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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Azure sitting in a tree, p-a-r-t-n-e-r-i-n-g

The company that's definitely not HP Inc makes Microsoft its 'preferred public cloud' supplier

Dum dum dum - another cloud bites the dust (Adobe's photo cloud)

And Adobe's cloud's gone, and Seagate's cloud's gone, another one bites the dust

Amazon now renting physical servers you can cuddle and love

Long term discount deals coming to make AWS different from hosting how exactly?

VMware cofounder and CEO Diane Greene to run Google's cloud

She's already on the Board, but Google's slurping her latest startup anyway

Amazon: Just to let you know, Oracle's cloud is so 2011. That's all

Bezos cloud flinger challenges Ellison deal factor

Custom virtual machines come to Google's Compute Engine

Online configurator offers a sliding scale to let you scale cloudy servers

EMC enables data movement from the white fluffy stuff

Data centre forecast: Expect cloud-busting winds from the Amazon basin

Behold, the fantasy of infinite cloud compute elasticity

Comment Spinning up thousands of servers in minutes. Yeah, yeah, yeah

CloudFlare CEO blasts Anonymous claims of ISIS terrorist support

Anons are our customers, and we don't censor them either, says Prince

Microsoft chief Satya drops an S bomb in Windows 10, cloud talk

S is for security, but what about privacy?

Fujitsu: We started the cloud party, honest

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Acquisition of UShareSoft to be 'core' of cloud stuff ... get down

FCA paves way for cloud computing in UK financial services

It’ll improve competition as it can 'facilitate entry and/or expansion'

Netflix and skill: Web vid giant open sources Spinnaker cloud tool

Continuous delivery across AWS, Google Cloud and CloudFoundry

Surprise! No wonder Oracle doesn't 'see' IBM or SAP in the cloud

Free gifts to customers don't count as deals, Larry

Microsoft capitulates, announces German data centres

Clouds in Europe won't rain data onto US spies

EMC Isilon extends its software out to ROBO edge and cloud

Firm embraces Data Fabric-like idea

Anything AWS can do: Microsoft announces UK data centre region for Azure cloud

Plus: MoD takes up private Office 365 offer

Rackspace beats The Street with strong Q3

No sign of AWS squeeze in financials

Cloud will kill tech sales jobs

Comment Feeding the beast that will kill your job

Amazon's chomping at the Brits: UK to get AWS data center region

Bezos' cloud invades Blighty

He's a Seoul Man: Jeff Bezos' Amazon AWS in Korea-defining move

AWS promises new (South) Korean region for early 2016

Red Hat Enterprise Linux lands on Microsoft Azure cloud – no, we're not pulling your leg

Distro to be reference operating system for .NET Core

Companies need answer to Safe Harbour worries, says minister

Swift conclusion on revised agreement needed

Former Dragon lures reseller exec into cloud cave

Outgoing Insight UK veep de Sousa to grab controls at Outsourcery on April Fool's Day

Microsoft's OneDrive price hike has wrecked its cloud strategy

Comment Users unhappy with chopped-down cloud storage

IBM bets on cloud broker with Gravitant buyout

Hybrid IT gamble will be rolled into Global Services

At Microsoft 'unlimited cloud storage' really means one terabyte

Office 365 OneDrive plans slashed after some folk upload 76TB apiece

Ninefold gives up race against richer rivals

Users of Australian cloud face Christmas migration sprint after startup sends self TITSUP

Whitman's split: The end of Fiorina's HP grand expansion era

Let's start at the very beginning

Endpoint protectors spread wings, Druva flies into Microsoft cloud

Code42 and Druva hover near data centres

G-Cloud sellers hit out against cap on scaling services

'We've not heard any sensible justification for this'

When DevOps met hybrid-cloud: The key to successful IT delivery

Regcast Join our experts live on 18 November 11.00 GMT to 12.00 GMT

Empires of the mind: Oracle digs deep on cloud

Back-pedalling fast, but where's the difference?

IBM splashing $2bn on Weather Company – reports

Big Blue throwing yet more cash at Watson in bid to turn around the oil tanker

Speaking in Tech: Podcasting from a Pub Down Under

Podcast Guests include Reg APAC editor and all-star panel of enterprise CTOs

Oracle: Fight for the right to be third to Amazon's AWS

Why Larry + ? won't own all the pies come 2025

Oracle cloud billows into six Equinix bit barns

Big Red finds more ways to satisfy hybrid hopefuls

China tells local cloud storage vaults to name suspected pirates

Middle Kingdom set to bin one-child policy in new five year plan spruiked by weird video

On Planet Oracle, Big Red wasn't a decade late to cloud ... Amazon was just years too early

OpenWorld Elastic VMs, containers, storage unveiled

OpenStack bandwagon rolls into Japan. We cross live to our Tokyo correspondent – Chris?

Who's hot and who's not in the Land of the Rising Sun

Alibaba’s bet on the fluffy white stuff paying off, revenue up 138%

Company ‘positive about the cloud computing business’

Oracle's Hurd mentality: We (and one other) will own all of cloud by 2025

Long-range weather report cloudy for enterprise