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Oracle's Coach Larry needs Microsoft plays to beat Amazon

Analysis Best locker-room strategy: Avoid emulating AWS directly

Google deleted some cloudy middleware accounts

They're back and the 15-hour SNAFU is mostly over, but this is no way to run a cloud

Revealed: The true horror of being a big CEO

Pity the poor reporter who had to shadow Mark Hurd

Microsoft hails pointless Privacy Shield status for its cloud services

Yeah, it's self-certification. Give yourself a pat on your own back, Redmond

Microsoft's Azure-in-a-box preview runs on your own hardware

Shame the actual product still doesn't, though

Metalogix punts out cloudy collab coliseum for canny IT craftsmen

One to rule them all

Hapless VESK hit by second major two-day outage

Just as well it removed the 100 per cent uptime claim, then...

Microsoft releases Server 2016, complete with commercial Docker engine

Ignite Containers, containers, containers, containers, says Azure CTO (well, sort of)

Microsoft inserts 'new kind of computer ... into our cloud' for speedier Azure services

Ignite Turns to Intel Altera FPGAs

Cloudy what now? Adobe and Microsoft cosy up with cloud partnership

Ignite Integration Dynamics, CRM, Azure and AWS. Jumble words as needed

Microsoft: We're hugging trees to save the 'world'

Wouldn't be about cutting energy costs for your 100+ bit barns, then?

Digital Realty gets into the cloud interconnect caper

Collaborates with Australia's Megaport on software-defined links between big bit barns

Big biz happy to whip out credit cards for pay-as-you-go – Red Hat

Analysis Not so interested in lengthy subscription contracts

Not enough personality: Google Now becomes Google Not Anymore

Screenscraper rebranded

Oracle's cloud strategy is simple – woo and win the latecomers

OpenWorld Hybrid cloud for those who dithered, like Big Red

Speaking in Tech: Public cloud 'explodes'. Oh yeah? Show your sources

Podcast Plus: My public radio name is Bianca Hughes-Pavlov

Are you sure you want to outsource IT? Yes/No. Check this box to accept Ts&Cs

Er, and you might wish to READ them too

Oracle's new cloud rated 'minimum viable product' ... for now

Oh and Larry's cut-price claim ignores that most people buy cloud as reserved instances

Azure Sydney in eight-hour wobble thanks to 'networking issue'

Your disaster recovery may be delayed by Microsoft's disaster recovery – and odd timekeeping

Larry Ellison today said really nice things about rival Amazon's cloud

OpenWorld Haha, of course he didn't – he trash-talked AWS databases for an hour

A-dough-be: Photoshop flinger pumps profits 50 per cent

Revenues rise as cloud lineup brings big bucks

Lack of Hurd mentality at Oracle OpenWorld: Co-CEO's cloud claims fall flat live on stage

OpenWorld When polling in keynotes goes bad

Spoiler alert: What Oracle is going to announce today

OpenWorld It's clouds all the way down

Oracle takes aim at AWS with cheap, fast public and hybrid cloud

Workday named Enemy No. 1 in SaaSLand as Larry Ellison jokes about his pay cut

Salesforce Einstein: Enterprise AI breakthrough, or CRM Clippy?

Cloud house sets lofty goals for deep learning layer

Oracle's feeling pretty SaaS-tisfied with itself

Profit of $1.8bn almost enough to cover Larry's OpenWorld entertainment budget

Evernote dumps its own bit barn, boards Google's cloud

Machine learning and analytics as G-cloud's biggest lures

Gmail suffers worldwide wobbly Wednesday

Chocolate Factory struggles to fix lingering outages

HPE: Come on in, cool cloud kids, we won't compete with you – unlike *cough* Dell

Service providers lured in with promises

HP Inc dumps Salesforce, adopts Microsoft's cloudy CRM

There is no honour among clouds

Just not cricket: Microsoft's big data Googly called No Ball

Redmond's Duckworth Lewis Method revamp rejected by the stats wonk who runs it

Microsoft baits backup blimps with Azure upgrade

Policy power-up makes us enterprise-strength, says Redmond

Microsoft takes shot at Amazon as it wraps up UK cloud data centres

Office 365 and Azure go local

SSP to PERMANENTLY shutter mega-outage bit barn

Sod this. Let's just start over

Ditch tape and fly into the public cloud with us, beams bullish Actifio

Comment Deduping backup boxen are 'rarely usable'? Whatever

What do microservices do to data stores? Netflix is built on them and had no idea!

So it built a now-open-source benchmark tool for Cassandra and Elasticsearch

UK nuke warhead builders shift IT gear into public cloud

End well: Will it, dear readers?

This is why Huawei's cloud is not like Amazuregoo

Make Box Simple. Make Platform Open. Riiiiight

Cloudy biz Vesk suffers 2-day outage – then boasts of 100% uptime

HDD failure led to 'split brain event' – for systems and techies alike

Behold: Huawei evokes always-wise God Cloud – with Terminator users

Huawei Connect Start prayin'

Get ready for Cloud 3.0, the age of Platform-as-a-Service

Promo Because who really wants to manage servers?

Microsoft redecoration delay rumors: THE TRUTH

Email updates stalled to 2017? Oh no no, everything's fine ... ish, says Redmond