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Cloud Velox sends advance parties to make the cloud feel like home

Network lifter-and-shifter automates cloud migrations

Amazon tries again with AppStream because customers didn't like it

Tired of desktop apps that respond instantly? Banish them to the browser

It’s Brexploitation! Microsoft punishes UK for Brexit with cloud price-gouging

Redmond blames currency for UK-hosted Azure hike

Google turns on free public NTP servers that SMEAR TIME

With a leap second coming up, smearing's quite a good idea

'AWS is fast, punches above its weight, stings Oracle, but no knockout'

AWS re:Invent Pundits note growth in Lambda, database efforts as highlights of conf

Microsoft to lift and shift StorSimple data into Azure blobs

More evidence, if any were needed, that Microsoft wants you to sign for more Azure

Custom silicon, 9PB storage boxes, and 25Gb Ethernet – just another day in AWS hardware

AWS re:Invent Turns out printing money requires a buttload of compute muscle

What you need to know from re:Invent – FPGAs-as-a-service and more

AWS re:Invent Just give it to me straight

'Significant' number of HPE OpenStackers flung to SUSE

Linux shop vows PaaS play is still not functioning properly for some Microsoft punters

It ain't no thang... only 'a small percentage' of 'hundreds of millions' affected...

OVH's northern customers offered steamy southern summer holiday

Bit barn lights are blinking in Singapore and Australia,
for members only

Liquidware gets the job of managing Amazon's cloud desktops

AWS has realised that desktop-as-a-service fleets need management too

SwiftStack, Cohesity add public cloud on-ramps

+Comment On-premises IT suppliers conniving in its own destruction

Alibaba's lights are on in Australia, but hardly anyone is home

Cloud launched, but support, services, channel etc coming real soon, promise

Azure's basic instances level up and gain new naming scheme

It looks a lot like Redmond has new servers with faster disks on tap

There's gold in them thar hills! Rackspace latest firm to join Frankfurt data centre rush

VMware-friendly facility

Outlook outage outrage

Mass-client borkage leaves netizens SMH over SMTP

Four IBM data centres planned for Big Blue UK cloud

Sorry, data, the holiday's cancelled

Glacier melt race increases vastly … for AWS cold storage

Sorry, no climate change. Just faster Glacier retrieval and new cloud hijinks with desktops-as-a-service-in-a-browser

Google gently leads Intel into its cloud: This is for your own good

All is well, rejoice, rejoice, let's get into the white 'n' fluffy

FYI Apple fans – iCloud slurps your call histories

Want to keep your call records private? Disconnect from iCloud

Everest outage was caused by split brains

Updated Bit barn says routers in stack ran different software versions

Dropbox upgrade adds nice bits for sysadmins

POPs dropped into DCs for better performance and local peering

'G' is for 'Google' and 'GPU' and 'gaining on other clouds'

Yet another cloud workstation hits the market, plus some grunt for artificial braniacs

AWS looks to add 'bill collector' to its list of cloud offerings

Amazon offers to handle payments for third-party SaaS devs

Admins aggro about Azure AM absence

Redmond's cloud has early-morning hiccup

Getting to the bottom of the cloud debate

Reader Survey Tell us what you really think

Satya Nadella hits Sydney and channels Steve O'Ballmer from eight years ago

Elon Musk's AI effort lobs into Azure, which now has Functions, bots and very grunty instances

DataStax slurps DataScale, burps out own managed cloud

NoSQL business moving towards revenue generation?

Hortonworks prescribes cloudy Hadoop for AWS

Hourly billing? Puff puff PaaS strong-ARMs cloud for $0.005 per core per hour

96-core servers packing 2 Cavium ThunderX CPUs yours for the crunching

Microsoft reveals Neandercloud / Cloud Sapiens co-existence and cross-breeding plan

Azure Pack gets six more years of active development and support until 2027

Cheer up, world! AWS instances just got cheaper

So we've got that going for us, which is nice

GitLab to dump cloud for its own bare metal Ceph boxen

'In the long run, it will be more efficient, consistent, and reliable'. And it's cheaper, too

Google BigQuery TITSUP caused by failure to scale-yer workloads

Engineers went head down, bum up but zipped lips gave users the … heebie jeebies

AWS: We're gonna make mobile apps great again with Lambda functions

The best apps will come from America, using Amazon, which will be paying all that tax

Red Hat rolls OpenStack Platform double with help

Engineering shakeup targets Agile movers

You mean Office 365 deployments don't secure themselves?

Promo Here's the lowdown

The big get bigger in cloud

Giants grab growing share of services market

Amazon pitches 'safe and responsible' AWS at suits

We have database engines, too

Will the roulette ball fall for WANdisco's spiel?

How the cloud data mover is faring after executing the executor

Microsoft's chaps slap Slack chat brats with yackety-yak app

Teams messaging software bunged on Office 365