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RIP Nexus Player – the truth

Android security 'shame list'

123-reg email goes TITSUP

Judge torpedoes 'Tor pedo' torpedo evidence

Feds keep browser flaw in the hoard

Sweden decides Julian Assange™ 'remains detained in absentia'

Couch-surfer's cat responds with yawn of disdain

Hillary Clinton broke law with private email server – top US govt watchdog

System also came under hacking attacks (just like everything else on the internet)

Florida man, Chinese biz fined $48k, $35m on mobe signal jam raps

Wham, jam, pay Uncle Sam

Seattle Suehawks: Smart meter hush-up launched because, er ... terrorism

Security through obscurity, amirite?

Hulk Hogan's sex tape, a Silicon Valley billionaire, and a $10m revenge plot to destroy Gawker

Analysis A storyline even the Simpsons would have refused

US nuke arsenal run by 1970s IBM 'puter using 8-inch floppies

Uncle Sam blows billions a year on legacy tech

Lost your shirt in the MtGox Bitcoin mess? Release the Kraken!

BTC exchange says it will refund lost funbux soon

Big Cable uses critics' own arguments to slam set-top box shake-up

Analysis Where exactly should the FCC's authority stop?

German boffins smash records with 37km wireless spurt at 6Gbps

I can stream for miles and miles…

Hardware sizzles for HPE – and brings home the bacon

Whitman hails 'best quarter' since she grabbed CEO chair

You've patched that Flash hole, but have the users? Phone's ringing. It's for you

Latest exploit used to sling CryptXXX ransomware

Thai bloke battles jumbo python in toilet todger thriller

Morning dump ends in snake attached to spam javelin

Craig Wilson just can't catch a break. Tries to leave HPE, finds self back again

Exec heads to CSC via Xchanging... arrives back at the Hotel California

Irish data cops kick Max Schrems' latest Facebook complaint up to EU Court

Safe Harbor's dead, now DPC wants contract clauses decision

Hooves in spaaace: Goat Simulator goes galactic

Caprine capers continue with Waste of Space expansion

Bearded Baron Shugs hired by to get down with the kids

'Bang the drum with me - apprenticeships, startups, apprenticeships, startups'

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars

1,850 jobs cut - mostly in Finland. Microsoft Mobile. Oy

Speaking in Tech: Microsoft's 'Bing concierge bot' appears in the job ads

Podcast Plus: Is it time to PaaS the buck?

Geniuses at HMRC sack too many staff! Nope, can't do it online. FAIL

Audit watchdog snarls at taxman for hasty cost-cutting

'Grey tech' broker DP Data Systems has gone titsup

Vowed to go clean rather than shut up shop. Shuts up shop

ISS 'nauts to inflate pump-up space podule

Bigelow Expandable Activity Module engorges tomorrow

Labour scores review of Snoopers' Charter's bulk powers from

IPB Theresa May appoints indie reviewer in letter to Andy Burnham

Hand the security cookbook to your robot butler: Time to automate

You can even pour it all into a container...

British cops to film you with 59k body-worn cameras by end of year

Yes, they ARE considering cloud storage, how about that

Brocade tunes up Workflow Composer for network automation

Management tools will script out admin jobs

Next-gen Tor to use distributed RNG, 55-character addresses

Numbers so random no one can predict how random they'll be

MITRE fighter says CVE delays are no laughing matter, names bug ROFL in branding protest

AusCERT Hopes Rocket Overloaded Flags Liability spurs adoption of DWF bug IDs

Citrix dodges death, returns with bigger XenServer and NetScaler

Drinking the software-defined big data kool aid through one pane of glass

Boffins blow up water with LASERS, to watch explosions in slow-mo

Video Humanity needs to know more about how matter behaves in extreme conditions

Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy has data on 1/14th of humanity

He wants it for 1/7th, plus a proper thin client to access it with and for Silicon Valley to come up with some new ideas

VXer group ramps up malware to attack Indian embassies

"Operation Ke3chang" updates 'Tidepool' malware to target MS Word mess

IETF spikes government metadata collection with DNS request crypto plan

RFC calling for DNS encryption would make it much harder for spooks to know where you surf

Pastejack attack turns your clipboard into a threat

CTRL-V vector turns "not evil" into "evil" without the target noticing

Facebook adds new names to Telecom Infra Project

TIP is the iceberg

HPE spins out enterprise services business into CSC

Breaking up is not hard to do

Microsoft bans common passwords that appear in breach lists

Azure Active Directory no longer allows the likes of 'M!cr0$0ft' to gain entry

iPhone 'Error 53' plaintiffs say Apple not giving reimbursements

Filing challenges the attempt to throw out class action suit

Apple hires crypto-wizard Jon Callas to beef up security

Preparing for President Trump or Clinton

Pepper robot acts like real teenager, gets job at Pizza Hut

No word if paychecks being saved to buy a used Corolla

SWIFT CEO promises security improvements

Humble piece comes in five slices

Twilio woos developers with add-on marketplace and SIM as a service

Cloudy comms unit joins T-Mobile uncarrier push

Citrix bakes up Raspberry Pi client boxes

Tiny 'puters find a niche in virtual desktops

Twitter expands beyond 140 characters

Photos and @username references won't be part of sending limit

Trad software sales type looking for a break? Atlassian shrugs

Old world sales types unlikely to get a taste of young firms

Insure against a cyberwhat now? How the heck do we crunch those numbers?

Pushing for creation of cyberattack database

Nutanix slims down code, chases after small business

Hardware minus big-shops-software bits

French authorities raid Google's Paris HQ over tax allegations

The Chocolate Factory is 'cooperating fully' with Inspector Clouseau et cie

US 5th graders have a pop at paper plane record

Close to claiming highest launch Guinness World Record

UK distributor Steljes goes titsup

Specialist audio visual firm calls administrator as cash flow dries

Booming sales of flippy detachables offers hope to glum PC market

Businesses want in too

Urika-ka-ka-ka! Cray unveils open source big data box

HPC shop goes elastic compute and cloud

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the Cloud for UK Public Sector roadshow

Promo Lands in four English cities in June

Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'

Hello, privilege escalation attacks

Galileo satnav fleet grows an extra pair

Satellites 13 and 14 safely aloft preparing to lob up to £4 BEEELLION at commodity tech

Mega framework contract notice out ... also calls for open source

Atlassian cuts Bamboo from the cloud, lays pipelines into Bitbucket

Saves devs from down-time with mobile JIRA and Confluence...

Crappy sandwiches, cantankerous nerds: Put user back in user group

Sysadmin Blog Live from a VMUG? Worth a try...

Gillian Anderson: The next James Jane Bond?

The X-Files star in 007 bid

Don't tell the Cabinet Office: HMRC is building its own online ID system

Just as GDS's Verify goes live

Asteroid-sampling spacecraft prepped for September launch

OSIRIS-REx: NASA's greatest improbable acronym

Lost containers tell no tales. Time to worry

Keeping a grip on Docker

LinkedIn mass hack reveals ... yup, you're all still crap at passwords

'Linkedin'? 'P4ssw0rd'? '123456'? Come on, people

Committees: Wait! Don't strap on the Privacy Shield yet

Two working parties, ministers galore... but data transfer law remains in limbo

90 days of Android sales almost beat 9 months' worth for all flavours of Win 10

WinPho has 0.7% market share

Pointless features add to browser bloat and insecurity

83 per cent of browser features are used by under one per cent of top websites

Hate Windows 10? Microsoft's given you 'Insider' powers anyway

Redmond's Feedback Hub is now open to all Windows 10 users

ENISA / Europol almost argue against crypto backdoors

Malware and keyloggers are better, we think they're saying

Password reuse bot steals creds from weak sites, logs in to banks

If your Netflix password is your banking password, you'll get what you deserve

Google security man reveals Allo will encrypt chats - sometimes.

Choose your own adventure: Features and spies, or boring freedom.

Troll seeks toll because iPhones work

Make a phone call, breach a patent

Want a better password? Pretend you eat kale. We won't tell anyone

Everybody loves somebody sometime, so 'iloveyou' is easier to guess than 'ilovekale'

Swiss CERT publishes reveals details of defence contractor hack

Crims watched Active Directory closely, then sprung their attack with off-the-shelf malware

DMA Locker: One time joke, now next big ransomware threat

Exploit kits on board as devs fix crypto flaws and harden up cash-for-data code

Xen says new patch is 'simple and crude' and warns against using it

Bug means log file can grow until it fills your disk

Coders crack Oculus DRM in 24 hours, open door to mass piracy

The law of unintended consequences...

Guccifer fesses up to Clinton hacks

Romanian hacker to plead guilty

Ego and CEO are 66 per cent the same

RECAP Silicon Valley episode five: Back to form

Safety, pah! Digital Dukes of Hazzard have robot cars powersliding

Video Georgia team kick up some dirt

US Telecom beats up FCC over investment

Analysis There's your version of competition and ours. We make more money with ours

Toyota not shybot about whybot it will trybot the iBot

Automaker and Segway daddy revive wheelchair project

G4S call centre staff made 'test' 999 calls to hit performance targets

Outsourced staffers in Lincolnshire control room were formerly police employees

Surrey teen charged over Mumsnet hack attack

Met also conducts interviews about 'swatting'

Watchdog snaps: Privatise the Land Registry? What a terrible idea!

CMA says it'll create a private monopoly

Jfrog flicks out scanner to dive deep into containers

Seriously, what are you hiding in there?

Half of EU members sidle up to EC: About the data-sharing rules. C'mon. Chill out

Ensure regs don't 'constitute a barrier to development'

Blighty's Virgin Queen threatened with foreign abduction

£10m appeal to buy 'Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I' for the nation

Cock fight? Not half. Microsoft beats down Apple in Q1

Biz tab sales stakes - the winner and the iPad Pro

Apple: Another bug fix. Er, thanks, GCHQ

Things that make you go hmmm...

Salesforce slaps UK Enterprise customers with 40% price hike

Meanwhile Americans enjoy a modest 20% price rise. Eh?

Galileo satnav fleet waxes orbital

Satellites 13 and 14 launch tomorrow from French Guiana

Ding ding: IBM rings bell for round two of job cuts at GTS

Technical Support Services staffers form Employee Consultation Committee

Facebook's turbo-charged Instant Articles: Another brick in the wall

Want your news crud-free and open? There is hope

Shakes on a plane: How dangerous is turbulence?

Should you be worried when the drinks tray rattles?

Business dept sinks £14m into canned shared services plan

Later pulls out of Cabinet Office scheme, but reckons will still save money

Malaysians using South African cards pinch US$12.7m in Japan

100 frothing fraudsters smash convenience stores in early morning raids

India launches hypersonic space shuttle precursor

First 'Reusable Launch Vehicle' test flight goes off without a hitch, three more to come

Your next server will be a box full of connected stuff, not a server

And if it runs Unix or a non-x86 chip, you'll need a good excuse

Google-backed solar electricity facility sets itself on fire

Archimedes would be proud

User group spawns home lab how-to community

Open Homelab Project promises to help you build the test rig your boss won't fund

Shuttered Instagram holes opened 20 million accounts to hijack

Phone numbers exposed in borked verification portal

Snowden: NBN leaker raids a 'misuse' of Australian Federal Police

NSA nemesis says Australia's surveillance state is even nastier than the USA's

Google releases v4 Safe Browsing API

Older versions on deprecation schedule

Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this

UPDATE Photoplethysmography algo error could be nasty for those who target their training

The underbelly of simulation science: replicating the results

Your replicant isn't, quite

Hypersonic flight test hits Mach 7.5

Don't get excited about shorter passenger flights just yet, but do celebrate a successful test

Bold stance: Microsoft says terrorism is bad

Redmond vows to pull terror content from services

SWIFT moves on security in wake of hacking attacks

'cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack

Modular phone Ara to finally launch

More than just another Google tease

Sky! Blue!, Oceans! Wet!, Yahoo! Overvalued!

Purple Palace getting lowballed on buyout offers

US government publishes drone best practices

Spying a no-no. Unless you're a media company

Oculus backtracks on open software promise

When we said we don't care if they mod our games, we actually meant we will prevent them

China caught astroturfing social networks

Harvard study blames state groups for 488m comments

Symphony enters messaging app market

Goldman Sachs-backed business preps iOS version of secure browser service

Google still faces legal spat with SEO biz that claimed it was wiped from web

Analysis Judge throws out Choc Factory's bid to have sueball dismissed

Tech support locker scam poses as failed Microsoft Update

Invalid product key scam on the up

EMC, Cisco and pals nail colours to the EU Remain mast

Tucci, IBM UK, Microsoft UK and more put pen to paper

Networking not cutting it: Brocade needs wireless to pull revs up

General storage sales weakness exposed

Wayne Rooney razzles in X-Men: Apocalypse plug

Direful Manchester United vid

Three UK: Our MMS prices are up. Get around us with WhatsApp or Skype

Yes, it really said that

Home Office U-turns on surveillance camera review muddle minister may eventually agree to meet with Tony Porter

Continuous Lifecycle London: What we saw, what we learned

Video Watch the keynotes, view the slides

Flying filers and Game of Thrones: Jon Snow? No, latency is dead

Cache me if you can Production house on how acceleration sped up FX

Hack probing poodle sacrifice cuffed for public crap

Caught short in TV van on smoked mutt assignment, say Arizona cops

Join El Reg's Chris Mellor at FLASH FORWARD on 14 June

Promo One-day conference to help your storage buying decisions

A UK digital driving licence: What could possibly go wrong?

Not the security, we hope. It's a 'priority'

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know

Armageddon postponed?

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS

Kali Linux, laptop, coffee - hack on!

Great, IBM has had a PCM breakthrough. Who exactly is going to manufacture?

Analysis Pick a partner

India roasts as mercury hits 51°C

Country's highest temp ever recorded in Rajasthan

Shared services centres supposed to save £128m saved £0... and cost £4m

Cabinet Office lacked 'accountability', 'experience'

Being an IT trainer is like performing the bullet-catching trick

Something for the Weekend, Sir? You’ll like this (but not a lot)

The Sons of Kahn and the Witch of Wookey

Stob Verily, they did make support for the Internet of Things

BBC's Britflix likely dead before the ink has even dried on the news

Analysis Thank goodness the internet's where the fail whale lives

60 per cent of Androids exposed by new attack on mediaserver

Yet again, the fix would be proper vetting of code in Google Play and other app stores

'Acts of war in a combat zone are not covered by your laptop warranty'

ON-CALL Help desk deals with PC exploded in Iraq. By people shooting at the owner

If you know what's good for you, your health data belongs in the cloud

Connected diabetes monitors show the more you share, the more you can be helped

VCE boss Chad Sakac bets he'll win the hyperconverged market

Cisco to stay in vBlocks and Microsoft detente coming

Airbus to build plane that's even uglier than the A380

Next-gen 'Beluga' heavy lifter due in 2017

Japan on Olympic hacking mission to test utilities, trains, telcos

Penetration testing wing to launch next year

Bangladesh government domain turned into toxic phishing hole sites used by parties unknown to spawn phish from UK host

Cisco retires Nexus 6000 switches

End-of-sale date will be April 30, 2017

Google Chrome deletes Backspace

Tiny number of users were losing data from forms, so Chrome's stopped going backwards going forward

Australian Federal Police say government ignorant of NBN raids

Confirms target was Labor members, rejects claims the timing of the raids was political

Mars satellites show remains of massive tsunamis that ravaged Red Planet

Two asteroid strikes had huge consequences

Goracle latest: Page testifies, jury goes home

Software trial nearing home stretch... we hope

Chrome OS to get Android apps via the magic of containers

Google I/O 2016 Long-expected marriage of operating systems