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Pimp my lounge and pierce my ceiling: Home theatre goes OTT

Breaking Fad Soundbars to Dolby Atmos: surround on Freeview, Netflix, Blu-ray et al

IT Infrastructure Challenges? IBM has an event just for you

Promo See you in London on 10 Sept

Ericssson-LG jumps on South Korean cloud to make 5G rain

Software to control software

American HPC cluster kids feed data-nomming beast with fat nodes

HPC Blog US teams fight ISC'14 student cluster schlacht

iOS phone phlaw can reveal anonymous social media users

Facebook, Google ... nobody read TFM, says security chap

Security rEsrchRs find nu way 2 spot TXT spam

Symantec boffins analyse 400,000 TXTs to develop new spam-spotting approach

SHARE 'N' SINK: OneDrive corrupting Office 2013 files

No reports of data loss as MS 'fesses up to mess, but US long weekend delays fix

Singapore slings £18k fine at text-spam-spaffing biz owner

First prosecution under new ‘do not call’ rules

Apple, FBI probe nude celeb hacks

iCloud brute force bods say 'IT WASN'T OUR FAULT!'

South Korea's top wireless carrier builds Internet of Eels

Sensors to keep farm tanks comfy to stop the eels shrieking

Microsoft changes cert test providers, hints at fun new exams

If you really love taking tests with Prometric, do 'em before Christmas

Epiphany hits Raspberry Pi founders, users

Epiphany, the new Pi-specific browser, that is, not some mystical revelation

Sex-in-space geckos killed by frigidity

Russian reptiles rue re-entry heater error

Cisco climbs aboard containerisation cloudwagon, with security reservations

Teams with Red Hat to add SDN so containerised apps can get to work faster

Tesla to add charging network in China

400 stations in deal with China Unicom

Windows 7 settles as Windows XP use finally starts to slip … a bit

And at the back of the field, Windows 8.1 is sprinting away from Windows 8

BBC: We're going to slip CODING into kids' TV

Comment Pureed-carrot-in-ice cream C++ surprise

Twitter declines to deny JLaw tweet scrubdown after alleged iCloud NAKED PHOTOS hack

Searching site for leaked nudie celeb pics is now that bit harder

Steelie Neelie: Enjoy your EXCLUSIVE UHF spectrum in 2020, mobile operators

But you'd better play nicely with broadcasters until then

Tech kingpins: Your kit would be tastier with a spot of open source

Storagebod Come on EMC, open-source ViPR

Europol picks Brit to lead new international cybercrime taskforce

Six-month pilot project

DRAM whammer Kaminario bigs up K2 biz

Comment Flash array market's on the up

No flogging, please, we're Apple: Health app makers FORBIDDEN to sell users' info


Google has spaffed more cash on lobbying this year than Big Cable

Don't worry, it'll be cheaper when they use drones

Wonderful wizard of WOS daddy DDN moves into big data

Comment We're talking profits, baby

Second hacking crew joins Syrian Electronic Army on Team Assad

Malware Team might even be an offshoot, say researchers

Chumps stump up $1 MEELLLION for watch that doesn't exist

By the way, I have a really nice bridge you might like...

Woe, Daddy! GoDaddy customers wail as hosting service GOES TITSUP

Support team swamped by calls as websites die

China: You, Microsoft. Office-Windows 'compatibility'. You have 20 days to explain

Told to cough up more details as antitrust probe goes deeper

Vulture 2 X-Plane soars over Spaceport America

Billy Bargagliotti wraps virtual rocket ship - come give it a blast

HP: NORKS' cyber spying efforts actually a credible cyberthreat

'Sophisticated' spies, DIY tech and a TROLL ARMY – report

The man who found Atlantis: 14PB of storage, flashy models and Moore's Law

Interview Chetan Venkatesh talks business

How to grill an American VC... on the storage upstart world

Interview Battery Ventures VC looks at SanDisk

Google could be a great partner for Iliad in its quest for T-Mobile

Comment C'est ridicule? Not if it works...

NZ Justice Minister scalped as hacker leaks emails

Grab your popcorn: Subterfuge and slur disrupts election run up

Rubbish WPS config sees WiFi router keys popped in seconds

Another day, another way in to your home router

Virgin Media blocks 'wankers' from permissible passwords

No bollocks, quite literally...

Hot students, 'liquid coolant', bagpipes and Brazilians: It's a cluster compo, folks

HPC Blog Edinburgh, Sao Paulo uni teams chase glory

European Commission okays Oracle's MICROS gobble

Dear shareholders, hurry up and sell up, says Big O

Broadcom reveals $20 'Pi in the sky' IoT development widget

'WICED Sense' comes with sensors and wireless so devs can wire things into stuff

Yahoo! YUI! project! is! no! more!

The world overtook us, yet AGAIN says Purple Palace

Facebook, Google and Instagram 'worse than drugs' says Miley Cyrus

Italian boffins agree with popette's theory that haters are the real wrecking balls

Redmond resists order to hand over overseas email

Court wanted peek as related to US investigation

Hardkernel nixes RPi clone project

Odroid-W zeroed by SoC supply

Australia deflates Valve with Steam sueball

Alleges breaches of Oz consumer law

JLaw, Kate Upton exposed in celeb nude pics hack

100 women victimised as Apple iCloud accounts reportedly popped

Apple reportedly inks deal with American Express for its iPhone payments system

To bonk, or not to bonk. That is the question

Google flushes out users of old browsers by serving up CLUNKY, AGED version of search

Ad giant: Yeah, we did that deliberately

Volcanic eruption in Iceland triggers CODE RED aviation warning

Lava-spitting Bárðarbunga prompts action from Met Office

What do you mean, I have to POST a PHYSICAL CHEQUE to get my gun licence?

Stop bitching about firearms fees - we need computerisation

GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks ... by drinking urine

Activists told NOT to snap pics of staff at the concrete doughnut