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NBN launches satellite broadband services

Sky Muster 1 gets ministerial button press for symmetrical 25Mbps services

Comcast Com-templates Com-trashing Com-crap Com-pact Com-caps

Cable giant thinks 1TB a month ought to be enough for anyone

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London

Oh, and Hull is the worst city in the UK for take-up

Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale

Comment What could possibly go wrong if we adopt fibre-to-the-distribution point? Plenty

Charter can gobble TWC for $78.7bn ... if it bins monthly download caps

There's always a catch

iiNet founder Michael Malone takes nbn chair

Fibre-to-the-node backer replaces fibre-to-the-premises enthusiast Simon Hackett

'Technology enablers' will help Ofcom determine if spectrum can be shared

We're talking tools, not people. Quiet in the back!

Vaizey: Legal right to internet access, sure. But I'm NOT gonna die on the 10Mbps hill

And Culture Sec still not a fan of splitting BT and Openreach

Can you hear me now – over the picket line? Verizon workers strike

Telco says service will continue as wireline techs walk off job

Ofcom promises to have details on duct and pole access by summer

Just waiting on European directive, assuming no Brexit

We're not in Kansas City anymore, Toto ... Google axes free fiber internet

Ad giant touts new $50 100Mbps, $70 1Gbps plans instead

Popular cable modem vulnerable to remote reboot/reset flaw

Updated ISPs told to brace for help desk melt-down as mass disconnections feared

Telstra being paid to fix Telstra's network for NBN – AGAIN

Another AU$1.6b heading back to the Big T to work on a network it sold to nbn

NBN shenanigans: someone wants broadband speeds hidden

'Organisation' asked Bureau of Statistics to abstract advertised broadband speed data

Verizon peeps gobbled by Frontier enter week two of crap internet

Services won't return until mid-month, ISP warns

Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful

One second of buffering is entirely acceptable for almost anything

Australia's broadband policy is a flimsy, cynical House of Cards

Prime Minister Turnbull is strangling our economy

Australian Bureau of Statistics stops counting 24Mbps broadband services

Conspiracy-theorists, get out your tinfoil hats and wallow in the 1.71 Exabytes of data we download every 90 days

Broadband bods Gigaclear bag £24m for rural hi-speed internet

Minnow gears up to take on BT out in the sticks

Ofcom is keeping schtum over BT Openreach plans until end of year

Regulator will then beg for EU permission to act

Legal right to 10Mbps broadband is 'not enough', thunders KCOM chief

Gerrere, lad, yon man's giz us broadband in t'Hull

East Coast: Verizon on the hook for landline hikes. West Coast: AT&T denies hooking $100m for 10Mbps broadband

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck...

Your broadband speeds are up by 6Mbps, boasts UK watchdog Ofcom

We'd hear howls of disbelief from the countryside but nobody supports dialup now

Govt: Citizens, we know you want 10Mbps. This is the last broadband scheme for that

Quiet in the back!

The FCC, once seen as a telco-thrashing hero, is sadly losing the plot

Analysis Is Tom Wheeler on the verge of following a dangerous path?

Ofcom wants to crack down on pisspoor BT Openreach biz lines

You're taking too long so we're getting tough, snarls telco watchdog

Verizon: We're sick of waiting for the FCC, so here's our 'net neutrality'

American carrier says it won't throttle or promote any traffic on its network

FCC boss: Oh look, net neutrality didn't end the world after all. Surprise!

Chairman Wheeler is having the last laugh

So where has the legal 'right' to 10Mbps broadband gone?

Analysis Digital infrastructure plans may be disrupted by the EU referendum

nbn special: See the FTTN and HFC cabinets coming to your street

Reg Roadtrip Vulture South ventures into the fibre-to-the-premises Goldilocks Zone

nbn tries to shift the conversation to future copper upgrades

Reg roadtrip Riding the nbn mythbusting bus with CEO Bill Morrow

Optus cable routers let anyone change passwords, says tech

But shoddy defaults still set username to 'admin,' password to 'password'

Silicon photonics boosted with UK fabrication research

Laser grown on silicon substrate can last 10 years

nbn says Telstra's copper in better shape than expected

Fibre-to-the-distribution-point trials for remote-ish users, also future-profing option

Comcast now touts unlimited gigabit service (that you can't get)

Only a handful of Georgians will get to slurp from broadband motherlode

Plucky cable billionaires defeat menace of small-town broadband

Tennessee kills bid to expand muni fiber network

Optus cable can't connect 500,000: NBN CEO Bill Morrow

Slow downloads? Blame retailers, not FTTP, says nbnTM

SoftBank crashes into America's broadband spectrum party, checkbook in hand

Sprint's sugar daddy could further push up prices

If your ISP is selling info about you, that has to be opt-in, says FCC boss

Regulator hopes to smother broadband providers in privacy-protecting rules

Everything bad in the world can be traced to crap Wi-Fi

Something for the Weekend, Sir? You know it’s going to go wrong, don’t you?

Another week, another leak: is morale that low in Australia's NBN?

Even cost-saving good ideas are now being leaked

Net neutrality: Email trail reveals how Prez Obama bent the FCC to his will

US senators get hands on regulator's internal memos sent during open net order wrangling