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Furious LastPass fans fear password wrangler's fate amid LogMeIn's gobble

Firm tells users to stop sweating it over $125m buyout

Robin flies into storage aviary: Will it soar, or is it just winging it?

Is it a bird? Is it a data plane? No, it's a virtualisation container upstart

IBM gobbles storage upstart Cleversafe

How very clever, to buy an object storage startup

Startup promises to cancel your hated Comcast subscription for you for just $5

Two-man band says it'll sit through the pain

Apple gobbles Brit AI outfit VocalIQ

Reports suggest fruity firms has acquired biz which previously sneered at Siri as a 'toy'

Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her

Here comes the irony grenade for Peeple founder

IT supplier? Got a customer who won't pay? Dob them in to the Insolvency Service

You'll have to keep supplying, but this way you will get paid

Oakland mayor fires warning letter to Uber: Welcome to our city. Now behave

Libby Schaaf puts case for using tech to empower people

Uber's double Dutch moment: Cops raid offices a second time

Ride-booking app one of the few things not allowed in Amsterdam

Red alert: Pure Storage IPO could maybe hit as early as next week

Keep your eyes peeled; it could be as soon as next week

Who the hell is still using Lyft? And why put up with junk texts 'n' calls, huffs FCC

Pink-mustaches left red-faced after commish takes action

Angry Birds maker Rovio takes aim at staff, axes a third of them

O Rovio, Rovio, wherefore art thou, Rovio?

Google's new parent Alphabet owns – and, yup, there's already an

Is this April 1?

Remember Impero, the school software biz that went ape over a vuln? Someone's got revenge

Video In a very British way – leaflets! OVER 9,000 of them

Sales veep, staff log-off from cluster-cache upstart PernixData

This is fine, everything's fine

Uber holds out hand, hails another $1bn – mostly from Microsoft

'Strategic' funding round said to be about 'partnerships'

Git a load of this: GitHub now valued at $2 billion

Investors pump yet more millions of dollars into online source-code silo

Yelp whelps yelp 'Help!' Chairman ejects, shares plunge 30%, losses grow

We'll give these financial figures one star out of five

Game over, Ouya, the Android gaming console

Thanks for all that Kickstarter cash – upstart gobbled by Razer

Google: Hey startups, want in on our patent gang? First hit's free

Yeah, we got free patents, just sign right here...

Take off, eh, you Uber: Ontario lobs $300m lawsuit at cab app biz

Taxi drivers start legal war in the Great White North

Hacking Team: We’ll be back in the spyware biz before you know it

Meanwhile countries sue for the right to snoop

Geeksphone closes up shop as founders turn their eyes to wearables

Firefox OS mobe maker calls it a day

Hacking Team havoc shows even 'security experts' suck at security

Analysis Do what we say, not what we do

Uber app will soon maybe track you 24/7, cry privacy warriors

EPIC fail for taxi app upstart – if claims come true

git commit -m 'Add $200m to GitHub, tweak valuation to $2bn'

San Francisco upstart in series-B round

Super Cali goes ballistic – Uber says it's bogus (even though its contract is something quite atrocious)

Driver must be treated as employee, says labor commish

Auto-playing video ads? People love auto-playing video ads – Twitter

Profit-free tech darling bats eyelids at advertisers, rattles empty tin for change

Silicon Valley season closer: Would you like fried servers with that?

Recap Ah the sweet smell of successful failure

American Idle: Seacrest keyboard startup Typo goes nowhere after BlackBerry bust-up

Copying the selling point of a dying company? Not ideal

Nest rival: Smartmobes will decide who survives the Internet of Stuff war

Interview Ecobee CEO on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, thermostats and more

Oculus adds Surreal Vision to its virty portfolio

British devs are quids in with purchase

Business plans, good ideas, and 8 other myths about startups – by Indiegogo's CEO

Slava Rubin explains what you really need to know

Why Box and not SharePoint? 'Everybody doesn't hate us' says Box engineering veep

BoxDEV Cloud storage company launches Developer Edition with app-specific users

Sick of tech bro Silicon Valley? Oakland is building a better tech world – say Oaklanders

'We don't need any more photo-sharing apps'

Dissing the Valley and ignoring unicorns: The tech boom Oakland style

Analysis Upstart conference starts up with a splash near the lake

Makerbot axes 'scores of staff' – 3D printing just doesn't pay the bills

Morale hits new low for troubled kitchen-table factory pioneer, Reg source claims

MySQL maestro Percona makes NoSQL play with Tokutek gobble

Gains transaction-safe MongoDB distro plus speedy database tech

We're off to DC! Silicon Valley startups start up law lobbying machine

Analysis Save America's economy: Do as we say – and GIVE US MORE MONEY

You want disruption? Try this: Uber office raided again, staff cuffed

Officials rock up at illegal taxi service's base for second time

Silicon Valley gets its first 1Gbps home bro– oh, there's a big catch

AT&T is back with its privacy-busting internet connections and high prices

GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

Code repository biz successfuly subpoenaed in hacker track