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Small Biz Earlier

Super Cali goes ballistic – Uber says it's bogus (even though its contract is something quite atrocious)

Driver must be treated as employee, says labor commish

Auto-playing video ads? People love auto-playing video ads – Twitter

Profit-free tech darling bats eyelids at advertisers, rattles empty tin for change

Silicon Valley season closer: Would you like fried servers with that?

Recap Ah the sweet smell of successful failure

American Idle: Seacrest keyboard startup Typo goes nowhere after BlackBerry bust-up

Copying the selling point of a dying company? Not ideal

Nest rival: Smartmobes will decide who survives the Internet of Stuff war

Interview Ecobee CEO on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, thermostats and more

Oculus adds Surreal Vision to its virty portfolio

British devs are quids in with purchase

Business plans, good ideas, and 8 other myths about startups – by Indiegogo's CEO

Slava Rubin explains what you really need to know

Why Box and not SharePoint? 'Everybody doesn't hate us' says Box engineering veep

BoxDEV Cloud storage company launches Developer Edition with app-specific users

Sick of tech bro Silicon Valley? Oakland is building a better tech world – say Oaklanders

'We don't need any more photo-sharing apps'

Dissing the Valley and ignoring unicorns: The tech boom Oakland style

Analysis Upstart conference starts up with a splash near the lake

Makerbot axes 'scores of staff' – 3D printing just doesn't pay the bills

Morale hits new low for troubled kitchen-table factory pioneer, Reg source claims

MySQL maestro Percona makes NoSQL play with Tokutek gobble

Gains transaction-safe MongoDB distro plus speedy database tech

We're off to DC! Silicon Valley startups start up law lobbying machine

Analysis Save America's economy: Do as we say – and GIVE US MORE MONEY

You want disruption? Try this: Uber office raided again, staff cuffed

Officials rock up at illegal taxi service's base for second time

Silicon Valley gets its first 1Gbps home bro– oh, there's a big catch

AT&T is back with its privacy-busting internet connections and high prices

GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

Code repository biz successfuly subpoenaed in hacker track

Tinder swipes right: eBay suit hooked up as new CEO

Chris Payne joins romp app as it tries to make money

Stealthy upstart Rubrik: We'll make enterprise data 'beautiful'

Firm's headed up directly by VC bod. Mmmmm, unusual

HP: we had portfolio gaps in entry level servers

HP GPC 2015 'Now we've got the big boy package for small biz' says exec

Teen sex pic swap shop SnapChat seeks Saudi cash to keep selfies flowing

American startup goes cap in hand to prince

Litecoin-mining code found in BitTorrent app, freeloaders hit the roof

Maybe buying that Blu-Ray in the first place was the better option, huh?

FORK ME! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers

Taxi biz demands IP addresses and more

STOP! Pebble Time: New color watch clocks up $5m on Kickstarter

Pics Updated e-paper wrist-puter leaps in before Apple Watch swamps the market Just one in three G Cloud suppliers have won ANY business

The sixth version is up and running, if anyone cares

Big data, come to BIG DADDY: HDS gobbles upstart Pentaho

Lot of info coming off those Hitachi trains, power plants ... let's crunch it all together

Bitcoin trade biz MyCoin goes dark, investors fear $387 MEEELLION lost

Panic over new zany investment

Kill Facebook's creepy on-by-default Yelp 'killer' Place Tips – your guide

New 'feature' touts nearby biz and reviews

Google 'in talks' to buy THAT group, y'know, the one formerly known as ISIS

Will it be all-out war on Apple?

Uber reveals fresh passenger data spaff – and city officials are OK with this

Storm in a Boston tea cup

Siri, are you afraid of Facebook's new speech recognition tech?

Zuck & Co gain mobile speech APIs with gobble

Brit iPad sellers feel the pain of VAT-free imports

Blighty sellers face collapse unless tax laws are tightened

France says 'non' to UberPop

Ridesharing service hit with ban by Le Frenchy Feds

HORRIFIED Amazon retailers fear GOING BUST after 1p pricing cockup

Nightmare before Christmas courtesy of RepricerExpress

This week it rained in San Francisco and the power immediately blew out. Your tech utopia

Opinion Water falling from the sky disrupts the disruptors

Hinge: An app that scours Facebook friends for dates banks $12m

Hopes to compete with Tinder by getting better results

Wanna buy a dot-word? If you want a .pizza the action, now's a chance

Roundup Puns aside, here's what's going on this week with new gTLDs

One-click, net-modelled UK copyright hub comes a step closer

Dignified usage reform begins. What could possibly go wrong?

Portland lobs fair-trade gluten-free artisan SUEBALL at Uber

City hopes to disrupt disruptive cab-hire app upstart

CONTAINER WARS: CoreOS blasts Rocket rival at Docker

Claim's Docker's direction is 'fundamentally flawed'

Trevor contemplates Consumer Netgear gear. BUT does it pass the cat hair test?

Sysadmin blog A real life furball survivor

Uber bends over for internal privacy probe amid stalking claims

As Al Franken fires off an angry letter. Thanks, Al

Blackpool hotel 'fines' couple £100 for crap TripAdvisor review

Free speech, we've heard of it