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Mobile broadband giants blow $45bn on Uncle Sam's finest air

FCC closes spectrum auction with four-times more dosh than it had dreamed of

FCC sexes up, er, sextuples 'broadband' speed to 25Mbps in US

Minimum downlink rate up from 'dated and inadequate' 4Mbps

NXP flings sueball at Marvell over Xbox NFC chips

IP lawfare takes on new dimension – but for why?

Microsoft Outlook comes to iOS, Android: MS email now a bit less painful on mobile

... Unless you're on Windows Phone

Supersonic Bloodhound car techies in screaming 650mph comms test

HD video at Mach 1+? No biggie, say cool-cat engineers

Powering the Internet of Stuff – by sucking electricity from TREES

Feature Where are my generating wellies?

Telstra: we don't collect the metadata the government wants now

So much for A-G Brandis' 'this'll be easy for telcos to collect' argument

FCC will vote to cut off 41 million broadband users this Thursday*

* This headline brought to you by the cable companies

Listen up, AT&T, this could be YOU NEXT: $40m sting for throttling 'unlimited' mobile data

TracFone has to give peeps what it advertised – whoa

Let's be clear, everyone: DON'T BLOCK Wi-Fi, DUH – FCC official ruling

We're jammin' and I hope this jam is gonna last ... NOPE!

A year with Canada's Volvo-esque smartphone – The BlackBerry Z30

Comment It's a phone! It texts! It calls! It surfs the web. OK, it's rather nice

Sleepy Ofcom glances at Internet of Things, rolls over, takes nap

UK watchdog prepares 37 pages of nothing

EE squashes Orange UK: France Telecom's been 'destroying it for years'

Kumquat may, fruits of BT merger won’t include Moss' baby

YouTube flushes Flash for future flicks

HTML5 <video> tag will henceforth shift video whenever possible

US looks at plan to hand over world's DNS – and screams blue murder

Assistant Commerce Secretary starts playing Twenty Questions over IANA power shift

Google reveals where AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable will next offer Gbps broadband

Fresh cable-laying for telcos to sniff out

Government's rushed NBN migration plan off to the ACCC

Consultation? We've heard of it

Post-modem Ericsson wobbles thanks to flat sales and falling profits

Trouble at t'mill as scandal-hit board member steps down

Euro mobile standards chiefs eye tiny beauty: It's the KEY to 5G

Millimetre wave spectrum

Charlotte, NC thinks it has won the Google Fiber lottery

Meanwhile, San Francisco stares at loading screens

ICANN CEO criticizes domain 'hoggers'

But just who's eating at the trough?

Great Firewall of China blasts DDoS attacks at random IP addresses

Upgrade to system causing bizarre traffic spikes

Cubans defy government's home internet ban with secret home-made network

Tech for the unconnected

Brightstar deal means Post Office mobile network could be a thing

A dozen stamps, some parcel tape and a new SIM, please

Should Google play carriers at their own game? There's never been a better time

Analysis MVN... Oh yes

'One day, YOU won't be able to SENSE the INTERNET,' vows Schmidt

Translation: GOOGLE will be EVERYWHERE at ALL TIMES

Sly peers attempt to thrust hated Snoopers' Charter into counter-terror and security bill

ISPs warn Parliament to reject proposed amendments

Hibernating NetMundial rattles internet governance world at Davos

Launch dumped, but ICANN boss stirs pot at elite conf

China 'upgrades' Great Firewall. Oh SNAP! There goes VPN access

Censorship tools boost as users scramble for workarounds

Then there were 3: Another UK mobile network borged ...

Analysis ... and what it all means for speed, coverage and phone masts

Microsoft: We bought Skype. We make mobiles.. Oh, HANG ON!

Analysis EUREKA! We should put the two together

Telefónica to offload O2 to Three daddy Hutchison for £10.25bn

Talks reported last week, confirmed on Friday

Verizon posts WANTED poster for copper rustlers

Them varmints is putting innocent lives in danger …

Google signs up Sprint and T-Mobile to sell its cellphone plans – report

Chocolate Factory wants its fingers on your phone

FCC Commissioner argues for delaying February net neutrality ruling

Let's wait to see how badly Congress does first

FORCE Apple to support BlackBerry hardware, demands John Chen

Net neutrality bandwagon, meet spasming mobe-maker

LEAKED: Samsung's iPHONE 6 KILLER... the Samsung Galaxy S6

If leaks are real, Apple is in trouble

EE data network goes TITSUP* after mystery firewall problem

Updated Nothing Nowhere for thousands of angry paying customers

4Chan man Moot logs off as admin for last time

So long and thanks for all the GOATSE

Net neutrality bunfight heads to Congress, with predictable results

Washington jostles with broadband rules

Microsoft just saved Windows Phone... Now stop whining

Analysis Mobile platform definitely needs TLC

Eurovision tellybods: Yes, you heard right – net neutrality

Broadcasters suddenly start caring about the internet