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Acer M220 Windows Phone

Acer enters Windows Phone fray with cheap Liquid M220 mobe

MWC Runs better than Android on same hardware, vendor claims

HTC One M9 hands on: Like a smart M8 in a sharp suit

MWC If it ain't broke, just polish it gently

Leonard Nemoy

RIP Leonard Nimoy: He lived long and prospered

Obit We are, and always shall be, his fans

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

MEGA PATENT DUMP! Ericsson, Smartflash blitz Apple: iPhone, iPad menaced by sales block

Linkfest We present all the contested patents

Icelandic chasm

FCC says cities should be free to run decent ISPs. And Republicans can't stand it

Analysis State vs federal; corporations vs public interest

Tulsa woman bludgeons man mercilessly with laptop

Gobbles genitals, but not in a good way

Reckon YOU can write better headlines than us? Great – apply within

Job If you can proofread, edit and fact-check, we want to hire you

Twitter triples abuse team, knocks dox

Reports surge as CEO crackdown takes effect

US Navy satellite EXPLODES, scattering debris

Ground control to DMSP-13 …

Bad movie: Hackers can raid networks with burnt Blu-Rays

Movies a distraction for remote plunder

Microsoft working on 'Nano' server for web-scale Windows

Slide deck appears describing lightweight core for future Windows Servers

Citrix targets carriers with NetScaler

Mobile World Congress Virtualising the mobile network for the NFV world

It's a Mega blast: PayPal drops Dotcom's Mega

Free storage until alternative payment source found

Microsoft Swarms all over Docker Machines

Embrace, extend, hmm, what's that last one?

El Reg regains atomic keyring capability

Tritium-powered glowrings hit Cash'n'Carrion

Blockheads bork Bitcoin Foundation board election

As if anything could go wrong with version 0.1 blockchain voteware ...

Behind every great tech boss there’s ... who exactly?

Reg Events You tell us, CIOs

Seagate NAS owners: hide it behind a firewall. Fast.

Unpatched software in the OS means root to your stuff won't be hard, says researcher

BitDefender bit trip slaps 'valid' on revoked certs

Patch for security suites inbound

Satellite cannon starts shooting Doves, this time under control

ISS cubesat-launcher relaxes and gets to work

SKINNY Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge keep Samsung on the edge

MWC A built-in battery? Is your name Apple?

In Barcelona, no one can hear you scream ... HTC, Valve unleash Giger-inspired VR headgear

MWC It doesn't look weird at all. No, really

NASA 'nauts complete another EPIC SPACEWALK to route cables around ISS

Beefing up lab to prevent future traffic jam

Out of time: Huawei, LG unveil watches nobody wants to buy

MWC Can I borrow your charger?

HTC One M9 hands on: Like a smart M8 in a sharp suit

MWC If it ain't broke, just polish it gently

BOOM! MediaTek parks tanks on Qualcomm's lawn

MWC Boasts big HTC win, and streaming tech

W*nkers of the world unite to SAVE THE PLANET one jerk-off at a time

Pornhub's new hardware seeks to pump up the power

Watch out hipster nerds – Granny Beskind's behind you!

91-year-old Jony Ive wannabe helps out design firm Ideo

Acer enters Windows Phone fray with cheap Liquid M220 mobe

MWC Runs better than Android on same hardware, vendor claims

Hadoop gets native C/C++ injection

Big data for the non-Java generation

Telly behemoths: Does size matter?

Feature And in Blighty, does class matter even more?

C'mon! Greece isn't really bust and it can pay its debts

Worstall @ the Weekend Not that anyone will be willing to admit it

Ikea to start making electrified furniture. What could go wrong?

MWC It's even mulling apps for tables and chairs

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide

'Watch will replace your car keys', Apple boss claims

Blurred vision: Google dreams of a campus mixing buildings with nature

Woos owls in planning vows

BOFFINS: Oxygen-free, methane-based ALIENS may EXIST on icy SATURN moon Titan

'The first concrete blueprint of life not as we know it'

Elon Musk plans to plonk urban Hyperloop subsonic tube on California

Construction to begin in 2016, apparently

At night, scary wildlife comes out to play in the chemical factory

On-call A tale of nocturnal terror that Hitchcock would find most appealing

MEGA PATENT DUMP! Ericsson, Smartflash blitz Apple: iPhone, iPad menaced by sales block

Linkfest We present all the contested patents

'The troll stats saddened me as a human, but didn't surprise me as a boffin'

QuoTW Plus: Google hands out infinity dollars

Murky online paedo retreat: The Nether explores the fantasy-reality divide

Theatre Review The things that dreams are made of

So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Style and The Buried Giant

Page File Jon Ronson, Joseph Connolly and Kazuo Ishiguro, hot off the press

EU governments are CRAP at cloud, moans Brussels' infosec watchdog

'Look at the UK, they've done it really well!' Uh, hold on ...

I, ROBOT ~ YOU, MORON. How else will automated news work?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Comment is free (but I’m charging for this)

FORK ME! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers

Taxi biz demands IP addresses and more

New Xen vuln triggers Amazon, Rackspace reboot panic redux

Second hypervisor-related cloud meltdown in six months

FCC says cities should be free to run decent ISPs. And Republicans can't stand it

Analysis State vs federal; corporations vs public interest

He's baaack: Microsoft's axeman Nadella to give Chinese staff the chop

Two more ex-Nokia factories to close next month

Make room, Wi-Fi, Qualcomm wants to run LTE on your 5GHz band

Low-power LTE-U can share spectrum with 802.11

Google pulls out of gaping Blogger smut black hole

Monday: Get rid of this filth ... By Friday: Oh my God, where have ALL the blogs gone?

RIP Leonard Nimoy: He lived long and prospered

Obit We are, and always shall be, his fans

Guess who filed most Euro patents in 2014? Yep, still Samsung

Philips and Siemens made the top 3, though

GAMIFY your FRIDAY with our Public Sector Innovation Bingo!

'This is an agile process, meaning... er, whatever we want it to mean'

BOFH: The ONE-NINE uptime solution

Episode 2 Yes, 9%. AAAND the server just crashed... literally

Lenovo: We SWEAR we're done with bloatware, adware and scumware

By Windows 10 launch our systems will be PURE, honest

BP: Oil prices crashed, so must our ICT budget

Sources say suppliers to be squeezed to help save biz $300m

SCC bags universal credit hosting contract

DWP chucks more money at car crash of a programme

Ministry of Fun tries again on mobile mast planning permission

Want not-spots washed out? Well, we have to put 'em somewhere, NIMBYs

Nimble revenue diet gets fibre supplement

Losses are lessening, but can it get the result it wants

ANOTHER shake-up at HP Enterprise Services

Big Cheeses moved around

Google pumps $60m into music company Kobalt

Every little helps in protecting Macca's froggy royalties

Ingram Micro: Damn you Europe for our ghastly margins

Sales soar globally, but forex, retail PC price erosion weigh

Thousands of UK drivers' details leaked through hole in parking ticket website

PaymyPCN database of names, pics was open, says report

Flashy upstarts facing IPO pressure. Get on with it then

Comment VC sequence could end not with a bang, but a whimper

NTT Com Security to wed UK cyber specialist Nebulas, say sources

Everyone wants a bigger piece of the cyber security pie

TalkTalk 'fesses up to MEGA data breach

Noticed an increase in scamming late last year

Revival of fortune: Mad Catz Mojo Android gaming micro console

Review Revamped firmware and a new tempting price

Paranoid Android Kaymera smartmobe takes on Blackphone

MWC2015 Super-secure Israeli platform only lacks Mossad bodyguard

CloudFlare crypto gets faster on old mobes

Choc Factory ChaCha crypto pairing gets popular

Moto E 2015: The builder's cheapie gets a serious upgrade

Hands On Stock Lollipop mini-flop is only skin-deep

Google open-sources HTTP/2-based RPC framework

Chocolate Factory's microservices code is yours to coddle

Churchill's blood valued at £560,000. Take that Stalin!

Phial of Winnie's boozy fluid up for auction

NERDGASM as Apple announces 'special event'

'Spring Forward' says invitation to March 9th indoctrination session

Australia to get spooks charter at cost of at least AU$188m

Multi-party committee adds modest privacy enhancements to metadata retention scheme

Scavengers pick bones of collapsed telly-spaff upstart Aereo

Tiny rod company's assets fetch under US$2m during windup

To beat Oracle, find jurors who care about Leisure Suit Larry not Larry Ellison

Support upstart Rimini Street's secret allies are Nevada jurors

Net neutrality: The world speaks its brains on secret 'open' 'net rules

Comment Not a 'meh' in sight

Iran hacks America where it hurts: Las Vegas casinos

Digital Pearl Harbour debunked by US director of national intelligence

EPIC asks FTC to stick a probe up Samsung over 'snooping' smart TVs

Privacy campaigners say sets are collecting user info

EFF fears crims are getting smart to Superfish SSL flaws

Certificate flaws spotted in variety of important sites

Check out our HOT AIR INTERFACE for 5G – Huawei

"Please sir, pick my standards sir!" begs Chinese tech giant

Dot-word sensation: Google forks out $25m for a fist of .app-y pills

That's ICANN's Christmas party sorted, then?

Alleged Aussie Anon hauled in for Indonesia phone tap hacking spat

Charged with urging keyboard warriors to pop spy agency sites

If in doubt, blow $4bn: IBM says it will fatten up on cloud, mobile, Big Data cake by 2018

Ginni eyes $40bn-a-year sales

Reddit showers gold on drugs, hippies and Tor-rorists

In colossal shock, Redditors want to be free to understand mind-bending substances

Facebook sad-nav: How to put depressed chums on internet suicide watch

Definitely not a killer feature

Errant update borks Samsung 850 Pro SSDs

Users unfriend Sammy in furious Facebook scenes

Net neutrality secrecy: No one knows what the FCC approved (BUT Google has a good idea)

Analysis Last-minute rewrites and more revealed

Assemblers were once people: My aunt did it for NASA

We all owe plenty to the mainframe age's pioneers

Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage

Even Redmond is fed up with 'IE-specific behavior'

FinFisher, the spyware loved by cruel dictators, stomps all over human rights, says UK govt

Bahraini sales were dodgy, please don't do it again

Net neutrality victory: FCC approves 'open internet' rules in 3-2 vote

Telcos, start your litigation as US broadband faces regulation

Oh Big Blue, can't you think of anything new for your product line?

Storagebod Here, I'll help: Object storage, scalable NAS...

Ex-Logica beancounter pleads guilty to insider trading

CGI takeover info netted man £30k in ill-gotten gains

SOLD: Emulex – for 34% less than shareholders were offered 6 years ago

Comment Avago has a go, wins neat $606m deal

SkyProwler VTOL transformo-drone set to darken skies

Plane or chopper? The choice is yours

Soz, HP. IBM has out-mega-dealed you – tech analyst

But Big Blue still needs to hit the SMAC stack

Don't pay for the BBC? Then no Doctor Who for you, I'm afraid

MPs revive pay-per-Auntie conditional access plan

Google to tame Android's Wild Wild West to please suits

Rounds up enterprise posse for sandboxed safety

Salesforce boss: One day I'll run a $10bn... er, software biz?

Benioff boasts: SAP and Oracle can kiss my chuddies

Parallels parallels Citrix, VMware with mobile app delivery slurp

2X software acquisition to take junior virtualiser into Citrix's lair

Syneto: Behold, blockheads – an all-flash array... based on ZFS

ZFS filesystem plus integrated KVM hypervisor

NO ONE is making money from YouTube, even Google – report

So what is the idiot-viewing platform actually for?

Visa: One million bonks a month for Europeans from next year

2015 is the year mobes become credit cards

Money from apps? It's all about Apple iOS, says survey

Oh yeah, and don't bother with ads

Small cells are like DRUNKS. They don't use lamp posts for light, they use 'em for support

Brit designer's dangle-comms produce coverage for all

Britain needs more tech immigrants, quango tells

Time to practise those burger-flipping skills, coders

BOFH in mugnificent return to Cash'n'Carrion

Ceramic celebration hits our virtual shelves

Barclays punts instant Twitter mobile payments app – best avoid while drunk

Blighty bank wings it with Pingit for twits

Bank of England could mint own brand of Bitcoin

Research paper sees role for distributed ledgers as interbank settlement instrument

Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifiably serious

Three big bads, six medium messes and 1024-bit certs all binned in one release

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?

Count of 2014's flaws finds more nasties in Mac OS and iOS than in Windows or Linux

P0wned plug-in puts a million WordPress sites at risk of attack

See? We told you blogs were dangerous

Spotty Ceres baffles boffins with bright patches

Volcano? Ice? Exhaust port? YOU decide

Laughing gas and rubber: A recipe for suborbital flight?

Boston Uni's hybrid Starscraper rocket aims for 100km

EU's zombie data-grab plan climbs out of coffin

EU Parliament split over blanket data retention for air passengers

Intel, Apple and Cisco crossed off Chinese Gov's kit list

Update: Cisco denies report Beijing won't buy products it suspects of harbouring western naughtiness

MELTDOWN: Samsung, Sony not-so-smart TVs go titsup for TWO days

Sets can't reach the internet, turned into dumb boxes

Intel's Atoms gain new (cosmetic) X-Factor

Cheaposlab buyers get easier-to-decode names

Arista, Puppet Labs share the DevOps love

Make your switches part of DevOps

Trolls prevail because good men do nothing: boffins

Study finds victims of online bullying don't try to stop it

Bad dog! PrivDog chews HTTPS, hurls clear text

Scolded puppy to learn better security

US Army plots new petascale monster and 'tactical cloudlets'

Plan calls for big iron to out-scale China's finest to preserve 'information dominance'

HP sets net to snare Aruba: reports

Seeks top-up to WiFi business

Flash flushed: Google's AdWords to convert ads to HTML5 automatically

You want your ads to show up on mobes, don't you?

SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto: Everything's fine ... Security industry: No, it's really not

Why so confident, infosec bods wonder

Google deal means game over for mobile payments firm Softcard

App and all wallets to go dark 'in the near future'

Google tackles enterprise BYOD with Android for Work

New Work Profile separates business and personal data

Oh No, Lenovo! Lizard Squad on the attack, flashes swiped emails

Updated Emo-takeover better not be a viral marketing stunt to win our hearts

Boffin: Use my bionic breakthrough for good, and not super cyborgs

Volunteer amputees get neural implants to wield mind over matter

What exchange rate blues? Our storage revs have grown – HP

Comment Don't know what the rest of you are doing, but...

Say cheese! Europe's antitrust chief has Google boss in her sights – reports

Schmidt meeting Competition Commissioner soon

COSMIC FATTY from the DAWN of TIME simply can't exist – astroboffins

Now that's a black hole, my boy

NetApp shows hybrid love, revamps products for Amazon's cloud

All woven in to DataFabric concept

Nokia blasts Ericsson out of water, demos 600Mbps data speeds

Finns finding MIMO: But even that won't be enough in 5 years

There's more than one way to back up your data

Here's how to tell them apart

Solidfire offers unlimited SSD wear guarantee, punts software at market

And its flash will 'never' become obsolete. Bold claim

W3C recommends Pointer Events standard – but it's a touchy subject. Right, Apple?

Comment Is Cupertino now the web standard bearer?

Big data = big loss for Hadoop-flinger Hortonworks

Professional services the future, for now

Europol shuts down darn RAMNIT botnet

Cops analysing command and control server ... in Hampshire

Chaos reigns as Coms plc CEO tries (fails) to stage boardroom coup

London-listed biz questions chief's purchase of 20k shares

Ads watchdog: Er, what does woman in her undies have to do with ‘slim’ phone?

We said ASA, not... oh, never mind

New Dell boxes reverberate with Blue Thunder

Lightening the hyper-converged load

It's the EU and me against the world – Euro digi-chief

Union needs data protection, copyright laws, says Oetti

Soz SMEs, we're not interested in your direct biz

Gov fudges overall small biz spend figures, claims success

Denmark tops European tech table, two other Scandis right behind

There’s more digital things than we dreamt of

Not even GCHQ and NSA can crack our SIM key database, claims Gemalto

If snooping was done, it was done via comms intercept

Speaking in Tech: 'He's walking around with a rubber horse's head on'

Podcast Brocade VP's family Xmas sounds ... er, fun

XenData’s storage Jurassic Park: PC tape backup is BAAAAACK

Ask your granny about external tape drives, son

Storage modernisation reality check

Are you a zero or a hero?

Who uses the Universal Credit system? ALMOST NOBODY, says report

Analyst: It'll take just 120 years to complete. Phew!

$533 MEEELLION – the cost of Apple’s iTunes patent infringement

Smartflash reportedly happy with the verdict. Pope, Catholic

Elementary, my dear penguin: It's the second beta of Freya

Review Never mind the bugs... love the skin Ubuntu's in

Russia considers keeping its own half of the ISS alive after 2024

Glorious Soviet modules to outlive degenerate capitalist space-slum, comrade

Zeus scumbag infects itself, buddies, with rival Trojan

See what happens when you don't run antivirus?

Gemalto: NSA, GCHQ hacked us – but didn't snatch crucial SIM keys

'Investigation' admits to attacks, but says phone crypto secrets stayed secure