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If you haven't changed your Dropbox password for 4 years, do so now

Firm says mandatory reset is linked to 2012 LinkedIn mega-breach

Nuclear fallout shelter becomes cloud storage bunker

Cold war relic beneath Paris now houses cold storage at €0.002/GB/Month

Google broke its own cloud by doing two updates at once

Right hand, meet left hand. Then both do a facepalm

Amazon now renting cloudy desktops for $0.22 an hour

Workspaces can now be scheduled to shut down and are cheap for half-time workers

Google adds SQL Server to its cloudy database collection

Nearline storage mystery deepens as Cloud SQL, Datastore and Bigtable go live

Asia’s top cloud security conference lands in London

PROMO Explore digital transformation and security at CLOUDSEC 2016

Microsoft bins Azure RemoteApp, says go with Citrix instead

Small problem: Citrix's software isn't built yet and RemoteApp closes on August 31st, 2017

Amazon balances AWS application loads

Docker and pals, we've heard of them – AWS

Public cloud spend will rise by $100 BEEELION in five years

SaaS will be half the business software market by 2020 says IDC

Your mission, should you accept it, is to use cheap VMs before they self-destruct

Google finds a new way to drop cloud computing costs, but is still breaking itself

In 2014 Malcolm Turnbull said 'Nobody likes outages' in the cloud

Redundancy is important, said Australian PM. So what does he think of Australia's cloud-hosted census failing?

Rackspace CEO: Yes, Brexit has hit us, yes we sold our Cloud Sites biz

As for that tale about us selling entire org... no comment

The next time Salesforce goes down, you'll get six reasons why

SaaS-o-saurus Rex preparing more granular status service for September debut

Canadian govt to cloud providers: Want our business? Stay local, eh

If only they were this protective of their hockey teams

Azure courts DaaS with embiggened GPU-powered instances

Redmond's hostility to cloud desktops eases a little, at least for graphics-heavy apps

Google racks up its first contributions to Open Compute Project

Describes high-efficiency 48v racks it offers as Open Rack 2.0 standard

Microsoft boosts PKI, ISO certs to harden Azure cloud

Your things can now talk to Azure without spilling secret things

Intel and pals toss coins at party in the cloud, business at the back startup

Making it rain while it thinks of X86?

Speaking in Tech: Thousands audition, millions vote.... One wins. It's Podcast Idol

Podcast Why? It looks like someone is saying goodbye

Microsoft adds PSTN business Skyping in Australia

You'll need Office365 to take advantage of the local server

Intel builds cloud orchestrator as if it had the chance to start OpenStack from scratch

Interview In 'Ciao' VMs, containers and bare metal live together in perfect harmony

Outsourcery burned through more than £20 MEEEELLION in cash before it crashed

Administrator's Statement of Affairs reveals the nitty gritty

HPE loses its cloud and storage heads: No Goel, Vrij packs up, Fink runs

Manish the man moves out with two other execs

The bigger they get, the harder we fall: Thinking our way out of cloud crash

Holy cascading cloutage catastrophe!

Bezos bags bonkers bucks as almighty AWS astounds again

Cloudy with a chance of windfalls

Larry Ellison's Oracle swallows Larry Ellison's part owned Netsuite for $9.3bn

So that $3.69 BEEEEEELION for more adult toys then Lazza?

Salesforce's data-losing NA14 instance is still a bit naughty

It's up and down like the Assyrian Empire! Or at least rather wobbly

Cats, dogs starve as web-connected chow chute PetNet plays dead

Failure forces humans to 'manually' feed ravenous pooches and pussies

EMC insiders say Salesforce has ordered $75m of its kit

Forget AWS (sort of): We've still got skin in the game

Oracle tools up for cloud wars with sales re-org

'Half focus is no focus'

Salesforce slurps uptime startup Coolan for global infrastructure scale-out

Why Salesforce needs this stuff when it's outsourced to AWS is anyone's guess

DDoS, the cloud and you

Who are you rubbing shoulders with?

The cloud ain't making it rain for Intel right now: Tech giants pause server chip sales

Analysis We can always rely on PCs, right? Er...

Microsoft delays Azure updates so you can catch up with the cloud

It turns out some of you are happy running legacy cloud services Redmond wants killed

Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters

Power outage in London fingered

Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter – and is wiped out by dying phone sales

Analysis Win some, you lose some: profit up, revenue down

Docker Cloud under fire after DDoS attacks slam DNS, knacker websites

Updated Container biz blames downtime on traffic flood

Scalr hosting hit with outage

Server records deletion causes website woes

Intel's SGX tiptoes towards Linux

SDK, driver live on GitHub

Cloud giants demand overhaul of America's privacy rules on overseas servers

Everyone except Google wants reform

IaaS revenue to triple by 2020, to $43.6bn

The on-premises pie is shrinking, but perhaps not disastrously

Microsoft open sources Azure bill analysis tool

Portal to help devs remember that cluster they ran last week and don't need any more