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FREAKing hell: All Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop

Relax! We've got a (server-knackering) workaround to sort things out, says Microsoft


Super SSD tech: Fancy a bonkers 8TB all-flash PC?

Novachips has the chops

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

VMware sued, accused of ripping off Linux kernel source code

SCSI dev claims virty giant has 'no intention' of honoring terms of the GPL

Keep out sign with deleted expletive

US watchdog: Anthem snubbed our security audits before and after enormous hack attack

Hackers probe where federal officials were forbidden

Canadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffed

What the Canuck?

France fingered as source of Syria-spying Babar malware

Crack team of malware boffins think DGSE coded reconware

Boffins say Mars had ocean covering 20 per cent of planet

New theory suggests Red Planet was wet enough, long enough, for life to emerge

GoPro cameras' WiFi security is GoAmateur

Slurp sick sports selfies without getting off your skateboard

Shove off, ugly folk, says site for people who love themselves

Imagine it. The HORROR of meeting someone less than perfect on the internet

Tired of IoT hype? Internet of SLUGS and SPIDERS is the reality

Kiwi sewer systems shorted by slime shows we're building nice warm places for things to live

Microsoft fluffs Azure cloud with search, data storage, faster compute

Cloud wars rage on as new offerings hit general availability

Gigantic gravitic lens flare shows boffins a cruciform supernova

Video Hubble supernova surprise: Light gets bent, big-time

I see what you've done, there, Tweet troops tackle tech twin

Twitter's got 140 characters but one of yours is wrong

BOFH in mugnificent return to Cash'n'Carrion

Ceramic celebration hits our virtual shelves

Adobe launches cashless bug bounty

If you had as many bugs as Adobe, would you offer cash?

Australia's new broadband satellites won't be all the help Willowra needs

Megabit birds for the bush aren't the only answer to our broadband quest

US Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private information

Bill would allow Americans to edit and block collected data

AMD LiquidVR toolkit takes the vomit out of virtual reality

This is the year of VR, or maybe a few years from now

Microsoft comes right out and says backup software is dead

When you run a cloud, everything looks like it's approaching boiling point

FREAKing hell: All Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop

Relax! We've got a (server-knackering) workaround to sort things out, says Microsoft

US watchdog: Anthem snubbed our security audits before and after enormous hack attack

Hackers probe where federal officials were forbidden

Red Hat seeks cloud critical mass with Atomic Host

RHEL's container-friendly cousin hits general availability

Bad news: Robo-cars will make you work BILLIONS more hours. Good news: In 2040

And what about the job losses?

VMware sued, accused of ripping off Linux kernel source code

SCSI dev claims virty giant has 'no intention' of honoring terms of the GPL

Canadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffed

What the Canuck?

Intel slaps Iris Pro GPUs into Core i7 silicon to woo desktop gamers

Bundles Raptr, continues love affair with Microsoft

Office for Mac 2016 Preview: This letter will self-destruct in 60 days

Full build due after June

World’s oldest IT dining society breaks into the House of Lords

Promo And Reg readers are invited... for a price

IBM System x biz sales: The numbers are out... and they're not pretty

HP and Dell reaped the benefit

Sales up at NSA SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto

Dutch biz points to 'challenges' experienced last year

Revealed: Facebook Boss Zuckerberg's One Weird Trick When Hiring

Employers hate him (almost as much as you hate this headline)

Virtual reality WHIPLASH CHAIR in shutdown scare

MWC 2015 Organisers ban any errant electric sitting

PATCH FREAK NOW: Cloud providers faulted for slow response

Pitting 90s technology against modern hackers is ‘no contest’

Why Wi-Fi won't solve mobile telcos' data dilemma

You know what ... you should buy our kit, suggests Bluwan

Upper house of Parliament joins the drone debate

Droning on and on ... just like their Lordships usually do

‪Obama criticises China's mandatory backdoor tech import rules

It’s our way or the highway, says the Asian giant

Super SSD tech: Fancy a bonkers 8TB all-flash PC?

Novachips has the chops

Another day, another load of benchmarketing, this time from HDS

Storagebod Enough of this meaningless tosh

Symantec: Corporate divorce starts on April Fool's Day

Unhappy bedfellows split sales team from next month

CloudExpo makes me thirsty. Barman, a pint of storagebeer for my friend

Storagebod ExCel needs beer break

How many Androids does it take to change a light bulb?

Breaking Fad One. But it has to be the right kind of Android. And the right kind of bulb

Win! El Reg exceedingly fine mug collection

Prize draw How to get big in China

Cisco, MapR first to top Big Data TPC benchmark tree

Although there's no actual tree yet. Or even a shrub

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care

Feature Basic net access device in millions of homes is an insult to IT

Euro ministers ditch plan to ban roaming charges

National ministers do U-turn

EU annoys industry and activists with net neutrality proposal

GSMA, MEP and others queue up to give it a kicking

UK spaceport, phase two: Now where do we PUT the bleeding thing?

Must-haves: aerodrome, few people... Bonus: coastline

Choc Factory splatters 51 bugs, Mozilla bumps cert checker

Bad certs now killed faster

'Hi, I'm from Microsoft and I am GOING TO KILL YOU'

Tech support scammer says hit squads roaming Canada, eliminating holdouts

'Domain shadowing' hijacks registrar accounts to spawn attack sites

Industrialised hack site creation exploit on the rise

IBM's secret growth plan is … Karaoke?

♫ I guess that's why they call it Big Blue ♫

Huawei to build 5G patent book

MWC1015 100 billion royalty payments can't be wrong

.hotels. .hoteis ... not a typo but a window into ICANN's baffling world

Analysis DNS overlord wins independent review over dot-word, flags flawed system

Australia threatens to pull buckets of astronomy funding

Government ties research cash to wider reform agenda

Frontier promises it won't 'dumb down' Elite: Dangerous for Xbox

'Powerplay' mods coming soon, VR support already there

Boffins find Earth's earliest Homo in Ethiopian hilltop

Mouthy ancestor sets human history back 400,000 years

Apple: We could expose our WHOPPING 12 INCH iPad - but it's not real

Thing that doesn't exist will continue not existing, says firm

Storm in a K-Cup: My SHAME over the eco-monster I created, says coffee pod inventor

John Sylvan speaks out on Keurig tech

Cisco wraps Hadoop in warm embrace of resale partnership

Borg swallows a little bit of elephant

Snowden, NSA spying, hard drive malware ... what we need is a UN privacy watchdog!

EFF writes a very angry letter asking United Nations to write a very angry letter to the US

Connected Data gets serious about the business of file sharing

No public cloud security risk, you say

Docker hires'n'acquires to cure its security, networking headaches

Container wrangler adding staff to tackle top issues

Complicit Kiwis sniffed Pacific comms says Snowden


Uber snaps up hip map startup

Taxi firm stops, opens door, orders deCarta to get in

'Data center OS' Mesophere plans 2015 hire and roadmap drive

Integrated dream for big-data brains

IBM buys 'deep learning' upstart Alchemy API, hires 40,000 devs

Soz ex-staffers, we want people who can smarten up Watson-as-a-cloud

Nvidia waves 4King big Android Shield at games console warzone

Pic Can it play Crysis? Yes.

WHY are GoDaddy and Verisign stockpiling patents? Do I smell war?

Is the domain-name industry heading into a techno-legal battle?

Sophie the Stegosaurus was a teenaged fat lass claims triple-D model

Pic + vid She's not fat, she's big boned

International effort to wrangle t'internet from NSA fizzles out in chaos

Is it time to put web governance effort out of its misery?

HP: Windows Server + OpenStack will lure biz bods from the Amazon

Microsoft lends muscle to server on 'Linux for cloud'

Stop press! NHS trust finds G-Cloud, BUYS SOMETHING with it

£450/year/seat Lync SaaS deal boosts Outsourcery's coffers

Samsung-Microsoft deal will bundle Office 365 with Android Knox

MWC 2015 Love-in will bring Office to corporate mobes

Paul Allen hunts down sunken Japanese WWII super-battleship

Pics IJN Musashi's final resting place revealed

SanDisk flash array launch signals imminent AFA battle

Comment Wait 'til you see the niche in the market

Speaking in Tech: Tinder Plus: 4 times pricier... if you're an OVER-28 wrinkly

Podcast HP swipes right for Aruba hookup

Saygus aims buffed up V2 Android mobe at Samsung

MWC 2015 Shows Koreans where to stick the memory

Lost WHITE CITY of the MONKEY GOD found after 500 years

They were digging in the RIGHT place

Ex-Systemax execs Carl & Gilbert Fiorentino jailed over $27m fraud

Brothers get five and six years of stripey suntan time

Twitter fears big EU tech payout to pacify lawmakers over data-slurping concerns

But hey, we're gonna blab about our lovely UK plumage

Mummy, what's the point of Evgeny Morozov's tedious columns?

Worstall on Wednesday Tech has made us richer and freer, you fool

How does a global corporation switch to IP Voice?

Step by step guide

'Security, privacy' main barrier to 'government cloud' rollout in EU

We don't think that's why is not cloudified...

Oracle's piping hot new pot of Java takes out the trash (faster)

JDK 8 Update 40 improves memory handling, JavaScript support

Privacy? What privacy? EU's draft law on your data is useless, say digital rights orgs

Latest leaked draft demolishes original text

D-Link removes fingers from ears, preps mass router patch

Amnesia strikes as hacker discloses remote code exec flaws

£280k Kickstarter camera trigger campaign crashes and burns

Triggertrap cans product, offers furious backers 20% refund

Bigfoot now visible in commercial satellite images

First commercial 30cm resolution space snaps now on sale

Carriers want 5G to do everything, for anything, anywhere

MWC2015 The phoney phone standards chat is over and the real work has begun

Bringing Hadoop in from the cold: MapR is throwing adoption barriers on the fire

Comment V4.1 has three shortcuts to get clusters up and running faster

IBM's Softlayer cloud to tout bare-metal Power8 boxes by the summer

In brief OpenPower pals Tyan and Mellanox slotting in the gear behind the scenes

Juniper, Amdocs show off vCPE at MWC

Router, firewall and orchestrator playing nice

CONFIRMED: Tiny Windows Server is on the way

Cloud OS at the bottom, server in the middle and a dedicated client on top

East Timor was officially removed from the internet yesterday

So long '.tp'. But welcome Timor-Leste and '.tl'

Google Chrome suffers brain freeze on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Ad giant to old OS users: Move on already!

You're outta here! Baseball star strikes out sleazy trolls who targeted teen daughter

Life lesson: don't be a web loudmouth unless you want to be banned IRL

ARM, Geomerics: Don't go to the dark side. Use the Forge, Luke

GDC 2015 Enlighten 3 lobs more lighting effects and new tool at games, movies etc

HGST goes on Himalaya expedition with Amplidata purchase

Object storage is no object

Sysadmins: Step away from the Big Mac. No more Heartbleed-style 2am patch dashes

6 steps to a saner patching regime

Curiosity rover rendered armless by short circuit

Mars nuclear space tank parks after trouble strikes while retrieving sample

Reg exec in deluxe roo-skin pen case beernami trauma

Vulture South scrambles to source replacement marsupial pouch

Ford to save you from BIKE FITNESS HORROR

MWC 2015 No more uphill... literally

Outbreak! Fake Amazon voucher offer seeds mobile malware attack

Get your Gaz-on

FREAK show: Apple and Android SSL WIDE OPEN to snoopers

OpenSSL, iOS and OS X tricked into using weak 1990s-grade encryption keys

Neuralytix report: Cleversafe fumes over classification

Issues surround the 'Up and Coming' description

Pull on your dancing shoes, the server market's ALLLLIVE

Vendors did the server jig and more cash poured from the clouds (oh and hyperscale)

Unity, Mozilla team up to bring PEW! PEW! PEW! to browsers, too

GDC 2015 Latest game dev tools feature built-in WebGL exporter

HP adds Eucalyptus to Helion cloud, but OpenStack still reigns

Support for Amazon-lookalike clouds is back in HP's IaaS

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A side swipe at smartphone design

Review Edgy? Well, it has a lot of potential

'Fry-OS 8' iPhone BLEW UP MY PANTS wails roasted Johnson

Fella's hot Valentine's Day action ends in clothes ripped off, 3rd-degree burns

He can't give it away FAST ENOUGH: Bill Gates richest man in world again

Microsoft founder back on Forbes rich list

The spy who leaked me: Ex-CIA boss Petraeus 'fesses up to blabbing intel to his mistress

General will avoid the clink for handing over secrets – unlike Chelsea Manning

Apple Pay a haven for 'rampant' credit card fraud, say experts

Lax security controls fingered

Snowden 'ready to return to US', claims lawyer

But only if he’s promised a 'legal and impartial trial'

Europe's digital chief wants China's help on standardising 5G

MWC 2015 Oetti: Will need rest of world's cooperation too, though

To InfiniFlash and beyond: SanDisk wheels out Big Data box

And it reckons you'll pay just $2/GB for this one

Belgium will drag Facebook to court if it has to – privacy minister

Report claims social network in breach of privacy laws

EU: Competition Commissioner met Google chief Schmidt

That's it. We're not telling you any more...

Hillary Clinton draws flak for using personal email at State Dept

No news on contact with desperate Nigerian princes

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY

Director-General Tony Hall lays out plan for world domination

Telefonica seals deal with HP's 'carrier grade' OpenStack phone cloud

MWC 2015 Semi-recycled release still 'biggest ever' rollout, we're told

Huawei preps to drop mobile & wearables lovebombs on U.S.

C'mon Americans, pleeeeease love our cuddly Chinese firm

Pebble Time Steel ready in May. Plus: Now you can strap on sensors, GPS ... Geiger counter

MWC 2015 Cunning smartwatch bloat fix? An expansion slot

Nokia boss smashes net neutrality activists

MWC 2015 Slow lanes for all means the ambulance waits too

Microsoft to Android OEMs: 'Show me the money'

Exclusive Redmond carefully considers OIN approach

End in sight for Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe wage-fixing lawsuit

Judge seems happy with $415m offer

BlackBerry gets flirty with QWERTY IP, launches $275 Leap

MWC 2015 Everything is up for licensing, too

SanDisk launches 200GB microSD card

MWC 2015 Little big memory has impressive crown jewels

Internet of Things? Pah! Biz bods, you're wasting your money

Roaming much more important (says roaming service firm)

Microsoft opens kimono on Windows 10 Universal App Platform

MWC 2015 One app to rule them all. It hopes

Sick of Chrome vs Firefox? Check out these 3 NEW browsers

Opera for Opera lovers, Microsoft offering and more

Here comes Vulkan: The next generation of the OpenGL graphics API

GDC 2015 OpenGL is 22... it's time for a replacement – Khronos Group

How a HPC array helps humanity destroy the Ebola virus

Comment Big Iron makes everyone's lives better

Marlinspike brings end-to-end crypto texts to iOS

Signal 2.0 melts TextSecure, RedPhone for iMessage haters

Here's what keeps VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger awake at night

Virtzilla fears deep-pocketed rivals beating it into new and cloudy markets

Oracle finds a port in the SDN/NFV storm with two new ethernet switches

Hang on, Larry, aren't you all about hyper-engineered stacks-in-a-box?

Atomic keyring's eerie blue glow lights SPB lab

Vintage tritium-powered glowring survives 13 illuminating years

EasyGroup continues bizarre, time-travelling domain crusade

Yet this time it's slapped by WIPO for 'reverse domain hijacking'

Google's broadband-in-the-sky goes TITAN-ic

Real Soon Now: Loon-like radios with wings

Is light a wave or a particle? Beaming boffins prove it's BOTH

And they've got the pics to prove it, thanks to clever nanowire tricks

IBM sued for talking up semiconductor business it couldn't give away

Firm alleges investors didn't realize Big Blue would need to PAY to have its chips hauled off

Citrix reveals next-gen Receiver and StoreFront, then buries them

But Reg hacks know how to use caches and take screen grabs

Forget 1,000 lashes for Facebook posts, Saudis now want to behead blogger Raif Badawi

Family's fears for outspoken atheist dad

50 shades of grey can turn Adobe Reader into a hot mess

Greyscale pics are a great place to hide malcode

Tinder Plus charges oldies MORE to ogle young hotties' pics

New Plus add-on cheap for 20-somethings, pricey for saggy over-30s

Brocade's pen poised over cheque to buy Connectem

If you can't build virtualised networks like everyone else at MWC, buy 'em

NASA upgrades Rosetta, Voyager and moon landing tracker

Australian deep space tracking facility's upgrade comes online

90% of mobile data eaten by TINY, GREEDY super-user HOTSPOTS

+Comment Want data equality? Try femto cells...

IBM continues fanboi courtship with fresh crop of iOS apps

Big Blue pops out three more Apple-ready business tools

$250K: That's what Lenovo earned to RAT YOU OUT with Superfish

Report suggests Lenovo can be bought for peanuts as Mozilla kills dirty cert

Cisco offers carriers adware-as-a-service for fun and profit

MWC 2015 Telcos looking for 'value partnerships' can buy a platform from The Borg

Xen bug latest: Cloudpocalypse averted, says Amazon

No mass reboot needed after all, despite latest Xen vulns

Chasing pennies, Sony, Microsoft and smartphone biz rivals retreat to mid-range

MWC 2015 There's nowhere else to go

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default

Updated It's sad that this isn't really a surprise

ICANN switches off dot-word admin portal amid security leak scare

Companies competing for gTLDs may have peeked at each others' privates

Twitter probes terror threat: Medieval murder mob ISIS allegedly puts co-founder in crosshairs

If you believe an anonymous post on the internet