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London-based Yahoo! hacker gets 11 years for SQLi mischief

He'll only serve two years, though

Robert Croucher

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver

Updated Raffles technology ensures a stay in the Big House

Double KO! Capcom's Street Fighter V installs hidden rootkit on PCs

Fatality – wait, no, what? That's the other game

Do AI chat bots need a personality bypass – or will we only trust gabber 'droids with character?

Machine-learning boffins debate making software human

Pulling the plug

Pull the plug! PowerPoint may kill my conference audience

Something for the Weekend, Sir? If you could all just gather round my laptop...

Windows printer bug fixed

'Everyone' is buying Twitter

Terry Jones has dementia

R2D2 delivery robots to scurry through the streets of San Francisco

Have the makers SEEN the rates of street crime here?

Big Software is the next, er, big thing

Canonical on OpenStack dev

Australian border cops say they've cracked 'dark net' drug sales

'We are well aware of these websites' says black-shirted Border Force

And! it! begins!! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts!

Class-action lawsuit in California expected to be first of many in the US

SpaceX: Breach in liquid oxygen tank caused Falcon 9 fireball ... probably

Investigations team probed rocket debris and data from 1 September explosion

Oracle execs get that shrinking feeling

Larry, Mark and Safra's pay packet $46.5m lighter in fiscal '16

Smelly toilets, smokers and the Kardishians. Virgin Media staff grill top brass

'New 'soft closers' good, but the acrylic panels make the bogs look like a CDT project

Days are numbered for the Czech Republic

Na shledanou Česká republika, dobry den Czechia!

Lean in and pivot: Even Steve Jobs didn't work alone, startup boy

Radbot Group lessons for self-styled 'lone wolf' tech entrepreneurs

IBM botched geo-block designed to save Australia's census

Bureau of Stats says spooks signed off IBM's plan, but Big Blue mucked something up

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver

Updated Raffles technology ensures a stay in the Big House

Double KO! Capcom's Street Fighter V installs hidden rootkit on PCs

Fatality – wait, no, what? That's the other game

Uni student cuffed for 'hacking professor's PC to change his grades'

Someone has been watching Wargames too much

Do AI chat bots need a personality bypass – or will we only trust gabber 'droids with character?

Machine-learning boffins debate making software human

Video service Binge On 'broke the internet' but 99pc of users love it

Analysis So shouldn't we Break The Internet more often?

Red Hat relabels OpenShift Enterprise to Container Platform

Also tacks on update to version 3.3, you lucky people

London-based Yahoo! hacker gets 11 years for SQLi mischief

He'll only serve two years, though

The wise Hedvig owl heads aloft with a Universal Data Plane

Also plugs into Microsoft's Scale-Out File Server

Winners and losers: Here's who made the cut for mega TP2 framework

Atos will not get trout in £4bn trough, neither will bunch of big PC brands

Double-dating VMware lover Tintri brings Hyper-V closer to its bed

Tintri looking for sales ignition from Hyper-V support

Naughty Zuck: Facebook fudged its video ad numbers

Overstated average viewing times by up to 80 per cent

Plusnet outage leaves customers unable to stream Netflix. Horrors!

Repeatedly outage-hit firm mumbles usual apologies

Microsoft: We're hugging trees to save the 'world'

Wouldn't be about cutting energy costs for your 100+ bit barns, then?

Cisco preps the P45s for 500 unlucky UK staffers

Latest wave of software-inspired bloodletting

Think you’re a Tech Trailblazer but still warming up?

Deadline for awards entries extended

Sysadmin gets 5 years for slurping contractor payments to employer

And he would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for a simple scheduled audit

Shopkeeper installs forecourt khazi to counter mystery Dublin dung dumper

‘You’d swear a horse did it,’ says appalled retailer

Jeremy Clarkson and Co. rise to top for Great British Bake Off replacements

Reg poll fills C4's empty tent issue

Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...

77 per cent feel guilty about ad blocking. Do you?

Cosmology is safe and the Universe is one giant version of the Barbican

Whichever way you look it's all exactly the same, boffins confirm

British unis mull offshore EU campuses in post-Brexit vote panic

Also told: ‘Don’t look at France... it’s a nightmare’

Judge makes minor tweaks to sex ban IT man's order

Must notify cops in advance of nookie 'as soon as practicable'

Pull the plug! PowerPoint may kill my conference audience

Something for the Weekend, Sir? If you could all just gather round my laptop...

Woo hoo, has unveiled yet another tech creche – for infosec

This one's in Cheltenham. Makes a change from hipsterville East London

OpenSSL swats a dozen bugs, one notable nasty

Denial of service dross dead.

Oi, Apple fanbois. Your beloved Jesus Phones are pisspoor for disabled users

Opinion An Apple user with muscular dystrophy writes

Report: NSA hushed up zero-day spyware tool losses for three years

Investigation shows staffer screw-up over leak

It's Friday – and that means one thing: Yup, Microsoft's TypeScript 2.0 is out

JavaScript superset adds new features including non-nullable types and read-only properties

'Faceless' Liberty Global has 'sucked the very soul' out of Virgin Media

Exclusive 'This is not the ISP of Richard Branson' insiders complain to El Reg

If we can't fix this printer tonight, the bank's core app will stop working

On-Call Reader jolted from the matrimonial bed in the dark tells of happy ending

Sad reality: It's cheaper to get hacked than build strong IT defenses

PHBs are applying the Ford Pinto formula to your data

Korean cargo line bailout saves Christmas for tech companies

HP and Samsung had goods stranded at sea by container line's bankruptcy

Cops blasted for relying on IP addresses to hunt down suspects

Numerical addresses too vague to be relied on, say activists

Safe browsing checks fail as 16,000 WordPress sites hacked this year

Google's red screen of death marks half of malcious sites, McAfee only 11 per cent

Moron is late for flight, calls in bomb threat

He'll get a year on ice to think about why that was such a bad idea to delay takeoff

Malware figures out it's running on VMs and refuses to execute

If a PC has just a couple of Word files, crooks figure it's a White-Hat's attack machine

Pretending to be a badger wins Oxford Don 10 TRILLION DOLLARS

Volkswagen also scored one of last night's Ig Nobel Prizes, for software-defined chemistry

Digital Realty gets into the cloud interconnect caper

Collaborates with Australia's Megaport on software-defined links between big bit barns

Valid logins to your workplace are on the net, right now

Mega-breaches and spiking smartphones malware mean crims can crack you, yesterday

US Homeland Security launches IoT willy-waving campaign

Our policies are gonna be the best, ignore all the rest

Game over: IANA power-grab block pulled from Congress funding bill

Cruz 'profoundly disappointed' as attempt to screw country fails

Oracle lawyers prevail in copyright case (No, not that, the other one)

Rimini Street will have to foot $46m legal bill

Half! a! billion! Yahoo! email! accounts! raided! by! 'state! hackers!'

Updated Email addresses, phone numbers, hashed passwords, DoBs, security Q&As swiped

Windows Server 2016: Leg up or lock in?

Microsoft Ignite Software Assurance licensing tags along

Big biz happy to whip out credit cards for pay-as-you-go – Red Hat

Analysis Not so interested in lengthy subscription contracts

Brit boffins get $800k for Los Angeles Twitter pre-crime tech

Department of Justice cash will develop Minority Report-style tool using social media data

Intel XPoint over-selling criticism surges as Chipzilla hits back

'We stand by our figures' says defiant company mouthpiece

EU's one-time antitrust hammer Steelie Neelie had 'offshore interests'

Failure to declare was an 'admin error' she says

Not enough personality: Google Now becomes Google Not Anymore

Screenscraper rebranded

I want to remotely disable Londoners' cars, says Met's top cop

Psst, chief. You've probably not heard of backdoors – this is a seriously bad idea

BT Openreach boss wants you to know that deep down, they care

Here's a webpage of infographics. Now stop whinging, peons

Despite IANA storm, ICANN shows just why it shouldn't be allowed to take over internet's critical functions

Self-serving organization simply incapable of admitting fault

Seventeen hopefuls fight for the NVMe Fabric array crown

Comment Survey shows a storage tidal wave coming our way

Windows 10 backlash: Which? demands compo for forced upgrades

If MS bricked your box, MS oughta cough up, says consumer org

Objects! Aaah-ah ... the savior of software-defined storage?

Comment Performance, capacity, management and more reasons why they're great

Here's how to see Tim Cook or SatNad strut their starkers stuff

NSFW This is an appalling, disgusting, gut-wrenching abuse of technology

EU U-turns on mobile roaming fees: No 90-day cap after all

Who didn't see that one coming?

Going hyperconverged? Don't forget to burst into the cloud

Just make sure your team evolves with the technology

My God, I've got nothing on! Microsoft's $200m Wunderlist is down

Not so Wunder-ful, eh?

‘Penultimate’ BlackBerry seen on 'do not publish' page as fire sale begins

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end

MI6 to hire another 1,000 bods 'cos of private surveillance tech

Might be easier just to get a bunch of plastic surgeons in

WTF ... makes mobile phone batteries explode?

Explainer In the phablet, the silent phablet, the LiOn sleeps tonight

Virgin Media costs balloon by MEEELLIONS in wake of Brexit

Exclusive Staffer also asks: Why is Richard Branson still in our ads?

DDoS attacks: For the hell of it or targeted – how do you see them off?

Cloud-based DDoS defences introduce delays

Oracle's cloud strategy is simple – woo and win the latecomers

OpenWorld Hybrid cloud for those who dithered, like Big Red

SWIFT warns of more 'sophisticated' attacks, readies anti-fraud tool

Haven't hardened? You're still gunna get hacked, says CISO

Behold the fruit of your techie utopia: A $43 San Francisco fog-infused martini

Enjoy the light flavor and crisp notes of everything that is wrong with this city

Wi-Fi Alliance publishes LTE/WiFi coexistence test plan

Would-be LTE-U carriers told to take these tests, or just leave off

Zombie Moore's Law shows hardware is eating software

Customised CPUs are doing things software just can't do on commodity kit

Obituary: Victor Scheinman, inventor of the 'Stanford Arm' factory robot

ROTM The man who gave us our first Robotic Overlords

Microsoft deletes Windows 10 nagware from Windows 7 and 8

Windows Update silently did the deed, added a few security fixes for .Net Framework too

Intel taps baton, tells the IoT orchestra to tune up

Chipzilla updates dev environment for Thing connectivity

EyePhones packing Iris-scanning authentication to go mainstream

Analyst says Galaxy Note 7 will fire up the mobile biometrics market

CAIDA adds geo-tags to its Internet AS dataset

310,000 network links: that's how big your Interwebs grew. Mapping them is very useful

New Gnome emerges blinking into the sunlight

The *nix desktop quit being awful in March, and reckons it's on the road to 'good'

Google automates Apps OAuth token revocation

Tells devs: 'errors are a feature, not a bug'.

'Strategic' submarine cable to connect islands where locals just emerged from stone age

India's decided the Andaman Islands need proper internet

TV industry gets its own 'dieselgate' over 'leccy consumption tests

Software that detects government tests, where have we heard that before?

Google's Allo chat app hits a downside to AI: Bot must hoard private messages to train itself

Stay in incognito mode to get secure texting

Zuckerberg to spend $3bn+ to rid world of all disease by 2100 (Starting with Facebook, right?)

And yet WhatsApp cost $19bn?

Cisco snaps shut remote pwnage hole in Cloud Services Platform

Flaw allowed hijacking via HTTP snippets

TRUMP: ICANN'T EVEN! America won't hand over internet control to Russia on my watch

World collectively bangs its head against wall

Anti-ICANN Cruzade continues: Senator Ted still desperately trying to defund US govt

IANA transition threatens to become focus of dysfunctional Congress

US cities promise to crack down on police surveillance tech

Growing demand for greater oversight of how snoopware is obtained by cops

Apple guilty in iPhone ringtone patent rip-off battle with Sony, Nokia

Cupertino giant told to cough up equivalent of a rounding error on its financial sheets

Rackspace punts piscatorial Power platform at service providers

Barreleye server offers Power8 alternative to Intel boxes

Don't SNIA at my storage specs: Standards body dons goggles, takes the plunge

Unleashes Xiphias gladius – Swordfish to you and me

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report

Updated Project Titan + F1 supercar brains + ??? = profit

Financial Conduct Authority: No need to look any closer at insurers’ use of Big Data

We asked them and they said it's all good, so we're happy

Asian hornets are HERE... those honey bee murdering BASTARDS

Flying death spotted in the Cotswolds, boffins move in for the kill

Lenovo denies claims it plotted with Microsoft to block Linux installs

It's a driver cockup, not a feature

Dell stages SAP HANA love-in, squeezes out engineered system

World, meet the Dell EMC Validated System

CA blows on fingers, grasps testing vendor BlazeMeter

From mainframe to DevOps in just 40 years...

HPE sells off 'non-core' software assets

Comment HPE asset disposals exercise - to possibly prep for an acquisition?

Samsung intros super-speedy consumer SSDs, 'fastest M.2s ever'

Flashy NVMe pair up to 1TB – for now....

OpenIO wants to turn your spinning rust into object storage nodes

Seagate's Kinetic drives get a new twist on ye olde JBOD

She cannae take it, Captain Kirk! USS Zumwalt breaks down

Water got into where water should not have been

Microsoft cuts ribbon on Euro cloud bit barn for Office 365, Azure

Now only local spy agencies can slurp your data. Hurrah!

Lethal 4-hour-erection-causing spiders spill out of bunch of ASDA bananas

Man flees with family

Magneto-resistant upstart Everspin gets itself into an IPO whizz

Non-volatile RAMmer enters the most volatile situation of all

What says Internet of Things better than a Bluetooth-controlled smart candle?

We're not making this up, it's a real product

Man accused of $180k ass-based gold smuggling scam awaits verdict

RCMP conduct internal investigation to see if it could be done

Hewlett Packard Enterprise bigwig chuckles at talk of buyout talks

Trimmed down biz 'possible' target for Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Huawei and private equity

Speaking in Tech: Public cloud 'explodes'. Oh yeah? Show your sources

Podcast Plus: My public radio name is Bianca Hughes-Pavlov

We live in a world where a 'Hamdog' burger hybrid is patented

A meat and two meats

A Clarity cloud gathers around K2. Yes, literally

Kaminario is adding cloudy analytics to all flash array

Are you sure you want to outsource IT? Yes/No. Check this box to accept Ts&Cs

Er, and you might wish to READ them too

Reg Programming Compo: 22 countries, 137 entries and... wow – loads of Python

Roundup We have a winner, ladies and gents

Robot overlords? Pshaw! I ain't afraid of no AI – researchers

Get a hold of yourself, Elon Musk

How would you sell an all-flash array to your finance director?

Wanting it is one thing, justifying it is another

Wow, RIP hackers ... It's Cyber-Lord Blunkett to the rescue for UK big biz

New system to ensure suppliers are up to scratch on IT security

Victoria Police warn of malware-laden USB sticks in letterboxes

It's called 'junk mail' for a reason people: take the pizza vouchers and ignore the rest

Greybeards beware: Hair dye for blokes outfit Just For Men served trojan

Close shave after WordPress mess was cut off at the roots

Indefatigable WikiBots keep Wikipedia battles going long after humans give up and go home

And you thought arguing with a living Wiki-editor was bad

BT's Wi-Fi Extender works great – at extending your password to hackers

Got one of these gizmos? Patch its firmware ASAP

Will US border officials demand social network handles from visitors?

Updated Draft visa form spotted with mandatory box for profile links

Oracle's new cloud rated 'minimum viable product' ... for now

Oh and Larry's cut-price claim ignores that most people buy cloud as reserved instances

Rosetta probe's final death dive planned for just after last call next Friday night

Tune in at 10:40PM UTC next Friday for a 'controlled crash'

Nork server blunder leaks Kim Jong Un's entire DNS – all, er, 28 .kp domains

It looks a lot like 1996

VMware's secret security plan revealed

Imagine a whitelist-checker running in the safety of the hypervisor kernel and monitoring VMs in real time

World+dog to get retro classic Commodore 64 for Christmas

Here comes your fully-licenced street-legal retrogasm

What's Chinese and crashing in flames? No, not its economy – its crocked space station

Expect fireworks late in 2017

10-second hijack hole could kill any Facebook profile

Shame it wasn't used more before Zuck paid $16k to the uni student who found it

Citrix swats Sweet32 bug by just turning off old ciphers

You can even leave out the turning it on again - this bug's not worth its brand, really

Cisco re-commits to VCE with a very public display of affection

Oi, Dell! Robbins! Get a room, will you please?

Larry Ellison today said really nice things about rival Amazon's cloud

OpenWorld Haha, of course he didn't – he trash-talked AWS databases for an hour

AT&T tries broadband over power lines again

'Project AirGig' shows the classics never die, but radio hams might feel homicidal

A-dough-be: Photoshop flinger pumps profits 50 per cent

Revenues rise as cloud lineup brings big bucks

What the world really needs right now is more Comcast: US cable giant mulls wireless service

Network tie-up will make Verizon the ultimate frenemy

CloudFlare offers web encryption up the wazoo

Don't sweat your mixed content, promises web whacker

Microsoft sues Wisconsin man (again) for copyright infringement (again)

Redmond decides to go brute force route in serial piracy case

Self-service-as-a-service startup Trifacta releases newest product version

No more programming tears, claims firm

Official: Cloud computing is now mainstream

Advanced practitioners display hybrid vigour

Mobile review website MoDaCo coughs to data breach

Irate fans air views on firm's forum

Oracle confirms Java EE 8 is delayed for 'major enhancements'

Cloud and microservices new blend

Vodafone UK blocks bulk nuisance calls. Hurrah!

Stamps out spammers with new barring technology

Grab a pick: Space mining's the next generation gold rush

Find out all about it in our Reg lecture