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New Xen vuln triggers Amazon, Rackspace reboot panic redux

Second hypervisor-related cloud meltdown in six months

If in doubt, blow $4bn: IBM says it will fatten up on cloud, mobile, Big Data cake by 2018

Ginni eyes $40bn-a-year sales

NetApp shows hybrid love, revamps products for Amazon's cloud

All woven in to DataFabric concept

F5 and Citrix alumni build CAFE to relax cloudy apps

Upstart plans to garnish apps with all the essential bits to make a meal palatable

HP cloud reorg shock: Ex-Eucalyptus boss Mårten Mickos backs off

Out with the new, in with the old in Helion-land

Microsoft to store deleted Exchange Online mails FOREVER

Admins take heed: Redmond's new policy will apply by default

Azure Site Recovery's SAN-shuffling VM DR aid goes live

Redmond takes cloudy control of replication and DR, to help Hyper-V hang tough

Expired router cache sends Google Cloud Engine TITSUP

'Unacceptable' performance led to two hours and forty minutes of dead VMs

NetApp: Don’t know about the hybrid cloud? Then you’re a dummy

Comment There's a book saying so – it must be true

Google offers universal cloud benchmarking tool

Because nothing could go wrong with Google's metrics about AWS and Azure

OpenStack's AB/CD naming is all in the name of LIBERTY for v 12.0

Windows admins welcomed early by new PoshStack PowerShell tool

Look who's SAP happy: HDS eyes up French techies at Oxya for lunch

La surprise! Une acquisition est sur les cartes, mon ami

It's not the cloud: The problem lies between the chair and the computer – Gartner

Nearly 100% of private clouds 'fail' 'cos people just don't 'get it'

Rumours of on-premises software's demise greatly exaggerated

Microsoft commits to another version of SharePoint for your bit barn

AWS Go-ing Google's way

Joins the Golang gulag

Oracle is BETTER at cloud than everyone else so NER, shouts Hurd (no Katz)

Laser focus on self embiggenment, says co-chief

Amazon, flush with cash, says it will let you peek inside AWS' pants

Plans to break out numbers for cloud biz for first time this year

Amazon's new WorkMail for enterprise: Another Fire dud – or a Kindle?

If there's one thing we all really need, it's another enterprise mail service, right Exchange?

Want to win Microsoft's cloudy love? Just spend $500

Partners: Take sky bridge to cloud conference and pucker up

Ex-G-Cloud bigwig Chant weighs in on GDS' framework rebrand

But, but... we won 'hearts and minds'

Google offers cloudy port for Docker container images

Park your images on the same storage your app uses

Oh what a tangled cloud we weave

AWS sneaks Windows VMs out the back door as Rackspace offers vCloud Air alternative

Amazon gobbles chips firm Annapurna to speed up cloudy data centers

Stealth firm could solve networking costs conundrum for AWS

RHEL on VCE is ESA's new tech launchpad

Space agency now orbiting new private cloud

Facebook worth more than Portugal? Hell, it's worth a LOT more than THAT

Worstall on Wednesday Zuck should have hired ME

Network virty comes to VMware's cloud

vCloud Air gets closer to servers-by-the-hour and hangs out the 'startups wanted' sign

It's a very freaky cloud, the kind you don't take home to mother

Platform9 suggests OpenStack act as SUPERFREAK for vSphere control freak

SAP’s cloudy future prompts a dip in profit forecast

Calm down, £5.3bn 2017 profit still coming

Microsoft and mate release Azure transporter beam

Open source migration code shunts your IaaS around inside Redmond-land

Microsoft Azure was most FAIL-FILLED cloud of 2014

They were still up for over 99% of the time, in fairness

Google-gulped Stackdriver reborn as cloudy control freak

AWS operations platform extended in beta

Microsoft vs, Internet of Stuff, Big Data: Some of 2015's legal cloudy issues

Strolling through a data privacy minefield

DigitalOcean adds FreeBSD, explores cloudy Windows

Adding BSD was easy. Now to negotiate with Microsoft

March deadline nears for FAT, JUICY Euro Commish cloud service contracts

2,500TB of spare storage? Fond of paperwork? Give it a go

Amazon's new EC2 compute instances run on SECRET INTEL CHIPS

Custom Xeons power high-perf cloudy number crunchers

Symantec wins spot on OpenStack Foundation board

Elections for individual members under way

Verizon says 40-hour outage was outage to end all outages

Planned maintenance for Verizon Cloud sails past 'far less than 48 hours' pledge

IBM ushers in BIGGEST EVER re-org for the cloud era, say insiders

CEO Ginni Rometty making her mark...(it has been 3+ years)

Cloud Backup stew in Docker container? Check – Asigra

Claims 6x app density increase

AWS adds multi-account support to control freak console

End of log in, log off irritation for admins

No one trusts Oracle, shrieks CCL as cloudy ball misses its goals

If only they did as I want them to, sighs pressure group

Cap’n Ericsson and his great SEABORNE CLOUD wheeze

CES 2015 A life on the ocean wave, a node on the rolling deep