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BT boss to Oz: we're wonderful and so is copper

Excuse me while I hug myself

Openreach to trial in Swansea

100 lucky premises to test standard BT says might hit 500Mbps

Singapore to trial 10Gbps home broadband

Take that Google cable, and weep Australia

Choose Deutsche Telekom for all your bargain spying needs

Cable company helped NSA spy on Vienna for a decade, says Austrian MP

100s of Virgin Media customers hit by handset repair glitch, telco admits

Clusterf*ck? Pissed-off punters left without phones for weeks

Orange squeezed over Jazztel buy: Sell your Spanish FTTH network or else

Zesty Vestager gets tough as market concentrates

Verizon: fibre is MUCH cheaper than copper, we're going all-FTTP

US telco says all-fibre diet cuts maintenance costs, increases revenue-per-user

Arianespace: NBN sats will orbit this year – PROMISE*

*If nothing else goes wrong

Ofcom: Oi, BT! Don't be greedy – feed dark fibre to your rivals

TalkTalk, Sky and chums are hungry for speedier broadband networks

TalkTalk unveils best results ever – and its share price dips

Exciting fourplay fails to stimulate outage-hit customers

China decrees local internet must go faster to stimulate growth

Speed up by 40 per cent and drop your prices, premier Li Keqiang tells local carriers

Telstra offers six explanations for its dud Netflix rating

We've got SO MUCH COPPER it hurts, says Big T

FCC leaning towards approving AT&T/DirecTV gobble – report

Regulators said to be OK with $49bn merger, though restrictions may apply

Australian government sun to set on NBN funding

BUDGET 2015 We'll have our multi technology fully mixed by then

Backwaters in rural England getting non-BT gigabit broadband


EEeeeeek, complaints! Ofcom roasts BT-wannabe-spouse

Gripes about operator's landline and broadband services pile up

Forced sale of Openreach division would put BT broadband investment at risk, says CEO

Infrastructure in danger

According to Netflix, Australia's slowest ISP owns half of Foxtel

Telstra ranked last in video-streamer's speed table

FCC: Thanks for the concern, telcos, but we're not delaying Open Internet rules

FCC decides FCC was right in earlier FCC ruling

Turnbull moves on NBN subsidy arrangements

Here comes the new levy, same as the old

FCC wants to know if carriers can grab some of YOUR WiFi signal

Consultation over the future of LTE-Unlicensed

Australian Labor Party toys with a return to fibre, sometime, somewhere

Opposition party looks under lounge, finds dusty piece of its geek cred

Fat cable bods Comcast belch contentedly, stroke bulging broadband belly

We're doing fine without spending $45bn on TWC

Intel has ambitions to turn modems into virtual servers and reinvent broadband

A few cores in your modem and OpenStack driving network function virtualisation

Rand Paul is trying to murder net neutrality. Is there a US presidential election, or something?

Motion to axe rules will run right into Obama's veto stamp

Speaking in Tech: Comcast bails from TWC merger – a nation cheers

Podcast Meanwhile, AWS and Microsoft duke it out in the cloud

ESPN sues Verizon: People picking their own TV channels? NOOoo!

Plan for a la carte bundle not a hit with sports network

NBN Co loses the “Co” for AU$700,000

The National Broadband Network is now brought to you by NBN, not by NBN Co

Comcast flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable

Thing we all knew was going to happen has officially happened

Comcast 'flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable'

Cable giant sees writing on the wall, cuts bait in biz gobble battle, says insider

Nobody should have to see their own rear, but that's what Turnbull's NBN will do to Australia

4K is just the beginning: Virtual Reality's second coming will need even more bandwidth

Top US Democrats cry death to Comcast-Time Warner hyper-gobble

Six senators write letter to FCC and DoJ warning about costs and competition

Tesco broadband goes TITSUP, world keeps turning on wobbly-wheeled trolley

Total Inability To ... oh, wait, who cares?!

That's right: FBI agents can't pretend to be ISP repairmen to search homes without a warrant

Vegas hotel raid broke 4th Amendment, says judge

Comcast, Time Warner Cable in crunch talks with FCC, DoJ over $42bn mega-merger

First major sit-down talks over monopoly fears

NBN Co to trial faster fixed wireless services

Bushies to get 25-50Mbps if their retailers want it

FCC hit with SEVENTH net neutrality lawsuit

CenturyLink joins queue suing US busybody to kill new rules

D-Link router patch creates NEW SOHOpeless vuln

You keep using that word 'security'. I do not think it means what you think it means

IWF took down over 31,000 child sexual abuse URLs in 2014

Watchdog hunts online networks

Conservative manifesto: 5G, 'near universal' broadband and free mobes for PC Dixon

Election 2015 They still want the Snoopers' Charter, though

Sinister lobby group (AT&T, Verizon among membership) sues FCC to kill net neut

More sinister than Google, though? You decide

Google tips LTE patents into mostly-public pool

Mountain View offers a fair square of 4G chocolate to the standard