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Big Blue's GPFS: The tech's fantastic. Shame about the product

StoragebodSimplify it and you'll have a winner

Russia, India aim to dislodge China from No 1 on top of the 'flops

Mooted collaboration will aim to take down China's Tianhe-2

New Fujitsu SoC designs shrink supers' power slurp

New kit will help Japanes space agency to build 3.4 petaflop beast

Eco-friendly fluid keeps SGI supercomputer cool and moist

3M fluid cuts costs 95%, space required reduced by 10X

Sod Bitcoin - solving graph problems is the new GPU-flogger

HPC blogWho needs x86 cores when this silicon'll crack it 100x faster?

Need a refresher on virtualisation?

HPC BlogThis one's smothered in GPU gravy

Sun-seeking NASA boffins steer FLEETS of satellites... BY HAND

HPC blogWith a little help from some serious iron, naturally

HPC boffins: Our HOT MODELS will help you cope with DISASTER

HPC BlogWhat'll happen if the tornado hits? Glad you asked

Get ready for software-defined RADAR: Jam, eavesdrop, talk and target ... simultaneously

HPC blogMulti-GPU wizardry from General Electric

VDI a 'delightful' experience... Really?

GPU Technology ConferenceGPU devs at Silicon Valley shocked to their, er, cores in GTC session

Nvidia unveils Pascal, its next-gen GPU with hella-fast interconnects and 3D packaging

GTCIt's the 'next generation of [you name it],' says the CEO

Google's Larry Page: DeepMind 'discovered CATS on its own'

Choc Factory chief talks at TED, 'disappointed' with NSA, says hi to robo-Snowden

SPEC puts forward benchmark for accelerated supers

ACCEL covers OpenCL, OpenACC environments

What could you do with 264 Sandy Bridge cores and 6TB of RAM?

Perth supercomputing outfit iVEC offers researchers time on its Zythos BEAST

Square-kilometre radio telescope wins millions in UK funding

Jodrell Bank showered with cash for European Spallation Source and exoplanet-spotter

Traditional RAID is outdated and dying on its feet

HPC blogWell, it sure is for large-scale data

Supercomputer maker Cray: Jobs for HPC kids? There might be some going

HPC blogCluster veep John Lee on SCC

Reg HPC man relives 0-day rootkit GROUNDHOG DAY

HPC blogOkay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties...

How NOT to evaluate hard disk reliability: Backblaze vs world+dog

HPC blogConsumer drives beat data centre versions... Yeah, let's put that to bed

D-Wave wooing universities down under

Next wave will be software, quantum computing outfit tells El Reg

IBM to invest $100m and a decade into using Watson in Africa

Big Blue starts supercomputer project to help healthcare and education intiatives

Open MPI hits milestone with FORTRAN-ready 1.7.4 release

A point release? FORTRAN? Yes this does matter, especially to HPC folks

OCP gets Ethernet silicon interface

Mellanox kicks in another swag of code

Boffins say D-Wave machine could be a classic*

*Classical computer, that is

HPCaaS experiment becomes commercial service

UberCloud Marketplace goes live

My other supercomputer is a Lenovo: What IBM System x sale means for HPC

HPC blogWill this make Lenovo super... or just high performance?

King Kong's dangling cluster cut loose

Supercomputer used to animate Peter Jackson pic donated to Kiwi university

'We don't use UPS. If we did we'd have huge UPSs and tiny computers'

When the heat is on, the last thing a supercomputer needs is a big battery

Boffin benchmark battle after D-Wave quantum kit crawls in test

D-Wave protests methods used to clock DW2 100 times slower than classical computers

'Climate change' event dishes up sous vide supercomputers

Four days over forty degrees evaporates data center's water cooling plan

We wuz right: Big Blue ARE stuffing System x boxen with ULLtraDIMMs

Cheap and fast - just don't mention the IP lawsuit

UNREAL, dude: Nvidia uncloaks Tegra K1 graphics monster for your mobile ... and CAR

CES 2014And guess what, tinfoil hatters: the little green men didn't make that 'crop circle'

There can be only one SC13 student cluster champion team. And it is...

HPC blogBuilding big iron against the clock for fame and, well, fame

What happens when you give undergrads $2,500 to build a HPC rig out of commodity parts? This...

HPC BlogThe SC13 Commodity Track competition results are in

China's supercomputing whizzkids: Busting out a 8.224 teraflops cluster? Guilty as charged

HPC blogLINPACK win wasn't a record – but commodity iron a bargain at $4.99 per GFLOP

China's answer to AIRPOCALYPSE: Fire up the supercomputer

Tianhe-1A enlisted to analyse the cause of smoggy days

Asleep on the job: Students dream of GROPING RACKS after darkness falls

HPC blogWhat they don’t teach you in Computer Science classes

Where do HPC brainbox students go after ULTIMATE VICTORY?

HPC vidIf you're hiring or looking for an intern, check out these bad boys - and girls

SGI flutters onto corpse of Starboard Storage, pecks away at assets

Failed upstart's tech will live on as production spools up again

Meet the cluster teams: Can Slippery Rock or Sun Devils burn?

HPC blogFirst look at Slippery Rock and Arizona State $2,500 cluster teams

Meet the cluster teams: High schoolers and even more Boston

HPC BlogSkyline High and Bentley and NEU teams in cheap cluster clash

Meet the cluster teams: Mass Chowdah and Tennessee Volunteers

HPC blogFirst look at Boston and Tennessee teams

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