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Amazon unleashes on-prem-VM-to-cloud application teleporter

Erm … didn't Amazon just make a deal with VMware for something similar? Yes, it did

IBM kills off SoftLayer brand, puts it in the Bluemix

♬ 'Cause tonight is the night when two become one ♬

NetSuite's pre-Oracle curtain call: Growth and costs increase

Looks past pesky shareholders to joyful Ellison marriage

Stung by Azure and AWS cost shock? Penny-pinchers love them some OpenStack

'Spotlight' on the money in a post-cloud-hype world

HPE to offer hybrid cloud hypermarket to world+dog

Not just Europeans who'll consume Cloud 28+

AWS budget tool update gives suits the control they crave

Why not run two versions of services and turn on the bad one once budgets run low?

OpenStack-flinger Mirantis signs landmark NTT deal

Private cloud - as a service, sir?

Microsoft kinda did OK this quarter – but whatever, Wall Street loves Satya Nadella

It's the cloud economy, stupid

NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data

Comment What do you do? Use manual typwriters or live in a Scottish croft? Our man advises

Data Domain explodes into floods of cloud tiers

Software-only Data Domain gets 6X capacity expansion

Speaking in Tech: Is OpenStack really a threat to VMware?

Podcast Plus: Marketecture, cloud and more

Google's crash canaries' muted chirping led to load balancer brownout

45 per cent of load balancers threw 502 errors for an hour last Thursday

LogMeIn collapses its 'Cubby' Dropbox clone into LogMeIn Pro

Sync 'n' share survives if you cough up. The rest of you, download before November 16

US government wants Microsoft 'Irish email' case reopened

Argues that users don't control where data resides, so Redmond should pretend its within reach of US law

Microsoft boffins: Who needs Intel CPUs when you've got FPGAs?

Bing searches get speed boost from Catapult integration

Google: We look forward to running non-Intel processors in our cloud

OK, so someone's angling for a discount

The IRS spaffed $12m on Office 365 subscription IT NEVER USED

Taxman can audit all your accounts, but can't tell cloud from on-premises

Cisco's cloud whisperer CTO Zorawar Biri Singh blows free

'Speed and growth' needed, not 'thought leadership' as thousands axed

Cisco president: One 'hiccup' and 'boom' – AWS is 'gone'

Interest rate rise going to kill public cloud kingpin? Sounds like wishful thinking

Amazon AWS: 'Hi there!' VMware: 'We submit. Please, save us'

vSphere to be rented out on Jeff Bezos' cloud

GlobalSign screw-up cancels top websites' HTTPS certificates

Final update Revoked certs may linger for days, locking people out of sites

Big Mickey Dell is wrong: Cloud ain't going to eat all of IT

Storage architect Think of it like the difference between PAYG and a contract phone

What’s the link between Brexit, cloud and open source?

Yep, it’s time for another reader poll

Speaking in Tech: 'Healthy friction' among vendors at Cloud Foundry

Podcast Containers, standards ... switchblades at dawn?

Cisco president: We've lost to AWS et al on the public cloud

Canalys Channels Forum 2016 But by god we're developing some niches. Starting with shoe-based analytics

Samsung's profits may not be as explosive as its products, says firm

Chip and display business segments claimed to have covered the burning bottom

OpenStack Newton debuts, runs anything at almost any scale

Containers? VMs? Bare metal? Huge scale? Small scale? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And yes

OVH decides to Fauquier the cloud in America

That's Fauquier County, Viriginia, chosen as its first US bit barn and HQ

Never explain, never apologize: Microsoft silent on email server grief

Connected accounts can't get messages – no big deal, right?

Secure cloud doesn’t always mean your stuff in it is secure too

IPExpo Warning from AWS and Unisys folk

Commvault and pals should score when tape-ditching stampede arrives - analyst

Plus: Raft of product updates including HyperFlex support

Trust the cloud, we’re getting the hang of securing it, says Unisys security chief

IPExpo Tom Patterson talks the white and fluffy stuff

Brainier Salesforce CRM might find customers to be slow learners

Einstein AI features could be long-term prospect

Google un-clogs Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery downloads

In theory this should mean two-day waits for sat snaps are a thing of the past

'Too big to fail' cloud giants like AWS threaten civilization as we know it

Canalys Channels Forum 2016 Canalys chief warns traditional hardware skills could die out

HPE is mulling 'tuck-in' buys of cloud firms, gros fromage says

Heavy lifting work done and dusted

Cloud will NOT eat the tech industry, Michael Dell declares

Canalys Channels Forum 2016 Oh, and that HP split? That was me, adds Texan supremo

In the name of love, don't scalp your U2 aka Dreamfest tickets, warns Salesforce

Not even pro Bono

Microsoft Azure sets up shop in France

Bonjour, mes fluffy white amis

Google finds its G Suite spot: Renames apps, talks up AI and BigQuery

Analysis 'We really are serious about the enterprise,' insists enterprise head Greene

Google announces eight new cloud regions, new support model

I'm too SaaSy for Mumbai, too SaaSy for Sydney, São Paulo and Finland (and more)

Oracle's Coach Larry needs Microsoft plays to beat Amazon

Analysis Best locker-room strategy: Avoid emulating AWS directly