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Tim Cook: I'll give just a THIRD of what Gates gave to charity last year

Apple CEO to flex financial muscles in the name of 'charidee'

Microsoft performs reverse full-hybrid with an on-premises twist

Azure can now backup and run VMware VMs, send own VMs to on-premises storage

Google botches another cloud patch, this time messing up App Engine

Not a lot of problems, but third fluff in a few weeks is not a good look

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

Wouldn't wear it in the CEO's office? Don't wear it on the show floor

By Odin, Parallels thinks cloud service providers should buy Odin

Virty vendor's automation biz ascends to Valhalla

Silicon Valley powers: Let mass spying die in May 2015 – it's bad for privacy (and business)

Citizens' personal information is all OURS, say tech giants

Want a full-blown IDE for Node.js? You'll need a Windows machine...

New tools for Visual Studio tackle server-side JavaScript

Amazon cloud threatens to SMASH the fundamental laws of PHYSICS

Infinite capacity in a finite universe? Challenge accepted, says Bezos

Facebook sued: Data center designs 'nicked' for Open Compute

Brit biz BladeRoom wants damages and its legal bill paid off

When will ROBOTS start chatting on WhatsApp? Don't hold your breath, says co-founder

F8 2015 Gab service has 'no plans' for developer APIs

Facebook hopes devs will 'Like' how mobile SDKs, Graph API have scrubbed up

F8 2015 First major rev in two years improves logins, sharing

Wall Street tips fedora to Red Hat: Sales up, profit flat, everybody dance

sudo ./buy_back_shares $500m

Google-gate: 'Toothless' watchdog FTC nibbles furiously on journalists

We'll make sure this never happens again – the public finding out about it, that is

EXPOSED: Google, Obama caught doing it once a week

Who's in charge, here? The White House, or an advertising company in California?

Facebook's phone KILLER: Messenger will replace TALKING, says Zuck

F8 2015 Using your voice 'doesn't feel like the future' – hence chat app revamp

Metro app meets Windows 10. A Microsoft win? Maybe after a little improvement

First Look Hands on with the preview tools for the UAP

PATRIOT Act axed, NSA spying halted ... wake up, Neo, it's just a dream in the US House of Reps

It's the thought that counts

Document Foundation pledges Office 365 and Google Docs challenger

Free, open-source, independent cloud and mob collab suite coming

Spookception: US spied on Israel spying on US-Iran nuke talks

'I think the report is wrong, it is inaccurate' says everyone named in report

Speaking in Tech: Big Data and the ‘Everything In The Cloud’ obsession

Podcast It's our third birthday! Woo!

Twitter slips into the world of venture capital with barely a chirrup

Hopes investment in Android competitor Cyanogen will make it leader of the peck...

GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

Code repository biz successfuly subpoenaed in hacker track

This is what happens when a judge in New York orders an e-hit on a Chinese software biz

Analysis US injunction axes domains, social accounts, online payment

Joyent's Triton ships Docker containers on cloudy bare metal

'Container native' infrastructure does away with VMs

Hawk like an Egyptian: Google is HOPPING MAD over fake SSL certs

Updated How the world of certificate authorities is broken, part 94

Greedy web borg Facebook to SLURP news websites' golden nuggets

All your content are belong to us

Microsoft's three-way only goes one way: Backends merge into Azure App Service

Come into our cloud, urges Redmond

US watchdog seeks techies, interns to sink gums into Google et al

You asked for miracles, Theo, I give you the FBI: the FTC Bureau of Indecision

Prez Obama cares about STEM so much he just threw $240m of other people's money at it

Thanks, Obama

Equinix looking for friends to fuel enterprise push

New Melbourne bit barn joins

Windows 10 apps to rule them all – phones, slabs and PCs: Microsoft pulls out 'universal' tool

Don't expect to run them on phones yet, though

Twitch stitch-up: Gaming vid streamers in data breach hack alert

Amazon-owned upstart cuts account links to Twitter & YouTube

WinPhone? PAH! If you want Microsoft's mobe apps, grab an Android

Samsung & 11 hardware partners to bundle OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, Office

Nutanix 'working on a homebrew hypervisor', sources tell El Reg

Hyper-converged hyper-hipsters hatching ... we're not entirely sure, actually

US states vow to fight Google after the FTC meekly rolls over

We only want to ask you a few questions

Google Glass NOT DEAD. We're just making it 'ready' says chief

Eric Schmidt says weird technospecs were never dumped

Fujitsu's cloud settles over latest Singapore data centre

Equinix-hosted facility occupies zone completely free of floods and earthquakes since 1978

Juniper, Mirantis get cloud-cozy

Contrail integration adds networking options

Microsoft sniffs around Xiaomi Mi 4 smarties with Windows 10

No, we can't give it to you, go pester Redmond, says Chinese giant

Summer bust-up expected with new Apple TV and Roku coming onstream

See you later, clunky Comcast piece of … kit

If you can explain what 'an API management platform' is, you too can be worth $700m

In other news, cloud upstart Apigee files for IPO

Silk Road coder turned dealer turned informant gets five years

Burnt through nearly $1m in strip clubs

Apple: Those security holes we fixed last week? You're going to need to repatch

Turns out those bugs weren't quite squished

GoDaddy float values puppy-bothering hosting company at £1.9bn

Said to be GDDY with excitement

Google drops a log into its cloud. A log analyser, that is

Chocolate Factory is catching up with cloudy confrères

AWS flashes newly-enlarged 16TB (SS)D that's faster at the old in-out-in-out

Also: free space snaps! Free for you and all your friends!

Massive DDoS racks up $30,000-a-day Amazon bill for China activists

Site flooded with 2.6 billion requests an hour

FTC: All-powerful Google ABUSED rivals. So we did NOTHING

Docs shed light on US watchdog's probe into powerful ad giant

Amazon issued with licence for delivery drone madness

FAA also considering inflatable dartboards, chocolate teacups

Cloud music streams outpace CD sales for the first time, says recording industry ass. of America

But vinyl saves the day for physical media

Hackers prove security still a myth on Windows PCs, bag $320,000

Pwn2Own teams exploit fresh holes in Adobe code, Firefox and Redmond's kernel

Cortana on Windows 10 is all talk, no apps shun, says Microsoft

Voice-controlled robo-aide will boss around your tools, if that's your kinda thing

FCC to Verizon: Blocking 911 calls? That's a $3.4m paddlin'

Telco gets fined about an hour's worth of profit for threatening lives

Windows 10 build 10041: 99 bugs on the wall, fix a bug, add a feature, 114 bugs on the wall

Pics More Cortana, updated browser, still a race to summer

Analyst dons Tim Cook mask, thinks: Glass went well for Google. Let's do that, too

iGiant pegged for release of tech-specs, maybe

There's gold in dem hills: 1000s of two-byte domains hit market

Ever wanted or Now your chance

Shock development: Darkweb drug n' gun dealers are untrustworthy

Evolution bazaar owners steal $12m in Bitcoin

Zombie SCO shuffles back into court seeking IBM Linux cash

Bring it on say Big Blue's beaks

Apple orders white box servers from Taiwan for data centre refresh

Report hints at bad news for branded server-makers as Cupertino cranks up bit barns

'All browsing activity should be considered private and sensitive' says US CIO

Stop laughing about the NSA and read this plan to make HTTPS the .gov standard

Gigabit web streaming in 2016? Live tests say yes

Comcast already running DOCSIS 3.1 with employees

Let's get patchin' now, everybody's watchin' how, baby fix Safari with me

Come on Apple, patch up your browser….

The West's cloud giants toss escape rope over Great Firewall – and China's not happy

Censors threaten to cut off biz that give Chinese freedom

CSC's ServiceMesh named as source of bank exec bribe

Was winning deal at top Oz bank seen as value-fluffer before acquisition?

Speaking in Tech: Why doesn't Facebook just stop doing stuff?

Podcast Plus: Let's talk about our sister site, Google 'nearline' storage, and so much more

Wanna stream live TV to your Playstation? Get a Vue of Sony's new stuff

Games console biz launches telly subscription from $50 a month

HP's great cloud server cattle roundup with Foxconn begins

Pet carriers not wanted for whitebox stampede

Not in the Budget: Spooks beg for £111m brown envelope

And your £2bn moneybag isn't big enough already, GCHQ/MI5/MI6?

My self-driving cars may lead to human driver ban, says Tesla's Musk

GTC 2015 Nvidia touts $10,000 DIY robo-car brains, neural-net motorists in the cloud

$30 Landfill Android mobes are proof that capitalism ROCKS

Worstall on Wednesday Give us your tired, your poor, your phoneless masses

IBM throws Twitter's firehose into the Bluemix

Avian network improves its ratting-out features

Windows 10 will finally drop in 'summer' says Microsoft

Redmond also brings Band wristjob to Blighty and gives Win 10 a facial

Adobe: Flash, pah. Look, we're doing just fine in the cloud, thank you

Creative cloud users are still rising, says Photoshop op

Apple about to make Apple TV WAY LESS SUCKY - report

Cupertino wants to put its pipe to you

UK government says goodbye sat navs, hello Xbox, e-cigs and Spotify

Official inflation index rings in the changes

Google adds evil-code scanning to Play Store

Android marketplace gets automatic scanning and age limits

Stealthy upstart Rubrik: We'll make enterprise data 'beautiful'

Firm's headed up directly by VC bod. Mmmmm, unusual

Verizon brings half its cloud to Australia

And could ditch the other half if the market swings

HP plays the cloudy dating game with Helion Marketplace

HP GPC 2015 Mr Service Provider meet Mr Reseller

HP's ailing Enterprises Service unit bags 'mega' TNT gig

So the days of HUGE tech contracts are over? Well, maybe not