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Death of a middleman: Cloud storage gateways – and their evolution

Fading glory for Google, Microsoft and Amazon go-betweens?

Salesforce snubbed Microsoft's $55bn biz gobble offer – report

Benioff doesn't get out of bed for less than $70bn

GDS to handle Govt payments? What could possibly go wrong?

New Cabinet Office Minister lavishes fulsome praise on Maude’s fiasco

VMware beta testing database-as-a-service based on SQL Server

'vCloud Air SQL' will bring disaster recovery for your DB coming to Virtzilla's vCloud Air

Google, Twitter search deal: Did micro-blabbing site gag racy tweets to satisfy ad giant?

Comment Smutty material reportedly set to be covered up

Speaking in Tech: How come everyone's stopped doing private cloud on OpenStack?

Podcast Plus: 'We always build cloud better when we're...'

Cloud Security Temperature Check

Survey Results What keeps Reg readers up at night?

VMware: Our DaaS is is so large it now covers Japan, Australia

Horizon Air fluffs up its cloudy footprint and features

Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner

AWS leads, but Microsoft still a clear second

Zuck can EFF off: is SO NOT the INTERNET

Update 'Facebook ghetto for poor people'

Amazon cloud to BEND TIME, exist in own time zone for 24 hours

Consumer giant plans to SLICE UP innocent second and leave pieces all over the day

Psst. Want a cheap cloud, VM? Google has one. But there's a catch

New preemptible VMs cost 70% less – but are unreliable by design

Google Google GOOGLE! Cloud cloud CLOUD! These prices are INNNSAAAANE!

Act now to get your cheap computing fix at the Chocolate Factory

Reach for the popcorn: Obama opens personal presidential Twitter account

140-character insights will come direct from @POTUS

Europe targeted as Alibaba's cloudy world domination plans take shape

Chinese giant tools up to take on AWS

Can Barracuda become the big fish in a small cloud?

Interview We're sticking to the profitable territory, says CEO

MS Azure Stack. It's like Azure Pack but with even more cloudiness

System Center sidelined in Microsoft's latest offering

OpenStack private clouds are SCIENCE PROJECTS says Gartner

Don't Try This At Home and watch out for the lock-in from hired help

Google App Engine Java sandbox is leaking, say researchers

Happy hackers out ad giant after it stops replying to email about flaws

CommVault cloudifies its offering with expanded product range

Consider the back-up sector applecart duly upset

Azure gives AWS the blues again in Nasuni cloud storage poll

Storage bits express preference for Redmond's cloud in latest biennial report

Alibaba: Soon the (e-commerce) world will be ours. And the cloud

Modest aims include trillion dollars in transactions, living to be 100

It’s Adobe’s Creative Cloud TITSUP birthday. Ease the pain with its RGB-wrangling rivals

Feature Alternatives to pixel-poking behemoth Photoshop

Speaking in Tech: The post-SSD world – we’re talking about memories

Podcast Netflix is the hammer and every data centre is a nail

Samsung offers $90,000 if you can fix California's epic drought with tech

IoT World 2015 But there's a catch: you have to use Samsung's Artik kit to win

Citrix reveals its Workspace Cloud ADaaS play

That's application delivery as-a-service in case you don't know your aas from your elbow

Rackspace's 'fanatical' army drops in on rival clouds

Listen up - there might be a new hope in this dreary post-OpenStack world

Microsoft's run Azure on Nano server since late 2013

Redmond discovers the limits of cloud-first

Rackspace shares tumble on lowered forecast, revenue miss

Cloudy growth not coming fast enough for testy shareholders

Mildly successful flying car crashes - in mildly successful test flight

Brilliance of the AeroMobil prototype's parachute demonstrated

Druva Phoenix is heading ROBO-wards via the public cloud

Comment From end-points to remote offices

OECD nations gang up on internet retailers, tax dodgers

Australia to fine tech tax-dodgers 100% of their avoided tax, plus profits

Google cloud: rubbish at updates, world-class at rapid rollbacks

Another borked software upgrade gives Google's cloud hiccups

'Photof*cket' men manacled, indicted over Photobucket password-protected pic plunder

Two suspects face conspiracy and fraud charges

The next Nest? We talk to Ring, the doorbell-come-security system

CEO Jamie Siminoff welcomes The Reg to his Santa Monica HQ

Roar of the Dragon: Revenue up by nearly half at Alibaba as it expands into Silicon Valley

Firm names new chief

NetSuite's leap over to Azure cloud - a shot to the pills for AWS?

The Microsoft love that dared to speak its name

Facebook echo chamber: Or, the British media and the election

Comment Daily Mail readers created the Daily Mail, not the other way round

Facebook 'fesses up to running an ideological echo chamber

You live in a filter bubble you make, says Zuck Squad research

Tough admin forces hacker to STRIP to PANTS, LEAP to his DEATH

Strictly no-nonsense justice meted out in MMORPG

Oracle scoops staff from failed OpenStack startup

The Nebula crew move to Big Red's infrastructure-as-a-service team

Uber and car makers jockey for Nokia's 'HERE' maps – report

Who needs Google when you can have your own maps?