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UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London

Oh, and Hull is the worst city in the UK for take-up

Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale

What could possibly go wrong if we adopt fibre-to-the-distribution point? Plenty

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!

Insurance companies happy – but why should motor owners bother?

AT&T credits DirecTV gobble for $41bn quarter

2.3 million new mobile subscribers didn't hurt either

T-Mobile US gobbles up another 2.2m customers

Its secret? Be a little nicer than Verizon or AT&T

Charter can gobble TWC for $78.7bn ... if it bins monthly download caps

There's always a catch

EE grows network by one-third, promises to build 750 new sites

Also brings 600 call centre jobs back to UK

Google Loon balloon crash lands in Chile

Police cordon off net-disseminating remains in farmer's field

Will Comcast's set-box killer murder your data caps? The truth revealed

Is it a net neutrality issue? That's a bit complicated

The web is DOOM'd: Average page now as big as id's DOS classic

BFG? More like BFHTTP, amiright?

iiNet founder Michael Malone takes nbn chair

Fibre-to-the-node backer replaces fibre-to-the-premises enthusiast Simon Hackett

Verizon is big on IoT 'cos its wireline biz is dying on the vine

Telco keeps revenues up with strong hardware sales

Big Cable threatens to sue FCC: You can't stop us ripping off customers

Common standards for set-top boxes? Ha ha ha

Embattled 123-reg flings six months' free hosting at angry customers

Take this free thing and please stop slagging us off

'Technology enablers' will help Ofcom determine if spectrum can be shared

We're talking tools, not people. Quiet in the back!

Snafu! BT funnels all customers' sent email into one poor sod's inbox

Telco blames testing mishap

Peak Cable looms: One in five US homes now mobile-only for internet

Cord-cutting has doubled since 2013

US congresscritter's iPhone hacked (with, er, the cell networks' help)

Panic over SS7 flaw resurfaces on 60 Minutes telly news probe

5G is looming, but network innovations are needed far more urgently

The path to 5G

Tassie broadband users get June reboot date

Basslink hopes 90 TONNE cable patch can be finished if the seas stay calm

Telstra's CRM system breached competition undertaking: ACCC

Overall, SSU compliance is improving

House passes broadband bill despite promise of White House veto

Congress continues to do America proud

Facebook's big trouble in its little world domination plan: China

Analysis Zuck ducks difficult questions on internet expansion

TalkTalk broadband customers continue to flee

But overall TalkTalk entices more customers across its mobe and TV offerings

Vaizey: Legal right to internet access, sure. But I'm NOT gonna die on the 10Mbps hill

And Culture Sec still not a fan of splitting BT and Openreach

Facebook open-sources city-wide WiGig internet comms, phone masts

Aries and Terradata blueprints published in hope of getting more people on Facebook

I bless the reins down on .africa ... Dot-word injunction hits ICANN

Court orders DNS overseer to halt delegation of new gTLD for a second time

Can you hear me now – over the picket line? Verizon workers strike

Telco says service will continue as wireline techs walk off job

Web wobbles at Misco: Might be back up today, or tomorrow

Firm apologises for 20th century service after 'server outage'

Ruckus: A strong buy for Brocade, but leaves Juniper isolated again


Half of Facebook's Free Basics users ditch the freebie web-lite service for the paid-for real deal

Zuck clings to 24 million BBC News, ESPN readers

IP address clerks RIPE: Feds, come back with a warrant, er, web browser

Internet registry tells g-men where to go … to find publicly accessible information

Ofcom promises to have details on duct and pole access by summer

Just waiting on European directive, assuming no Brexit

Ofcom wants you to thank it for resurrecting the spectre of BT's 1980s monopoly

Comment Top Eurocrat could become Brexit poster girl after UK begging letter

We're not in Kansas City anymore, Toto ... Google axes free fiber internet

Ad giant touts new $50 100Mbps, $70 1Gbps plans instead

UK competition watchdog gripes to Brussels about Three-O2 merger

If we can't have four operators, they can't have their deal

Popular cable modem vulnerable to remote reboot/reset flaw

Updated ISPs told to brace for help desk melt-down as mass disconnections feared

Telstra being paid to fix Telstra's network for NBN – AGAIN

Another AU$1.6b heading back to the Big T to work on a network it sold to nbn

NBN shenanigans: someone wants broadband speeds hidden

'Organisation' asked Bureau of Statistics to abstract advertised broadband speed data

ICANN shoots down incoming Cruz missiles

White House wannabe's letter not coterminous with honesty from under-fire DNS overseer

Google to admins: We'll tell you when your network is pwned

Safe Browsing Alerts expands.

Cash-strapped Sprint to raise $2.2bn by flogging off its network hardware

Carrier inks sell-lease deal for hardware