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Microsoft boosts Azure's VM creds with price cuts and GS

D-range storage drops its pants

Look over here! SAP unveils big data HANA update

Please buy our in-memory databases, says German ERP peddler

Ed Snowden crocked cloud, says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMworld 2015 Oh no! Biz needs cross-cloud abstraction to move data across borders

VMware's got just one more thing you need to build a software-defined data center

VMworld 2015 EVO SDDC takes Virtzilla's best bits to build hybrid clouds

VMware unleashes vCAOS on the world

VMworld 2015 VMware's vCloud Air Object Storage with either Google or EMC ViPR

Dropbox DROPS BOX as service GOES TITSUP worldwide

Finger trouble? Firm blames routine maintenance on downtime cockup

Rackspace looks to have bypassed vCloud Director upgrade

Signs with cashed-up upstart AirVM for Virtzilla-powered cloud management

Google Cloud in nine-hour storage SNAFU

URLs for files in Google's cloud have been going nowhere

The container-cloud myth: We're not in Legoland anymore

Why interconnectivity in the cloud is tougher than just stacking bricks

Open sourcerer Mirantis taps up Intel for $100m worth of funding

Chipzilla backs OpenStack vendor as part of collaboration lunge

ShoreTel shooting for cloudy consistency with new suite

Sky, schmy: it's all about one GUI everywhere this time

Citrix really needs to get its act together, and soon

Sysadmin Blog Blood-sucking asset stripper may yet be fatal

Salesforce back in the red, reviews future black ink orders

But hey, at least overall profit ratio is up to 0.1 per cent of sales

Amazon putting London’s hipster startups in the loft

Tech giant moves into the vapor cloud to provide tech support

Microsoft turns on Windows 10 file backup to Azure

Think of it as archival-grade OneDrive with policies and you've got the idea

Ravello tames public cloud from Inception to Infinity

Eagerly anticipated VMware-running cloud products break cover

Act of God damaged data on Google cloud disks

Old storage systems failed to recover some recent writes after lightning bolts strikes

LaCie to shutter Wuala cloud storage service, data deleted Nov 15

Parent company Seagate wants to make money, not burn it in the cloud

Google's Euro-cloud in lengthy disk degradation drama

Compute Engine wasn't at its best overnight and its disks are waking grumpy

New Docker crypto locker is a blocker for Docker image mockers

Verison 1.8 adds container signing to prevent man-in-middle attacks

Cloudflare hiccup nudges Stack Overflow and others offline

El Reg and NewsThump also briefly vanished into the abyss

Sales up, profit up, but no champagne corks popping at Rackspace

Why so glum? Oh yeah, public cloud. Ha ha ha

Microsoft lays financial bear trap for cloud sceptics pays more for on-prem desktop wares, channel makes less from them

Boffins beat Amazon Web Services at its own storage game

Bell Labs and uni propose SEARS protocol to improve on AWS's own storage schemes

Facebook unleashes mighty data trove to learn how you laugh

Whether you 'haha', 'LOL' or 'hehe', you're only doing it 15 per cent of the time online

General Electric: Come here, cloud, and get in my IoT belly

Industrial giant ‘continues to grow its investment in software’

Kim Dotcom to create Wikimedia-style open source Mega 3.0

If at first you aren't jailed for piracy, try, try again, this time funded by donations

Oracle: Docker container tech will be in the Zone on Solaris

Larry's Unix to support cross-platform containers with unique Solaris features

Rackspace cooking up security-secret-sharing cloud cabal

Top-tier clouds invited into information-sharing club to speed defence deployment

IBM slurps database-as-a-service outfit Compose

MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL to be thrown into the Bluemix

Google gives away 100 PETABYTES of storage to irritate AWS

Nearline service goes live, creates nightmare for tape vendors

Telstra eats its own VMware-flavoured hybrid cloud dog food

Mmmm …. vCloud Air used for internal workloads

Embarrassed Amazon admits to actually MAKING MONEY as cloud biz blooms

Investors blindsided by unexpected profit

Open Container Project renames, says standard is just weeks away

Linux Foundation, Docker and friends opt for Open Container Initiative

Linux Foundation wrangles app container wranglers into new org

Industry bigwigs to collaborate on 'Cloud Native Computing'

TITSUP: Apple Music, App Stores, iCloud, iTunes, Radio, iBooks

Updated Total Inability To Sell Usual Pish

Adobe names ex Microsoft and Oracle bod as cloudy pipe CTO

The goal is a 'consistent customer experience'

Kubernetes claque bursts into SPONTANEOUS APPLAUSE for v1.0

Google-inna-box orchestration tool hits general availability

VMware flushes away unbelievers with its new VSANitation unit

Say hello to SABU chief tech office's new gang

Need to build apps for the cloud?

PROMO Get into the Bluemix

Oracle bins virtual compute appliance, reveals identical private cloud appliance

Same box, but marketers are paid more than you

Google signs as OpenStack sponsor

Cross-cloud Kubernetes collaboration caper is Chocolate Factory's hybrid cloud play