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Chair legs it from UK govt smart meter installation programme

Was Baroness McDonagh pushed or did she jump from sinking ship?

New nbnTM roadmap reveals HFC tests to start in Q4

100Mbps service and rapid repair turnaround promised

Sprint: Forget all we said about strangling your web video streams

And can someone replace our brakes? That U-turn we just pulled was hella

Orange hurls €90m at Israel's Partner to end political bunfight

Chief exec’s crowd-pleaser didn’t go down at all well

Vale Matti Makkonen, SMS dreamer

Finnish engineer sends last TXT

While city slickers argue about the NBN, rural retailers are smiling

Expanded wireless footprint eases satellite woes ... when there's no trees in the way

Sprint: Our 'unlimited' mobe plan has one tiny limit: High-quality video

600Kbps cap strangles streaming to snail's pace

EUROPEAN PURGE on hated mobile roaming charges

Dead-of-night deal foresees abolition of fees in 2017

Sky bangs on Ofcom's door – demands BT competition probe

But former state monopoly claims Openreach split would harm UK market

Ofcom: We need 5G spectrum planning for the future’s ultramobes

We’ll just have to make decisions based on ‘imperfect knowledge’

Turnbullnomics trashed as Oz regulator cuts telecoms prices

Order for 9.6 per cent cut in wholesale prices is BAD NEWS according to comms minister

ACCC clears copper for the NBN

Party like it's 2005

Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run

Look, ma, no repeaters – but we can still decipher the info. Huzzah!

Google helps Brit crims polish their image – but what about the innocent

Comment 'Perpetual global humiliation' is our biz. Don’t get in our way

Cambridge boffins: STOP the rush to 5G. We just don't need it

+Poll Building 4G coverage should be the priority, not yet another standard is coming, so get ready, telcos tell ACCC

Definition matters

Telstra, Voda bag blackspot bucks

Oz government slings $385 million to connect rural mobes

FCC boss Wheeler: Shove off, big dogs – let the small telcos play

Wireless carriers may not be able to exploit subsidiary loophole

Apple apes Microsoft with iPhone BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

Fanbois on T-Mobile US confounded by mystery crashes

ICANN's leaving the nest, so when will it grow up?

Comment The org that will run the internet still acts like a teenager

BT: Let us scrap ordinary phone lines. You've all got great internet, right?

Deregulate! But let us keep all the hardware, of course

The slow strangulation of telework in Australia

We need UPLOADS if we're not just watching TV

Australia leads Asia Pac in mobile broadband speeds

But only at the peak, our average mobe download is only so-so

Verizon outage borks phones, TVs, internet for hapless East Coast folk

Update And the phone outage means you can't even connect to 911! Imagine that

Understanding the network energy efficiency challenge

Dr Kerry Hinton ticks off seven key energy-saving techs for El Reg

Google to take another shot at a free Wi-Fi business

Chocolate Factory takes a trip in the self-driving DeLorean

Triple glitch grounds ALL aircraft in New Zealand

Radar and comms failure pushes Welly to manual

What is this river nonsense? Give .amazon to Bezos, says US Congress

US government tells ICANN to ignore government attempts at influence. Um…

Vodafone splashes €2 BEEELLLION to kick German TV sideways

Achtung, die Engländer haben mein Tellyboxsignalfrequenzen gekauft

Oi! 'Hands off America's Wi-Fi spectrum' yells, er, the cable lobby

NCTA doesn't like LTE-U

Virgin Media starts its broadband-of-the-gaps fibre rollout

£75m investment in Manchester, and 500 new jobs

Phone-home service Lebara launches prepaid TV offering

Roll up for Bollywood and Nollywood ... but no IPL cricket

Giganto French telco merger: Altice makes eyes at Bouygues

EU and French anti-trust watchdogs play whack-a-mole with merger proposals

Post Office launches mobe service for aged greybeards

Counters brace for complaints that customers' TV remotes won't make calls

Tower of BT Bubbly: Fancy nibbling atop a strategic data hub?

Restaurant reopens for birthday bash, 1,400 lucky diners selected via ballot

Telstra wi-fi hotspots go dark ahead of commercial roll out

Will return sometime later this year

Thing users: you need national narrowband

Industry vets propose Oz IoT access net

ITU: we'll have 5G standards ready by 2020

20 Gbps air interface on the cards

At last, switching between rubbish broadband providers now easier

Ofcom regulatory wand means consumers only a bit locked in

The world .sucks at a minute past midnight on Sunday

Nasty domains go on sale to world+dog, registrars brace for frenzy

FCC hosts Reagan-off as it enters 21st century

Lifeline program expanded to include internet access amid partisan puffery

Verizon promised to wire up NYC with fiber... and failed miserably – audit

But telco says report is dirty trick to help unions