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IBM slurps database-as-a-service outfit Compose

MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL to be thrown into the Bluemix

Google gives away 100 PETABYTES of storage to irritate AWS

Nearline service goes live, creates nightmare for tape vendors

Telstra eats its own VMware-flavoured hybrid cloud dog food

Mmmm …. vCloud Air used for internal workloads

Embarrassed Amazon admits to actually MAKING MONEY as cloud biz blooms

Investors blindsided by unexpected profit

Open Container Project renames, says standard is just weeks away

Linux Foundation, Docker and friends opt for Open Container Initiative

Linux Foundation wrangles app container wranglers into new org

Industry bigwigs to collaborate on 'Cloud Native Computing'

TITSUP: Apple Music, App Stores, iCloud, iTunes, Radio, iBooks

Updated Total Inability To Sell Usual Pish

Adobe names ex Microsoft and Oracle bod as cloudy pipe CTO

The goal is a 'consistent customer experience'

Kubernetes claque bursts into SPONTANEOUS APPLAUSE for v1.0

Google-inna-box orchestration tool hits general availability

VMware flushes away unbelievers with its new VSANitation unit

Say hello to SABU chief tech office's new gang

Need to build apps for the cloud?

PROMO Get into the Bluemix

Oracle bins virtual compute appliance, reveals identical private cloud appliance

Same box, but marketers are paid more than you

Google signs as OpenStack sponsor

Cross-cloud Kubernetes collaboration caper is Chocolate Factory's hybrid cloud play

ARM servers look to have legs as OVH boots up Cavium cloud

Here's your chance to test servers-on-chips at ARM's length

Microsoft to offer (very) limited support for Linux on Azure

Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again? Microsoft won't do much more

Crims and politicians using RTBF to scrub themselves from Google? Not quite

Actually just ordinary folk getting some privacy rights

Google adds Windows Server to Cloud Platform

Non-penguins finally allowed into Chocolate Factory's cloud club, with hybrid options

Salesforce unleashes red-tape-as-a-service for regulation-heavy users

Compliance-conscious folk get SmsSaaS: Slightly-more-secure-software-as-a-service

Do you pay your Office 365 cloud rent in Euros, or Aus/Can/NZ bucks? It's going UP

And kroner. But NOT sterling - Yippee

Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo

Whoops, sorry, did we not make that clear - Google

Peak Google? Chocolate Factory cuts costs amid dwindling growth

Justify your travel and supplies, Oompa-Loompas told

Rackspace to resell and support Microsoft's Azure

OpenStack? Didn't we have something to do with that once?

SaaS without an internet connection: what strange magic is this?

A WAN with a plan can make SaaS look like it's on-prem, suggests Equinix

Amazon moves nearer Platform as a Service concept with new developer tools

Point-and-click API wizard for mobile backend services

Twitter's Vine creeps into HD-quality vid – but it's not really for YOU, chump

Yet another feature for ad biz

Google says its AI will jetwash all traces of malodorous spam from your box

Squeaky clean and pine fresh email, thanks to the Machines

Microsoft tries to paint VMware azure with disaster recovery detour

Redmond's cloudy DR can now handle Virtzilla-styled VMs

AWS opens gate to fondleslabs-as-a-service farm

Sorry, devs, you just lost a reason to buy one of every phone and tablet you fancy

Microsoft emits Office 2016 for Apple Macs (you'll need Office 365)

Subscribe now or wait until September to buy a copy

Office 365 prices 'to rise by up to 13 per cent'

+Comment Will hit Euro-zone, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and Canada

Facebook casts a hex with self-referential IPv6

Poll Manages without the letter K, m'kay?

Dot-com da-bomb Verisign fires off an OpenDNS rival

Domain biz offers 'DNS Firewall'

Cloud provider goes TITSUP? Will someone think of the data!

Time to pull out the magnifying glass to swot up on those Ts&Cs

Microsoft to HIKE Azure prices as exchange rates shift

Update Eurozone, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Canadians and Aussies to cop a hit

Yank my blockchain: Bitcoin upgrade SNAFU borks hungry miners' currency

Virtual money system update spaffs $50k up wall

Giddy Google Glass gazers, beware! FCC filing obscures view on new gadget

Could 'GG1' bring yet more Glassholes?

Angry Austrian takes a hit in David and Goliath Facebook battle

Vienna court says it has no jurisdiction in misuse of personal data case

Azure Australia went TITSUP for about seven hours

Update Australia East region users had 'Inability to connect' on Friday

Cloud market spins up a cyclone of sales

Server, storage and switch sales surge 25 per cent, says IDC

Japan's NTT whips out OpenStack cannon at cloud Godzilla AWS

Tokyo wants to avoid head-to-head with Amazon

South Australia becomes the IaaS FlexPod state

State Government commits to iiNet's NetApp/Cisco/VMware cloud

Cash-strapped Chicago slaps CLOUD TAX on Netflix, Spotify etc users

Streaming services to carry 9% fee ... but is it legal?