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Windows XP

Windows 7 and 8.1 market share surge, XP falls behind OS X

It looks like the world wants freebie Windows 10 upgrades


UK govt spied on human rights warriors at Amnesty International

Snooping could cost lives, group claims

Vulcan bomber bomb bays, photo Phil Holding

Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

Grand old warhorse finally out to grass – last chance to see

New wallpaper in Windows 10 build 10159

Microsoft rushes out latest Windows 10 build. 300 fixes? Pff, whatever

'Interesting change' seems to mean 'baked-in silliness'

head of 50s-style robot

Robot kills man at German Volkswagen plant

Operator error, not Skynet, is early suspect

NHS IT failures mount as GP data system declared unfit for purpose

‘Failed projects have long been an expensive cliché … this is no exception’

Facebook reveals new logo, in a TWEET

Still white on blue, now with custom typeface with some flourishes

FBI updates Most Wanted cyber felons list, offers US$4.2m bounties

Zeus creator has $3m on his head, may be boating on the Black Sea

UK govt spied on human rights warriors at Amnesty International

Snooping could cost lives, group claims

Privacy watchdog ICO slashes its fines in half

Not interested in punishing companies 'left, right and centre'

Oil & gas? Pah. We’ve got a MASSIVE 3D printer, beams Dubai

And as soon as we order some toner we’ll print you a fully functional office

Windows 7 and 8.1 market share surge, XP falls behind OS X

It looks like the world wants freebie Windows 10 upgrades

LG won't fix malware slinging bloatware update hole

Smartmobe bloatware goes from annoying to dangerous AND annoying

20 yr-old Brazilian births 100 banking trojans

Who cares about OPSEC with slack laws and busy cops?

Robot kills man at German Volkswagen plant

Operator error, not Skynet, is early suspect

PeopleSoft p0wnage possible with a day of GPU brute-forcing

Researcher finds 500+ vulnerable systems, some at banks and military users

Cash-strapped Chicago slaps CLOUD TAX on Netflix, Spotify etc users

Streaming services to carry 9% fee ... but is it legal?

Ganges Web Services to launch in 2016

AWS promises bit barn splashdown in India next year

We read Hewlett Packard Enterprise's 316-page post-split blueprint so you don't have to

SEC docs show shape of tomorrow's HP after breakup

Trump carded: Wannabe prez's hotels 'ground zero' in banking breach

Crooks said to have pilfered payment info from resorts

Azure's already a AU$50 million business in Australia

Redmondian outpost feels it's catching AWS, fast

Samsung ousts Apple as top US smartmobe biz

Two phone makers carve up the market

Rosetta spots potholes IN SPAAACE: Someone call the galactic council

Comet 67P is collapsing from within

Amazon just wrote a TLS crypto library in only 6,000 lines of C code

At 1/10 the size of OpenSSL, it should be easier to spot bugs

Sprint: Forget all we said about strangling your web video streams

And can someone replace our brakes? That U-turn we just pulled was hella

Linux Mint 17.2: If only all penguinista desktops were done this way

Review Freshness AND familiarity

NASA's New Horizon probe rudely fires its thruster at gnome planet

She's in the pipe, five by five

California's physical internet cable hacking riddle sparks FBI probe

Chopping up cables is one way of stopping mass surveillance

Server guys: Are you running fewer than 200 virtual machines?

Hyperconverged systems will reduce your technical debt

Microsoft rushes out latest Windows 10 build. 300 fixes? Pff, whatever

'Interesting change' seems to mean 'baked-in silliness'

In your face, US citizens! Govt can’t save you from corporate eyes

Tech firms evading ‘basic limits on their ability to collect, monetise data’

It's all downhill from here: Avalanche spins STT-RAM

With memory based on the orientation of electrons, scaling is clearly not an issue

It's the hottest day of the year. So check out John Lewis' Xmas tech range!

Pics Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

The blessing and the curse of Big Data

Sysadmin blog It's what infrastructure is really for

Congratulations! You survived the leap secondocalypse

Tweets mistimed, AWS outed, yet world somehow continues turning. Albeit more slowly

‘Clandestines' prompt British border blockade in France

National Barrier Asset set to appear across the Channel

Google red-faced after Photos app labelled black people 'gorillas'

Machine learning is hard AND deeply offensive

Don't start reading the last rites for monolithic storage just yet

But other tech can simply do the job better, sorry

Speaking in Tech: Just slacking off and keeping things contained

Podcast Meanwhile, SCOTUS is getting it all wrong. Again

Orange hurls €90m at Israel's Partner to end political bunfight

Chief exec’s crowd-pleaser didn’t go down at all well

Flatworm is totally f**cked in the head, and Darwin would be proud

All dressed up and no one to blow? Stab yourself in the head with a penis

Samsung/Cheil merger goes on: Soz Elliot, not this time, says court

Court cock blocks corporate cock blocking attempt

Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

Grand old warhorse finally out to grass – last chance to see

Want to spoil your favourite storage vendor's day? Buy cloud

Leaving the premises might just work

Teaching people to speak English? You just need Chatroulette without the dick pics

Worstall on Wednesday Fine, you think up a better idea

'Watered down' net neutrality rules could mean 'almost anything'

Lobbyists wail and gnash teeth over deal born of darkness

ETERNUS embiggens at peak of Mt Fujitsu (it's a drive array, not Tolkien)

New high-end beast summoned with old one squashed a bit

DataDirect introduces its hyper-converged Wolf in Creek clothing

Pony-tailed CEO spills beans on his firm's rather racy system

Microsoft in Blighty reveals its 78 THOUSAND POUND Surface 3 slabloid

That is a VERY expensive LTE option indeed

A third of iThings open to VPN-hijacking, app-wrecking attacks

Masques off: Researchers detail five ways to wreck Apple stuff

World+dog will soon watch 'at least 200 pr0n vids a year'

Bored analysts consult 'extensive in-house database' during research

OpenStack's DevStack inspires Xen to create new 'Raisin' d'être

Project Raisin spits out external components to stop developer whining

Script-blocker NoScript lets in ANYTHING from

Whitelisting tool was too trusting, by far

PowerShell for Office 365 powers on

Web-based CLI is yours for the scripting

With Hobbit and LoTR in the can, Trolls no longer welcome in New Zealand

Kiwi parliament passes 'Harmful digital communications bill' outlawing online nasties

NSA continues mass slurping of Americans' phone metadata

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Vale Matti Makkonen, SMS dreamer

Finnish engineer sends last TXT

Small change to Medium takes large axe to passwords

'This login will self-destruct in 15 minutes'

Former L0pht man 'Mudge' leaves Google for Washington

Obama lures hacker out of the roof with gig establishing software transparency lab

Identity protection outfit LifeLock picked, popped

Refer-a-friend page gets new 'feature'

Former VMware staffer blows whistle on government pricing plan

Virtzilla and partner Carahsoft to pay US$75 MEELLION in overcharging settlement

Sprint: Our 'unlimited' mobe plan has one tiny limit: High-quality video

600Kbps cap strangles streaming to snail's pace

Yikes! Facebook will run on TELEPATHY, claims Zuck, in Q&A

Takes questions from Schwarzenegger and Hawking. Similar guys, really

Apple gets around to fixing those 77 security holes in OS X Yosemite

Your OS X box can still be owned by, well, just about everything

IBM gets green light to sell off chips biz to GlobalFoundries

US regulators furrow brows, frown, nod

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends

Tell a pal your password ... and their FB mates will get it too

'This ruling does nothing to change the facts' thunders Apple in latest price-fix appeal blow

The fact that you broke the law?

HP's split surgeon Bill Veghte splits from HP

Antonio Neri ascends to top of Enterprise Group

Uber execs charged, will stand trial in France

Uberpop = explosion de la bulle

Radian Memory Systems decloaks, says it'll twin DRAM and flash

Small funding but big ideas - and a patent for co-operative flash memory control

Fireworks expected from Oracle at Flash Memory Summit

Comment Mentions for wine, wiener dogs and wetsuits also possible during presentation

Palaeoboffins discover 500 MILLION year old ARMOURED WORM

Shai-Hulud of the Cambrian oceans was first animal to develop armour

Cisco gobbles OpenDNS, sorts out cloud security portfolio

'Vast new wave of opportunities for security breaches’

Europol and Barclays shack up for steamy security shenanigans

Classic tale of crime-agency-meets-bank-to-tackle-cybercrime

Microsoft: This Windows 10 build has 'NO significant known issues'

Know this. If you have to type 'W' to find Paint ... it's got issues

Confused Colt dumps the IT services market while revenues shrink

Company will burn millions shutting down biz

BBC (sort of) sorry for Grant Shapps Wikipedia smear reportage

That must have been awful for you, smarms Beeb news chief

Half of Windows Server 2003 fans will miss July's security cut-off

Please, sir, can we have a Custom Support Agreement?

Giant FLYING SPACE ROCKS could KILL US ALL, warns Brian May

Brian and Brian join Near Earth Object spotter crusade

Hello Tosh, got a downrated 6TB spinner? Yes, for slower workloads

Toshiba looking to grow 3.5-inch drive market share

Universal Credit white elephant needs 'urgent breakthrough' says MP

£16bn moneypit project shambles on, ignoring deadlines as it goes

The Great Windows Server 2003 migration: Where do we go from here?

Pick the right path

How do we train the next generation of data centre wranglers?

First, train the current generation

Crowdfunded beg-a-thon to bail out Greece raises 0.003% of target

Scot-bashing Yorkshireman rapped over island sale offer

Intel infosec folk TEE off open source app dev framework

World+dog can TEE off too, without spending megabucks

Surging US dollar curbs global IT budgets

5.5% fall masks increased activity, says Gartner

The all-flash market will just about double in five years, says Gartner

Six fun-packed flash factoids from financial fellow

BBC veterans require skilled hands to massage their innards

TNMOC asks for help maintaining its fleet of Beeb Micros

No more customisation? Cloud Security Alliance calls for Open APIs

Vendors press-ganged into working group service

EUROPEAN PURGE on hated mobile roaming charges

Dead-of-night deal foresees abolition of fees in 2017

Lobbynomics: The EU’s digital dossier that doesn't add up

Analysis Letting Silicon Valley lift all your content is GOOD for your economy

Generous EU Commish gives Google SIX MORE WEEKS to respond to antitrust charges

Chocolate Factory nearly ready (we assume)

Revive the Nathan Barley Quango – former Downing Street wonk

Does Welfare for W**kers sound familiar? That's because it is

Does your company really need all that storage?

How to get the best performance

VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign

Brit boffins' test of 14 prominent privacy tunnels finds leaks galore thanks to IPv6 mess

Cunning goldfish avoided predator in tank for seven years

Entered as a snack, but drew inspiration from Gloria Gaynor

Why SpaceX will sort out Sunday's snafu faster than NASA ever could

Analysis Second stage flaw fingered for fireworks

Wallet wafting into the Cloud? Amazon hears your pain

Launches tools to forestall surprises

Hide the HUD, say boffins, they're bad for driver safety

Cars are not the place for augmented reality

Audit finds new flaw at US Office of Personnel Management

TEN MILLION people now counted as victims of original GovSec SNAFU

Devs, welcome your EVIL ROBOT OVERLORDS from MIT

This ONE WEIRD TRICK turns developers into rioting LUDDITES

VMworld content catalog hints at VSAN upgrade

VSAN getting closer to real SANs, desktop hypervisors to grow up at virtugabfests

OpenDaylight's Hydrogen begets Helium begets Lithium

Release three of SDN tool aims for carrier-land

Amazon douses Fire phone man-in-the-middle diddle

Fire owners (both of you) should patch sooner rather than later

Microsoft to offload display ads biz to ... hang on, AOL?

10-year search deal will see Redmond outsource adverts in major markets

WikiLeaks docs show NSA's 10-year economic espionage campaign against France

Details of every business deal over $200m slurped

Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2015 ahead of Windows 10

The question: how much new stuff will still be in preview?

Redmond Uber-alles: 100 Bing staffers driven to dial-a-car developer

Microsoft offloads mapping outfit to San Francisco auto-pusher

Supreme Court ignores Google's whinging in Java copyright suit

Sound of Larry Ellison rubbing his hands heard all the way in Mountain View

Chap slapped in Dogecoin crap app flap

Much FTC! Very mislead! Such settlement!

Rogue IT is shadow of its former self

We are all partners now, CompTIA study reveals

US police to throw big balls in criminals' faces

Video Bounce cameras map out dodgy situations

Apple's mystery auto project siphoning staff from other divisions

Cook and Co still want to take to the roads – but how?

Apple Music available on Sonos by end of this year

No word yet if they'll go all the way up to eleven

French Uber bosses talk to Le Plod over 'illicit activity' allegations

Euro nation targets not-a-taxi-firm-honest's chiefs

Google harms consumers and strangles the open web, says study

Plurality? Diversity?

Get READY: Scientists set to make TIME STAND STILL tonight

Tuesday might – but probably won't – bork all the clouds

Linux bids for UAV world domination by enslaving future skybot army

Dronecode initiative gains momentum

The Great Windows Server 2003 migration: How to plan your trip

Making the most of your end-of-life experience

We’re in bed together, admit Intel Security, Trend Micro and NCA

Infosec firms confirm they're dating – but not exclusively

China's best phone yet: Huawei P8 5.2-inch money-saving Android smartie

Review Sleepless in South Korea

HP one of the fairest, claims Gartner's magic quadrant on the wall

Dell, HDS non-inclusion could be seen as a distortion

'Private' biz Xiaomi sets up Communist Party exec committee

It's 'almost unheard of for the party to hinder the private sector', so shut up

Tech Mahindra posts profit warning: The end for Indian outsourcing?

‘Seasonally weak’ mobility business to blame

Sky bangs on Ofcom's door – demands BT competition probe

But former state monopoly claims Openreach split would harm UK market

Ofcom: We need 5G spectrum planning for the future’s ultramobes

We’ll just have to make decisions based on ‘imperfect knowledge’

Windows 10 Mobile is shaping up nicely – now Cortana can send emails

Microsoft's next phone OS looks to be in better shape than the PC version

Ditching political Elop makes for a more Nadella Microsoft

Comment Getting the Redmond you need?

Smart meters set to cost Blighty as much as replacing Trident

'Significant issues already exist' with spybox tech, too

Is that a FAT PIPE or are you just pleased to stream me? TERABIT fibre tested

Trials conducted over a 1,000km long link

Github's 'Atom' text editor hits version 1.0

Emacs' self-appointed heir heads out into the world

Windows 10 is due in one month: Will it be ready?

Analysis It's do-or-die for Microsoft's new operating system on 29 July

Sophos' putrid patch snuffs Citrix kit, kills call centre

Web appliance update can't be rolled back, takes portal down for 48 hours

Giant male member spontaneously ejaculates over Norway

Man shoots glittery seed indiscriminately on unsuspecting public for charity

Microsoft says Oculus Rift distorts world, grinds corrective lenses

Free-to-download CAD file makes for better virtu-blinker goggles, insists Redmond

Android's sun sets on Eclipse

Devs told to move to Android Studio

Turnbullnomics trashed as Oz regulator cuts telecoms prices

Order for 9.6 per cent cut in wholesale prices is BAD NEWS according to comms minister

VMware, Microsoft in virtualised Exchange blog battle

Virtzilla accuses Redmond of requiring silos and running a dicky calculator

Cloud storage is a three-way race with no contenders

AWS, Google and Azure in front, but archiving not core workloads are the sweet spot

Ransomware slinging exploit kit targets Flash remote code execution

CVE-2015-3113: Patch or pay.

Guest-host escape bug sees Xen project urge rapid upgrade

Xen hypervisor v.4.5.1 offers over 100 fixes and improvements

Blackhats using mystery Magento card stealers

eBay shop platform targeted

LG's six-sided battery to take smart watches into new timezones

We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make batteries better, stronger, faster

Australian government demands signoff on telco network designs

Attorney-general wants to be ultimate network admin - what could possibly go wrong?

Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run

Look, ma, no repeaters – but we can still decipher the info. Huzzah!

KRAKKOOM! SpaceX Falcon supply mission to ISS EXPLODES minutes after launch

Updated Champagne in certain offices tonight

Apple workforce touch up iPhones with Force Touch tech – report

Cupertino under pressure to finger finger pressure in '6S'?

'Please, choose to be a good citizen and DON’T ask Siri about 9/11'

QuoTW Plus: Capita has had enough of you moochers bringing in your own spoons

Q: What's black and white and read all over? A: E-reader displays

Feature Evolving e-books and the holy grail of colour e-paper

Why OH WHY did Blighty privatise EVERYTHING?

Worstall @ the Weekend Rampant free marketeer 'not actually mad'

Robo-car wars: Delphi's near crash, prang, wallop with Google DENIED!

'Nah, they didn't even come close to each other'

So much for rainbows, Zuck: Facebook staff still overwhelmingly male and white

Latest diversity report shows little change at Menlo Park

Subaru Outback Lineartronic: The thinking person’s 4x4

Vulture at the Wheel Refined and capable, but useless for driving into walls

Mobe encryption guru Charles Brookson picks up OBE from the Queen

Gong for steering engineers through call crypto algos

How should you manage your network's traffic performance?

On Demand Getting the internet to demonstrate

Are you clever enough, and brave enough, to give a Register lecture

The Register Lectures Got something to say? Tell us all about it