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Meet ARM1, grandfather of today's mobe, tablet CPUs – watch it crunch code live in a browser

Pics Gate-level blueprints restored for anniversary

Millions of families hit in toymaker VTech hack – including 200,000+ kids

Youngsters' personal info, parents' contact details leak from Chinese gizmo giant

Mobe-maker OnePlus 'fesses up to flouting USB-C spec

Adapter and cable are fine with OnePlus' own phones, but other kit could cook

Lights, power, action! Smartplugs with a twist

Review Zuli pushes past the competition - but how useful is it really?

What the world needs now is Pi, sweet $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

Ickle Welsh 'puter packs punch, is cheaper than a pricey latte

Samsung Gear VR is good. So good 2016 could be year virtual reality finally makes it

But can anyone make VR content? Ask whoever runs your local film school ...

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

Analysis How it works

What America's drone owner database could look like in future

ID number per person, tiny gadgets exempted, personal info optional, etc

Dell: How to kill that web security hole we put in your laptops, PCs

Promises to automatically remove root CA cert from machines from Nov 24

Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie

Updated And now here's how you can really destroy it

Superfish 2.0: Dell ships laptops, PCs with huge internet security hole

Root CA certificate opens up folks to banking, shopping snooping, etc

Tesla recalls every single Model S car in seatbelt safety probe

90,000 motors hauled in for checks

Dell PCs to be never knowingly undersold by John Lewis this Chrimbo

Apple, HP, Lenovo scrum down in battle for the middle classes

Don't flip your lid: The Internet of Helmets has arrived

Building company decides electronic sweatband can stop workers overcooking

How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered

Near-ultrasonic sound system drives pets, and users, crazy

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

Smartwatch should be able to use 90 per cent of wireless chargers, but…

Apple – it's true: iPad Pro slabs freeze when plugged in to charge

Cupertino says it's working on a fix for mysterious stall

Storm in a teacup: Wileyfox does Android cheapie, British style

Review A UK startup rides the Shenzhen wave

DS5: Vive la différence ... oh, and throw away the Citroën badge

Vulture @ the Wheel Stylish French sub-brand wants to steal Audi’s lunch money

BlackBerry Priv: After two weeks on test, looks like this is a keeper

Two-week test The Priv did more than just survive – it flourished

Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'

And they don't hire us any more, say Apple greybeards

Apple's Faulty Powers moment: iPad Pro slabs 'temporarily bricked' during recharge

Fanbois fret following freaky phantom fondleslab freezes

Apple supremo Tim Cook rules out OS X fondleslab, iOS merger

Reg staff stunned – some Cupertino news we can get behind

Pope instructs followers to put the iPhone away during dinner

And if anyone knows about family dinners it's this guy

California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY

CHiPs, meet chips

Amazon vendors flog thousands of rooted, malware-laden tablets

Because getting infected in the after-market is so tedious

D-Wave heads for New Mexico

Los Alamos kicks the quantum tyre

Bluetooth SIG hints at 2016 roadmap

Faster, further, and with mesh networking

Brits rattle tin for custom LCD Raspberry Pi funbox

Tingbot case with touchscreen – 'a platform for creative applications'

Instascam! Apple yanks phoney app, Google follows

Popular password harvester kicked off App Store and Play

Latest Android phones hijacked with tidy one-stop-Chrome-pop

PacSec Chinese researcher burns exploit for ski trip.

US military readies drone submarine hunter

Video Warship is unmanned and – currently – unarmed

Nvidia unveils credit card-sized 'supercomputer' for portable AI

CEO wants to be the ultimate helicopter parent

Get an Apple Watch or die warns Tim Cook

When salesmanship gets out of hand

Qualcomm sheds last veil from Snapdragon 820

Hopes that 2015 was just a bad dream

ARM reveals the Internet of Things security defenses hackers will inevitably learn to evade

TrustZone in microcontrollers and mbed OS waddles on

ARM's new Cortex-A35: How to fine-tune a CPU for web browsing on bargain smartphones

Proof that Brits are experts on forming queues

Here are the graphics processors cloud giants will use to crunch your voices, videos and data

Well, in Nvidia's dreams, anyway

Team MIPS tries to spoil ARM's party with new 64-bit Warrior, 32-bit microcontroller brains

What a coincidence

Einstein's brain to be picked by satellites

Euro GPS misfires to test General Relativity

Microsoft Band 2 wrist watchers in pay-first-ship-much-later rage

Does twiddling your thumbs count as an exercise?

AMD sued: Number of Bulldozer cores in its chips is a lie, allegedly

Analysis When does a slab of transistor gates become a processor – the big question