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ROBOQUAFF, who is he? Boffins build super-cyber-drinking-arm

Video Fine-control brain-powered technology with a solid use case

Is your career lacking growth? Become a porn inspector! Hint: It sucks

Can you beat off the stiff competition? Have you got what it takes? Find out


'The Google execs, the journalists, plus Brit and US spybosses in a cosy mansion confab'

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Silicon Valley wonks

Adult FriendFinder hack exposes MILLIONS of members

Users with a fetish for risky encounters in public spaces will be thrilled

Panic button

Windows Server 2003 end of support draws ever closer

Regcast Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring - do something

eBay bug turns phishing email links into malware-stuffed booby prizes

Crims could smuggle nasties in files 'downloaded' from web souk

'The Google execs, the journalists, plus Brit and US spybosses in a cosy mansion confab'

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Silicon Valley wonks

Is your career lacking growth? Become a porn inspector! Hint: It sucks

Can you beat off the stiff competition? Have you got what it takes? Find out

Salesforce snubbed Microsoft's $55bn biz gobble offer – report

Benioff doesn't get out of bed for less than $70bn

ROBOQUAFF, who is he? Boffins build super-cyber-drinking-arm

Video Fine-control brain-powered technology with a solid use case

What are cellphone networks blabbing about you to the Feds? A US senator wants to know

Snooping on calls? Stalking people in the streets? Surely some mistake

If IT isn’t careful, marketing will soon be telling us what to do

CIO Manifesto Tell us how can CIOs hold the line in a multi-channel world

More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First

Page File TED Talk Man gives the Ministry of Justice a rude nickname

Boring old Brocade just sits there making money. Damn them

Irritatingly stable firm just trundles along like a vintage Volvo

GDS to handle Govt payments? What could possibly go wrong?

New Cabinet Office Minister lavishes fulsome praise on Maude’s fiasco

Huawei peels back the covers in pursuit of partner love

Ok so reseller recruitment was slow but we want to bed other partners too

New relay selection fix for Tor to spoil spooks' fun (eventually)

Quick, before Skynet takes control of the Five Eyes

Xiaomi greets MediaTek with a handshake, Qualcomm feels awkward

I think we should see other processors

Cisco strengthens its hardware-defined networking products

We so love FC and FICON still

DDoS attack downs University of London learning platform

A harsh lesson, now stand in corridor for four hours

Wanna buy a software reseller? Comparex big enough for you?

Owner of Microsoft licensing reselling giant hires investment banker

Windows Server 2003 end of support draws ever closer

Regcast Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring - do something

Nokia getting there with HERE as rivals talk up price

You want it, fight for it, say Finns

Zero rating? Zero chance says Vodafone India

Concerns about the threat to net neutrality and choice lead to investigation

Tim Worstall: Metals, mining and my heavyweight book

Reg Events He wrote the book, and he's going to bring it along

Adult FriendFinder hack exposes MILLIONS of members

Users with a fetish for risky encounters in public spaces will be thrilled

SAVE THE PLANKTON: So much more than whale food

Gotta love those life-sustaining and genetically diverse little critters

HP storage revenues declining as the dithering continues

Comment Is a distracted Whitman twisting or sticking?

Multiple fondling on the MIGHTY 12-INCH iOS 9 SLAB — so, so close now

Two windows, two users at a time? How is that possible?

UK data watchdog: Massive fines won't keep data safe

We should be able to use threats though

Celebrating 20 years of juicy Java. Just don’t mention Android

A remarkable past, and a clouded future

mSpy: We haven't been breached. Customers: Oh yes you have

In fact, we're victim of a ‘predatory attack’, says snooper

VMware doubles node count for EVO:RAIL hyperconvergenceware

Two THOUSAND desktops a cluster, baby. Uh huh

Factory reset memory wipe FAILS in 500 MEEELLION Android phones

Cambridge boffins recovered crypto keys, plus Google and Facebook tokens

ZX Spectrum 'Hobbit' revival sparks developer dispute

Elves vs. Dwarves argument among retro-devs as Men just get on and play improved game

Heroic German rozzers rescue innocent lamb from sordid brothel

Little Knocking Sheep of Horrors

HP beats the street on earnings, misses on revenue in Q2

Things are ugly outside the Americas, new China deal might help

Big sales growth nothing to do with NSA fears - Huawei top brass

Chinese kit-maker has stolen Europe from the yanks

Hacker uses Starbucks INFINITE MONEY for free CHICKEN SANDWICH

Coffee king finds cheeky exploit a bitter taste

PCI council gives up, dumbs down PCI DSS for small business

Taskforce to try again with new education campaign for simpler security standard

VMware beta testing database-as-a-service based on SQL Server

'vCloud Air SQL' will bring disaster recovery for your DB coming to Virtzilla's vCloud Air

EXT4 filesystem can EAT ALL YOUR DATA

RAID bug can corrupt the filesystem, patches incoming, caution advised

Snowden latest: NSA planned sneak attacks on Android app stores

Agencies also hid major flaws in UC Browser

School's in for Chromebooks, Google's the top swot in class

ChromeOS getting 'em while they're young

Want to be the hottest thing since Melrose Place? Get these Lycos patents

Who wouldn't want to own IP from firm that peaked 20 years ago?

City of birth? Why password questions are a terrible idea

Best way not to remember an answer? Lie to yourself

Singapore to trial 10Gbps home broadband

Take that Google cable, and weep Australia

SpaceX signs off on another successful mission with Pacific splashdown

Dragon quenched with water landing

Grand Theft Auto maker lobs sueball at BBC over biopic

Casting Harry Potter as our CEO? The nerve!

New Windows 10 Build 10122 aims to fix file association hijacking

Smoother and more stable, but Start menu and tablet issues remain

404 Boss not found — Bye bye ICANN CEO Chehade

Surprise decision will likely see him leave before critical transition

Spotify smashing new media paradigms with something called ‘video’

Swede streamer was once all about the music, man

Apple announces 'Home' iOS 9 app to run the Internet of Stuff

Managing things in the Internet of Things is a thing, y'know

Governance the key if you don't want mobile workers escaping your control

On the move but not on the loose

NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition

Wake up and smell the declining revenues

WHOOPSIE! Vast US health insurer CareFirst plundered of 1.1 MEELLION records

But no medical or payment info - it seems

Coho Data spawns all-flash MicroArray with fresh funding help

Not quite storage fishing in the Yemen, but still pretty good

Backpage child sex trafficking lawsuit nixed thanks to 'internet freedoms'

Judge: Communications Decency Act trumps indecent ads

Imation CEO voted off board in proxy war bombshell

Activist investor Clinton Group sets up camp at far end of boardroom table

Salesforce: Profit pah! We’ll be back in the red before you know it

SAP saps soon to be slapped

Belgian telco prepares to tear out last of nation's phone boxes

Shares in public toilet firms reportedly on the rise

China spending $182 BEEELLION on net construction by end of 2017

The move away from manufacturing base continues

It pays to fake it: Test your flash SAN with a good simulation

How to measure your storage performance

Post-PC era? Surely you're joking, says Lenovo as computers fly out of door

Profits down following acquisitions, though

A good effort, but a bit odd: Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2

First Look The question is, does the Pi really need Windows?

Choose Deutsche Telekom for all your bargain spying needs

Cable company helped NSA spy on Vienna for a decade, says Austrian MP

King's Bounty (1990): Enter the kleptomaniac dragon

Antique Code Show Employ a mighty army, locate a symbolic staff

NINTENDO assigns BOWSER to run North American sales. No, really

Turtle namesake recruited for smartphone assault

Dell inserts Hyper-V smarts into its DL backup boxen

Widens range with new appliances and standby VMs

NASA plots interplanetary cubesat swarms

Lots of small, cheap probes can tell us more than one big, expensive, probe

Hacker launches ransomware rescue kit

Steady, breathe: The wrong click could turn servers to brick

Intel wants containers to be alone again, naturally

VT-x virtualisation extensions pressed into service improving container security

Mobiles at school could be MAKING YOUR KID MORE DUMBER

Instant messaging and Candy Crush Saga in class creates learning not-spots

Delphix offers a mask for your data

Acquisition protects customer info from dev teams

Odin (formerly Parallels) bets big on Docker and OpenStack

Virtuozzo to get native support for Docker

Andreessen tips spare change into sensor startup Samsara

Along with World+Dog, Meraki founders reckon IoT is next big thing

HP looks set to ditch 3Com-spawn H3C Tech

Tsinghua Unigroup to scoop remnants of once-mighty Ethernet pioneer

Extreme Networks restructures again, promises SDN pivot

Global workforce to be cut by 18 per cent in search of savings

Google DOG WHISTLING fails to send URLs across the room

I don't like your Tone, Google, try something I can hear

Huawei announces tiny 10 KB IoT kernel

LiteOS will be made open source

The Internet of Things becomes the Game of Thrones in standards war

Z-Wave thinks it's VHS to opponent's Betamax

Rand Paul stages Senate filibuster against Patriot Act

Update Bipartisan effort to kill Section 215

India plans space telescope launch in second half of 2015

ASTROSAT won't trouble Hubble, will excite boffins at University of Leicester

Call girl gets six years for Googler's drug death

Tichelman pleads guilty in heroin overdose killing

Robocalling Americans? That'll cost you $1.7 MEEELLION

Companies slammed for violating FTC laws

Get off the phone!! Seven out of ten US drivers put theirs and your lives at risk

Texting on the road the equivalent of four beers, says experts

Google, Twitter search deal: Did micro-blabbing site gag racy tweets to satisfy ad giant?

Comment Smutty material reportedly set to be covered up

US Air Force launches not-so-secret space plane. Thanks Russia

X-37B up and in orbit. Let a thousand solar sails bloom

Altice to buy controlling stake in Suddenlink for NINE BEEELION dollars

Barely takes time to sleep it off before it starts sizing up Time Warner Cable

EU parliament pushes for Dodd-Frank style conflict mineral laws

Is your iPhone fuelling African atrocities? Not any more, say MEPs

Google Maps gets hit with racist White House listing

Maybe it's time to make those user edit bans permanent

Nexenta flies over the Edge into the object storage bearpit

ZFS alternative hits the streets

Why does Uber keep its drivers' pay so low? Ex-CFO: 'Cos we can'

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Cunningham exits EVault, pauses, then takes controls at Springpath

Set the controls for the hole in the dam

US plans to apply export controls to 0-days put out for comment

Gov looking to break record for collection of most comments ending in 'off' in 60-days

Average enterprise 'using 71 services vulnerable to LogJam'

What do you mean our firewall has foundations made of cheese?

China megacorp Tencent parrots Communists' 'Internet Plus' edict

'Software-defined networking is key architectural strategy' says party. Sorry, veep

Speaking in Tech: How come everyone's stopped doing private cloud on OpenStack?

Podcast Plus: 'We always build cloud better when we're...'

Manage your internet performance

Live Regcast You are 60 minutes away from taking control of your network

Hold on to your hats people, the MoD's found the cloud

180,000 users to be rolled onto Office 365 in Enterprise Agreement

BT's taxpayer-funded broadband monopoly may lock out rivals, says independent report

Does 'incumbency advantage' hurt competition in UK?

IaaS is OVER, ladies. Time for OpenStack to jump clear

Prepare for the brave new future: Web-scale middleware

CSC picks up axe, takes aim at its own profitable bits

North America public sector biz set to split off as results slide continues

Cloud Security Temperature Check

Survey Results What keeps Reg readers up at night?

Boffins have devised TERMINATOR style LIQUID METAL – for an antenna

Calling John Connor. John Connor to the checkout, please

Virtual reality pr0n on the Rift? 'Why not?' says Oculus founder

Virtual muck not struck from smut bucket content glut to Luckey's luck

Healthy Drobo set free by Connected Data to go it alone

Ex-Brocade veep takes charge of independent biz

Alca-Lu pitches carrier SDN from Layer 3 to optical

Network Services Platform hopes to align carriers with clouds

NetApp consciously uncouples from 500+ staff

Baffling wordblurt straight from the Gwyneth Paltrow soundbite phrasebook

SimpliVity opens its doors to KVM, OpenStack

Hyper-V also on the roadmap for hyper-convergence evangelists

100s of Virgin Media customers hit by handset repair glitch, telco admits

Clusterf*ck? Pissed-off punters left without phones for weeks

Spy-tech firms Gamma and Trovicor target Shell Oil in Oman

Exclusive Not just activists this time, but Western commercial interests

Candlelit vigil planned to honour executed Newcastle cow Bessie

'A little prayer' for bovine victim of Northumbria Police marksmen

Twitter CRAWLS to Google ON ITS KNEES, starts blowing content

Receives fat pipe of huge ad platform once again

Do any REAL CIOs believe we're in a post PC world? No.

CIO Manifesto Reg roundtable delivers non-rose-tinted view of 2020

Safari URL-spoofing vuln reveals how fanbois can be led astray

Here's website A. Oh, is that the address of website B?

Hi! You've reached TeslaCrypt ransomware customer support. How may we fleece you?

Infosec bods tear into the belly of the beast

Brexit-fearing Vodafone: Of course we’ll make money from 4G

Revenues up 10%, data volumes grow thanks to video

After #Election2015: How can we save Big Data?

¡Bong! Special My plan to upgrade Nate Silver to make him golden

Well YES, Silicon Valley VCs do think you're a CRETIN

Worstall on Wednesday Bitcoin-mining toasters leap forth from stealth

Orange squeezed over Jazztel buy: Sell your Spanish FTTH network or else

Zesty Vestager gets tough as market concentrates

Last flying Avro Vulcan, XH558, prepares for her swan song

Final airshow season for legendary V-bomber

'Millions' of routers open to absurdly outdated NetUSB hijack

Vulnerability may allow ne'er-do-wells to access the 1990s

Apple patches FREAK-ed out Watch

Cupertino slings patches to kill twin data execution bugs

Hackers pop submarine cable operator Pacnet, probe internal networks

Customer data should be safe, corporate IP not so much

Manchester car park lock hack leads to horn-blare hoo-ha

Shoppers left deafened and bewildered by botched radio jamming incident

'Logjam' crypto bug could be how the NSA cracked VPNs

Updated Johns Hopkins crypto boffin spots FREAK-like protocol bug

Driverless cars deal DEATH to Detroit, says Barclays

Told you so, says smug Reg hack

AMD promises 100 gigabyte/second memory

Open HBM architecture detailed, first devices due in June

Airbus warns of software bug in A400M transport planes

Fatal crash in Spain may have been down to buggy engine control unit

Hacker data dumps scrape to make huge grey marketing database

100 million records offered to sales types, at disruptive prices

KFC's new secret ingredient is a bluetooth keyboard on your tray

German outlets put finger-clicking good kit under meals, claims brand heath benefits

Arcserve boxes clever, takes back-up appliance down a price division

CA spin-out company embarks on arduous mission to prove itself

VMware: Our DaaS is is so large it now covers Japan, Australia

Horizon Air fluffs up its cloudy footprint and features

I say Zuck off, YOU say Zuck off, we ALL say Zuck off

More activists weigh into row

Verizon: fibre is MUCH cheaper than copper, we're going all-FTTP

US telco says all-fibre diet cuts maintenance costs, increases revenue-per-user

Swedish government wins legal case to seize Pirate Bay domains

It gets knocked down, but it gets up again

Australia forces UberX drivers to become tax collectors

August 1 deadline for 'ride-sourcers' to get their affairs in order

Uncle Sam spanks PayPal for credit scheme cockup

Updated Enrolling consumers without permission? That's a $25m paddlin'

US Air Force reveals what's inside its top-secret space plane, this time

We're not weaponizing space! It's just CubeSats, ion-drives, and solar sails

We caught Chinese technology spies RED-HANDED, claims US government

Academics accused of swiping wireless tech

Are we looking at the first domain name meme? Neigh

Satirists hoof it over to .horse

Get another loan, fanbois, the new MacBook Pro and iMac are here

Retina 5K gets crammed into latest Jony Ive desktop

Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks

Paranoia over NSA tampering spurs de-Westernisation drive

Nutanix CEO nixes Cisco buy rumours, swears allegiance to Michael Dell

Pandey — IPO still on the cards

Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner

AWS leads, but Microsoft still a clear second

AI pioneer reckons China's where the Rise of the Machines will start

‘More willingness to challenge basic assumptions’

YouTube Kids 'showed nippers how to make nooses, play with fire'

Complaint to FTC says app facilitates access to violence and pr0n as well

Toshiba pumps 'use-more-Ethernet-drives' cash into Exablox

Seven million smackeroos says we luv you muchly

Zuck can EFF off: is SO NOT the INTERNET

Update 'Facebook ghetto for poor people'

Amazon cloud to BEND TIME, exist in own time zone for 24 hours

Consumer giant plans to SLICE UP innocent second and leave pieces all over the day

Microsoft's certification exams: So easy, a child of six could pass them. Literally

And he had points to spare. But don't cry, MSCE folk...

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up

The big BUT in Adobe's graphics subscription toll

French outsourcer Atos fattens revenues on UK public sector

UK government biz buoys otherwise flat sales

RSA supremo rips 'failed' security industry a new backdoor, warns of 'super-mega hack'

RSA 2015 Walls and moats can't beat ladders and boats

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