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Whee! BT preps for FIVE HUNDRED MEGABIT broadband trial

If it works it'll go nationwide, says telco's top dog

FCC sexes up, er, sextuples 'broadband' speed to 25Mbps in US

Minimum downlink rate up from 'dated and inadequate' 4Mbps

FCC will vote to cut off 41 million broadband users this Thursday*

* This headline brought to you by the cable companies

Google reveals where AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable will next offer Gbps broadband

Fresh cable-laying for telcos to sniff out

Government's rushed NBN migration plan off to the ACCC

Consultation? We've heard of it

Charlotte, NC thinks it has won the Google Fiber lottery

Meanwhile, San Francisco stares at loading screens

Cubans defy government's home internet ban with secret home-made network

Tech for the unconnected

Eurovision tellybods: Yes, you heard right – net neutrality

Broadcasters suddenly start caring about the internet

Tap sat app gap, yaps Inmarsat chap: Orbiting bird API opened to devs

Satnav to sat-have

Bush-first NBN build was back to front says NBN Co CEO

David Morrow tells Tasmania building in cities would have given NBN Co experience to tackle tougher spots

India pushes ahead with slimmed-down fibre rollout

Announces states to receive first fibre-to-the-village builds

New York State plots broadband future

US$500 million to get to 100 Mbps

Which of UK's major ISPs will let you have exotic p0rn? NONE OF THEM

Firms vow traffic throttling WON'T damage OTT players

NBN's basement-dive begins in earnest

Apartments lined up for March service launch

Future imperfect: A UK broadband retrospective

Feature All that money spent. What is there to show for it?

Virgin, Qualcomm, back 600-satellite space internet plan

Beardy Branson boards next-billion bandwagon, but his plan doesn't add up

BT bemoans 'misconceived' SUPERFAST broadband regs

Sky, TalkTalk happy as Ofcom muses on pricing and margins

Crap broadband holds back HALF of rural small biz types

Country folk regularly swear at routers – SME org

If cities want to run their own broadband, let 'em do it, Prez Obama tells FCC

... in a nicely written plea to the comms watchdog

Should spectrum hog TV give up its seat for broadband? You tell us – EU

It's granny vs tween in battle of the spectrum

NBN migration arrangements favour Telstra, say competitors

Nobody saw that coming

Australia's Akamai ranking has nothing to do with the NBN

Are we going up, down or sideways?

Sony post-mortem: Obama lobbies for new legal powers to thwart hackers

Moon on stick proposals include cheaper broadband access

So: Will we get net neutrality? El Reg decodes FCC boss Tom Wheeler

Analysis Look like it's gonna be Title II – but what flavor?

Broadband isn't broadband unless it's 25Mbps, mulls FCC boss

4Mbit/s no longer cutting the mustard

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable

Assuming streaming sites can keep up

TPG unplugs NBN rival fibre to the basement service

Requirement to create wholesale service proves too painful

US watchdog boss pencils in net neutrality February showdown – report

FCC chairman said to be finally ready for vote

FCC: A few (680,000) net neutrality comments lost in 'XML gaffe'

Views vanish in IT cock-up – claim

BT takes broadband to NEW PLACES. That's right: CITIES

Will ‘cabinets in the basement’ be the next big thing?

FCC hits pause on Comcast-TWC gobble AGAIN

More time needed to review documents, say feds

NBN Co reveals product roadmap and Telstra planning deal

Hybrid fibre-coax trials to commence in late 2015

Net Neut: Verizon flips the bird to FCC on peering deal crackdown

You can't stop us creating web traffic fast-lanes, telco says

Gigabit-over-TV-cable spec DOCSIS 3.1 passes interop test

Saviour of Australia's National Broadband network edges closer to real-world deployment

TalkTalk customers demand opt-out fix for telco's DNS ad-jacking tactics

Error Replacement Service is a neat moneyspinner for ISP

Plusnet could face DATA BREACH probe over SPAM HELL gripes

Exclusive ICO tells El Reg it's gathering evidence

French space agency teams with Google for broadband balloons

Antarctic balloon tech to be shared in hope of beaming bits to bods

NBN Co, Turnbull, issue contradictory broadband speed promises

Announcement of Telstra and Optus deals mentions 'goal' and 'policy to ensure' 25Mbps

Euro phone, broadband giants are the 1% – yes, single-digit growth. Wow

If they can make it to 2016

Thought your household broadband was pants? Small biz has it worse

Ofcom: Only 56% of SMEs can access 'superfast' connections

SURPRISE: Oz gov gives itself room to NEVER finish the NBN

But it WILL spend more money on inquiries

Net neutrality: Cisco, Intel, IBM warn FCC NOT to crack down on ISPs

Dozens of IT giants claim Title II will stifle broadband growth