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BT could lawyer up after Sky’s sport channels obligation removed

Ofcom decision comes one day after Sky Q set top box reveal

TalkTalk boss on Joe Garner exit, Virgin Media support for Openreach and THAT attack

ECTA Regulatory Conf '15 Top folk want to run public firms

Yesterday: Openreach boss quits. Today: BT network goes TITSUP

Updated Tripped on cable on way out? Yes, it'll take 3 days to fix

Openreach boss quits BT in midst of split uncertainty

Joe Garner returning to banking sector. Search begins for replacement

Queensland council plans own optical fibre network

Here we go again

Ex-competition watchdog and TalkTalk adviser calls for Openreach split from BT

Says telecoms giant needs to 'wake up' and accept divorce

BT reveals vanishingly small detail about its fibre broadband network

Blighty data usage peaks during Downton Abbey, in case you wondered ...

The Internet Association backs FCC's muni broadband push

Shocker: internet companies want more people on the internet

Telstra, nbnTM deny Brisbane build battle

Negotiations on hold until next year: report

Virgin Media hikes broadband, phone prices by five per cent

Cable company's bundle customers face bigger bills from early next year

NBN mulls capacity charge revamp

Morrow announces tariff review finally promises legally binding broadband service obligation – by 2020

Is 10Mbps pledge only on downstream? Wait and see

Gods' own broadband: Loon option for DEITY

Alphabet eyes another billion

NBN shows strong ARPU growth as users connect

HFC trials announced ahead of 2016 launch

Colorado unshackles cities, lifts ban on govt-owned muni broadband

Centennial state could soon be blazing in more ways than one

Facebook's laser-powered internet drone preps for take off

10Gbit/s connectivity – now that's what I call inflight Wi-Fi

Slow connections can’t come fast enough as industry eyes low bandwidth

Huawei GMBF LTE-NB has been designed with much lower power use in mind

TalkTalk may tell investors to tighten belts after cyber incident

Customer growth affected by customer care? Shurely not...

Former nbn CEO Mike Quigley ends his silence, unloads on government

'You broke it, Mal, you bought it'

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit

ISP boss has 'full support of the board'

BT Openreach boss says UK telcos need 'predictable regulation'

Parliament & Internet Conf '15 Translation: Leave us alone, Ofcom! plans to legislate on smut filters after EU net neutrality ruling

PM Cameron hardens against pr0n to 'protect' kids

European Parliament rejects amendments to net neut rules, waves through law

New legislation kicks in from April next year

Teenage boy bailed until November over TalkTalk incident

No clarification on charges, as of yet

TalkTalk attack: UK digi minister recommends security badges for websites

Foolishly suggests kitemark to, er, reassure customers

It's almost time for Australia's fibre fetishists to give up

1.8Gbps over copper trials show Turnbull's multi-technology-mix is sensible

US broadband giants face 'deceptive speed' probe in New York

'Many of us may be paying for one thing, and getting another,' says Big Apple's AG

TalkTalk: Hackers may have nicked personal, banking info on 4 million Brits

Names, addresses, DoBs, bank details, and more at risk, confesses ISP CEO

TalkTalk website STILL down on day TWO

Updated Customers rant as woes continue

TalkTalk website hit by outage, broadband customers also KO'd

Updated Provider's website knocked offline. Again

NBN's good-to-go dates remain confidential

Patch-cables spark teacup-storm

AT&T, Verizon probed: 'No escape from biz broadband packages'

Rivals complain to FCC that customers are unfairly trapped

Virgin Media boss urges UK watchdogs not to pick wrong BT battle

Broadband World Forum Meanwhile, biz wing of telco to offer SMBs a broadband boost

How to get 10Gbit/s home broadband in the US: Step 1. Move to Chattanooga, TN

Step 2. Laugh at Comcast

Virgin Media filters are still eating our email – Ntlworlders

Emails, more like ‘ewails’, amirite?

New NBN build plan full of linguistic holes that will explain away delays

New list estimates where connection work is expected to commence by Sept 2018. Or H2 2018. For 9m connections

Vodafone exceeds own upper broadband speed limit to hit 80Mbps

Reg reader amazed at breathtaking velocity

Australia’s opposition promises more fibre in national broadband diet

Overbuild of copper is inevitable and offensive says shadow comms minister

nbn™ loses chief operating officer Greg Adcock

So long and thanks for all the contracts, says nbn™ CEO Morrow suspends broadband connection voucher scheme

'Funds fully committed,' crows DCMS

NASA preps test of broadband-from-spaaaaace project

CubeSat trial hopes for 200 Mbps downloads

Google says Loony broadband balloons are 'nearly perfect'

Alphabet subsidiary courting African carriers and confronting comms biz realpolitik