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Space Commanders lock missiles on Elite's Frontier Devs

Elite: Dangerous launches but offline mode rebels have gone guerilla

Man in suit of Viking armour

Armouring up online: Duncan Campbell's chief techie talks crypto with El Reg

Crypto toolbox, Part I Truecrypt, PGP, GPG - but NEVER Skype

Hackers pop German steel mill, wreck furnace

Phishing proves too hot for plant

Regina Egbert, El Reg's virtual news anchor

TRAGEDY STRIKES Vulture News Central but details remain scrambled

Viewers may find the following scenes mildly disturbing ...

STAY AWAY: Popular Tor exit relays look raided

USB plugged into Atlas, Global servers before control was lost

Bitcoin exec gets two years over illegal Silk Road funny money trading

'Knowingly and wilfully' involved, says judge

Flash breaks free from the storage flat earth society

An exit route from the trap

Sound and battery: 20 portable Bluetooth speakers

Product Roundup Music on the move

Sneaky Russian hackers slurped $15 MILLION from banks

ATM malware, remote employee monitoring - you name it, they did it

BONK for CASH in Brixton and help us EAT the RICH

Contactless payments, meet South London’s anti-gentry's a good thing? Tell us WHY, thunders watchdog

Patients need more info before letting world+dog read their med records

Careful - your helmet might get squashed by a VOLVO

Car-dodging tech for cyclists unveiled

What's Jimmy Wales going to do with $500k from the UAE?

He's gonna set up one of them darn foundations, of course...

Irish data cops will be ROLLING in CASH for 2015

Emerald Isle won't rule the whole of Europe's personal data, though

Big Blue stuffs data into backup at GIGABYTES/sec

Unparalleled results from parallel system in German trials

YEAR of the PENGUIN: A Linux mobile in 2015?

Choh. Just as they sort the desktop out, bloody PCs disappear

Hackers pop German steel mill, wreck furnace

Phishing proves too hot for plant

Space Commanders lock missiles on Elite's Frontier Devs

Elite: Dangerous launches but offline mode rebels have gone guerilla

Working over Christmas? Government tech suppliers will be

Network Services tender and 700 questions cause Xmas upset, delays

STAY AWAY: Popular Tor exit relays look raided

USB plugged into Atlas, Global servers before control was lost

Microsoft shutters Office 365's free web site service

Feature won't be replaced but price stays the same

Dangerous NTP hole ruins your Chrissy lunch

Sysadmins: Down beers and patch now!

IsoHunt releases roll-your-own Pirate Bay

Open source 'OpenBay' gives YOU the chance to become Cop-bait

One third of servers, storage and switches are sold to clouds

$6.5 BEEELLLION of cloud sales per quarter, half to public clouds

The electronics island where COPS shoot ARMY and workers are rioting

Where your kit gets made Reg man stumbles into eye of the storm in Indonesia

VMware says anyone - not just EMC - can play with its best bits

ScaleIO kernel links are through public API, not an exclusive back door

Now Obama seeks China's help to halt alleged Nork HACK ATTACKS

Sony saga: Kim Jong Un threatens 'cyber warfare'

Purple glistening plasma, you say? Orion plummets back to Earth

Vid *Cough* A 'naut's view. *Cough*

Brit thesp Kate Winslet eyes lead female role in Steve Jobs biopic – report

Near, far, wherever you are. iBelieve the heart does go on

Pick a superior Christmas No. 1 from El Reg's computer crooning compilation

Poll Do you have The Higgs Boson Blues or Virtual Insanity?

'Google catches us in an invisible web of our personal data without telling us'

QuoTW 'An epic nightmare... is unfolding for Sony’s employees'

Lonely this Xmas? Nerds, n00bs and no-hopers' guide to dating apps, Pt.1

Feature Of frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails

Car hacker secrets revealed: Clutching up a tank engine in a classic motor

+Diagrams A man. A V12 lump. A beaut of a project

Bring back big gov, right? If only the economics, STUPID, could tell us more

Worstall @ the Weekend Post-WWII growth rates? Paaah

Hipsters ahoy! Top Ten BOARD games for festive family fun

Product Roundup Just in case you’re bored this Xmas

No Santa, no Irish boozers and no regrets: life in Qatar

THE EXPAT FILES A land where kayaking in in the mangroves isn't a naughty euphemism

HP's shareholder settlement deal over Autonomy merger DENIED – again

Judge: 'a whole universe of potential claims relinquished'

Norks: FBI's Sony Pictures' hacking allegations are 'groundless slander'

Kim Jong Un's officials demand joint probe with USA

FURY erupts on streets of Brussels over greedy USA's data-slurping appetite

Leaked doc suggests EU's right to privacy could be ridiculed

TRAGEDY STRIKES Vulture News Central but details remain scrambled

Viewers may find the following scenes mildly disturbing ...

Apple's DIRTY SECRET isn't that secret, or that dirty

Comment Indonesia’s tin mining issues aren't the fruity firm’s fault, guys. Move on

Why the chemistry between Hollywood, physics and maths is so hot right now

Interview El Reg talks to The Theory of Everything producer

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde: Fun, but not for all

Vulture at the Wheel Alfa’s wild child goes for a spin

Big Eyes falls short on the big question of popular art

Film review A funny and moving dig at the patriarchal 1960s

Nunslinger, Yosemite For Dummies and Life Inside The Fall

Page File Mark E Smith, these days, looks a bit like an ET lost in the bookies

You have a 'SIMPLE QUESTION'? Well, the answer is NO

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Old man, take a look at my wife

Europe: Hold my wine glass, I've got an internet govt to build

Like ICANN's NetMundial but with an actual goal and without the boycotts

Kepler's STILL GOT IT! Space telescope spots SUPER-EARTH 180 light years away

Damaged 'scope still producing good science

Heads up! If Tor VANISHES over the weekend, this is why

Developers warn of swoop plot to cripple privacy network

If at first you don't succeed ... Fire, FIRE again: Amazon mulls smartphone sequel

Mobe software tweak released amid Fire Mark II rumor

Google sues Mississippi Attorney General 'for doing MPAA's dirty work'

Turns out Sony's stolen emails weren't all bad news

Staples comes clean: 1+ million bank cards at risk after hack

Run for the tills! Run for the tills!

Super Cali's futuristic Tesla batt swap focus – even though car tech test is an expected bonus

Free charge or a fast battery switch – take your pick

ICANN: The TRUTH about that hacker attack on our DNS zone file database

But vague details raise questions about org's security

Sony Pictures hack is Hollywood's 'Snowden moment' say infosec bods

Keys to sysadmin accounts nicked, abused, it appears

BlackBerry CEO Chen says to expect profits ... in 2016

For now, revenues still spiraling toward drain

T-Mobile US to refund $90m for bogus charges: Un-Carrier to Un-Crammer

Scram, cram scams, thank you, ma'am

Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA?

Blaming Kim Jong Un is like Saddam's WMDs all over again

The Shock of the New: The Register redesign update 4

Some changes for your delectation

Vulture 2 design hero describes epic 'hobby' project

Chris Dodd talks spaceplane with The Engineer

Hackney council leaked thousands of locals' data in FoI blunder

Names, addresses and rental accounts outted in spreadsheet snafu

Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama

Guess who's off Tim Cook's Christmas card list

Windows Server 2003 custom support could cost MILLIONS

Got a few million tucked under the mattress for Microsoft?

UK air traffic bods deny they 'skimped' on IT investment after server mega-fail

90s kit isn't 'ancient', indignant chief exec tells Parliament

Love the cloud? Be a ‘Cloud Hero’ with Microsoft

Promo Take the challenge, win prizes

Welsh council rapped for covert spying on sick leave worker

'Incredibly intrusive' use of powers prompts slap from ICO

Linux 'GRINCH' vuln is AWFUL. Except, er, maybe it isn't

Securo-bods in bunfight over priv-escalation problem

Iliad owner coughs €2.3bn for Orange Switzerland

Telco shopping trip finally bears fruit for French biz bloke

Merlot and hot dogs: Atos snaps up Xerox's outsourcing biz for $1.05bn

Plan for world domination based on shrugs and '3-year strategic plan’

Reviewed: LittleBigPlanet 3, Lara Croft's latest raid and more

Game Theory Festive family video gaming fun

Google Tax part 94: EU's H-dot wavers over copyright levy

Here’s a little number about charging the Choc Factory

Webcam-snooping spawn of ZeuS hits 150 banks worldwide

Chthonic exploits Word bug to hijack browsers, steal passwords

Armouring up online: Duncan Campbell's chief techie talks crypto with El Reg

Crypto toolbox, Part I Truecrypt, PGP, GPG - but NEVER Skype

Fujitsu’s customers come big data samba dancing

Get down on the analytics dance floor

VISC-y business: Can Soft Machines keep the free lunch counter open?

It's a multicore world alright, but the ghost of Transmeta lingers

Git thee behind me, Git crit security bug!

Update anything on the desktop that touches GitHub if you want to live

Movie industry's evil plan to destroy the internet is going precisely nowhere

Yes, it would damage the DNS; no, it's not going to happen

Judge spanks SCO in ancient ownership of Unix lawsuit

IBM win means Linux is saved! Again!

How much for a wrist job? A tenner normally, but for this one, over $30k

Tosser alert: Diamond-encrusted Apple gold watch out next summer

India's heavy launch rocket passes flight test

Short flight for GSLV Mk-III proves crew-capsule-carrying-chops

Hack hijacks electric skateboards, dumps hipsters in the gutter

Automated attacks crash riders on the fly

Microsoft fires legal salvo at phone 'tech support' scammers

Sick callers face fingering from Redmond's revenge

Forget Google's robot cars, now it's on to ANDROID cars

Next OS to come built into auto dashboards, sources claim

Kiwi hacker 'menace' pops home detention tracker cuffs

Kiwicon Hack unit worn by on-parole crim. Blackmail said crim. Profit

Johnson & Johnson snatches your .baby for $3m

Don't expect to see anytime soon

Woz moves to Oz

Apple founder moving to Tasmania, aka 'The Apple Isle'

Net Neut: Verizon flips the bird to FCC on peering deal crackdown

You can't stop us creating web traffic fast-lanes, telco says

Microsoft drops early Chrissie pressie on Mac Office fanbois

Stocking-fillers land for Mac Outlook

Red Hat CFO reaches for eject cord after Street-beating performance

Linux firm ups annual guidance yet again

Finally kicked that Minecraft habit? Story time!

Mojang says an epic narrative-mode is in the works

Banish the fear of Big Brother when you bring in BYOD

The magic of MDM

New fear: ISIS killers use 'digital AK-47' malware to hunt victims

New code built in-house targets innocents fending off deranged terrorists

Android gives Google a search monopoly? Not so fast, says judge

More facts needed before class-action suit can proceed

Microsoft kills its Euro pane in the a**: The 'would you prefer Chrome?' window

Time runs out on mandatory non-IE installation tool

Misfortune Cookie crumbles router security: '12 MILLION+' in hijack risk

New claim: Homes, businesses menaced by vulnerable firmware

Don't panic, US Navy has only deployed a ROBOT SHARK (but where are the lasers?)

Pics and video GhostSwimmer is an underwater James Bond

Rivals feel power of EMC's storage software bite

Market bounces in Q3, but somebody forgot to tell Symantec and IBM

Europe rubber-stamps IBM Lufthansa outsourcing gig

Nothing to see here, says EU, 'no competition worries'

Security SEE-SAW: $3 MEEELLION needed to fight a $100k hack

Threat intelligence 'mostly snake oil and marketing'

LEGS IN 2015: SpaceX Falcon's landing PUT ON HOLD

Stuttering engine means staff can knock off early

Couch potatoes relax: Netflix scores big STREAMING TV PATENT win

OpenTV not unique enough to protect, says court

Toshiba joins the exclusive, three-member 6TB disk drive club

Developing disk drive density mini dramarama

Last chance for Xmas Cash'n'Carrion goodies

Including the yuletastic Reg-branded Piston Powerbank

The Shock of The New: The Register redesign update 2

One week in, and our thoughts on your thoughts

Friday: SpaceX will attempt to land rocket on floating, robotic 'spaceport drone ship'

Hovering leggy rocket to deploy new 'X-wing' technology

Untangling .NET Core: Open source for Windows, Mac, Linux

Exclusive Interview More changes, but it'll be different this time, honest

CoolReaper pre-installed malware creates backdoor on Chinese Androids

This a lot worse than just bloatware, say analysts

Crossbar says it's 'one step' from delivering miracle RRAM

Sneak path current snag cracked: Beyond the NAND scaling wall at last?

Teradata gobbles up data squasher RainStor

Fourth engulfment of 2014 brings Hadoop-y archiving

Soon EVERYONE will be doing it with a strap-on: The Reg's 20 festive wearables

Product roundup From wristbands to smart watches binds mobe operators to £5bn not-spot deal

Networks agree investment for 90 per cent Blighty voice/text coverage

Disk areal density: Not a constant, consistent platter

Comment I guess you learn something new every day

TorrentLocker ransomware pestilence plagues Europe, bags $500k

Too many people still running random .exe files in spam attachments

Fedora 21: Linux fans will LOVE it - after the install woes

Review Purrs like a beauty once you get her running

Tegile to shove flash into DIMMs, it would seem

Flash. Surely there must be something it CAN'T do?

V. R. R. Stob's magnificent saga A Game Of Dog-and-Bones

Stob GUARANTEED no elves and hardly any violence. Or incest

TALE OF FAIL: Microsoft offers blow-by-blow Azure outage account

Buggy software and bad deployment borked Redmond's cloud

Oracle, the King of Cloud? Maybe in Ellison's world

Analysis Claims that cloud will drive Oracle's future growth ring hollow

Google swears no search leg up for new dot-word sites: We drill into claims

The weird and wacky world of SEO Apple iPhone Android Kim Kardashian 1Direction

Scrooges rejoice! Beancounters find formula for perfect Xmas party

Boffins take out - then replace - Christmas fun

Social sniffer predicts which Nigerian prince has the best chance of scamming you

Data matching tool will be open source, intended for good not evil

Judge bars dead Steve Jobs from appearing on TV news FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Apple icon's deposition won't be given to the public

Softlayer hops into Equinix's Cloud Exchange

Last in, best dressed

Bill cram woes piling up for Sprint: Campaigners lob in a sueball

CFPB seeking to get payback for fraudulent charges

Singapore startup does an Uber on tech support

Fynd seeks geeks looking to turn downtime into cash

URL LOL: Delta splats web flight boarding pass snoop bug

Mobile site spits out details on fellow passengers

Nork-ribbing flick The Interview AXED: Sony caves under hack terror 'menace'

Terrorists win, Kim Jong Un fingered again

Hurd'n'Catz leading Oracle to the cloud, but core biz still lags

Software, hardware remained sluggish in Q2

Sony looks at unpopular Google Glass, shouts 'ME TOO!'

Electronics giant wants to clip a computer to your specs

Microsoft says to expect AWESOME things of Windows 10 in January

Next build to be a major update

Pitch Black: New BlackBerry Classic is aimed at the old-school

Hands on This mobe is all tool belt and braces

ESA: Venus probe doomed to fiery death on weird planet's surface

Nine years of exploration ending up as Venusian rubble

ICANN HACKED: Intruders poke around global DNS innards

Spear-phishing attack timing couldn't be worse for domain name overseer

Could Cisco's Intercloud give it another chokehold on the Internet?

Interview We asked senior veep Nick Earle what it means

If 4G isn’t working, why stick to the same approach for 5G?

Analysis Talkin' 'bout an evolution...

Can't stop Home Depot-style card pwning, but suppliers will feel PCI regulation pain

Third parties must comply to new standard

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle

SPB chief takes up arms against Stateside culinary outrage

Little big phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, a toothsome hand-fulla Android

Review Less really is more this time

ASA slaps Ebuyer AGAIN - this time for ignoring regulator

Toothless watchdog growls, firm says 'LA LA LA, WE'RE NOT LISTENING'

Dr. Dobb's Journal sails into the sunset - yet again

Specialist programming site will post no new content

Dixphone's half-year P&L accounts are in. So much RED INK

Restructuring charges wipe out 'barnstorming' UK sales at Frankencorp

NY premiere of The Interview cancelled after hackers' terrorist threats

GoP hint at 9/11-style attack for screenings of Nork assassination movie

Keep an eye on those Object Storage critters, y'hear?

Storagebod Another year in bits, bytes, and bods

London teen pleads guilty to Spamhaus DDoS

Sentence will be passed in January next year

Speaking in Tech: MICROSOFT to buy out TWITTER? Nah

Podcast Blabbermouths' site could become the new Skype

EU VAT law could kill THOUSANDS of online businesses

Selling knick-knacks? Register or face taxman's WRATH

Profit-shy Instagram adds 5 new filters for hipster-photo types

Wow. So photograph. Much lighting. Very colour

UK cops caught using 12 MILLION Brits' mugshots on pic database

'Reliability' of face-matching tech vexes legal eagle

Beware of merging, telcos. CHEAPER SPECTRUM follows

Worstall on Wednesday HOW will shareholders rip off taxpayers now?!

HOW MUCH did WD pay for Skyera? Join the dots, work it out

Comment WD gros fromage: It wasn't $400m

Why is ICANN rushing its 'UN 'net security council'? So it can be announced at Davos

Fascinating tale of world elites, anti-NSA rumblings and the web's future

Pacnet becomes 'potential' prey for Australia's Telstra

Oh great. Dominant telco from five eyes member bidding to buy US-to-Asia cables

30,000 people buy a box of BOVINE EXCREMENT

Cards Against Humanity pwns its customers (or provides a 'life lesson')

IBM and Red Hat power up for virtualisation on Power systems

Billion-buck-bet on Linux bears fruit

FCC to smack Sprint with $105m fine over 'cramming' – report

Stuffing customers' bills with bogus charges will cost it

It's whiff, Jim, but not as we know it: Curiosity sniffs ORGANICS on Mars

But David Bowie still waiting for his answer