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Two weeks ago Salesforce had an outage. Now it's outsourced to AWS

International expansion to rely on Jeff B's cut price bit barns

Twilio woos developers with add-on marketplace and SIM as a service

Cloudy comms unit joins T-Mobile uncarrier push

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the Cloud for UK Public Sector roadshow

Promo Lands in four English cities in June

Committees: Wait! Don't strap on the Privacy Shield yet

Two working parties, ministers galore... but data transfer law remains in limbo

If you know what's good for you, your health data belongs in the cloud

Connected diabetes monitors show the more you share, the more you can be helped

Google: 'Here to stay on business cloud... but a long way to go'

Ads slinger's Diane Greene reckons Google is a force

123-Reg has another PITSTOP

Email brownout turns customers' faces red

OpenStack's no science project, but does 'need to be glued together'

Interview National Computing Infrastructure's Andrew Howard shares his experience running OpenStack at scale

Storage array firmware bug caused Salesforce data loss

Circuit breakers broke bad, workload moved but array flipped out under heavy load

Microsoft and SAP renew business vows in cloud

HANA for Microsoft Azure, Office 365 onramp for SAP

Manchester cops to strap on 3K bodycams

Footage from £2m evidence-gathering scheme to go to cloud

Salesforce cutting ties to Larry Ellison's database?

CRM-cloud floating free with Project Sayonara

Google reveals the Chromium OS it uses to run its own containers

Dumps Debian as preferred OS for running Docker and Kubernetes

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tells Reg data loss 'minimal'

Not because Salesforce is an ops genius but because sales people can sleep at night crash caused DATA LOSS

Three-and-half-hours of data has evaporated. Maybe forever

Salesforce parks its planned IoT cloud on... shocker! AWS

CRM floater breaks with precedent, jumps aboard bandwagon

Marc Benioff apologizes as Salesforce NA14 instance goes TITSUP

Downtime approaches 12 hours and irate customers stop selling online and start satirising online

IBM's POWER cloud powers up almost a year later than promised

POWER-as-a-service was 'Due in the second quarter' of 2015, started in April 2016

Q. What's orange and white, has a new CEO but is red all over? A. Teradata

+Comment Victor Lund sweeps in as new old broom

Alibaba says its AWS-a-like division embiggened by 138%

Biz has 2.3 million customers. Half a million of them actually pay, too

VxRackery dominates EMC World day 2

VxRack 1000 gets neutrino nodes, DSSD option and has hybrid cloud dev platfiorm built on it.

OpenStack summit coming to Australia in November 2017

Ɔlonp ƃɐqɟǝsʇ ɥǝɐps poʍu nupǝɹ

IBM's quantum 'puter news proves Big Blue still doesn't get 'cloud'

Leave the spin to the quibits, please

AWS outgrows its own resource numbering scheme

Seventeen-character identifiers mean cloud can scale for 'new AWS regions launching in 2016'

Microsoft joins the 1c/GB/month cloud storage caper

'Cool Blobs' restore ASAP, 99 per cent of the time

Amazon's AWS cash machine embiggens, breezes past $2bn-a-quarter mark

Bezos' biz bolstered by billowing clouds

Quick, download your stuff! SurDoc shutters consumer-grade secure cloudy storage

Get it off before the end of May

Is the world (yet) ready for hybrid cloud?

Where to start, what to look for

VMware cloud gros fromage packs his bags and takes a hike

Exec departure flight gains yet another passenger

Cloud! IoT! APIs! Collect all the data! Samsung wins today's tech bingo

Open Artik platform for making sense of the internet of things launches

Speaking in Tech: Analysts suddenly realise OpenStack exists

Podcast You can't ignore a trend forever. Right? Right?

Microsoft gifts free support to Azure big spenders

Enterprise agreement holders to receive free advisory services that will help Microsoft too

Alcatel-Lucent embarks on cloudy board shake-up

Post-buyout biz searches for new revenue models

Google discovers you assume clouds just work

Curtails warnings of live cloud VM migrations, which you mostly found confusing

Time to quadruple our cloud gateway capacity, CTERA etc etc

Strips off hardware and goes naked into the virtual world as well

Amazon tips spinning rust into its Elastic Block Store offering

Disks still rule outside the IOPS-centric world in EBS-land

Cloud gear biz Outsourcery is running out of cash. Again

We've heard this one before. Get the begging bowls out

SAP HANA enterprise cloud might even turn a profit in 2017

Rolling, two-year expansion planned for HEC

Azure Australia turns on physical data import/export service

For when 'uploading over the network is expensive or not feasible' - cough - NBN - cough

Stalled cloud growth, software flatlining, hated Lumias unsold... It's all fine, says Microsoft CEO

In Soviet Redmond, phones rain on cloud

Google teams with Iron Mountain for LTO-to-cloud migration

Tape still not dead: it will die in the year N where N is this year plus 1

Stop laughing: Azure can analyse your mood in a crowd

Microsoft's cloudy new media services aim to automate video and voice analysis