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Stop us if you've heard this one before: Telcos try to kill net neutrality

Wheeler laughs off latest attempt to kill Title II classification

Give .gay to the gays, roars exiting ombudsman

More shenanigans at everyone's favorite non-profit internet monopoly

Someone (cough, cough VeriSign) just gave ICANN $135m for the rights to .web

DNS overlord literally doubled its annual revenue in one day

nbn™ switches on first Telstra HFC-powered broadband services

100/40Mbps services available to 2,300 Perth homes

IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest

The long and painful transition is getting there

O2 sales dip 9% as tight-fisted Brits cling to their old handsets

Weak pound affects sales reporting in Blighty

How to upgrade cities to 40Gbps broadband without replacing today's fiber network

Verizon to test gear to boost speeds to homes, businesses

Heart Internet goes TITSUP again

Total Inability To Support Usual Per... one server?

Oz regulator eyes broadband marketing

ISPs fudging performance claims in ads? Say it isn't so!

Verizon blames striking workers for dent in sales

Yahoo! is! going! to! love! it! here!

Odds are your office is ill-prepared for network-ransacking ransomware

Cisco cybersecurity report points to dangers ahead

Ofcom: Legal separation will force Openreach to eat more fibre

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'

BlackBerry's new best pals: Microsoft, Google, Samsung

'I cannot buy everything. Or manage everything' ... We need partners – Chen

I'm good, I'm fine, solid quarter, real well ... pants Sprint as it limps past, spilling $300m

'Most new customers in nine years'

Hans off! Ericsson unplugs CEO after gräsliga results

Vestberg pays price

Zen loses its chill: UK biz ISP falls offline for four hours and counting

Updated TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Upset Punters

Not-BT-Openreach' biz CityFibre sextuples pipeline

Seems to be doing a roaring trade

How to make the move from ISDN to SIP

Find the right provider, yes, but before that...

Ofcom should push for fibre – Ex BT CTO

'Aiming for mediocre speeds is such a British attitude'

Mobile broadband now cheaper than wired, for 95 per cent of humanity

But the Internet of Things is only working in Fjordland

Telstra's head of ops drops after network flops

Kate McKenzie 'retires' from Telstra

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK

Blames shonky billing migration

nbn™ talks up HFC upgrades to gigabit speed

Research points out that HFC is widely-used and fast, but we knew that already and fibre fanatics don't care

AT&T: Money? Oh, sure, no I'm fine – I'm doing great (if you ignore my phone business)

Wireless drops bolstered by DirecTV cash

IETF boffins design a DNS for digital money

Interledger uses familiar concepts to connect digi-currency networks

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again

Another power problem, this time at Telehouse North

Raving mad: Glow sticks are secret weapon in Facebook's 2.1Gbps laser internet drones

Umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch

Internet exchange Linx cuts peering prices by 40% after rip-off claims

Did Netflix's accusations force company's hand?

GMB tests Uber 'self-employed drivers' claim at London tribunal

'Not a technology company and drivers aren't self employed'

EU Net Neutrality debate heats up as Tim Berners-Lee weighs in

400,000 submissions received, some critical of carriers claiming 5G costs justify fast lanes

Handover of US internet control to ICANN officially blocked in Republican policy

China, Russia, Iran will 'devour' the web after IANA transition

Shock: Apple patents the phone book

Cupertino pondering cellular broadband tech in laptops

DDoS trends: Bigger, badder but not longer

10Gbps is the new norm, warns Arbor Networks

MPs tell BT: Lay more fibre or face split with Openreach

'Compelling evidence' BT Group 'exploiting... vertical integration'

LTE-U vs. WiFi fight gets closer to a settlement

Broadcom brief the FCC on the last sticking point slowing spectrum-sharing agreement

Facebook and Google show how the world really will be blanketed in 5G

Zuckerbook adds OpenCellular to its disruptive, non-MNO network vision

AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company

Vid Aerial inspectors, air traffic control and flying COWs ahead

Coup-Tube: Turkey blocks social networks amid military takeover

Quick, man the VPNs!

5G: Mother of all pipes, or actually useful?

For the first time, mobile operators not at centre of ecosystem

Openreach boss Clive Selley wants Ofcom to wrap it up already

Interview I need certainty to get on with upgrades, says BT man

Google's Android Pay hits Australia

ANZ, Coles, first Aussie giants to make launch

CloudFlare probes mystery interception of site traffic across India

Traffic to Pirate Bay and others redirected to AirTel banned URL notice