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1Gbps quad-antenna mobile broadband chip dives off Qualcomm's drawing board

Plus new Snapdragon SoCs for upcoming smartphones

Indian telcos ask for details of Facebook-flaying neutrality law

Regulator's Zuck-off to Free Basics has carriers worried they might be in trouble too

Japanese boffins fire up 100Gbps wireless broadband connection

Terahertz radio transmitters lead to possibility of high-speed pipelines

How one of the poorest districts in the US pipes Wi-Fi to families – using school buses

Coachella Valley uses its imagination for IT setup

Three scoops 'most reliable network' crown, EE takes every other title

And if you're on Vodafone ... well, it sucks to be you

Telstra proclaims free data day to make up for epic TITSUP

Sysadmin's nightmare: 'I crashed the whole network'

Want blazing fast Netflix streams? Book a flight to Northern Europe

Tiny nations lead broadband poll

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

Otherwise, everything's just fine and dandy

Ex-TalkTalker TalkTalks: Records portal had shared password. It was 4 years old

Exclusive Is that how crims nicked the engineers' data?

Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP

UPDATE Australia's dominant carrier couldn't do 3G and 4G voice and data for a chunk of this afternoon

Facebook cares about you, yes you, so much it won't give up on India

Mark Zuckerberg responds to India's Free Basics ban

Government hails superfast broadband deal for new homes

But will house builders do their bit?

TalkTalk confesses: Scammers have data about our engineers' visits to your home

Info exploited, say customers

EU could force countries to allocate 700 MHz band to mobile by mid-2020

New law deals with expected growth in mobile internet traffic

If you're reading this on your phone, pray you're in Singapore

LTE speed data from 15 million phones puts New Zealand ahead of USA, UK and Australia

NBN activations to rise from 10,000 per week to 8,400 ... wait, what?

Ex-CTO unpicks growth numbers

Reports of Twitter's death greatly exaggerated, says CEO

Hints of new curated timeline leads to #RIPtwitter chatter, followed by smackdown

Submarine cable cut lops Terabits off Australia's data bridge

The PPC-1 cable is out of service until March ... if a ship to fix it can be found

Virgin gives blessing to O2/Three merger

Eyes up prospect of tasty 4G

Sir Michael Lyons tells .uk registry Nominet: Time to grow up

Humph, responds board to ex-BBC Trust chairman's review

Optus, Telstra, TPG and Vodafone spaff AU$543.5m on spectrum

1800 MHz auction will bring 4G to the Australian bush

You, FCC. Do something about these overpriced cable boxes, yells Bernie Sanders and pals

Taking a pop at Comcast – election-winning move, that

FaceTime, WhatsApp UDP streams AWOL on iOS 9 beta with T-Mo US

IPv6 LTE fingered in networking mystery

Cruz missile slams into DNS overlord ICANN over Chinese censorship

Republican presidential frontrunner sends nastygram to CEO

Speednames 'fesses up, admits customers' emails are borked

You can shout into the ether but you won't hear the echo

Three: We won't hike prices if you say yes to £10.5bn O2 merger

Please Ms Regulator, let us do our deal

T-Mobile US's BingeOn does break net neutrality, says law prof

But where's John Legere's ranty response?

Google to pump free gigabit Fiber into homes of hard-up families

Chocolate Factory tosses a few more bucks into 'Other Bets' with goodwill project

Speaking in Tech: How good is the UK's broadband? Really awful

Podcast Replicate Comcast Raspberry Pi experiment? Nah, we're too weak to tweet

World's annual mobile data intake to hit 367 exabytes by 2020

Think we're data hogs now? Just wait five years, says Cisco

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?

Dodgy kit caused nationwide thinning out of Netflix

Intel, Qualcomm set up their WiGig 802.11ad devices on blind dates

Good news, seeing as they're already flogging the hardware

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide

Updated Total Inability To Shift Usual Packets

TalkTalk admits losing £60m and 101,000 customers after THAT hack

All those ads promising free stuff, yet they still fled

Sure, encrypt your email – while your shiny IoT toothbrush spies on you

Analysis Harvard's internet arm frets about gizmo security

Network builders: LTE costs will transform the cell tower biz in 2016

Analysis The effects of high-speed broadband on radio electronics

Ofcom's head is dead against Three and O2's merger

Brit industry regulator snuggles up to EU mummy

Loons in balloons: Google asks FCC to approve Net plan

Microwaves in the sky

T-Mobile USA’s BingeOn is a smash hit. So what now?

Analysis Popular video thing may be 'illegal'. And looks like a witch.

BT scoops £100m network provision deal from the BBC

Updated State broadcaster opts for former state monopoly

'Printer Ready'. Er… you actually want to print? What, right now?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Reg columnist snorts suspicious powder

'Blue light services will get 4G on London Tube!' Cool, how? 'Errrrm...'

Emergency Services Network deal mired in confusion as Airwave flings sueball