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Republicans move to gut FCC and crush its net neutrality crusade with paralyzing budget rules

US broadband watchdog quietly targeted in new proposals

One ad-free day: Three UK to block adverts across network in June

24-hour trial takes a load off (for the operator)

Florida man, Chinese biz fined $48k, $35m on mobe signal jam raps

Wham, jam, pay Uncle Sam

Big Cable uses critics' own arguments to slam set-top box shake-up

Analysis Where exactly should the FCC's authority stop?

German boffins smash records with 37km wireless spurt at 6Gbps

I can stream for miles and miles…

NBN raid fallout continues, with Conroy formalising privilege claim

Feds' warrant names the guilty printer

US Telecom beats up FCC over investment

Analysis There's your version of competition and ours. We make more money with ours

Telstra's horror run continues with TITSUPs on three networks

Let's just declare 'free data year' and be done with it

NBN leak pits minister against AFP commissioner

Colvin's Keystone Cops okayed outsider's photos during raid

Three UK: Our MMS prices are up. Get around us with WhatsApp or Skype

Yes, it really said that

Australian Federal Police say government ignorant of NBN raids

Confirms target was Labor members, rejects claims the timing of the raids was political

Republicans threaten to derail internet transition

IANA contract getting unwelcome attention

Extreme Networks Forum lands in London

Promo Meaty customer conference, May 26

Australian Federal Police raid former comms minister's office

National Broadband Network documents apparently sought as Feds probe leaks

UK digital minister denies legal right to 10Mbps is 'damp squib'

Not even moist? OK. And he's pro-encryption, pro-security

What's holding up Canada's internet?

Sysadmin Blog A brief examination of regulatory capture

Inside Project Loon – Google's megaplan to build a global internet

Google I/O 2016 Viable technology or full of hot air?

Catz: Google's Android hurt Oracle's Java business

Giant on back foot against free smartphone, says co-CEO

Iraq shuts down internet to prevent exam cheating. The country's entire internet

Ever thought about just banning phones?

Nokia offers up 10 Gbps HFC demo

'CAMELOT!' … 'It's only a model'

Six weeks later, Verizon customers still bemoaning Frontier flubs

Frustration grows over lingering connection issues

China's new rules may break the internet warns US government

Not happy with registration requirements

Verisign settles .security XYZ lawsuit

But its other lawsuit against upstart drags on

Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*

Updated Bank 'aware' of issue, sorting it out 'ASAP'

Comms providers call on Ofcom to get tough on Openreach

Fibre customers claim it will always favour BT plc

Ofcom serves up an extra helping of airwaves for Wi-Fi

Extra sub-band opened for nation's Netflix-noodlers

EU commish: We smacked down O2/Three but we didn't take it 'lightly'

Calls on consumers to submit evidence in crusade for greater competition

Ooh missus, get a grip on my notifications

Something for the Weekend, Sir? My messaging apps are spouting lines from a 'Carry On' script

Cities are investigating, workers are on strike, but it's not all good news for Verizon

How could things get worse for telco? Glad you asked that

Meet the man who owns his own piece of the internet

Richard Li, owner of the top-level domain .richardli

Germans set to make schnitzel out of controversial Wi-Fi law

Deutschlanders could soon dump liability rule

Google open sources Thread in bid to win IoT standards war

Battle lines drawn and redrawn

A UK-wide fibre broadband investment plan? Don't ask awkward questions

Analysis Mostly we're stuck with 'former monopoly' BT

Hitachi sniffs around the Internet of Things market with HIG

Sets up new business unit to mine the deep money seams

TWC celebrates $79bn Charter merger by blacking out in New York

Start spreading the news. Or not.

A modest proposal: dump the NBN mess on Telstra

Malcolm Turnbull can tick 'demolish the NBN' off his to-do list. He did it

ICANN knifes Africa's internet: New top-level domains terminated

Nine $185,000 dot-words taken away

Small broadband firms aren't fussed about getting access to BT's ducts and poles

We'll keep laying our own fibre for now, thanks

Don't split Openreach, says BT, and we'll splash BEELLIONS on broadband and 4G

An even tastier dog's toffee

Vodafone changes mind, wants 700 MHz spectrum after all

Offers AU$594 million for 20 MHz of 4G goodness

Gobble away! Charter-Time Warner Cable merger OK'd by FCC

Megadeal gets go-ahead after vote

ALP promises 'fibre' NBN as 'NBN defenders' return with new petition

270,000 signatures achieved nothing at all last time, but clicktivists are trying again!