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Hands on: Implementing Azure Active Directory

Live learning

Cloud unicorns are extinct so DiData cloud mess was YOUR fault

Applications need to be built to handle TITSUP incidents


Trio of XSS turns attackers into admins

Turnbull: Box-huggers are holding back cloud

Dimension Data launches government-only cloud for Australia

Yahoo! blames! MONSTER! email! OUTAGE! on! CUT! CABLE! bungle!

Weekend woe for BT as telco struggles to restore service

HP, Symantec PAIR UP to fight off disaster cloud rivals

DRaaS set to appear late next year

CERN IT boss: What we do is not really that special

You'll all be doing the same - in about 10 years' time

You think the CLOUD's insecure? It's BETTER than UK.GOV's DATA CENTRES

We don't even know where some of them ARE – Maude


Fat fingered geo-block kept Aussies in the dark

Data-center upstart grabs Wozniak, jumps into virtual storage fight

Primary Data launches at EMC and Quantum with 'data hypervisor'

Bang! You're dead. Who gets your email, iTunes and Facebook?

Death and the medium

Microsoft's Azure goes TITSUP PLANET-WIDE AGAIN in cloud FAIL

Outlook: RAIN

Speaking in Tech: Go on, call us LEGACY! We solved your little startup problems 15 YEARS ago

Podcast Plus: Meet 'Lightning on a whiteboard' Zimmerman

Microsoft adds video offering to Office 365. Oh NOES, you'll need Adobe Flash

Lovely presentations... but not on your Flash-hating mobe

HDS: Storage? Pah! We're working on a SMART CITY OPERATING SYSTEM

Converged, hyperscale Internet of Things and smart cities rig

DRaaS-tic action: Trust the cloud to save your data from disaster

Accidents happen...

The Big Data wrangling CIO you've probably never heard of: But his kit probably knows YOU

The sprawling retail web estate handling 5m views per hour

VMware testing servers-by-the-minute cloud

vCloud Air joins the come-and-get-it cloud caper

How to keep everything fluffy in your hybrid cloud world

Five steps to happiness

Want to STUFF Facebook with blatant ADVERTISING? Fine! But you must PAY

Pony up or push off, Zuck tells social marketeers

EXPOSED: Amazon's cloudy Docker-friendly EC2 Container Service

Analysis We pry open the new AWS control freak to get to the guts

Oi, Europe! Tell US feds to GTFO of our servers, say Microsoft and pals

By writing a really angry letter about how it's harming our cloud business, ta

NetApp to put Amazon’s cloud ONTAP for thirsty customers

Managing data and storage with Cloud ONTAP

Cold? Cuddle these HOT GERMAN RACKS, yours for only 12,000 euro – we swear there's an IT angle

Nun, das ist verteiltes Rechnen!

Amazon, Docker hop in bed: What happens in Vegas WON'T stay in Vegas

AWS EC2 makes trendy Linux containers first-class citizens

The Lambda that ROARED: Amazon unveils event-driven AWS compute service

Triggered code free devs from IT management woes

Amazon cloud apps LIVE! Bezos' boys spin up 'lifecycle management' services

Integration, deployment tools to speed AWS development

Alcatel-Lucent buries EDGE routers in x86 server fleet

Who needs ASICs with 320Gbps half-duplex performance?

Amazon: DROP DATABASE Oracle; INSERT our new fast cheap MySQL clone

Claims Aurora db offers 5x performance for pennies

Who will save Europe's privacy from the NSA? Oh God ... it's Google

Sucking up everyone's data? That's our freakin' job!

Rackspace joins Microsoft's Windows Azure Pack partner army

Like Windows Server? You'll love the whole package

Amazon bags control of .book and .pay domains – but NOT .cloud

dot-Explosion in dot-words dot-continues with dot-millions dot-blown by dot-biz

Loss of Wales PSN gig? No worries, says Logicalis UK boss

'Smaller deals are less risky and more profitable anyway'

Red Hat goes nuclear in Linux container wars with Atomic Host beta

Lean, mean server OS that's custom tailored for Docker

Yahoo!-backed Hadoop biz Hortonworks flings itself at the stock market

Open-source big data upstart in $100m IPO bid

Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'

If you must pick Windows, pick early and stick

Zuck on The Social Network: Nobody wants to watch my REAL life for 2 hrs straight

'Probably wouldn't have been that good of a movie'

Avere: Cloud storage needs caching too. Why? Because latency...

Comment Get your Amazonian data flowing faster

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Echo – listen to me all day ... 'OK, will do'

TECH BUBBLE? No, no way, nope, says Silicon Valley investor

Web Summit Thiel claims tech firms actually the bubble safety net

Microsoft improves Azure SQL Server cloud service, simultaneously makes it worse

SQL Server compatibility better, reporting as a service chopped

OpenStack's success depends on IBM and HP's tech queens

+Comment Plus: Will NASA return to the fold?