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Brits think broadband more important than mobes, cars or savings

Yet interweb access is still crap for two thirds, says Which?

Brocade ships switches but makes most noise about DevOps

Goodbye drudgery - now you can script up your networking business workflows

Big Switch takes big bet it can beat off big denial of service attacks

Yuge attacks. The best attacks. Terabit-scale attacks from internet things

Vocus to build Singapore-Australia submarine cable

40Tbps link should see first light in late 2018

AWS is coming for UK infrastructure suppliers' lunch – report

Even Google will have trouble hanging on to its sandwich

Internet of Things alliance LoRa: Licence to WAN? Yes please

Coughing up for spectrum might be worth it for quality of service

Microsoft refuses to join the Zero Outage brigade, Google and AWS keep mum

Heads in sand time. If service providers don't admit a problem exists, does it?

Sky: Stuff your quad play – customers want separate bills

Media titan's radical idea for mobile network

Jersey sore: Anchor rips into island's undersea cables, sinks net access

Captain likely to walk the plank

Bare metal switches racked up a whole $23m of sales in H1 2016

Software's selling well, but the SDN-will-totally-kill-Cisco argument looks thin

Behold, your next billion dollar market: The humble Ethernet cable

Wired: Fiber, copper networks. Tired: Flimsy Wi-Fi. Expired: Smoke signals, carrier pigeon

Black Friday: Cashback site Quidco goes TITSUP* on payday

Stop: drop your shop

2.1Gbps speeds over LTE? That's not a typo, EE's already done it

MBBF2016 Before you get excited, there is a snag...

Don't rush into 5G until you've got a market, warns GTI chief

MBBF2016 China Mobile's doing it, though. You arguing with 497m customers?

Tech giants warn IoT vendors to get real about security

Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group waves baseball bat at slapdash Thing-makers

NetComm kicked to the curb by nbn™ for fibre-not-quite-to-the-home

Venerable vendor will provide ready-to-bury VDSL boxen

Trump hires very best, greatest net neut haters to head FCC transition

It's goodbye Google – and hello fresh faces from Verizon, Sprint

Arista cats escape US quarantine, for now: Customs says it's OK to import networking gear

EOS 4.16 and later isn't infringing Cisco patents, according to officials

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity

Opinion $10bn scheme not at all unrealistic *cough* Hyperloop *cough*

Facebook Telecom Infrastructure Project starts chucking rocks at mobile model

Analysis Targets the heart of the network

Long-distance Asian internet hookups are now faster then ever

We're talking about the new Facebook-funded APG submarine cable. Not that

And with one stroke, Trump killed the Era of Slacktivism

Analysis Tech policy under the Donald: He's got a pen and a phone, too

YANG: Coming soon to a router near you

IETF hopes to simplify multivendor routing admin

Verizon pours cash into city Wi-Fi with LQD buy

Telco to boost options for getting online in smart cities

Power 'issue' fells UK web registrar's servers blames 'regional' problem

Chinese giants give world another SDN and NFV platform

'Open-O' is backed by Huawei, China Mobile, Ericsson and Intel, among others

Stanford team behind NSX and OpenFlow spawns network modelling startup

Forward Networks builds a private Matrix for your networks

PIR saves millions in .org rebid

And sticks with its previous backend operator

Outage-prone Plusnet goes mobile in a bid to become 'quad-play' biz

Hitches ride on BT's EE network – but can they do it better than they do broadband?

Firewalls snuffed by 'BlackNurse' Ping of Death attack

Updated Destination unreachable plus port unreachable equals router unreachable

This week's biggest shock: The race to 200Gbps has been won

Comment We know, we know, we didn't predict this one, either

Mellanox: We're gonna make InfiniBand great again – 200Gbps great

So great, offload as much as possible from CPUs, the greatest interconnect ever

Fire alarm sparked data centre meltdown emergency

This Damn War All fun and games till the shutters come down

Cisco emits new branch box

Got RS232 cables in the kit bag? Better stock up

America's tragedy: Trans-Pacific Express cable repairs delayed

Clearly, this is the worst thing to happen to this country all month

Analyst reckons proprietary IoT wireless interfaces won't last

The GSMA is on the case, and carriers are listening

Facebook opens up, shares blueprints for its 100Gbit network switch

New Backpack gear shifts tons of data for VR future

IPv4 is OVER. Really. So quit relying on it in new protocols, sheesh

Internet Architecture Board grabs stake, eyes coffin: 'Still not dead? Let's fix that'

Retiring IETF veteran warns: Stop adding so many damn protocols

Ross Callon provides departing KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

Vodafone UK hails results of Massive MIMO trial with TD-LTE

Network leads the pack in preparing for 5G

Virgin goes 4G with zero-rated Facebook and WhatsApp

'See if we care, slacktivists'

Big Content and Big Bit Barn are escaping the clutch of Big Photon

Zuck and Equinix create open source packet-optical switch