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Parallels could whip VMware or Microsoft, happier as Robin Hood

Ingram deal puts junior virtualiser in box seat to broker SaaS and cloud

This time it's 'Personal': new Office 365 sub covers just two devices

Redmond also brings Office into Google's back yard

Microsoft's Nadella: SQL Server 2014 means we're all about data

Adds new big data tools in quest for 'ambient intelligence'

VMware fires up vCloud Disaster Recovery service

Anti-Godzilla tech saves precious bit barn data from unforeseen stomping

Thanks, Amazon – we'll take it from here: SAP muscles in on cloud subscriptions

Throwing the business sink at Salesforce and Workday

Got to get something started with Azure VMs? Microsoft's Planky shows you the way

PromoWebcast on 23 April 9.30 BST

A scanner, darkly: Master data-miner Google tweaks terms of service

First we slurp, then we burp, you berks

VMware 5.5: Plenty that's new and exciting... but what about the obvious stuff?

A view from the ground

Google Cloud Platform builds Ivy Bridge to new Asian region

Joins the 'span planet with acceptable latency' club

Bored with trading oil and gold? Why not flog some CLOUD servers?

Chicago Mercantile Exchange plans cloud spot exchange

Red Hat unveils cloudy software bazaar

Linux fiddler keeps on huffing on its OpenShift cloud

Live in London: Roll up for the AWS Enterprise Summit 2014

PromoGreat line-up for conference in capital on 29 April

Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment

'Nothing is going to change with Dr. Rice's appointment,' file sharer promises

Amazon reveals its Google-killing 'R3' server instances

A mega-memory instance that never forgets

Jeff Bezos reveals Amazon's brutal scale in annual letter

AnalysisBit-flipping retail mogul seems hybrid of Ford and Rockefeller

Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser

'What the hell are you folks thinking?' splutters furious sync'n'sharer

Cloud storage gateway firm: Selling to end users? Meh. We'll leave it to CSPs, et CTERA

Reg storage man looks into upstart's prospects

Microsoft crows about 149k-seat Office 365 deal that costs it MILLIONS

Queensland banks savings, decides one in three workers can do without Office

AWS could 'consider' ARM CPUs, RISC-as-a-service

CTO Vogels says 'power management for ARM is considered state of the art'

Linode raises Hourly Billing flag against Digital Ocean pirates

VPS-vs-VPS fight brings billing parity to hosting market

Microsoft's Azure cloud LASHED by BT's private cables

ExpressRoute expansion gives you more ways to access Azure on the hush hush

Just what could be inside Dropbox's new 'Home For Life'?

Biz apps, messaging, photos, email, more storage – sorry, did you think there would be cake?

Speaking in Tech: Red Hat, Cisco sitting in a tree, m-e-r-g-i-n-g?

PodcastIs SDN love-in leading to an acquisition? Plus: How do I hate thee, Google

Amazon carefully stitches up Heartbleed OpenSSL hole

Bezos & Co patch mammoth web infrastructure to stop memory-leaking frightener

CDOT relatively crap for flash, hyperscalers crap for constant storage

NetApp CTO lays it on the line

Rackspace refuses to enlist in cloud's latest price cutting war

+AnalysisWhen 100,000 servers isn't large enough

Win XP security deadline: Biz bods MUST protect user data – ICO

Keep printouts AWAY from skips, make plan for XPocalypse. Simples

Google loads Red Hat Enterprise Linux into its cloud

Ad firm's cloud wing tries on the Red Fedora

Avere SPEC benchmark shows cloud's just as fast as on-premise

Another cheery plug for Amazon S3

SQL giant Oracle plans NoSQL standards body – top Reg sources

ExclusiveDatabase giant invites scrappy startups into its big tent, we're told

The cloud awaits... but is your enterprise ready for the jump?

Five ways to find out

Microsoft vows to save devs from unspeakable cloud screw-ups

Build 2014'You appear to have just run with scissors, want to try that again?'

What Microsoft means by mobile first, cloud first: Build Android, iOS apps with Azure cloud

Build 2014What's Windows?

Signiant to SkyDrop files into Amazon and Azure clouds

For people with whopping great files, apparently

WD 'restoring connections' after WEEK of MyCloud outages

Access denied

Google exposes its Andromeda software-defined networking

Search giant plugs cloud customers into its thrumming network arteries

Greenpeace reveals WORLD'S FILTHIEST CLOUDS – and the cleanest may shock you

'False assumptions ... inaccurate data' thunders one accused tech giant

Ubuntu N-ONE: 'Storage war' with Dropbox et al annihilates cloud service

Canonical pulls plug on online file locker, can't compete with rivals' free 50GB space

Speaking in Tech: Storage is FLEEING the public cloud in Asia

PodcastWould you trust a private cloud run by your local council in Hong Kong?

Pivotal goes after Oracle with 'all-you-can-eat' pricing model

Flat per-core subscription fee regardless of software

Angry Birds developers downplay fresh data leak claims

Privacy flap

NSA plans to FREE YOUR DATA with range of cloud services, analytics

April Fool'Why pay providers to store or analyse your stuff? We've already done it'

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