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Cluster-grappling kids clash: Battle of the Big Iron in the Big Easy

HPC Blog Bring your HPC weapons to the Mississippi

MAINFRAMES are SO NOT DEAD: IBM's launched a new one

And this time it's MOBILE

Mellanox to upgrade Monash University's HPC fabric

More muscle for research cloud

Cray, IBM to boost NOAA's super powers

Nine month upgrade to deliver five PETAFLOPS of grunt

Revealed: This year's STUDENT RACK WARS winner

HPC blog Unprecedented and surprising ISC’14 Kluster Kampf results analyzed

HPC storage bods at DDN fish for BIG CATCH in the data lake

Interview A product marketing manager gives his view

Japanese monster manifests new PETAFLOP POWER

Astronomy boffins swap out ATERUI's brain

NSF goes cloudy with US$16 million super funding

Facilities to come online in 2016

Astro-boffins start opening universe simulation data

Got a supercomputer? Want to simulate a universe? Here you go

IVEC's Magnus crashes Top 50

Pawsey pops the bubbles

Seagate and SGI buddy up to flog HPC bigness to big business

Another ClusterStor reseller appears

HPC bods boogie to 68 new Top500 hits at New Orleans show

SC14 Intel, IBM and ARM flex flop-tastic muscles

Multi-petabyte open sorcery: Spell-binding storage

Not just for academics anymore

NASA launches new climate model at SC14

75 days of supercomputing later ...

Nvidia doubles Tesla grunt at SC14

2.9 teraflops, 4,992 cores: here comes the K80

The optic NERVE of it: Intel declares WAR on InfiniBand

Chipzilla emerges from ocean belching flames. Again

HPC bod SGI racks UV brains, reaches 30 MEEELLION IOPS

UK 300 concept gets SSD supercharge

Cray heaves out even mightier, Lustre-ous Sonexion 2000

Met Office and Los Alamos bomb boffins are apparently among its fans

SAVE ME, NASA system builder, from my DEAD WORKSTATION

HPC Blog Anal-retentive hardware nerd in paws-on workstation crisis

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of Patent WAR! Samsung strikes back at Nvidia

Armies of lawyers on the march

729 teraflops, 71,000-core Super cost just US$5,500 to build

Cloud doubters, this isn't going to be your best day

Converge THIS: Network titan Cisco on how to VDI in 10 days

HPC Blog I got your convergence right here, pal

HPC ace grills vendor over virtual desktop flavours: What about the POWER USERS?

HPC blog Cloud service

Pimp my HPC cluster: Luscious cores, GPU gravy, optimised apps...

HPC blog But DON'T FORGET to defang angry end users

Fujitsu waves 50PB+ MONSTER at hyperscale storage freaks

Like what you CD10000?

Why Seagate spent $374m on Xyratex: It's part of a cloud system

Comment Exec rank multiplication

WHOMP, there it is: Seagate demos Kinetic disk drive

Ethernet-astic fun at OpenStack

IBM, backing away from hardware? NEVER!

HPC Blog Don't be so sure, so-surers

Cray-cray Met Office spaffs £97m on VERY AVERAGE HPC box

Only 250th most powerful in the world? Bring back Michael Fish

It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future

Worstall on Wednesday Or why the reversal of globalisation ain't gonna 'appen

HPC Wales stretches its reach to Northern Ireland

Selling cycles across the Irish Sea

Vote for us: We're slinging cash at supercomputers!

Australian election campaign features cash-for-cores promise

'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster

6TB of DRAM, 38TB of SSD flash and 120TB of disk storage

IBM goes gunning for Intel with Nvidia GPU-charged Power8 servers

Claims victory for OpenPower Foundation in war on 'proprietary tech'

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power

Big Blue shows off Swiss research project

DataDirect Networks stuffs tricky GPFS file system into GS7K box

Easy-to-use, ready to run, raring to go

AMD, Oracle sweep their glasses off the table, ARM wrestle Hadoop for the data center

JavaOne 64-bit Cortex-A57 takes on elephant in the room

Dude, you're getting a Dell! Uni of Queensland adds AU$275,000 cluster

HPC for bio, engineering, nanotech

Supercomputers: The Next Generation – Cray puts burst buffer tech, Intel Haswell inside

Go faster, faster compute screamers

Ellison: Sparc M7 is Oracle's most important silicon EVER

OpenWorld 'Acceleration engines' key to performance, security, Larry says

ARMs head Moonshot bodies: HP pops Applied Micro, TI chips into carts

First 64-bit ARMv8 SoC emerges in ProLiant form, but it's not for everyone

Pawsey powerhouse schedules first projects

Petascale punters get busy