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New dirt-cheap Chromebooks: Team Google keeps jackboot on throat of PC titans

But Microsoft may be about to strike back

Microsoft dumps ARM for Atom with cut-price Surface 3 fondleslab

Pic + vid Well, that just about wraps it up for RT

Huawei bellows big revenue jump thanks to brisk 2014 phone sales

Chinese vendor's profit up 33%

Wearables market action is all in the wrist says market-scryer IDC

Tech specs aren't going to make it and the wearables market is smaller than PCs


Chocolate Factory signs robo-surgeon development deal with Johnson & Johnson

Motorola Mobility loses another patent suit to über-troll Intellectual Ventures

'That docking station? Yeah, we own that'

Just WALK IN and buy an Apple Watch. Are you mad?

Follow these few simple steps, and wait a while

Apple's 13-incher will STILL cost you a bomb: MacBook Air 2015

Review It may pine for the fjörds, but it's not snuffed it yet

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains

FIRST LOOK S6 Edge cuts corners in the best possible way

Apple is like HITLER says Chinese billionaire

Android, however, is a beacon of freedom and openness

Chip rumor-gasm: Intel to buy Altera! Samsung to buy AMD! ... or not

One way to boost your share price by 28 per cent

ZTE's stealthy Nubia: China-made Google-free Android mobe

Hands On Free-range ninja phone proves compelling but unusual

HTC One M9 Android smartphone: Like a M8 with a squinty eye

Review Design of the times

What is HPC actually good for? Just you wait and see

Technology, if not money, does trickle down to your children

Win some, lose some: Motorola 1, patent troll 1

Jury backs Intellectual Ventures on one of two infringement claims against Moto's phones

Light the lanterns people, Acer made a profit in 2014

Finally, an end to the three years of consecutive losses

Force your hand: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Review If you’ve ever wanted to give Apple the finger…

Wannabe a nano-bot-manufacturing giant? Better cozy up to Apple

Cupertino goliath plays kingmaker in the MEMS market

Hacker builds cheatbot for hit app Trivia Crack

Method used to sniff spoilers could also be used for non-trivial attack on your mobe

'Virtual nose' makes VR less dizzying, say boffins

Your nose is going to be three foot wide across your face by the time I'm finished with you

Samsung forgets fingerprints, focuses its eye on YOURS

Iris-scanning tech coming to Galaxy gear starting with special Tab Pro

Bloodborne: An immersively thick cut above its gaming rivals

Game Theory It's bloody and it's marvellous - even when you're dead

Ford: Our latest car gizmo will CHOKE OFF your FUEL if you're speeding

Fighting automatic regulation with automatic adherence


Telepresence 'bot market growing at more than 50 per cent a year

Imagination touts cheap Firefox OS MIPS slab to Chinese kitmakers

'Hey! Over here! No, not that one, that's ARM...'

Twitch stitch-up: Gaming vid streamers in data breach hack alert

Amazon-owned upstart cuts account links to Twitter & YouTube

Drug drone not high enough: Brit lags' copter snared on prison wire

Entangled techno-mule was supposed to drop gear and phone for locked-up crims

Discreet fighting man: Battlefield Hardline

Game Theory Woop woop, SSSSHHHH! It's the sometimes-stealthy sound of the police

Mature mainframe madness prints Mandlebrot fractal in TWELVE MINUTES

Welcome back to *kah-zzeeep* the old printer age

Apple boots Windows 7 out of Boot Camp

New Macs fall foul of Cupertino's Drill Sergeant

Pass the Lollipop: Google creepily warms to body contact with Android lock function

Now thieves are encouraged to wrestle mobe from your hands

Lighty and flighty: Six sizzling portable projectors

Product Roundup For business and pleasure

Fanbois: We paid $2000 for full satisfaction but now we have SPREADING STAINS

Ugh, it's as though my thing has 'bacteria or cancer'

AUTOPILOT: Musk promises Tesla owners a HANDS-OFF hands-on

Miracle driverless car software upgrade

Amazon issued with licence for delivery drone madness

FAA also considering inflatable dartboards, chocolate teacups

Intel's cheap and Android's free: Not any more, says TAG Heuer

Man, you gotta keep a watch on the Swiss

Hello? Police? Yes, I'm a car and my idiot driver's crashed me

Herbie becomes the fourth (or fifth?) emergency service

Our 4King benders are so ace we're going full OLED, says LG

Breaking Fad Firm ramps up TV production, unveils new 4K models — and cries wolf?

Apple Watch is like an invasive weed says Gartner

Cupertino invades ecosystems and out-competes defenceless incumbents

MacBooks slimming down with Sammy's new 3D NAND diet pills

Honestly, I couldn't eat another thing

$30 Landfill Android mobes are proof that capitalism ROCKS

Worstall on Wednesday Give us your tired, your poor, your phoneless masses

Google Glass DIED from TOO MUCH ATTENTION, Captain Moonshot admits

Nothing to do with Mountain View's publicity stunts, oh no