocolate to the standard

Oh no, Moto! Cable modem has hardcoded 'technician' backdoor

SOHOpeless router tosses your internet connection into the DMZ for max p0wn potential

Ex-cop: Holborn fireball comms outage cover for £200m bling heist gang

Plus: BT engineers 'denied access' to torched electricity and internet cabling

Tasmania wants more backbone

Island state buying feasibility study for trans-Bass-Strait cable

Netflix fail proves copper NBN leaves Australia utterly 4Ked

The rest of the world is accelerating, while we hesitate and are lost

Comcast: Google, we'll see your 1Gbps fiber and DOUBLE IT

Telco monster wants to rollout out 2Gb/s broadband in Atlanta, rest of the US

Boring fixed 'net users still dominate Oz market

Mobile catching up fast … no, actually it's NOT

Power, internet access knackered in London after exploding kit burps fire into capital's streets

2,000 people evacuated as electrical blaze rages

Silicon Valley gets its first 1Gbps home bro– oh, there's a big catch

AT&T is back with its privacy-busting internet connections and high prices

NBN Co launches fibre-to-the-building product

+Comment How fast? What kit? When? Where? NBN Co's keeping the lid on for now

FCC supremo slams big cable in gridiron Robin Hood metaphor mash-up

Net neutrality It's net neutrality, I'm Buckeye, they're Little John, is that all clear?

Vodafone: So what exactly is 'ludicrous' about the Frontier report?

BT: You heard what we said about Openreach. Leave it

BT slams ‘ludicrous’ Openreach report as Vodafone smirks

This is all just ‘to attract headlines’. Job done then

Tennessee sues FCC: Giving cities free rein to provide their own broadband is 'unlawful'

'Take me to another place, take me where they have internet'

EU digital veep: If you like America's radical idea of net neutrality, you're in luck, Europe

And if you don't, just download some music and be happy

Melbourne fibre expert calls out 'fibre cost doubled' claim

Em. Prof. Tucker tells fibre conference NBN rollout cost was falling

Complaints against ISPs and mobe firms are up by a fifth — reports

Poor old lumbering BT Broadband still struggling

Skype squares up to Cisco again with new round of 'Room Systems'

Redmond reveals Skype for Business features and futures

NBN Co says 'ante-up' to fibre applicants

Technology Choice policy stings users who request upgrade quotes

NBN Co to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 from 2017

All our technologies have upgrades, says network builder, but there's no G.Fast plan

National Broadband Network names cable broadband trial sites

If you live in Redcliffe, Merrimac, Slacks Creek or Emu Plains, you're in luck

ACCC nixes Telstra wholesale gouge

Cuts price, competitors yell 'not enough!'

Ping-pong sueballs: Bankruptcy dogs LightSquared's chances

Firm struggles to avoid skewering by fork of Dish Network's Ergen

Nothing says 'Taliban' quite like net neutrality, eh, EU Digi Commish?

Comment Oetti utters yet another thing that makes you go hmmm...

Turnbull says no need to future-proof NBN

And yet the Intergenerational Report calls for us to leave a better future for our kids

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care

Feature Basic net access device in millions of homes is an insult to IT

Botched NBN installs leave folks with no internet, or recourse

TIO chases retailers, who chase NBN Co, which does ... very little we can see

Optus joins iiNet with free-to-download Netflix offer for Australians

Optus' me-too on uncapped movies; might Telstra follow?

Google's broadband-in-the-sky goes TITAN-ic

Real Soon Now: Loon-like radios with wings