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AWS throws the lever on monster 2TB X1 for in-memory databases

IoT, mobile, and containers highlight day 2 at Vegas summit

AWS jabs at rivals, proclaims cloud the 'new normal'

AWS Reinvent We do hybrid too, insists senior VP Andy Jassy

Microsoft starts backup of on-prem workloads and desktops to Azure

Repeat after us: 'Microsoft values its close partnerships with backup software vendors'

Disk boxes, security tools, etc: What Amazon announced at its AWS shindig on Wednesday

Bezos's gang keeps the cloudy mob happy with new shininess

Like a wedding cake: Avere unveils three-tier AWS cloud NAS

Avere pushes not-big data in the white fluffy stuff

Now it's the security industry's turn to be burned by cloud

Amazon ignites Web Applications Firewall to char security chaff

Rackspace turns into a fanatical AWS cloud-flinger

Here comes the support, and sales, for Bezos fans

By the numbers: The virtualisation options for private cloud hopefuls

VMware, Hyper-V… XenServer? The choice is yours

Amazon flings open source Elasticsearch at Big Data's cloud

No schema required! Just step right up, good people

Microsoft pitches Azure at HPC, visualisation loads

GPU-assisted clouds due for 2016 launch

Building a hybrid cloud? Then check out these Microsoft webinars

Promo Plug into these webinars and chant OMS

Rackspace: Amazon? Sure, you can buy their cloud ... from us

Hosting firm will offer cloud management on top of AWS, report claims

Intralinks tags HP Helion for its Oz-hosted cloud

Paranoia a boon for local data centres

Microsoft says Mesos support is coming with Azure Container Service

Redmond to bring easy container wrangling to its cloud

Microsoft stamps its bootprints harder into India

Shove off Google, our cloud was here first

Put all your eggs in one basket – and by eggs we mean GPU-heavy apps and by basket, Azure

Microsoft adds N-series VMs to its cloud for Nvidia acceleration

Managing DevOps in the hybrid cloud

Like spinning plates. With meals on them

Did you bet the farm on Amazon's cloud? Time to wean yourself off

Comment Dual-provider strategies are the future

Controversial: The future is data integrity, not confidentiality

President of Estonia makes interesting point at IT powwow

Privacy, net neutrality, security, encryption ... Europe tells Obama, US Congress to back off

Letter from 50 MEPs stresses EU will decide own laws, thanks

Revealed: Why Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb and co plunged offline

And the dodgy database at the heart of the crash is suffering again right now

If you absolutely must do a ‘private cloud’ thing, here's how

Mythical (yet important) conversations with The Finance Guy

India's daft draft anti-encryption law torn up after world+dog points out its stupidity

But it may bounce back soon

Only paying for Microsoft software that you use? It's coming

Rejig in channel management and fees points to HUGE shift in punter power

Shattered Skype slowly staggers to its feet after 15-HOUR outage outrage

Howls of pain still echo across the internet

Airbnb goes titsup – travellers and hosts flip out over lengthy downtime

Total Inability To Secure Uptown Pad. AWS to blame?

Cloud casts deep shadows over disk backup market

EMC first, daylight second, but sales dipping sharply and Microsoft in the wings

Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux

Redmond reveals Azure Cloud Switch, its in-house software-defined networking OS

Storage silo unification from file sharer ownCloud

Interview Life is full of companies that do (too) many things in a shoddy way

Microsoft puts arm round Salesforce, pair skip gaily into the cloud

Lightening CRM comes to Skype, OneNote, Office Graph and Delve

AWS cuts cloud storage price to UNDER a cent per gig a month

Glacier now charging just $0.007 for frozen storage

Oracle: Over here, look over here! At the cloud! No, not at our glum licensing numbers

Hurd n' Catz talk up fast-growing cloud business as other units see drops

Tencent targets Alibaba, seeds data cloud with £1 BEELLLION

Chinese tech giants strap on the boxing gloves

Speaking in Tech: Oracle – now all your instances are belong to us

Podcast Windy City cloud tax challenged, could be blown away

NATS climbs into the cloud to fight legacy software snafus

Air traffic body hopes move will cut delay time on next outage

Brocade's renamed Vyatta: Return of the SDN Controller

Firm hopes to wrap enterprise in the OpenDaylight embrace

Apple fanbois cry (bless) as site motionless during iPhone 6S pre-order wrest

Tim Cookin' up success!

A BOFH friendly cloud service? Shurely shome mistake...

Live webcast Oxymoron or a viable choice? We chew the fat and find out

Modernise and prosper: It's time to imbibe server orchestration

Live long by transporting what you know to a virtual environment

Apple drinks Putin’s Kool-Vodka, shoves Russians' iCloud data into Russia – report

Cupertino caves to the motherland, it's claimed

Salesforce's developer push on receiving end of big cloud reboot

App Cloud rolls

Handing over emails in an Irish server to the FBI will spark a global free-for-all, warns Microsoft

China will be next, howls Redmond lawyer in court