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Want blazing fast Netflix streams? Book a flight to Northern Europe

Tiny nations lead broadband poll

Government hails superfast broadband deal for new homes

But will house builders do their bit?

NBN activations to rise from 10,000 per week to 8,400 ... wait, what?

Ex-CTO unpicks growth numbers

T-Mobile US's BingeOn does break net neutrality, says law prof

But where's John Legere's ranty response?

Google to pump free gigabit Fiber into homes of hard-up families

Chocolate Factory tosses a few more bucks into 'Other Bets' with goodwill project

Speaking in Tech: How good is the UK's broadband? Really awful

Podcast Replicate Comcast Raspberry Pi experiment? Nah, we're too weak to tweet

World's annual mobile data intake to hit 367 exabytes by 2020

Think we're data hogs now? Just wait five years, says Cisco

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?

Dodgy kit caused nationwide thinning out of Netflix

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide

Updated Total Inability To Shift Usual Packets

TalkTalk admits losing £60m and 101,000 customers after THAT hack

All those ads promising free stuff, yet they still fled

BT scoops £100m network provision deal from the BBC

Updated State broadcaster opts for former state monopoly

TalkTalk CuffCuffs 'ScamScam CrimCrims'

Indian call center workers accused of harvesting data

CableLabs certifies first gigabit-class cable modems

The HFC cables that deliver pay TV are getting closer to being broadband blasters

Map of Tasmania to be shorn of electrical, data links to outside world

Basslink comms fibre will be cut on purpose during power cable fix

Death to clunky, creaky rip-off cable boxes – here's how it will happen

FCC proposes blowing open the market to competition

Broadband-pushers expand user piggyback rides on private Wi-Fi

Universal public coverage, one home router at a time

Folk shun's 'expensive' subsidised satellite broadband

Just 24 people signed up to poorly advertised scheme

BT dismisses MPs' calls to snap off Openreach as 'wrong-headed'

Biz slurps £1.7bn, leaves 5.7 million without proper broadband - report

West Virginia mulls mother of all muni networks – effectively a state-wide, state-run ISP

Cable companies react exactly how you'd expect, too

Does anyone know what their broadband costs? The ASA hopes to change that

Ad watchdog to clamp down on 'misleading' price claims

Thousands fled TalkTalk after gigantic hack, confirm researchers

Troubled telco's 2015 TITSUP tore into subscriber base

Privacy warriors plead with FCC to wield sword of net neutrality against snooping ISPs

Wheeler lobbied on new rules for broadband customer info

It's not just you: Massive Comcast outage blows Bay Area offline

Cable giant mum on reason for disruption

Smallish telco Gigaclear gets €25m loan for rural broadband roll-out

Biz plans to bring fibre to just 40,000 new homes

Investor to AT&T – give us a peek at your NSA data dealings

Telco pushed by Arjuna for more details on government requests

A granny and a marriage celebrant show Turnbull's 4ked the NBN

Immersive cameras are mainstream, but our networks aren't built to deliver the content

Telstra dominates NBN retail, but less than you might think

Incumbent's NBN conversion rate only so-so, but will accelerate

Probe launched after mischiefmaker invades US spyboss's Verizon broadband account

Wife's Yahoo! webmail inbox also penetrated

Europe, China line up their best bureaucrats for epic 5G battle

The world's lamest Tough Mudder course

Telstra costed fibre to the premises before it was Telstra

Cabinet documents reveal a history of might-have beens for Australia's internet

Comcast repeatedly crams modem upgrade demands into browsers

No, I'm quite happy with my own gear, says punter

FRITZ!Box home broadband routers' security FRITZed

SOHOpeless vuln gives attackers free VoIP calls

NY to Charter: Sure, we'll approve that TWC merger, if you boost our broadband speeds

It's not called a bribe when the government does it

American cable giants go bananas after FCC slams broadband rollout

Cynical exercise or uncomfortable truths?

BT and Openreach: Splitsville or not? We'll not find out till Feb – at the earliest

Fate of infraco might not be decided until 2017 says Ofcom

CMA to review BT whinge over superfast broadband price setting

TalkTalk has also moaned that the rules don't go far enough

Look what Gbps fiber brings: Competition, then new router chips

Broadcom whips out ARM SoC for 5Gbit/s internet firehoses

iiNet struggles through five-day outage to get thousands back online

If you can read this in Western Australia, congrats – your broadband has been fixed

Comcast 'rolls out' 'world's first' DOCSIS 3.1 modem, pumping 1Gbps over existing cable

(In one home. In Philadelphia.)

UK ISP Sky to make smut an opt-in service from 2016

Family filters will be on for all new broadband subscribers

Telstra wins copper repair contract on the copper it sold to nbn

Optus in on the act, too, with deal to build and maintain HFC network sold to nbn

13,000 Comcast customers complain to FCC over data caps

Imposed without agreement; measured suspiciously