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Samsung tightens smart home kit security after curious bods prod apps

Software for simple gear given way too much control over locks and sensors

3-in-4 Android phones, slabs, gizmos menaced by fresh hijack flaws

Another month, another round of critical vulnerabilities patched by Google

Xiaomi takes aim at Apple, Qualcomm

Putting final polish on processor and smartwatch announcements

Chap runs Windows 95 on Apple Watch

It takes an hour to boot and you need to tickle the Watch with a stick while it loads

Intel loses its ARM wrestling match, kicks out Atom mobe chips

The Broxton, SoFIA terminator says 'I'll be back ... with 5G modems'

It's 2016 and now your internet-connected bathroom scales can be hacked

Weight to go, Internet of s***

Rampant robot tries to rip my clothes off

Something for the Weekend, Sir? As its lithe synthetic fingers fumbled with my trouser buttons...

Quad-core coffee table trumped by dual-Mac garden furniture

Readers share retro-computing rebuilds, plus a Microsoft CD fit only to be used as a coaster

Q. What's the difference between smartphones and that fad diet you all got bored of? A. Nothing

Global sales see first-ever decline, analysts say it's not just Apple losing ground

Heathrow Airbus collision 'not a drone incident'

No evidence of UAV impact, investigators say

Watch it Apple: time has come for cheaper rivals' strap-ons

Cupertino losing streaks continues

Smartphone growth? Not in Q1, says IDC

Phone-fondlers fondle fave phones for longer, spoiling upgrade cycle

The Internet of Things edges toward a practical reality

Samsung pushes its vision: an open world with it in the middle

Move over Amazon Alexa – Samsung's hot assistant bot Otto's trying to build an empire

Smart TVs are working well, let's make smart homes and smart lights and smart furniture

Kids racking up huge in-app bills on Kindles, Android is all your fault, Amazon – US court

And you're gonna pay

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!

Insurance companies happy – but why should motor owners bother?

Go to Topshop, make a Bluetooth gizmo, stick it on your dress

Fashion retailer plans Top Pitch competition for wearable tech

Ex-Apple gurus' elusive Android phone coming to UK next month

Obi Worldphone aims for the budget buyer

Microsoft fingered for Western Euro PC tragedy

The decision to kill off Windows with Bing heaps misery on OEMs

Shares down?! But, but, but ... Apple just made $50bn – that's the way the Cookie grumbles

Macroeconomic headwinds blamed for disaster quarter

Germans stick traffic lights in pavements for addicts who can't take their eyes off phones

Alerts for those who are always looking down at their mobe

Google can't hold back this malware running riot in its Play store

Ad fraud, scareware slinger Android.Spy.277.origin found in more than 100 apps

LG: Stop focusing on Apple and Samsung. There's us. And our G5. Look at it. Look at it

Review The forgotten flagship

FBI ends second iPhone fight after someone, um, 'remembers' the PIN

Feds backing away from effort to set legal precedent

The web is DOOM'd: Average page now as big as id's DOS classic

BFG? More like BFHTTP, amiright?

Dutch students serve up world's first 'drone café'

A UAV serving booze. What's not to like?

Pro who killed Apple's Power Mac found... masquerading as a coffee table

You thought McAfee was a master of disguise?

Hands up, who prayed for AMD? Well, it worked

Mini-Chipzilla licenses CPU tech to Chinese manufacturer – and the crowd goes wild

Comcast stabs set-top boxes in the back, pipes directly into smart TVs

This wouldn't have anything to do with a recent FCC decision, would it?

Qualcomm channels Star Trek's Scotty as it faces a mobe chip wreck

Analysis CEO assumes major customer (cough, Apple) may buy fewer Qualy modem chips

Mitsubishi 'fesses up: We lied in fuel tests to make our cars look great

President hangs head in shame

HTC 10: Is this the Droid you're looking for?

Review Oh, M8. Let's just say it sounds good

Business gadget-makers eyeing modular LG G5 smartmobe

Projectors and credit card readers under consideration

Intel literally decimates workforce: 12,000 will be axed, CFO shifts to sales

While banking a $2bn profit in first three months of the year

Video folk, you'll love the 96TB, 2.6GB/sec LaCie 12big HDD

Thunderbolt 3 compatible external drive? Ooh, nifty

Translated: BlackBerry CEO John Chen on cops-snooping-on-BBM

The TL;DR you need

Killer Japan quake jolts Sony factories to a halt

Don't worry, they can still make (most) of your phone parts

Woz says wearables – even Apple Watch – aren't 'compelling'

'It's an expense that bought me a few extra niceties' but shows Apple can swing and miss

Apple pulled 2,204lbs of gold out of old tech gear

Even the trash is expensive in Cupertino

You Leica? P9 certainly is a Great Leap Forward in imaging... for Huawei

Review But is it a Cultural Revolution?

Apple assumes you'll toss the Watch after three years

And bin kit running 'MacOS', whatever that is, after four

Cinema boss gives up making kids turn off phones: 'That's not how they live their life'

What's the harm in obnoxious people tapping at their phones in a crowded theater?